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3 Billion Dollars [Part 14] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Fluffy

Warnings: swearing, awkwardness, emotions

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A/N: Sorry this is so late. Fair warning, next weeks will be too. Finals are starting next week so I’ll probably be writing a little less until summer starts. I hope you like this part! It’s extremely fluffy! Warning heavy stuff coming up! 

~ Admin Brooklyn


Honestly, you almost passed out a few times. Not by seeing blood, but six hours of fixing up wounds and almost doing minor surgery right after the events of the day. Currently, you sat on one of the waiting chairs, just now noticing the blood staining a small part of the floor in the corner. Seungri had left at some point during those six hours. Which left Daesung, who was washing his hands. You close your eyes, beginning to drift away to sleep right then and there.

“(Y/N), you okay?” Daesung asked. You open your eyes right away, nodding your head. You rubbed your eye with the back of your hand and sat up.

“Yeah, just tired,” you say. You run a hand through your hair, your eyes already starting to close on their own. Daesung opened up his phone, scrolling through his messages.

“Hey princess,” he said. You looked up at him. You leaned forward, your elbows resting on your knees. ”Do you think you could check up on Ji Yong Hyung?”

Your eyes widen a bit, starting to feel very underprepared to see him. You open your mouth, about to say something. Only to shut your mouth and give him a small nod. Daesung gives you a very small smile and puts his phone away. “I know (Y/N), you guys need to work things out still. He’ll be easier to handle now than he was when you fixed him.”

“I don’t really know what to say to him though,” you said quietly. You got up from the chair, running a hand through your hair. Daesung opens the door for you, letting you exit the infirmary before him.

“Just say how you feel,” he says, smiling down at you. You shake your head, his smile cause a small one to form on your face. “Honestly, just tell him how you feel.”

“Easier said than done Daesung,”

“True,” he said, nodding his head. “Keep in mind that you do have years of friendship to help you.”

“Yeah but-”

“And,” Daesung said, cutting you off. “I really think you’re underestimating how much he cares about you.”

Your gaze falls to the floor as you walk down the halls, thinking about what Daesung said. Ji Yong only likes you as a friend, right? Well, he hadn’t exactly said that he liked you more. But he did know about your predetermined marriage. Would that change the way he feels about you? He looks down at you and chuckles lightly. “Actually, I know you’re underestimating how much he cares about you. Trust me, if you ask him to move a mountain, he’ll ask which one you want and how fast he should be. He’ll do anything for you princess. That’s for sure.”

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Characters: Bucky x POC!Reader, Sam makes an appearance, lots of people are mentioned.

Warnings: fluff. lots of swearing because I can’t stop myself. Bad science jokes. Bucky’s kinda sad and doesn’t know what privacy means. SMUT. 

Word count: 3,895

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Bucky hates being home alone. No, not because of the constant nagging urge to look over his shoulder, the dark creeping feeling in the hallways, or even the dark thoughts that plague him at night. It’s none of that.

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Mommy Says

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 4,153ish (I did not expect that)
T/W: Fluff!
A/N: For Adorable Anon’s request: “Philip x reader where they’re married and have two daughters and Philip insists on the reader taking a day to herself while he watches the kids and it’s just a disaster lmao but it’s a cute disaster.”
Hahah, poor Philip! This is so cute! Also, yes, the kids call him daddy. I can’t see a 5 year old calling her father: father, or dad so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) (Mia is 5 and Riley is 7)
Tags: @justfangirlingaround@applesislife@iworshipmusicals

“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” 

Philip felt as if he was in a waterbed with the way your two little girls, Mia and Riley were bouncing on the bed. He rolled onto his back as they continued to beckon him to well…wake up. Squinting when one of the girls pulled the curtain open to reveal the bright and shining sun outside. The other jumped up, landing on Philip, he didn’t even respond, her tiny body didn’t make much of a difference, even when falling on him. He placed his hands over his eyes, groaning a little after glancing at the clock. It was only 8:30. 

“Wake up!” Riley giggled, poking his bicep from the side of the bed as Mia shoved at his chest, over and over again.

Walking past the bedroom you saw what they were up to. Sighing, you entered the room. Pulling the curtains back, Philip hummed, as you fixed the situation. You gently moved Riley out of the way, sending her the direction of the door. Next, you picked up Mia, taking her off of Philip’s chest, telling her she is not Tarzan, nor is he. Setting her down you bent down to talk to them by the doorway. 

