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Real Mixups I’ve made as a PL Fan

Me: I can’t wait to see the new Molentary Express film. 

Friend: The what…?

Me: Orient. Orient Express.


Me: *Reads the word ‘Target’ as ‘Targent’

History Teacher: Leonid Brezhnev led the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1982 -

Me: Did you mean Leon Bronev?


BBC Show: Leopold Bloom is the fictional protagonist of James Joyce’s book Ulysses.

Me: Leonard Bloom did what now…? 

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could I ask for some platonic headcanons with passione and a new gang member that's a bit nervous and jumpy but is also nice to everyone lmao. Like how they warm up to them (eventually) and if they really click what do they do together, etc. if it isn't too much could you add Trish too? Thank you ❤️

cut for length!

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I made a Genetiship scenario where Moira creates a test tube baby and said baby comes from the future to find his parents.

His name is Leon, he’s a sweet boy who is exactly like a mixture of his mom and dad