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Sterek + zookeeper au

“You know, they say that penguins use pebbles as a way of wooing their chosen mate; they search through piles and piles of pebble until the find the perfect one to express their feelings and if the pebble is accepted, they mate for life.”

The voice jolts Derek out of his thoughts; he turns his head away from the penguin pool to see Stiles, a fellow Zoo employee, standing behind him, leaning against the wall with his hands shoved in his pockets.

Just as Derek opens his mouth to respond, Stiles pulls something out of his pocket and throws it in his direction; as a reflex, he reaches out and catches it. Stiles shoots him a quick grin before walking away. Looking down at his hand, Derek’s heart skips at the item resting in his palm: A pebble.

give me a pairing + an AU setting + I’ll write a three-sentence fic

alternative to black paladin keith:

in the beginning of season 3, allura insists on taking shiro’s place as the literal head of voltron (as well as the figurative head, which she has always been). she refuses to listen to anyone’s concerns about it, and she ignores keith when he brings up that shiro wanted him to lead voltron

this leads to some Bad Times for allura

–sure, she’s a great leader. she’s got a level head, confidence and experience. she has battle strategies and necessary support from the team, but

it slowly starts to wear away at her. she’s been putting herself under so much pressure, forcing herself to grow up, to be mature, to be a leader, someone who will honor her father and follow in his footsteps

but she can’t keep up the act anymore. she can’t pretend to be okay anymore, not with the stress eating at her from the inside out. eventually, she breaks–

and the other paladins realize they never even noticed, too occupied with their search for shiro, with lotor, with defending the universe

and coran feels guilty because he noticed, he was concerned, he wanted to help, but he never did anything to stop her

and allura breaks because of it all. because it was too much. but then team voltron comes together and helps her pick up the pieces, vows to help her, give her support.

they tell her she doesn’t have to keep pretending.

they tell her it’s all right to grieve.

they tell her it’s all right to be a kid.

and then, allura learns to heal.


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