“Come on, girls, what did I say?” you asked in a gentle, but stern tone.

“Today’s daddy’s day off…,” they told you, looking at the floor. 

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The Reunion: Carolina-Bleus

“Mr. Grimes?”

Rick looked up to see his assistant standing in the doorway of his home office. “Come on in, Taryn.”

“Here is your mail for today. All of the invitations to charity events, requests for speaking engagements and charitable donations are sorted and ready to be sent over to Jillian and David’s offices.”

Being a famous former baseball player, Rick was inundated with different requests from all over the country and beyond. Most of the mail went to the business address set up for such things, but sometimes people were able to find his actual address and send things directly to his home. Mail that came to his home was sorted by his assistant and either sent to his agent or business manager to look over and make their recommendations to Rick. All other personal mail came directly to Rick.

“Thank you, Taryn.” Rick collected the remaining mail from his assistant and started going through it. “Is there anything interesting in this pile?”

“Uh…well,” Taryn stammered.

“What is it? Did I get a piece of hate mail?” Rick laughed. “I know some folks are upset that I retired so soon.”

“No, that’s not it.”

Rick continued flipping through the mail until he came across the item he was sure caused his assistant’s reaction.

“Thanks again for the mail, Taryn. You can go now.”

“Is there anything else you need, Mr. Grimes? A drink or something?”

“No, I’m fine. I just need some time alone.”

“Okay. I’ll make sure no one disturbs you.”


Rick waited until the door closed behind Taryn before he opened the envelope from the court. He pulled out the papers and sighed.

“It is hereby ordered and adjudged that the marriage between Plaintiff, Loraine Halston-Grimes, and Defendant, Richard Grimes, is dissolved.”

Rick didn’t bother to finish reading the rest of the document. He knew the details of the divorce like the back of his hand at this point. Lori was to receive a generous divorce settlement, including a hefty financial sum and their New York estate, and Rick received custody of the kids. Rick really didn’t care how much money he had to pay or how many houses he had to give Lori as long as his kids remained with him.

Tossing the divorce decree onto his desk, Rick sat back and thought over his nearly 11-year marriage. It was a miracle it lasted as long as it had given the origins of it. But whatever other headaches and heartaches his marriage caused, Rick was forever grateful for his two kids the resulted.

Sitting back up, Rick went through the rest of his mail. The last item in the stack gave him pause. Opening the package, Rick pulled out an invitation and a picture.

“Fifteen years? Damn, I’m gettin’ old.”

The King County High School Alumni Association was throwing a reunion for Rick’s class in three months’ time. Rick had missed the ten-year reunion, but there was no way he could have shown up. There were things…people…he couldn’t bear to face at the time.

Picking up the picture, Rick smiled looking at the young faces of the kids he’d known since birth. His smile turned wistful when his eyes landed on one face in particular. That smile still made his heart clench all these years later.  

I wonder if she’s going to be at the reunion. She still lives in King County so she’ll probably be there. Things are different for her and for me now. And it’s been over ten years. Maybe we can at least be friends now. I just want her back in my life in some way.

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Fic: nowhere’s high enough

Root x Shaw high school fic, probably going to be four or five parts, nothing super long or involved, but I really enjoyed writing it.

Shaw shoved a handful of cereal into her mouth, tossing the box haphazardly onto the counter as she headed for the door.

“Sameen?” her mother called. “Where’s your backpack?”

She rolled her eyes spinning to face her mom while continuing to backpedal toward the door. “Don’t need one. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow.”

“What about papers?” She insisted. “You can’t lose everything on your first day!”

Scanning the area around her, Shaw quickly snatched an empty folder by the front hallway. “There. Useless syllabi holder, check.”

“What about lunch?” Her mother was now hurrying down the hall to keep up “What about gym clothes?”

“I have money,” Shaw assured, “and I’ve got clothes too.”

She yanked up her shirt to reveal a second one. “Gym’s first period this year. I’m fine, mum.”

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19 "You broke my heart." From the prompt list for Arno Dorian. Reader has been in love with him all while they thought he only had eyes for Elise.

Thanks for the request, Anon! I hope you like it :)

: “You broke my heart.” 



