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I wasn’t feeling good at all so I started doodling expressions and ocs and TADA ! It was really fun to do !

Some expressions may never appears on some ocs faces but it is like an … expression … emojis challenge ? 

It was so fun ! èw é Some are very important ocs and/or characters ! Others will appears in stories, some not ! I have many ocs and I am tired to not draw them ! èO é

ivory-line  asked:

Hi Dr. Ferox, I had a question about dewclaws. Is removing them banned in Australia? I don't really see many people talk about removing them and where I live people usually have the dewclaws removed when the dog is very young. Is it similar to declawing a cat or docking a tail? I guess I just don't know if it's a cosmetic thing or there's a real purpose for it, sorry if this is confusing. I'm a cat owner and I don't know much about dog related things lol. Hope you have a good day!

Dewclaw removal is still legal but generally discouraged. Some breeders will do it themselves at 3-5 days old, and I’ve seen it done. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that pups that age don’t feel pain. The reason it’s still legal, while declawing, ear cropping and tail docking are not, is probably pressure from the greyhound racing industry, coupled with the fact that dewclaws sometimes cause problems.

When talking about dewclaws in dogs, it’s important to note the distinction between dewclaws on the front legs, which are well attached by bone, compared to those on the hind legs which can be attached by bone, but are often attached by skin only and can flop all over the place.

The hind dewclaws will often be removed at desexing, especially if they’re attached by only skin. This type of dewclaw is prone to injury and often will not wear down, requiring the owner to remember to trim them frequently, which is easier for some owners than others. So sometimes we remove them, under general anaesthesia and with pain relief.

Front dewclaws are almost always well attached by bone and are usually held neatly against the rest of the foot. We usually leave these, unless we’re having repeated problems with these nails for some reason. Most people chose to manage their dewclaw issues with either regular trimming, or a little bit of sports tape or elastoplast wrapped around the foot.

Dewclaws aren’t weight bearing, so removing them is not as detrimental as declawing in cats, however we should be asking ourselves whether surgically altering an animal is really necessary if non-surgical measures (trimming, sport tape) could be equally effective.

Compare dewclaw removal, which sometimes has some benefits for individual dogs, to ear cropping, which has zero benefits to the dog, or tail docking, which has zero benefits in most cases. This is why there’s still scope for sometimes removing dewclaws prophylactically.

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Oily skin? Get Ivory Soap.

I have naturally oily skin. Because of this, I still get acne on my face, even in my mid-twenties.

Scrubs and Proactive are all nice, but can cost a lot, and products like proactive you have to use constantly.

Instead, my mom made my siblings and I use Ivory Soap.

It’s super cheap ($1/bar), can be found at Walmart, and so far in my life has worked.

You wet the bar, rub a couple fingers in it, then rub a light layer on your face (where it’s not even noticeable, doesn’t have to be a lot), then go to bed.

It dries out the excess grease on your face while not drying out all of your skin.

Whenever I feel a pimple beginning to form, I immediately apply. Has worked for me for YEARS.

I understand we all have different skin, but if this helps you save a couple bucks, I recommend it.


Ivory Board Game Pieces, Early Dynastic Period 

These six board game pieces were associated with a game called ‘Mehen’ coil, because it was played on a circular limestone board that took the form of a coiled snake, its skin divided into squares. Three playing pieces represent recumbent lions, and three recumbent lionesses, height: 3.5 cm. Early Dynastic Period, 1st Dynasty, ca. 3100-2890 BC. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 44918 A-F, Ground Floor, Hall 43.