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Christmas Surprise (Austin Carlile) (Of Mice & Men)

Word Count: 1,065


“I miss the three of you so much, I hate being half way across the country and you’re at home with the twins on their first Christmas.”

You sighed and ran a hand through your hair as you looked into the upset eyes of your husband of a year Austin Carlile through the webcam on your laptop. Of Mice & Men were touring and unfortunately it fell during the period before Christmas, sure they had no shows until after the 26th December but that meant Austin couldn’t fly back for one day without causing hassle for the management.

Austin had already said goodnight to your twins and waited until you put them to bed before he got pouty and upset. You were just as upset because he was missing your first Christmas as a married couple.

“I love you Austin. But you’re making hundreds of fans happy and doing something you love, we’ll find a way to make something work once you’re back off tour.”

“How did I end up with such an amazing wife?”

You shrug your shoulders.

“I guess you got lucky Carlile. I’m going to have to go in a second because I hear sniffling on the baby monitor.”

Austin sighed and shook his head; he was lying on his hotel bed with his head propped on his hands.

“Can we Skype again tomorrow morning? I don’t care about the time difference, I want to see my kids and wife on Christmas day.”

You nod and chew the inside of your mouth.

“Of course we can love, now I need to go. I love you and merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas y/n. Goodnight.”

Austin ended the call and your laptop screen went black. It hurt you seeing him moody and upset. Then as if lightning had struck the perfect idea came to you and it was crazy enough that it might work. You reached for your phone and scrolled through the contacts until I found Alan’s number and hit dial.

“What a pleasant surprise y/n, what can I do for you pretty lady?”

I explained my plan to Alan and he agreed that it was perfect to cheer Austin up. He told me to get the twins ready and he’d get the plane tickets. It looked like we would be spending Christmas as a family.

~ Skip plane ride ~

You were more than happy to land in New York; it wasn’t exactly fun travelling with two infants who didn’t want to sit still the whole flight. It was 6am on Christmas day. Alan and Tino waved at you from across the terminal and you walked towards them through the near empty airport.

“It’s good to see you y/n. Austin needs this, he’s been a grumpy pants for the last couple of days.”

You nod and side hug Tino as Alan plucks your daughter from your hands and starts cooing and tickling her stomach. Tino takes your son and tells you they’ll keep an eye on the children while you get your bags. Your children really did have the best uncles in the whole world.

The ride to the hotel was filled with the guys telling you tour stories that had you in stitches. Some of the things these guys got up to when away from home was unbelievable, they were big children pretending at being adults.

Tino got your bags and Alan handed your children back as you entered the hotel lobby. The five of you walked in silence up to Austin’s hotel room where Tino and Alan said goodbye and retreated to their own rooms. You took a deep breath and knocked on Austin’s door and waited for an answer.

After a couple of minutes of knocking and annoying the neighbours shuffling could be heard on the other side of the door and Austin’s sleepy morning voice took you by surprise as he opened the door while rubbing his eyes.

“I didn’t order room service.”

You hold back your laugh and hoist your daughter further up your hip.

“So I guess I’ll take myself and your children back home since you clearly don’t want to see us Austin.”


I recognised that voice anywhere but she couldn’t be here could she? y/n and the children were in LA, well they were when we Skyped a few hours ago. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and had to blink twice at the sight in front of me. y/n stood smiling in front of me holding the twins, our daughter squirmed in her mums arms and attempted to reach out for me.

“Merry Christmas Austin.”

I took my daughter and the biggest smile erupted on my face as I ushered y/n and our son into the room.


y/n laughed and sat down on the edge of the bed bouncing our son up and down on her knee while I clung to our daughter as if I still didn’t believe they were here with me in New York.

“I ran Alan and told him my crazy plan. Him and Tino met me at the airport and here we are. This is our first Christmas as a family Austin and we need to be together.”

I bent down and kissed her forehead.

“This is the best Christmas present you could have ever gotten me babe.”

The four of us ended up staying up until we heard a knock on the door at around 9am. I got up off the bed and opened the door and had to brace myself as the rest of the band attacked me in a group hug. Behind me y/n laughed and Aaron and Phil let go of me and ran towards her.

“Oh my god y/n you’re really here. We’ve missed you so much.”

Aaron all but squeezed her to death; he’d known her since before we started dating.

“I’ve missed you guys to. Now go and say Merry Christmas to your niece and nephew.”

Phil squealed like a little girl as he abandoned y/n and ran to the children. He plucked our son from Alan’s arms while Aaron took our daughter off Tino and started fussing over them.

I walked back over to y/n and pulled her into a hug as we watched the children’s uncles fight over who got to hold who. We were really one big family and I wouldn’t ask for anything else.