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We Made A Baby (Alan Ashby) (OM&M)

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You and your husband Alan had been trying to get pregnant for the last six months with no success. Your doctor said there was nothing wrong with you and that it would probably happen when you least expected it. Now Alan was travelling around the country promoting his band’s new album Cold War and you two had quite a bit of sex before he left three weeks ago.

Now this was the third day in the row you’d woken up and ran to the toilet to throw up. Your friends said you should get a pregnancy test. You buy a couple and pee on them all and wait three minutes for the results. Your eyes widen as both come back positive, you were pregnant.

You didn’t want to tell Alan until you got a scan at the hospital. Your doctor congratulated you, you were three weeks pregnant and everything looked healthy. Now you needed to Skype your husband and share the good news.


“Hey, babe how’s everything back home?”

I could tell y/n was hiding something from me by the way she was avoiding eye contact, she only did that when she was nervous about something.

“Everything’s fine back here, how’s the album going down?”

“The fans love the new songs. Now tell me what’s going on with you love, you look nervous.”

y/n sighs and picks up something and shoves it in front of the camera, it looked like a white stick of sorts but I didn’t know what she was trying to tell me.

“Err y/n what is that?”

y/n laughs, “I’ve been throwing up the past few days and my friends talked me into getting a pregnancy test. And well I took and then went to the doctors to confirm whether or not I might be pregnant. Alan, we’re having a baby.”

If my jaw could hit the floor it would have. I was going to be a dad, y/n was going to be a mum. We were finally going to start our little family.

“Oh my god we’re going to be parents. I need to tell the guys, is that okay?”

y/n nods and I put down the laptop before scrambling from my bunk. I find the rest of the band watching a film and stand in front of the TV. Austin groans and throws a pillow at me.

“Get out of the way Alan.”

“Why do you look so happy?”

I shoot Phil the finger, I was happy all the time. Phil was y/n’s older brother so this news was going to affect him as much as it did me.

“Well Phil I’m Skyping with y/n and she told me something. She’s going to be a mum, I’m going to be a dad and that means you’re going to be an uncle in nine months.”

Phil drops the remote and a huge smile stretches across his lips, he gets up and pulls me into a tight hug.

“Congratulations Alan, you two are going to be awesome parents. I’m going to go congratulate my sister.”

Phil leaves the back room and I turn to face the rest of the band who all wore shocked faces. Austin gets up first and congratulates me, followed by Tino and Aaron. Austin ruffles my hair and smirks.

“A mini Alan running around, god help us all. Hopefully, the little thing has more of their mum than dad.”

I punch Austin in the shoulder and he bursts into laughter. The guys liked messing with me. But I didn’t care because I was going to be a dad.


“y/n come in here, I think the guys and I did the best we could.”

I’d convinced the rest of the guys to help me paint and put together the baby’s room, Phil took the less convincing because he was just excited to be an uncle. We’d gone with neutral colours because we didn’t know the gender yet, so the paint and furniture were a mixture of light greens, browns and creams.

“Oh my god it’s beautiful, the baby’s going to love their new room.”

Y/n admires the room before hugging each of the guys ending with me. Her bump was starting to show as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek. I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her lips.

“Only six months left now y/n.”


Today we were finding out the gender of the baby. y/n had been having stomach cramps for the last week so the doctor wanted to run a few extra tests on her.

“What if something’s wrong with the baby Alan?”

I squeeze her hand and smile.

“The baby is going to be healthy. They’re probably sick of being stuck in one place so long, just like their parents.”

The doctor knocks before re-entering the room. He didn’t look distressed so I took that as the news wasn’t as bad as both y/n and I feared.

“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ashby your baby is perfectly healthy, but it looks like you’re having twins hence the stomach cramps. Would you like to know the genders?”

Twins, y/n looked just as shocked as I did but we were both happy. We tried for so long to have one baby and now we had two on the way. y/n nods and sits up on the small bed.

“Tell us, doctor.”

“You’re having twin boys.”

The second he said twin boys I felt like jumping around the room, I was going to have two sons.

“Here that Alan looks like I’ll have three little boys to take care of now.”

I gasp as y/n nudges me in the side and the doctor chuckles. I wasn’t that immature, but y/n was going to have to handle three boys in the house so I felt kind of bad for her.

“Oh shut up you. I’m going to message the guys, Phil’s going to be over the moon.”

y/n nods and I leave the hospital room to message the rest of the band who were eager to find out the gender.

*Group Message*

Alan: Turns out the stomach cramps were just a second baby guys…y/n and I are having twins!

Phil: Congrats! Did you find out the genders?

Alan: Twin boys!!!


Aaron: Congratulations! I’m happy for you to mate and ignore Austin.

Tino: I feel sorry for y/n…three boys to deal with! Congrats!

Austin: We all need to have kids and then they can be in a band together!

*End Of Group Message*

I roll my eyes at Austin’s comment. y/n leaves the doctors room and looks at me oddly so I show her the message and she laughs.

“We’re going to have two little guitar players.”


“Just one more big push y/n and you’ll have your first little boy.”

Thank god we were on a break from touring because I needed my fingers to play the guitar, but y/n was currently crushing them each time the doctor told her to push. I wanted to tell her to go easy on me but then I remembered she was in more pain than me because she was pushing two humans out.

“Deep breaths babe and push.”

y/n squeezes her eyes together and pushes. Small cries fill the room and y/n looks over at me and smiles, I stroke her hand. Now she just had to push out baby number two.

“Come on y/n keep pushing.”

y/n screams and pushes, while I silently scream from the pain shooting through my fingers. A few minutes later more cries fill the room as our second baby boy is born.

“You did it, baby, we have two sons.”

“I love you so much, Alan Ashby.”

I lean over and peck her lips, I loved her so god damn much and couldn’t thank Phil enough for setting us up.

~1 Hour Later~

y/n got cleaned up and now we were alone in the hospital room with our two sons. Both our families gushed over how small they were and how they were going to be handsome little boys when they grew up. The band were equally as soppy much to mine and y/n’s amusement. Phil was the calmest as he holds his nephews and promised that between me and him they were going to be the best guitar players in the whole world.

“Alan I think it’s time to swap babies, Jasper wants to see his daddy.”

I nod and hold out Ethan while y/n hands me, Jasper. They weren’t identical twins; Jasper had dark ginger hair while Ethan had dark hair like his mum.

“Hello, Jasper.”

Just like Ethan, Jasper grasps my finger in his and starts to suck on it. y/n awes from the bed as she cradles Ethan. Nothing was ever going to come close to this moment.

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