of mice and men interview

Kids everyday say, ‘my parents divorced too’ or ‘I lost a parent too’, or ‘I have a heart problem or a health condition too’, ‘I had a drug problem too’. They can all relate to every bad thing that has happened in my life. And they can see that I’m still here. They can see that I’m not perfect but that I got out of all that. I went from being 16 years old and living alone with nothing, to being 17 and living in a car, to being 18 and doing this. Now I’m 26 and I have a cosy loft in North Hollywood and I play in a rock band for a living. Anyone who has gone through stuff can look at that and go, ‘Wow – if he can do it, then so can I’.
I did a signing recently and a girl started crying, saying, ‘I wouldn’t be here without you, your music has saved me’. And I said, ‘I wouldn’t be sitting right here if it wasn’t for you’. She said, ‘What do you mean?’ so I said, ‘Where would this band be without our fans?’ I am where I am in my life because of them. If I’m not going to give anything back to them, then who the fuck am I? We do care, and we do take the time to do that stuff. I do stuff on my time that people will never know about.
—  Austin Carlile on relating to Of Mice & Men Fans
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Interviewer (to Aaron): So are you a permanent member now, of the band?

Austin: Hell no. No no, we’re dating him. Whenever people ask, we say it’s kind of like a relationship, we’re recording, and seeing how things go. If it goes great and we decide that we wanna be with him forever, like marriage should be, we’ll marry him. And if he turns out to be a dumb girlfriend, a bad girlfriend, we’ll dump him. But as of now it’s a great relationship.

Alan: So don’t be a bad girlfriend Aaron!

Austin: Don’t cheat!

Aaron: I would never.

Austin: He’s so good in bed..

Alan: What the heck…

Aaron: That’s…personal.

Alan: So you guys are cheating…on me? 


Austin Carlile Interview.