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The Way You Move// Kim Yugyeom (Part 13)

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut

Summary: @morsalinou said:
Your rrequest are open omgggg ok,…. I will try requesting simething for the first time here😅 hmm can i request a smut (🙊💕) where yugyeom sees you dancing in a competition (like hit the stage) or you dance with him you can decide (this weeks theme is love did you watch this show btw😍) and the rest is up to you! I’m so nervous omg😲😂

Author’s Note:  Sorry for the lack of updates! Also, sorry for the length of this chapter, it’s short, but only because it’s a filler chapter! Enjoy it nonetheless!

xoxo Sara

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9  -

Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14  - Part 15 - Final

Soon, Wednesday had rolled around. You didn’t understand how time could go by both so quickly, yet so pain-stakingly slow. You felt your strain getting better and better each day, the swelling and coloring going down immensely after having to ice it for no less than 16 hours a day.

Bambam came over often to hang out with you, after Yugyeom left to go to dance practice with his temporary partner each morning. You had met his temporary partner the first day he began to practice with her, which was not long ago. She seemed nice enough, and her skills were impeccable, you were sure she wasn’t in this competition and that maybe she was an extra, or a student teacher of some sort. She was quite beautiful, too; her hair looked nice and soft as if it had never been touched, and she always wore a sweet smile on her face, keeping a bright and positive attitude throughout your meeting with her.

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Get Better Soon

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,080ish
T/W: None? (Just mentions of sex)
A/N: Philip’s a little bummed, poor baby. For @justfangirlingaround‘s sick Philip request. Most definitely inspired by Anthony Lee Medina’s allergies post on his Instagram story. Also, I’ll be posting A Whole New World pt. 2 later tonight!!
Tags: @justfangirlingaround​ ✨

You woke up to a softly snoring Philip lying next to you. Looking at the clock you noticed it was almost 11 o’clock, letting out a sigh you decided to get up. You quietly tried to unwrap yourself from Philip. Once you were out of his arms you looked around for something to put on, instinctively you stole Philip’s t-shirt and put on a pair of panties. Walking towards to kitchen with your laptop you looked at a couple of the pictures on the hall walls as you passed by, smiling you sat down at the kitchen bar. 

About an hour or so later you heard Philip waking up, he walked out of the bedroom, but you were too focused on your essay to give him your attention. He made his way over to the fridge opening the freezer door.

“Do we have any waffles, baby?” Philip asked in a shockingly more raspy voice than usual, followed by a light cough. 

“Babe, are you sick?” You asked looking up, observing that he was wrapped in a blanket.

“What no- Hey, nice shirt, last night was amazing,” he leaned against the counter in front of you.

“Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t feel good?” You sounded worried, getting up to grab him some medicine from a cabinet. 

“I felt great last night, couldn’t you tell?” he said wrapping his arms around your waist, pushing his hips against you. 

“Philip! You’re sick! You’ve got to rest.” You turned around and pushed him back with one hand, “and you cannot get me sick, I’m having lunch with your mom Tuesday to talk about the wedding plans. You know…your mom told me you’re just like your dad when you’re sick.”

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Take Me Away

Summary: The reader suffers from depression and Bucky doesn’t know.

Warnings: ANGST. DEPRESSION. SELF HARM. (please do not read if this is triggering.) 

Author’s Note: If you need anyone to talk to, my inbox is always open. Do not hesitate to talk to me. I’ve been really down lately and this is me letting it out. 

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You couldn’t move from your spot on your disheveled sheets as you thought about all the dark thoughts your mind seemed to be replaying for the past couple months. You’ve grown up with depression and you were doing well until one late night, your dark thought decided to resurface with worse thoughts than you’ve grown accustom to. You never told anyone because you didn’t seem to do well with other people trying to help you, they always get hurt or scared. You didn’t understand why you had episodes like this but you do know this is the worse one yet. 

You sighed as you thought that the team might worry if you didn’t get out of bed soon and head to the kitchen. You sluggishly grabbed your leggings and your favorite sweatshirt that you stole from Bucky. You inhaled the comfortable article of clothing, smiling a faint smile as you thought of him. You drag your heavy feet towards the kitchen as you shut your apartment door. The sleeves of the over sized sweatshirt gave you something to hide your hands in as you thought of turning around and curling back into your bed. 

“Hey Y/n.” The team mumbled as they glanced your way and went back to what they were doing. You nodded at their acknowledgement and went to the fruit basket on the kitchen counter and grabbed a pear to nibble on. 

