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I think you already know this, but you're full of shit. Going around telling Latinx people that they are wrong for not being angry, and spreading hate about a non-white woman for no reason. Maggie was never a Latinx character, everyone was lied to because a dumb guy assumed. So they backpedal & make her non-white, like Floriana. Do you think​​ racist America asks for her ancestral history before they decide how to treat her? You're​ no better, labeling her how you think she should be labeled

This smells like day old wonder bread with expired mayo and unseasoned meat. Go wash your wet dog smelling hair, anon and quit acting like you’re Latinx when we both know you’re a redneck who beats off to their cousin.

So anyway, fuck Lima because she’s just someone who has an executive membership at an expensive tanning salon.

Coming Down With Something (Suho)

I’m sorry if this turned out crappy. http://nachounnie.tumblr.com/


“Oppa, have you eaten today?” I asked through the phone. The guys were on break right now at the studio and Junmyeon gave me a call.

“Actually, not yet. The members and I were thinking we’d all go out to eat after rehearsals are over.” he replied.

“Oh, I was thinking I could jut whip up something for all of you and personally deliver it over to the studio.” I pouted even though he couldn’t see. His chuckle was heard through the speaker.

“If you want to, that would be great. The boys all miss you, they’ve been whining about how they never see you.” he laughed, causing me to grin.

“Great! I’ll be over in about 20 minutes.” I informed him. Before I hung up, I heard him yell something like;

“Wear a-” but I was too quick to click the phone. Instantly, I went to make them all sandwiches. Each member had a preference of how they like their sandwiches. For example, Sehun doesn’t want tomatoes or lettuce, it’s just a piece of meat with cheese wedged between two slices of bread. For Xiumin, it’s lettuce with meat and mayo. Suho, for one, likes any kind of sandwhich I make for him. It’s a wonder how I remember all of their likes and dislikes just for sandwhiches.

Once the food is done, I placed them in a bag before getting dressed. Taking a step outside, my body suddenly shivered. It’s was freezing outside! But it doesn’t matter, this long sleeved sweater will do just fine. I thought before making a run for it towards the S.M building.

The security guard at the front let me in once I flashed the I.D in my hand. Making my way up the elevator, my knuckled rapped against the door. In just a few moments, the door was opened by the youngest.

“Noona arrived!” he announced with excitement as he stepped aside for me to come in. Suho came up to me and engulfed me into a hug before causing the guys to whine when he leaned down to give me a peck on the lips.

By now, Baekhyun had taken the bag I handed him and started to pass out the food to the members according to the labels.

“Your skin skin is cold. I told you to wear a jacket!” Junmyeon scolded, crossing his arms at me. I frowned, playing with my hands.

“I wanted to see you so I rushed out of the house. I didn’t think it’d be cold if I jogged here.” I explained to him. His gaze softened as he smiled, taking a bite of his sandwich. A moan of delight went around the room as the members chewed and swallowed their food.

“I know it’s just a sandwich but man, it’s amazing.” Chanyeol commented when he scarfed down half of his. I laughed as he started to choke a little before chucking him his water bottle.

“Slow down, the food isn’t going anywhere.” Chen gave the taller one a look.

After their 10 minute break, the boys were getting ready to go back to practicing.

“Are you going to be home tonight?” I questioned.

“If I’m not home by 1 a.m, go to sleep, okay? I don’t want you to stay up waiting for me.” he stated before giving me a kiss on the forehead. I nodded and left.

The “jog” on the way back wasn’t any warmer than before. In fact, I think it got colder.

I was shaking like a chihuahua when I came through my door. I did the exact opposite of what my boyfriend told me and stayed up, waiting for him to come home.

The next morning, I knew something went wrong. My throat felt slightly scratchy and I had a hard time breathing through my nose. Suho hadn’t came home yesterday so I assumed that he went back to the dorm.

Checking my phone, my assumption was correct when I saw the text saying:

-Baby, I’m slept at the dorm. Rehearsals ran late last night, I’m sorry.

I smile, at least he thought of me and sent a text.

Later during the day, my throat got worse and I was sniffing left and right. I was

starting to get worried when he didn’t call once. Picking up the phone, I dialed Junmyeon’s number.

“Hey, babe!” a different voice rang through. I let out a laugh once I realized that Baekhyun picked up the phone when Junmyeon’s voice called out:

“Yah! Baekhyun, give me my phone.”

“Hey, how’s rehearsal going?” I asked once I was sure that my real boyfriend was on the phone.

