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@dent-de-leon replied to your post “I feel like Pidge’s shield doesn’t get talked about enough. Like,…”

id also say it shows pidge’s nature as being more protective as opposed to head-on offensive. and being that her lion’s aspect is the forrest (which carries nature symbolism for nurturing growth, life, ect), and also how well she mastered the olkari belief all life is connected, it makes sense why she has the shield—something to protect and preserve—and not a weapon like keith. another thing, pidge is someone who endures and thinks long term. shield could = perseverance

Yeah, I think Pidge has definitely grown to see the team as people inside her sphere of protection and as such it makes sense that she shields them, but she didn’t always think that way. In the beginning she hadn’t yet decided these people were worth her time and effort, even going so far as almost leaving them, before she realizes wait I want to be there for them. 

And there could possibly be a parallel to how she doesn’t really start getting the hang of her shield until after the fall of the Castle and her change of heart. Correct me if I’m wrong but Voltron’s shield isn’t used at all in the first battle against Sendak’s ship right? And then it makes its first appearance in the fight against Myzax, where Pidge fumbles it and clearly doesn’t know how to use it. This could of course be attributed to the team being unfamiliar with Voltron at this early stage in the show, but it could also mean that Pidge hasn’t fully accepted her place on the team and her role as Defense for Voltron. After she decides to stay, after she decides she cares about these people and their cause enough to delay her search for her family, she becomes much more proficient at wielding the shield. And I think that’s because she has accepted them into her “group of people I care about and want to protect” list.

Also I just want to say I really like your last point about Pidge enduring and thinking long term