“Hey Y/N, I was wondering if I could have my hoodie back?” Bucky was beside you as he chewed on his apple as he looked at you with puppy dog eyes. You furrowed your eyebrows but then nodded as you began to discard your safe heaven to give back to the owner. 

“Thank you! I’ll give it back when I get back from my date m’kay?” He didn’t give you a chance to respond as he left the kitchen to go get ready for his ‘date.’ 

“Date?” You mumbled to yourself as you looked at your now exposed hands. You thought Bucky liked you but just didn’t want to make a move yet because he was still recovering. You started to tear up as you thought maybe he just didn’t want to be seen with you. You shuffled your feet as you went to exit the room but Steve’s voice caught your attention. 

“Hey Y/N, the the rest of the team and I will be going on a mission and won’t be back until late tomorrow night okay?” Steve didn’t sound like he was looking at you, probably looking at a newspaper article. You hummed at his question and continued your way to your nest as you thought about all the things you didn’t like about yourself. Again.

You can’t be loved by some like Bucky. 

You’re too boring. 

You look plain. 

You aren’t worth it. 

Your eyes let open a gateway of tears as you reached your solitude of your bed sheets. You curled into a ball of tears and desperation, and you were sure that your sobs could be heard from outside your room but it seems like no one noticed. Your body racked with sobs as your vicious thoughts became worse. You started to calm down when your mind gave a solution to ease all the pain and suffering. You sniffled as your mind planned out your escape of this treacherous state. 

“Okay..” Your voice was so cold and you were talking to the voices in your head that told you this was the only way. You numbly stood to your feet as you carried yourself to the bathroom and hummed a little tune. When you caught your reflection in the bathroom mirror, you willed yourself to hold in the bile. The last thing you wanted to do is look at yourself. You couldn’t contain the tears that fled down your cheeks and landed on the counter. You sniffled as you torn your eyes away from the mirror and looked for your long lost friend. 

You opened one of many bathroom drawers and shuffled around to find your shiny little friend. Your fingertips touched something cold and smooth, you slowly pulled it out of the shadows and finally eyed the long forgotten blade. 

You let out a desperate laugh as you crawled into the tub and closed the curtain. You let out a shaky sigh as you turned your left arm over to decided where to start your art. You felt something warm oozing down your forearm as the blade made a perfect vertical line just below your wrist. Your eyes dilated at the sight of your blood slowly coming down your arm and dripping onto your thigh. 

You made another one but this time a little deeper and you winced at the sharpness. You didn’t aim to kill yourself, but it was a very addicting method of releasing pain and sadness. You made twelve perfect lines on your forearm before you heard footsteps in the hall. You cursed yourself for not shutting the door but then you heard the footsteps walk right past you. You let out silent tears as you thought about how no one even takes noticed in your mood behavior and your isolation. You filled your whole forearm with red angry lines, in all directions, in all depths, and they covered your arm completely. 

You sniffled as you began to grow tired and climbed out of the tub with your blood soaked arm and your distressed figure. You slowly and numbly crawled in your nest as you thought about how you shouldn’t be here. 

I’m useless. You couldn’t stop thinking about your flaws and your insecurities. When your mind went silent and only uttered one final word did you find rest. 


You woke up in a zombie like state of mind. You couldn’t figure out anything other than going right back to sleep. You opened your eyes and as soon as you felt the sting of your forearm as you barely shuffled around did you find yourself falling deeper into this dark hole. You took in a sharp intake of air as the thoughts came rushing back. You fluttered your eyes shut as you tried to chase your sleep begging it to take you away forever. You finally found yourself to fall back into your beloved dreamland. The thoughts wouldn’t make it in your dreamland and you sighed contently as you lost the last bit of conscious you had. 

10:11 pm

Your eyes flickered open and you began to bargain your way back to sleep again but it was useless. You had to at least do something for an hour or two before your mind would let you sleep again. You sighed as you faintly began to hear them again while you sat yourself up from your nest and made your way to the bathroom. You washed your face and ran some hot water on a wash cloth. When you saw that it was hot enough you began to guide it to your forearm and began to wash the dried blood off of your skin. You winced as you felt the flakes rubbing harshly on your sensitive wounds. When it was clean you threw the cloth in a dirty hamper as you threw on a sweatshirt to hide your self inflected wounds. 

