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Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile have collaborated on a forthcoming album and just announced a US tour for 2017. Their back up band is called Sea Lice and includes Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag), Rob Laakso (The Violators, The Swirlies, Mice Parade), Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) and Katie Harkin (Sky Larkin, touring member of Sleater-Kinney and Wild Beasts). They are set to play three shows in Chicago; Oct. 26 at (surprisingly) Rockefeller Chapel, Oct. 27 at Thalia Hall and Oct. 28 at Empty Bottle.

Voltron Legendary Defender- Mice as Paladins

We got a new piece of the 2 season! But I noticed one thing. A lot of people have said that the mice may represent the Paladins.

In the new video we see the 4 mice:
Small bluish-Lance
Blue with red eyes - Keith but after Coran and Allura flew in a portal, mice changed.
Allura: “They … transformed.”
And Coran became younger (?)

Although they have different ears, we now have two pink mouse. If the theory that mice are a paladin is true, what it might mean. It may be only my foolish clinging to details, but I had to :)

Besides Klance and Galra keith being the things I hope for in season 2 or any later seasons in Voltron. Can I just have Keith and Pidge bonding. Just the smallest people of Voltron being tiny savages with roasts being lethal enough to take out the Galra Empire.

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there are two kind of people:

the people who listen to 5sos but also to green day, blink-182, sleeping with sirens, all time low, bring me the horizon, of mice & men, black veil brides, etc.

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