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King Arthur vs George Washington

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  • hapless librarian: please, please stop knocking all the books off the shelves, we'll have to escort you out
  • me, in a blind rage, plastic sword in hand: IM KING ARTHUR AND I AINT GOTTA KNOW *SHIT*!!!!

stephlevannkirkland  asked:

Is there other people with title in the kingdom, your Majesties?

Alfred: well, here’s a chart of our kingdom

Alfred: this basically explains its self, but I’m king, Arthur’s queen, Matthew’s or Noble Knight (highest honor) and Yao is our Jack. He’s also pretty good in the kitchen!

Yao: *glares abit*

Arthur: and here is a chart of the kingdoms

Arthur: this shows the kings of each kingdom. Alfred is our Spades king, Ivan is king of Clubs (he’s really scary, he even shows up at times to make us merge our kingdoms-) *scoffs* Francis…kingofdiamonds…*clears throat* excuse me… and then Ludwig, king of hearts. I like him because he keeps to himself and kingdom. Though his Jack is a little bit annoying at meetings…I guess they’re still fine in my book…

king arthur doesnt gota learn shit like books n knowledge. kign arhutr gonna be a dunbass that cant spell his own name. cant fuckin read. fuckjn write either. king arthur dont gotta know shit. king arthur gotta sword thats all thats needed. js fuck off and stab a knave if he says u gotta know shit. i aint gotta fuckin do shit. i aint doin shit. im kin g fucking arthur.