You threw some baggy sweatpants on and some fluffy socks as you found the energy to walk out the damn door. You sighed as you found yourself outside of your comfortable apartment and in the main hall. You shuffled your feet to make their way to the kitchen. Your stomach finally gave you a sign that you haven’t eaten anything other than a bite the size of an ant. When you finally made it to your destination you found the entire fucking team in the lounge area in front of the kitchen space watching a damn movie. Fuck

I thought they weren’t suppose to back until late tomorrow night? You couldn’t wrap your brain around it. You pulled out your phone you manged to grab before you left and you gasped when you saw the date. You slept all day yesterday and all day today. You lost track of time and apparently days as you escaped to your dreamworld. You didn’t think too much about it when your stomach made an earthquake in your intestines. The team turned around at the noise and smiled brightly at your appearance. You flashed a small shy smile as you walked to the freezer to get something easy to put in the oven or even better the microwave. You found some frozen dinners and popped them in the microwave and made your way to the pantry to grab a bottled water. 

“Hey Y/N. I thought you would want this back.” You popped your head out of the pantry when you heard Bucky’s voice make his way towards you. You found him smiling brightly at you as he held his favorite sweatshirt in your direction. You blushed a little as you brought your arm up to gently take the beloved article away from him. 

“Thank you Bucky.” You flashed him a genuine smile as you thought about your safe heaven back in your hands again. He looked almost entranced by your smile as he copied your smile and made his way towards the lounge area again. 

You grabbed the sleeves of the sweatshirt and began to wrap it around your waist considering you’ll have to carry some food and bottles towards your room. Your meal was done as you heard the annoying tone of the microwave. You carefully slid a paper towel under the hot tray as you grabbed the food and held a couple of bottles of water in the other hand. You made your way to your room but apparently the team wanted you to stay for movie night. 

“Come on Y/N we haven’t hung out in a while okay? Please?” Steve threw you his puppy dog eyes as you protested but gave in knowing they wouldn’t leave you alone until you were literally glued to the couch. You placed the meal on the coffee table in front of the couch you decided to sit on. You were sandwiched between Bucky and Steve. You made yourself comfortable and tried to focus on the movie but something popped into your mind. 

“Bucky how was your date?” You turned your attention the love of your life as the team was now intrigued by the subject of someone dating. Bucky’s eyes grew wide as he coughed awkwardly at the spot light. 

“Um, it wasn’t really a date. It was more of a favor for another agent.” He explained the situation hoping you didn’t think he was dating someone. The team rolled their eyes as they went right back to the movie. You nodded your head and turned to the movie. 



“Y/N.. You’re bleeding.” Steve’s words made the room grow cold and everyone’s eyes land on your blood soaked arm. You didn’t seemed to care if they found out but you didn’t bluntly tell them either. You landed your gaze on your sticky forearm and got up to go to the sink and wash away the angry color that soaked your clothing and your skin. 

“It’s nothing.” When Bucky went to follow you and placed his hands on your waist to steady yourself if you needed it, you sighed telling him it was not a big deal. 

“That’s defiantly not nothing Y/N. What the hell happened?” Wanda was followed by the team as she slid your sleeve up just an inch before you snatched your arm away from her grip. 

“I said it was nothing.” Your voice was far way and it was cold. 

“Y/N..” Bucky grabbed your face in his hands as he begged you to look at him. He didn’t stop asking if Bruce could look at it to make sure it wasn’t infected. You started to think about how you didn’t want any infection and you wearily nodded. Bruce began to walk over to the crowded kitchen area and he told everyone to leave so he could have some space to examine. Everyone but Bucky left you and the doctor alone. 

Bruce was completely silent as he pulled your sleeve up from your irritated skin. You winced at the throbbing sensation of the sleeve being removed from your sensitive wounds. The two men didn’t say a word as your forearm came into view. The only thing that was heard was the faint dripping from the sink that someone forgot to turn off all the way. You began to grow annoyed at the two men just staring at your arm and looking like they haven’t seen anything like this before. 

“Bruce.” You snapped the doctor out of his thoughts when you snapped your finger in his face as well as shouted his name. He cleared his throat and glanced your way before he grabbed some cleaning solution for your wounds and pour the strong liquid on your skin as you took a sharp intake. 

“What happened?” Bucky decided to get straight to the point. 