“Tiring! We went through three different routines about 10 times because of me. I don’t know what’s going with me today, I keep messing up and it’s costing the members because we can’t move on. What a great leader I am.” he put himself down and I felt myself getting angry at him for even thinking of himself like that.

“Hey! At least you’re trying. You’re not a robot, Kim Junmyeon. You’re a human and you’re allowed to make mistakes. People have off days all the time, maybe today was not one of your good days. There’s always going to be tomorrow. Please don’t hurt yourself and from the way that you’re speaking, stay hydrated.” I lectured him. There was a pause before he spoke.

“Are you sick?”

“Wha- I just-. Yes, I might have caught a little cold but that doesn’t matter right now. You need to rest-” he cut me off.

“It’s from yesterday. You’re sick now.” he sighed.

“No! No, no, no. It’s not your fault! I was the one who wanted to see you and forgot my jacket. Don’t you dare stress over me about a small cold. I should be stressed about you saying bad things about yourself. You’re a great leader.

You’re doing a fantastic job at staying sane if you can handle all those boys. I’m proud of you, just take it easy okay?” I quickly tried to reassure him. There was a shout in the distance on his line.

“Jagi, I need to get back to practice. I promise to do well if you promise to take your medicine.” he tried to make a compromise.

“Okay, okay!”

“All right, I’ll try to get home early with medicine for you, I know you’ve been running low.” he calmly said. We said ‘goodbye’ as we hung up.

And at once, I forgot to take the medicine. You can’t blame me, I just didn’t want him to push himself so much.

I was laying on the couch when the front door opened. In walked Junmyeon with a bag in his hand. I smiled up at him and stood up.

“Come on, I know you forgot to take the medicine.” he took my hand and lead me into the kitchen.

The sun rolled up as I opened my eyes. Strong arms were wrapped around me as I struggled to turn.

“Hey, don’t you have practice today?” I softly asked him as my throat felt like it’s been cut by knives. I couldn’t speak. He let out a chuckle, pulling me closer.

“Go to practice when you’re in this condition? No way. I can’t leave you alone, sick and unsupervised. You can’t even speak right now! Besides, I called Kyungsoo and told him I wouldn’t be coming in today.” he informed me.

“Good. This way, we both get to rest.” I whispered to him, trying my best not to make a sound.

Through the day, I had little to no energy so I stayed in bed. He only woke me up when I had to take my medicine and when it’s time to eat.


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5, 15, 25, and 35

5.  Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
Not usually, though I once count my steps while taking two different routes to the nearest bus stops to see which one was closer xD

15.  Favorite kind of sandwich?
One with lots of meat and cheese, mmmm.  I love cold cut sandwiches with cheese and mayo, also fried chicken sandwiches are delicious.  Club sandwiches - turkey, bacon, tomato and lettuce - are also delicious.

25.  Ever eat a pierogi?
Oh hell yes.  My mum has been buying frozen homemade perogies from a lady at work my whole life, and my now my girlfriend is Polish so I get fresh homemade ones every Christmas.  I also like the frozen ones you can get at the grocery store, but the homemade ones are obviously way better. 

35.  What are you doing tomorrow?
Not a hell of a lot.  Hopefully attempting to write (if my brain has recovered from finals yet… today and yesterday I wasn’t able to write yet) and play some World of Warcraft and maybe a board game or two before or after Jules studies.  I should probably start organising the apartment since my Dad is coming to visit next Saturday, but I probably won’t be arsed to start until Monday or Tuesday haha.

Thank you for asking! <3

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Just Turn Around and Go

Just Turn Around and Go by PorcupineGirl
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,300
Summary: Dean should be happy. His best friend and housemate of five years, Castiel, is moving out to live with his boyfriend, Balthazar. Dean’s career is going great, so he can easily afford the house on his own now. This is just growing up, moving forward to the next phase of their lives.It would be awesome, if he weren’t in love with Cas.  Well, here we go, he thinks as he opens the refrigerator and digs around for sandwich supplies. First day of the rest of your life. Time to move the fuck on. As he slams his meat and mayo and pickles down on the counter, he considers adding the bottle of whiskey he knows is hiding in the cabinet, but decides that he has enough self-respect to wait ‘til five. Then he’ll get fucking blackout drunk. Yep. Awesome.

Here’s a rather short story about pining Dean that managed to reduce me to sniffles before turning into joy. Admit it, there’s nothing better than to read about a lovesick Dean, unrequitedly pining for his roommate slash best friend slash love of his life, Cas. The wrong place wrong time vibe is at the heart of this story and, oh well, at least some of us have been in Dean’s shoes and know how it feels.

