of intelligent life

It would be funny if we came across a silicon-based intelligent life form, and found that in all of their hackish sci-fi, they speculate about carbon-based life forms, but they always write them as these weird rocky things, because when they think “carbon,” they think of diamonds and graphite and stuff.

thanks @morpheuse, one of my all-time faves :)

One insecurity: yikes, umm…my upper arms, I guess?

Two fears: failure in my career and personal life

Three turn-ons: sincerity, funniness and intelligence

Four life goals: honestly? continuing to surprise myself with what I can do; having my own family; helping the vegan and intersectional feminist agendas; being a leader in my field. 

Five things I like: I hate everything. …except these five things: going for walks, spending time with animals, eating while watching something I love (preferably alone to be frank), that 2017 kicks 2016′s ass already, and talking with friends or people with my interests.

Six weaknesses: garlic, wooden stakes, curses, star vehicles, there only being 5 minutes left, and women.

Seven things I love: black and white film, raising my arms while wearing a black cloak, sharpening my canines, making faintly oblique references to obvious things, slicking back my hair, a nice cold castle, andddd inviting strangers into my home. 

Eight Blogs: anyone who wants to do it honestly 

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I am sorry my soft lesbian friend, did no mean offend!!! much love! Here have this bit of furby lore to make better: 1998 furbys live in the clouds, 2005 furbys live on an island, 2012 furbys are from another planet. There's no word on the 2016 Furb's heritage, but it's generally believed that they are artificial intelligent life forms created by 2012 Furbys.

Thats cool !!!