“That’s not nothing on your forearm.” Bucky was stern when you tried to lie to the two men. 

“It helps..” You didn’t look into Bucky or Bruce's’ eyes when you tried to explain your reasoning. 

“You did this to yourself?” Bruce was flabbergasted at your confession. 

“Yes.” You didn’t see a point in lying to a doctor and a highly skilled assassin.

Bruce nor Bucky said a word at your proclamation. Bruce wrapped your arm in some bandages and told you to remove it in about 12 hours. Bruce left but not before he gave you a hug and a kiss on the head.  You watched the doctor leave you and you almost called for him to stay. 

 Bucky didn’t say a word as you stood there swaying, waiting for him to tell you to leave. You huffed seeing him standing there with an emotionless expression on his face and you made your way to walk out of the room. 

“How could you?” Bucky’s voice made its way to your ears before you completely left the room. You turned around to face him with your eyebrows furrowed. 

“Excuse me?” You didn’t quite understand his meaning. 

“How could you do this to yourself?” Buckys worrisome face made you feel guilty for a second. 

“How could I? It’s pretty damn easy Bucky. I get my best sharp razor blade and make gashes on my arm.” He had no right to began to worry about you now that you have a physical scar to show.  

“That’s not what I meant.” 

“I don’t want to discuss this with you right now.” You turned around and made a beeline to your room before Bucky could protest. You could feel yourself began to break and you hurried to your room before you came crashing down in the hallway. 

You finally made it to your room without an interruption. You hightailed to your bed and as soon as you were wrapped in your blanket you began to let out a sob that made your whole bed shake. 

6:10 am

You mess everything up. You sighed at the first thought that made it’s way into your conscious state of mind. Your eyes began to flutter open as you turned to sit up trying to remember when you fell asleep. You groaned when you looked at the time and sluggishly made your way to the bathroom for your morning routine. 

You began to tear up as the thought of last night began to make its way to the surface. Your body couldn’t take it and dropped yourself on your knees as you began to hunch over and sob while you pulled onto your hair. 

“Why?” You wanted to know why you feel like this and why this is happening. 

You collected yourself and took a minute to breathe correctly as you pulled yourself off of the ground. You made your way to the bathroom again to wash your face of the evidence of crying and desperation that haunted your face. You took one last look in the mirror and pulled on a sweatshirt and some leggings before you headed out the door. 

You aren’t anyone special. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes as you pushed your inner demons away as you stepped into the kitchen. You opened your eyes and came to face with the team huddled around each other like a fucking football team crowds their coach. You cleared your throat to make sure they’re aware of your presence. 

They broke apart and looked like they got caught by their parents trying to steal some more cookies after being told no. You raised your eyebrow in question at the actions of the assassins and world hero’s. Wanda was the first to approach you and gently guide you to the white pampered couch everyone stood in front of. You looked at everyone and gestured ‘what the fuck is going on.’ 

“Y/N we think you need to see a physiologist.” 

“No.” You began to grow angry at their suggestion. 

Something’s wrong with you… even they think so.

“Y/N we are worried about you.” You scoffed at Tony’s comment and rolled your eyes as well. 

“This isn’t you love.” You glared at Wanda. 

“I hear your thoughts love.. they aren’t true.” Your eyes grew wide and you felt the warm salty tears slowly trail down your face. 

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!” You stood up abruptly holding your head as though it would protect your thoughts. Tears started to race down your face as the plants in the room began to die and your hair turned a very dark blue. 

“None of you know anything!” You began to pace in a horizontal line in front of the team. 

“Y/N, we want to help you.”

“DO YOU? DO YOU REALLY STEVE?! Because since I’ve been here you have never once brought my confidence up, it’s always some other team mate that does better than me. FOR FUCKS SAKES I SAVED YOUR ASS THREE DAMN TIMES! I’m done not feeling anything, or feeling worthless. I cannot live here anymore.” Your face was swollen and so were your eyes due to the emotions that you are letting out. 

“Y/N calm-” You cut Tony off with a scoff as you felt more tears rising up. 

“DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN.” You couldn’t breathe, let along take on this much of mental and emotional stress. 

“I have to go.” You made your way out of the living space and no one dared to stop you. Once you reached your apartment, shut the door behind you and locked your door. You rushed to your bed and as soon as your cheek hit the pillow, you began sobbing. You curled into a ball as your insides felt like someone shoved a hot branding iron in your heart and stomach. 

