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the video that changed my life. a.k.a. juST FUCKING DATE ALREADY DAMN 


Save Kaga from Fun Girl, or let him die? 59% of you voted to save him after he offended her.

(Megami is possessed by Fun Girl- 5/5 | Megami is back to normal)
(…Also, Kaga believes in demons now, so he can experiment on them. …I didn’t draw that yet since I wasn’t sure if he was going to live or not. Soorrryyy.)

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Third date would be great

alrighty i said i’d do it so

third date with michael

  • alright so actually having a third date with michael is kinda hard i guess? like, the two of you def hang out but usually it’s not something you’d call a date
  • like y’all are actually doing… kinda couple-y shit…. but no one knows whether it’s official????
  • heck do you two even know
  • idk
  • but hear me out: there’s this amusement park a town over and you haven’t been since you were a kid and holy shit they just renovated a lot of stuff???
  • so you two make plans to go one weekend, just the two of you
  • like michael was like ‘just the two of us???’ and ur like ‘yeah i mean, unless u wanna invite jeremy on our date’
  • WAIT
  • nice.
  • anyway this time u pick up michael and u two g o 
  • (off-topic but u guys wouldnt believe how much i use ‘he/she/they g o’ when i plan out stuff in my writing bc i use it a lot)
  • ok so ur basically guiding him around to all these rides you remember and you’re just rambling on about all these times you and ur family came here and then eventually stopped for??? whatever reason???
  • at one point u go on like, fastest ride there is and at one point michael jUST GRABS UR HAND AND DOESN’T LET GO….
  • at one point u two stop and get food and go sit somewhere and ur kinda rambling against about funnel cake or something
  • then u stop because he’s just kinda staring at u and you’re like ’w h at shit sorry i got carried away-’
  • he apologizes because ur just… rly cute when u ramble???
  • ‘you’re one to talk’
  • y’all are just bein cute tbh
  • u throw away ur trash and u start walking off toward some other ride and michael stops u like ‘hey uh you… have something on ur face-’
  • ‘shit dude, where-’
  • he kISSES YOU??????
  • when he pulls away he apologizes and ur like ‘w o w’
  • ‘you could have asked….’
  • ‘yeah i know i should have-’
  • ‘no, michael, i mean you could have asked.’
  • ‘… oh’
  • y’all spend a few more hours running around and going on rides before u leave
  • on the car ride back ur like ‘so uh, remember how jeremy kept texting you the first time i was at ur house??? what… was that about???’
  • basically he mentioned to jeremy that u were coming over and jeremys like ‘dUDE U ONLY WENT ON ONE DATE’ and he’s like ‘WE’RE JUST LISTENING TO MUSIC’ and at one point he’s like
  • ‘oh shit what if we kiss’
  • ‘dude-’
  • at least two of the times his phone went off was bc he texted jeremy like ‘dude they’re right next to me dUDE THEY’RE LEANING ON ME WHAT DO I DO’
  • so basically michael was trying to get advice from jeremy
  • nothin bad, lads
  • so uh
  • u drop michael off at his house and then u go home and ur like holy s hi i t that just happened
  • meanwhile michael is probably talking ot jeremy like ‘dUDE WE KISSED’
  • good times
  • thats all i got thanks nonny this was fun n cute to write

cassie had just gotten out of the game, a small smile on her face. the boys had won, as projected, so there would be no early practice tomorrow morning, which meant, she’d get to sleep in for an extra hour, then she’d get to get up, and get back to training. ever since she had become aware of the supernatural, she started working out, trying to make herself stronger. she felt as if her senses had heightened as well. “you know,” the girl started out loud, placing her bag in the backseat of her car. “lurking isn’t really nice.” she turned around, one hand behind her back with a pocket knife in it. “you really shouldn’t do that.”

Laevinic Defeat [Cinder/Pyrrha]

As one of Vale’s fastest rising professional tournament fighters, Pyrrha attracts sponsors from all across Mistral. Cinder’s methods of persuading new clients just happen to be more effective than most.

Pyrrha’s shoulders slumped in defeat. “What could you possibly hope to gain from this?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Having such a remarkable young woman…” Cinder paused, fixing her with an appraising look that only darkened Pyrrha’s blush, “in my employ is a delight in itself.”

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