Can’t get enough (Jimin smut)

Genre: Smut, (maybe fluff?)

Word count: 1.5k

Request by anon:  Hello I loved your late jimin smut so I thought can you make a smut where he’s your first and then in the morning in kitchen again with the sex please I really want someone to write this pretty please

M: Well, since this anon asked so nicely, I accepted the request. Anon, I hope you and my other readers like this. Guys, I don’t have any time to check for typos at the moment and I’m quite busy. I’m working on your other requests though and for all of you that have been requesting a pt.2 of ‘Caught’, I got you guys ;-). 

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pretty chilled out day at the beach.
We woke up late, and tried to find somewhere different to have late lunch early breakfast, we came across a German bakery called Hardy’s and had a real baguette with real meat, and real mayo/mustard, I’ve never been so happy to see bacon.
Didn’t rate their milkshakes as much but the wifi was strong which is what matters right.

We then went to the beach and paid for a sun lounger under an umbrella, which we thought was a a wise idea considering how sunburnt we already were.
The deal was sun lounger, towel and a free beer for roughly a fiver (150000 Vietnamese dong), quite a good a deal, until we got mugged off and never got our free beer and when trying to argue it they pulled the language card and simply said ‘no’ repeatedly… brilliant. We spent a good half hour messing around trying to do weird and wonderful yoga poses, fair to say yoga just isn’t for us even if the poses do make for some different and cool photos. So feeling very sandy and a little butt hurt about the beer we then took ourselves back to our hostel, by the time we got back our sunburn had developed… a lot and we are now nice shades of red, in fact my face resembled red traffic light.
A bottle of after sun down and two hours later we decided to treat ourselfs to ease our sunburn suffering and got a bang up meal, tuna steak and lasagne. (Not as good as mums obviously) followed by fruit and ice-cream. Headed back to the hostel to pack up our very messy room as we’ve got our flight tomorrow morning, heading back onto main land!!!

(Don’t know why I didn’t post this yesterday oops)

D & G

Turkey Lettuce Wraps with homemade lemon-basil mayo

this is what we ate for almost every lunch and dinner on the road, cause it’s basically the easiest (if you have a cooler!)

it’s pretty self-explanatory, just get big leaves of romaine or butter lettuce and wrap up a bunch o good stuff in there! we like to spread the lemon-basil mayo and then wrap up turkey, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, but you can pretty much use anything! I’ve eaten this at least once a day for the past week and a half and am still not sick of em yet! easy + delicious + healthy! (just make sure you get nitrate-free lunch meat or use chicken breast!)

[for the lemon-basil mayo: half cup of mayo, juice from one lemon, three big basil leaves, chopped finely. add together and mix!]

(ps for more easy healthy recipes, check my “clean eating” tag)

Burger Bowls

This takes as long as you want it to, depending on how cooked you like your beef. You can cook a single serving, or prepare a whole lot and save it for later! Pretty much just do whatever you want with it. 



-Eating utensil of choice


-Spatula (for cooking the meat)


-Ground beef

-Condiments of choice (Ketchup, mayo, mustard, thousand island, whatever works)

-Seasonings of choice (I like pepper and salt, but you can also add garlic, onion, soy sauce, pretty much just chuck in what you want)

-Toppings of choice (I use cheese, but you can top it with anything your heart desires)

Step 1: Cook the ground beef in a pan to the desired level of done-ness, using the spatula to stir and keep the meat from clumping together during the cooking process. 

Step 2: Drain any excess fat in the pan and pour the beef into a bowl

Step 3: Season the meat and stir it to ensure an even coating of flavor

Step 4: Add any condiments you want, stirring to coat evenly

Step 5: Add your toppings and eat!

You can eat it straight out of the bowl, use lettuce leaves to pick up delicious mouthfuls and enjoy a healthy wrap-like thing, or spoon it onto toast to make it more burger-like. 


OSSO BUCO with Gremolata
(Step by step in pictures)

I have to say that this dish is much more convenient to cook on a weekend (well at least for me). It requires a good 30-45 mins of prep work and a couple times of peeking inside the foil covered roasting pan just to make sure this slow-braising dish doesn’t dry out. It is a dish of leisure too, you wait and wait and wait, and you do some other weekend stuff around the house while you wait for the meat to be tender, very tender that it falls off the marrow bone and falls apart too. When the meat does that after 3 hours of waiting, you know you made a scrumptious and hearty dish worth every second of that long waiting period.

