of knowing each other

If Tomco ever becomes endgame, i know one thing that’ll be super cool about the show…

I’ll have gotten to see a kid’s show carefully and ( Hopefully ) Impressively show a relationship evolve from enemies, to acquaintances, to friends, to lovers through emotional support and understanding.

It’s not like Star and Marco who became friends immediately, you’d literally get to watch two characters develop together more and more each episode they’re together.

You’d be watching the progression of their relationship from a pinpoint of knowing nothing about each other, to sharing an amazing connection with the other.

And idk, it’d be super cool to look back at BMB one day and think: “If only they knew just how much they were going to matter to the other…”

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Hey Craig, question if you ever have free time what do you usually do? Also have you met anyone new? If so did you befriend them?

PETER: Alright, settle down, knuckleheads.
PETER: I’m gonna cover for Mr. Cough Syrup while he retakes his finals.
PETER: I’ve heard him do this a bunch from the bathroom, so I think I got it down.
PETER: Also, this question is really funny, cause this guy does so much. He’s really quiet, so you wouldn’t think so?
PETER: He’s always either out with someone or being way busy in here. Spends hours on his computer, spends hours at someone else’s dorm, you name it. Nuts.
PETER: Like, so busy to the point where we don’t even talk that much. That’s crazy busy!
PETER: That’s cool, though. I get it. Dude’s got stuff, I got stuff. We kinda got to know each other the first week, so it all worked out.

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Can I just say how relief I feel to know there are Christians here? and the fact that you're one of my favorite artist makes it all better! You really give me a lot of hope so, really, thank you. I would love to talk to you, but I'm a little bit shy lol but I would definitely going to be checking your tags again (if that's ok with you) it really helps me when I feel lost in here. Sometimes I feel like if Tumblr is not the best place for a christian, and then, I find amazing people like you :)

Can you believe @geek-fashionista and I were just talking about being a Christian on Tumblr when you sent me this ask?

You’re right. Tumblr can be a very unsafe space for Christians especially with the general culture here, but you know what? That’s ok. We continue to support each other. We have to be bold about our faith as well, that’s what Paul and all the missionaries have done for years after Jesus died on the cross. Of course there were..*coughs* hitches throughout history, but remember not to be afraid of being a Christian, no matter where you are. 

Also, keep in mind that we are all works-in-progress (when you mentioned amazing, I couldn’t help but think of all the mistakes I’ve made and continue to make in my life ^^;). Love God, love others. That includes exercising grace.

And it’s totally fine if you check my tags! I really don’t mind! If you want to talk, you can message me on chat if you want ^^ I don’t bite xD

C: I love my African friends. They are the best. But they seem emotionally detached, like, closed off for some reason. I notice that with my Nigerian and Ghanaian females friends. And I’m wondering if it’s a culture thing because I know with my Haitian culture females tend to be touchy with each other, so I’m wondering if its me misunderstanding them. Either way I still love them ,but I wish they would just open up more.

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Pipeynabeth (idk how to spell it lol) band au!!

fun stuff to think about:

  • the media being so absolutely puzzled not only by lesbianism but also who the hell is dating who and who is cheating on who and wtf how do they keep trading girlfriends and stay in the same band with no issues???! !
  • they’re so private about their personal lives like their relationship is not known to the public. at all
  • but the wlw of the world…. Know
  • they’re shocked to go mainstream and it makes for this super funny dichotomy of like dedicated sapphic lady fans who’ve known about them for ages and mainstream fans who have no idea they’re all gay for each other al;ksdjfklas;f
  • and like you just KNOW that piper loves trolling the media. can you imagine oh god she’d have a field day

It’s really this simple.. If I put energy/effort in and care for you and you don’t treat me as something of value.. I’ll be going.


I try to be very understanding.. but selfishness is not something I’m willing to settle for.

It’s not what you can take from me, 

it’s not what I can take from you… 

It’s what we give to each other.. 

It’s us both showing up and putting in the time. 

I understand life makes us busy.. but I also know we make time for things of importance and you have to make that choice

 ( and make that choice over and over again)

It takes effort and time and isn’t just a convenience.

Some days I’ll give more than you and sometimes you’ll give more than I can.. 

But it’s about knowing we both are showing up and value each other

 and if that’s not the case… then no hard feelings, no grudges.. 

but not settling for something that is taking but isn’t nourishing me

(and this goes for any relationship, romantic or platonic..)

  • Fifi: I didn't like Jake's shoes and jeans, they were a bit dad-like.
  • Nick: See, I liked them. They are a bit 'dad', but it makes me think he doesn't care about the fickle world of fashion, and has a bigger fish to fry. And it's kind of cute and a bit dorky.
  • Fifi: You two are just made for each other.
  • Nick: I know... Apart from the fact he's a heterosexual male, we are absolutely perfect for each other.

