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An Austin Carlile Imagine

You watched behind a group of girls as Of Mice and Men took over the stage, the crowd behind you went crazy as Austin Carlile walked on and held up his mic.

“How you guys doing out there!” he yelled to the crowd who were now screaming louder than before. You laughed looking behind you then back up at the stage only to find  Austin looking directly at you, your smile disappeared and you felt your face become warm. You looked down embarrassed  then back up and saw that he was smiling back at you.

“Earth to Austin, hello Earth to Austin!” Alan Ashby said into his mic, the crowd began to laugh and so did Austin.

“Sorry guys, I was distracted by a beautiful lady in the crowd!” Austin said with a smirk on his face while looking at you, the group of girls who were standing in front of you started laughing loudly yelling and pointing at each other thinking he was talking about them. You laughed to yourself and watched as Public Service Announcement started blasting through the speakers.

For the whole performance you would glance at Austin who was already staring at you smiling, the more you would catch him the more nervous you would get. The amount of people surrounding you became a little too much so you decided to leave the building a little early, you looked up at Austin to wave goodbye but he was so into his song you didn’t want to break his concentration.

Walking around outside you saw a bunch of people leaving the building you came from, you overheard a group of friends saying that Austin Carlile stopped the performance early so that him and the rest of the band can have a one hour meet and greet with their fans. You asked them where it was going to be held and they told you to follow them,

You arrived a few blocks away from where they were performing at to a much larger building with way more people in it, people were standing and some sitting down, you looked up and saw more people upstairs sitting at the edge with their feet dangling. You pushed through the crowd and saw all of the guys sitting at a large table talking to their fans over a mic, I guess they were taking questions because you saw people passing another mic to each other. You saw a nice spot open where you could sit down and you watched as all of their fans asked questions and laughed at some of them.

“So Austin, who was the mystery lady that caught your eye earlier at the show? Do you see her here?” a girl asked.

Austin’s face lit up and he laughed looking at his band members. He stood up and looked around making you nervous, you slid into the corner and kind of covered your face hoping he wouldn’t call you out in front of all these people. His smile disappeared into a small frown as he passed your way looking in the other direction then back at the girl who asked the question.

“Unfortunately no, I wish she was here! She totally disappeared at the concert.” he sat back down and shrugged his shoulders in disappointment while the crowd awed. Tino stood up and grabbed the mic from Austin as he patted his shoulder,

“Alright guys our one hour is up! You all have been so awesome and I’m glad we were able to get to know most of you. Thank you all for coming out and supporting us and then coming down here, I know it was unexpected but you guys looked pretty stoked about it right?” the crowd clapped and cheered in agreement. “Again thank you all so much, we love you all and stay safe out there!" 

People cheered and whistled as some girls asked to take last minute pictures with them. As you waited for the crowd to die down so you can make your way to the some what crowded door you heard yelling and shouting behind you.

"WAIT! YOU! WAIT PLEASE!” you and some others turned around and saw Austin standing up behind the table with his hands hovering over his mouth yelling your way, you looked around and saw people laughing wondering who he was talking about. He then began to run over to you and you felt your face starting to get warm, your stomach began to feel like knots and your hands were shaking a little. He smiled once he was in front of you and grabbed your shaking hands

“You did come” he said softly now looking down at your hands, “don’t be nervous, I’m the one more nervous than you actually” you both laughed and you saw that people were smiling and gasping taking pictures while awing

“What’s your name?”

“(Y/N)…. my name is (Y/N)” you said calmly, trying to not sound or look stupid.

“(Y/N)” he repeated with a huge smile plastered on his face, “Well (Y/N), I would love it if you wouldn’t mind going out with me to get something to eat and getting to know each other of course.” he looked at you and you smiled not noticing the small group of people surrounding you both with cameras all in your faces, you grabbed his hand and smiled.

“Where to?” you smiled, people around you cheered and Austin hugged you tightly twirling you around before putting you down. He then turned to the small crowd and said

“This is the beautiful lady that caught my eye at the show."