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The Panel - live updates

- Lili had a headache because of the ponytail so it’ll be looser

- It’s not so much as dark betty in S2 its more of a tortured soul. Lili says Betty finds a different kind of support from each of Archie, Veronica and Jughead

- Jughead’s gonna have to pick a side 

- Jughead’s mom and sister might come in the second half of the season 

- Veronica’s ex from new york is coming and he brings out her dark side- “theres no going back”. “Dark Veronica is darker than dark Betty”

- Charles chemistry read with KJ, Cole and Ash because he has storylines with all their characters!

- Toni Topaz is coming. She’s a student at Southside High and is a serpent and will be Jughead’s guide in that new world. 

- She has a lot of the same interests as Jughead. “She’s a female jughead”. “She might be trouble for bughead i don’t know”- RAS 

- Joaquin got on that bus and isn’t coming back lol. Kevin’s gonna have to deal with heart break 

- For bughead: Lili said it’ll be like Romeo & Juliet bc Betty doesn’t want to lose him and all that

- Cole said that he wants to see Betty as a ride or die. Lol he wants her to join the southside.

- Lili said that there might be a pink leather jacket for Betty 

- Cole said that Betty’s morality will play a part. Does she stand by him in this craziness or call quits?

- Cami said that V has never been in a serious relationship but she’ll have to really stand by him

- In ep 1 or 3 (i didn’t hear) the sexiest moment is between Veronica and Archie

- Episode 2 - iconic riverdale moment. They’ll be singing “the dopest” song 

- Big storyline for Josie and her mom 

- Veronica is still a pussycat in S2

- Cole is nervous for the babies on the set 

- Cheryl and Betty have an interesting dynamic as aunts to Polly’s twins 

- Cheryl will be colder in S2 but she takes control of her life 

- 2x05 - big episode of the riverdale girls sticking together because Veronica’s ex boyfriend comes back and does something to Veronica and Cheryl and that brings the girls closer 

- There’ll be no cliche girls fighting girls