There was a post for the Avengers that basically said ‘the team got hit with a magic spell and reverted back to their first language’ which I can no longer find, but, Imagine something happened that makes the SMH team speak in their first language. Featuring

  • Jack speaking Quebecois French
  • Shitty speaking Polish
  • Lardo speaking Vietnamese 
  • Ransom speaking Yoruba
  • Holster speaking Hebrew (Ransom and Holster are still able to finish each other’s sentences, even though they don’t actually know what each other are saying)
  • Nursey speaking Ariabic
  • Dex speaking Irish or Gaelic
  • Chowder speaking Cantonese Chinese
  • Whiskey and Tango speaking different Spanish dialects
  • and Bitty the poor sap who still speaks English and has to try and figure out how to fix it before their upcoming game.

Hey, I don’t know if this will get seen or not cause I’m a noob and have no idea how this works. So anyways, I have a question for you, what do you think would happen if Anti and Dark met, in either a collab or face to face? 

That’s a good question!
I honestly have no idea what would happen. They’re both so different that when I try to think of something, I can only see them cancelling each other out and both being destroyed ya know? Plus I think it’d clash too much and ugh it’d be a mess

magnus and alec move as if they’re one person in two bodies. if a demon gets past alec’s arrows, a blast of magic quickly disintegrates it. if one is able to sneak up behind magnus, alec dispatches it with a quick draw on his bow. it’s a fluid dance that is effortless, a testimony to how many times they’ve done this, how comfortable they are with each other, and how well they know and trust the other. but it’s bound to happen sometime. a demon, almost too quick for the mundane eye to catch, slithers up behind alec and is able to punch their clawed hand right through his heart. he goes down as quick as the demon appeared, no time for any sound to escape his mouth. magnus pants as he walks up to alec. “what’s the score now?” he grins as the holographic demons and setting flicker out to reveal the spacious training room in the institute. sprawled out on the floor, alec looks up at magnus, his scowl belied by a smile at the corners of his mouth. “three to two. you win.” a pause. “this time.” magnus laughs and holds out a hand to help his boyfriend up. alec grasps his hand firmly, but instead of pulling himself to his feet, he sweeps his legs around and pulls magnus down at the same time. magnus lands on his knees, bracketing alec’s hips. “that’s not very honourable of you.” magnus smiles softly, and alec leans in to kiss him, closing his eyes. they don’t even notice the door opening and then quickly closing after a soft “ugh” from jace.

Almond Joy, Part 2 (Getting to Know each Other)

Summary: You take care of Bucky’s dog and find out who he really is

Word Count: 3705

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: cliffhanger!

A/N: Sorry it’s so long and so much goes on! If I had separed it into two parts, Bucky wouldn’t even be in the first part!

Previous Part

You finished up the rest of your shopping. After buying dog food, a cheap toy, a leash and a dog bed for her, nearly $100 was spent on her. You hated spending money out of your budget but this was necessary. If you had a dog, you would wish someone would take good care of it.

When you got home, she began to jump up and down. You took the toy you purchased out of the bag, removed the price tag and threw the toy so she could run and catch it.

After going back and forth with the toy for a while, you headed to the kitchen and grabbed some spare paper bowls you had. You placed two on the ground near the dishwasher in hope that she wouldn’t come to close to other parts of the kitchen. It was awfully quiet in your apartment so you connected your phone to your speakers and played some music. As you began to clean around the kitchen, Almond lied down next to your couch and fell asleep within a few seconds.

You filled one of the bowls with dog food and the other with water. Almond was still asleep, so you headed to your room to change into something comfortable quickly.

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Heheh I have a song recommendation too: Bedroom Warfare by One Ok Rock. The first time I heard it I immediately thought of Yuuri in the earlier chapters. Lyrics like "bedroom warfare in the middle of the night//out of nowhere you come back into my life//and I know in the morning we'll be nothing more than each others enemies//keep your enemies close" it's just so yuuri! Also it's a Japanese band which makes it even more relevant(≧▽≦) Hope you like it!

I’ve heard it before and it’s such a great song! And very fitting for umfb&mha

It started when, in his distress and desire to escape the Manor, his mother, and everything magical, Draco had started taking frequent, and increasingly random trips into Muggle London. At first, it was absolutely terrifying. He could write a comedy of errors on all his mishaps and faux pas.  But then, it became a thing that he did, just for his enjoyment. He’s never spoken to anyone about it, not even Greg.

On Friday nights he goes to the same gay club he practically stumbled into once when he was bored and looking for something to do. The first time he was there, he was overwhelmed. He didn’t know places existed where men like him could simply get drunk and fuck each other. He didn’t know about strobe lights, or DJs. He didn’t know how easy it was to get fucked. But he learned pretty fast.