1. First do a mise en place of the mirepoix ingredients. 2. Prepare a bouquet garni. 3. Prepare the beef (I used beef shanks instead of veal, coz I couldn’t find veal shanks when I went shopping) shanks. Season with salt and pepper and dredge in flour. 4. Sear the shanks in olive oil in a Dutch oven, do this in batches to better brown and caramelize the meat. 5. Set aside the browned shanks. In the same Dutch oven where you seared the shanks, saute the mirepoix along with the bouquet garni. Add the tomatoes and your aromatics (chopped garlic and onions). When the vegetables have sweat, add dry red wine, beef stock and tomato puree. Simmer the whole lot. 6. Put the shanks in one layer in a roasting pan. Spoon over the braising liquid/sauce. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and place in a 350'F preheated oven for 30 mins. , then lower the oven temperature to 300'F and braise the shanks for 3 hours. 7. Prepare the Gremolata which is a mixture of finely chopped parsley, fresh garlic and lemon zest. Set aside. This will be sprinkled over the Osso Buco before serving. Serves 6 Note: If some of you are wondering where the marrows of the shanks went, some got melted and some I separated and mashed in the sauce.

Chef’s note: The leftover meat is so yummy too as a Pulled Beef Sandwich. All you do is remove all the excess sauce from the meat. Shred/pull the meat apart, put the shredded meat in a bowl and put just enough of its sauce to moisten the meat. Butter and toast some brioche buns, add mayo on both sides of the bread. Pile a heaping amount of pulled beef on ½ of the brioche bun, top with 1 or 2 slices of good ‘ol American cheese or provolone cheese, a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese. Put the filled halved buns in the oven and broil for 5 minutes or until the cheeses are melted. Top with the 2nd half buns and apply to face.

Fuck everything.

Alright, warriors. 

Some of you may be going out  to protest the gross injustice that has happened recently.

I wish you the most poignant words, fiercest willpower and strong hearts for the days that will follow. 

Remember to keep up you strength - drink lots of water, dress warmly, and wear a thick scarf in the event of tear gas/smoke/extra cold nights.

Metal sucks out heat, and increases likelyhood of frostbite, so you may want to take peircings out of your ears/eyebrows/nose, and remove extra rings if you’ll be outside for a while. 

While chemical heat packets are great for pockets, DO NOT put them in your shoes. (Constant agitation from walking/running can raise the heat enough to actually burn you) 

I’m including a list of foods that are fine to eat cold, and/or stuffed in a bag in your pocket.

Just in a bag w/ your fingers. 

Cheese chunks, Salami/sausage/Pepperoni, Muffins (w/out toppings), Carrots, Pepper slices, Scotch/Hard boiled eggs, mixed nuts, Apple/Pear/Orange/Banana, Baked potato (bring some ketchup/salt packets) Peanut butter&Jelly&bread / Lunch meat&Mayo&Mustard (bag them separately, put together before eating), Tamagoyaki, pickled vegetables, Melon chunks, Cold pizza, 

May require fork and/or container

Cold Soup, Chicken/ham/egg/tuna/macaroni salad, chunks of cooked chicken/ham, Meatloaf, Guacamole, Hummus, Yogurt, Rice (cook in diluted meat broth instead of water for extra energy stores), Grilled or steamed vegetables, Canned vegetables/fruit

If you’re going to be out in the cold for a while, eating high-fat things -  particularly meats and cheeses, will give you longer stores of energy than most grains. Macadamia nuts, Pecans, and Avocados are also high in fat.

Citrus fruits, dark green leaves and meaty broths will help you ward off/fight any minor cold you are exposed to. Potatoes and cucumbers are god-tier vegetables.  Avoid sugary things, like candy and soda - they encourage bacterial infections in your throat.  

Take as many power-naps during the day as you can, if you know you’ll be up late. Little sleep increases stress, which decreases your resistance to illness. 

Stay strong. I believe in you. 


#PLL New Cast Members for 5B:

  1. Will Bradley will play Johnny Raymond, a new character that Spencer will be spending some time with in Rosewood this season. He’s a painter, who is cute, edgy and charismatic. His first appearance will be in 5.15 ‘Fresh Meat.’ Info Here.
  2. Kimberly Pal, there’s no information about her character at the moment,  but she will also make her first appearance in 5.15 'Fresh Meat.’
  3. Miranda Mayo will play Talia, a chef who is new to Rosewood. She gets off on the wrong foot with Emily (Shay Mitchell), and things go downhill from there. Info Here.
  4. Elizabeth McLaughlin will make her first appearance in 5.18 'Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me" written by Joseph Dougherty. No information on her character at the moment.