Please God, make it go away…”  You pray that God got your prayer because you could not get any lower unless you were in a coffin. 

You couldn’t take the suffocating darkness as you pushed yourself off the bed and ran towards the door. When you opened your door, you found Bucky standing there with unshed tears and a look of desperation clear on his face. Your face contorted in pain and anguish as you grabbed hold of him. You stood there clinging to the man you love for dear life. He wrapped his arms around your waist and nuzzled his face in your hair as his tear finally fell onto your shoulder. 

Please let me in.. I’m sorry I didn’t know doll.. I’m so sorry..” Those words that held so much emotion and concern are what broke you. You sobbed into his chest and found your knees buckled sending you limb against him. He picked you up bridal style and carried your shattered body onto your bed as he situated himself on top of you so that you could still cling to him and he could hold you so you would break anymore than you already have. 

Ssh baby it’s going to be okay..”

I’m right here..”

That’s it breathe for me doll..”

You began to seize your sobs and only make whimpers as you hold onto Bucky for dear life. You sniffled and nuzzled your face into his neck and began to calm down by his smell that you love so much. 

“I love you Y/N.. so please get some help..” You pulled back to see Bucky’s face that held nothing but truth and his eyes that held so much pain. Then you realized he was in pain because he loves you and he needs you just as much as you need him. You nodded and let a few stray tears fall as you let a hiccup escape due to the amount of sobs that left you hyperventilating. 

“Okay..” You couldn’t believe that after all the darkness that has stained your heart that you would finally find peace and for once you were going to fight back the demons for yourself and Bucky.

In that moment you found hope in the darkness, not because he confessed his love but because you realized that you meant something and that was enough for now. 


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THREE {pt. 11}

Type: Halloween Special Series; Ten | Eleven | Twelve 
Genre: Drama, Mature, Thriller
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 2,065
A/N: I consider THREE to be one of my more dark and unsettling works, so I do want to warn you guys to read it with caution as the story progresses. | This chapter has really vulgar and demeaning language…so warning.

Joshua lies on his bed in the dark, staring at the shadows within his room. It was evening and he had just woken up. After discovering the overwhelming secrets within the bedrooms down the hall, Joshua had laid down on his bed to calm himself. Eventually, he had fallen asleep until you called him.

You informed him that you had arrived at your friend’s apartment. He was relieved but only for a minute as you asked him if there were any updates from his end. He tells you that wasn’t any and he wasn’t lying. The television downstairs was blaring and he could hear a pair of voices talking over it- the usual.

The conversation ended rather quickly as Joshua wasn’t in the right mood to talk about anything even though he missed you.

Joshua sat up and felt slightly nauseous. There isn’t much to see in the darkness, but his head is already shifting like an unbalanced seesaw. He swallows hard, gripping the edge of his bed. Carefully, he lifts himself onto his feet, making sure he doesn’t get up too fast.

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Comfort In You

Klaus Mikaelson!Father X Reader 

Word Count: 462

Requested: Anon

Request: Can you do one with klaus x daughter reader. where it’s the middle of the night and a bad storm and reader (age 4 or 5) gets scared and seeks safety and comfort from him?

Originally posted by klopehybridss

(Y/F/C/M) - Your Favourite Childs Movie

You like to pretend that you weren’t scared but really you were. You didn’t like thunder it was loud and flashy and it makes the shadows dance across your walls like ghosts. Your world was scary enough with vampires, werewolves and witches, no one had told you about ghosts and you didn’t want to know about them. Right now you were making your way through the hall small teddy clutched to your chest as you tried to find your dad. “Dad!” You called the hall as you continued to creep around. Klaus had heard you from his room and walked out to find you down the hall.
“What’s wrong little one?” He asked walking towards you.
“I don’t like it.” You answered and smiled softly picking you up.
“You don’t like the storm?” He asked and you shook your head. “You know uncle Elijah would say that I sound like thunder when I’m angry.” You giggled as Klaus carried you back to his room. “So what should we do to wait out the storm?”
“I don’t know.” You answered shrugging.
“How about we watch (Y/F/C/M)?” Klaus asked.
“And hot chocolate!” You cheered and he smiled.
“You want hot chocolate?” Klaus asked raising an eyebrow at you, you nodded and he rolled his eyes before picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder before beginning to walk down the stairs. Your giggle could be heard throughout the compound as he carried you into the kitchen and sat you on the counter. Klaus made the hot chocolate for occasionally poking you causing you to laugh.

