of madness

a list of good things:

  • derek hale
  • derek hale getting a well deserved backrub
  • derek hale wearing clothes that are comfy and make him feel relaxed
  • derek hale sleeping and sleeping deeply
  • derek hale having nice dreams
  • derek hale smiling just because
  • derek hale being the little spoon, wrapped in the arms of his boyfriend whom he loves and trusts and who he knows loves and trusts him back
  • derek hale having a solid and permanent home, a roof over his head and rooms that are decorated in the way he wants them to be
  • derek hale treating himself to nice things because he deserves it and he knows he does
  • derek hale being happy and safe and away from all the bullshit

Pls help spread) There has been misinformation about the voting method for Soribada Awards and I would like to correct.

▪Photo (1): “You have voted for BTS in the New Hallyu Popularity Award category.”
White text in blue button: “Apply for a ticket” (to the Soribada award show)
Small gray text: “Free users can vote once per day, paid users can vote 3 times per day”

↑This popup window appears after you click the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button (photo (3)). It’s to inform that you have successfully voted for BTS in this category and your vote has been counted. There’s no need to click the blue “티켓 응모하기” (Apply for a ticket) button. This button is for people who want to get a ticket to the award show, it is not the confirmation button and you don’t have to click it at all.

▪Photo (2): “You have exceeded your voting capacity for today. Please try again tomorrow.”
Gray text below: “Invite friends to vote”
Small gray text: “Free users can vote once per day, paid users can vote 3 times per day”

↑This popup window appears after you have voted successfully and click the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button again. It’s to inform that you have used all of your votes for today. It is not the confirmation window.

There is no confirmation button or confirmation window for the Soribada voting. Everything you need to do is clicking the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button (like in the 3rd photo) and wait for the popup window in the 1st photo to appear, then turn it off by clicking the X button and that’s it, your vote has been registered.


Lots of new information for Fire Emblem Heroes revealed on Feh Channel! Including but not limited to :
• Appearance rate changes
• Arena Assault, a new Arena mode for experienced players
• Buffs to Bonus Heroes used in Tempest Trial maps
• Starter Support + Six Month Anniversary events

And a free Summon for EVERY future Focus!

From Veteran Summoner to those new to Fire Emblem altogether, the future looks exciting, with plenty of orbs and future updates on the way!

Hello again

I really didn’t intend that last post to be my, uh, last post? I got so sick that I ended up in the hospital for a bit, and I wasn’t really in any state to make another post for a while. i’m not 100% better, sorry to say. They still don’t know what’s causing all the problems, but hey, I can move around again so that’s good.

But, yeh, hi. I’ll be around a bit. Mostly trying to catch up on things and try not to freak out about lack of funds. But I’ll have some doodles up, maybe?

I hope you guys are doing okay, and sorry for being absent for so long.

BRYAN’S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrate all day with us on Twitter using the tag #HappyBirthdayBryanFuller and tag in @BryanFuller so he gets all of your birthday love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!