On Wednesdays he goes to IKEA. He has no idea why, just that the place fascinates him. On Sundays he goes to the park. Any park. He wanders. He sits. He looks. Muggles still fascinate him. Occasionally they still frighten him. Not that he’d admit that to anyone.’
—  Just One of Those Things by Kedavranox

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It's nice to know that Harry and Louis are each other's biggest fans and supporters. Louis probably already heard Harry's album and will throw him a congratulatory party with champagne and roses and Harry knows about Louis upcoming collabs and encourages him while he explores new genres 😊🌟😍💯👏🌹🗡

this is a true and beautiful ask

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If you're still doing the prompt meme: #11 - Anakin

Bad or petty habits…

Anakin Skywalker is convinced there is a list out there, passed from Jedi Master to Jedi Master that details every single one of his bad habits. They pass it around and each new master adds something else he has failed to do properly, to do the correct way. He is convinced that Mace Windu started the list with heavy input from Yoda and Ki-Adi-Mundi. Around and around this list goes and every time he makes a mistake, every time he steps out of line, every time he gets just a little… creative in how he choses to handle a situation, he knows the Masters all look at each other and shake their heads. 

So Anakin raises his chin and decides to make the list longer, to be even more reckless, even more daring, and even more creative in how he acheives his mission objectives. He’ll teach Ahsoka his tricks and that will show those fussy old buzzards!

There is no list and the glances exchanged between masters is one of worry and concern. He is so emotional. Perhaps we have put too much on his shoulders. He is so young. What have we done?

Anakin is convinced that Obi-Wan does not love him (or anyone really), not truly, not the way Anakin loves him. Anakin loves with all his heart and spirit, with the sum totality of who Anakin Skywalker is. His love is hot and intense and all consuming. His love is eternal, firm, unyeilding. He will die for those he loves. He will burn, break and destroy those who threaten to hurt his loved ones, to take them from him. He cannot live without his family, without the people that orbit around him, balancing out his mood swings and his emotional world. 

They are his.

He is theirs. 

So Anakin teases Obi-Wan about the Code, about being the perfect Jedi, making a subtle, peevish mockery of Obi-Wan’s humility, of his attempts at mindfulness. He takes childish delight at interrupting Obi-Wan’s meditation, in cutting short a “learning opportunity”, in hearing a short and angry bark of “ANAKIN!” and knowing he got under the Jedi Master’s skin.

Anakin has no idea how deeply Obi-Wan loves him and he never will. He does not understand how hard it is for Obi-Wan say, “I am proud of you.” He doesn’t understand, nor does he care to learn that every gentle touch, every small smile, every offer to listen to his troubles and a shoulder to lean on is as close to Obi-Wan can come to screaming at the top of his lungs. I love you. I love you! How can you not see that I love you?

Anakin is convinced that Padme does not love him as much as he loves her. She is a Queen and he is a Slave. No amount of titles, victories or honors as a Jedi General, not a master never a master, will ever change that. He is a slave and she is the Distant Queen who has deigned to be with him. Anakin is not her first lover, perhaps not even her first love but he is her husband and that should be enough.

But it’s not.

So Anakin teases and thunders and acts out against anyone who so much as looks at his Queen, his Angel. He is brutal to those who would vie for his Padme, needlessly so. Durasteel knuckles and tendons will always break and bloody flesh and bone. Democracy is thing that is always to be treated as weak and useless. Repeated affirmations of love and devotion are wheedled out of Padme even as a part of him tells himself he’s being ridiculous. He’s been selfish and childish. 

Anakin is a slave and she is a Queen and he hates that while Padme can see him as her husband and equal, he cannot. 

Padme accepts that Anakin needs more from her than a typical husband. She knows he is exceptional, that he is unique in the galaxy. A secret part of her thrills at that dark jealousy even as the rest of her does her best to keep it in check. She will tell Anakin how much she loves him as many times as necessary to convince him of her faithfulness. I love you, Ani. Why can’t you believe me when I say that? I. Love. You. I am yours. 

Anakin is convinced he is a monster. A horrible thing is growing inside of him. A thing that will devour him whole. A thing he cannot stop or contain. A thing that will hurt those he loves and protects.

A thing that wants to hurt the ones he loves more than anything else in the galaxy. 

Anakin is convinced this monster, this dragon with dead stars for eyes, is going to errupt out of his heart and destroy the galaxy. He is convinced its whispers are correct, are the truth. 

You are not free. 

You are a slave.

And you will fail. 

They will die.

And you will be their death.

And then the galaxy will call you Monster.

So Anakin fights alone, refusing to seek help, to share his burden, to tell anyone about the monster inside of him. He fights and he fights, struggling ever foward against the beast that would drag him down. He rejects opened hands, rejects well-meaning words and advice. He throws off gentle touches and softly whispered, “Ani, let me help you”, shoulders ever forward, snarling and straining against his fate, against the relentless pull of the darkness.



And eventually… defeated.