Rebekah was happy that Klaus was treating you like his daughter considering both your past, you were just dumped in the middle of New Orleans by your parents who decided that they didn’t want you, you were attacked by a Vampire and Klaus found you saved you and brought you back, from then on he kept you close and you decided that he was new Dad before anyone could tell you otherwise. “Guys I’m glad that you two are having fun but the rest us need our beauty sleep.” Rebekah scold.
“Some of us,” Klaus whispered in your ear and you giggled before he grabbed you and the hot chocolate and made his way back to the room.

At 11 am Elijah was confused he hadn’t heard his brother shouting orders and you hadn’t come down to get breakfast. He walked up to your room and found that you weren’t in there so he checked Klaus’ room to see that you were curled into Klaus’ side, both of you were still asleep and Elijah shook his head a small smile on his face as he walked away.

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Spend The Night (Part 6)

Originally posted by christythedweeb

Summary: Dean and reader spend another night together…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Pairing: student!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: language

A/N: *shakes head* These two are just too adorable…

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II pt 1 II pt 2 II pt 3 II pt 4 II  pt 5 II pt 6 II pt 7 (Final) II

Johnny x Reader


Word Count: 2.5 k

Genre: Fluff, Smut Angst

Teaser:  ‘ Those were the moments you cherished. The moments you wished lasted forever. The moments that tried to push your feelings from your subconscious to your conscious, trying to get the growing flower bud in your heart to bloom.’

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Teach Me

Written for: 2P1S Challenge @iwantthedean

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Mentions of House fire, minor character death

Words: 3569

A/N: This was an idea that the challenge allowed me to explore. This version is a lot fluffier than my original idea so I’m glad the story took a life of its own. I like the flow and I hope you do too. Tags are at the bottom and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: After a house fire that killed her parents, and her brother and his wife. Y/N Y/L/N is left guardian of her niece. Unsure of her role now and fearing she will mess up she finds comfort from her niece’s own school teacher, Dean Winchester.   


    After seven months the looks of pity no longer hurt me. It was practically commonplace I realized as the secretary squeezed my hand telling me the way to my niece Charlie’s classroom. I followed directions finding the door but it was dark inside as I adjusted the boxes under my arms. I knocked lightly and waited for a moment before knocking once more. The door slowly swung open as a man stepped through. Charlie mentioned her teacher was a man but I’d expected an older gentleman for some reason, but he most certainly was not. The man was handsome with a sprinkling of freckles, sandy combed hair, and green eyes that poets only dream of.

     “May I help you, Miss?” His voice was deeper than I had expected but soothing also in a way.

     “I’m sorry,” I shifted the boxes holding them out. “I’m Charlie’s Aunt and she mentioned on her birthday that we are supposed to bring cupcakes in to share with the class. So I baked these last night for today.”

     He smiled weakly looking down before crossing his arms, “That is true and thank you for baking them yourself, but I’m afraid I have to tell you that Charlie’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow.”

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paragon || part 1

Originally posted by monstalways

paragon // part 2

pairing: reader + chae hyungwon

genre: college!hyungwon, romance, angsty-fluff

word count: 1141

summary: by serendipity or ill-fate, your life becomes entangled with that of your university’s poster boy whose two-faced personality makes you question if you’ll ever truly know him, even if you’re unquestionably in love with him. 

the acoustic live for beautiful ruined my life so here’s my coping mechanism. hope you enjoy ! [p.s. i might have a couple ideas for a second part to this so message me if you’d like to see more c:]

To most, he’s the epitome of a perfect student. The face of the school, well-acquainted in reputation with every professor and student, unparalleled in intelligence. Myth, deity, cure for cancer; Chae Hyungwon.

“Good morning”

He passes you in the bustling hallway with firm, effortless steps. He blends seamlessly into the university’s polished atmosphere, with his slender frame wrapped in crisp, white linen and the sleeves of a navy blue sweater. You savour a glance at the curled corners of his rosy-pink lips before he brushes past your shoulder and fades into the Monday monotony.  

“Good morning” you echo belatedly.

Unable to comprehend your own thoughts from that point onwards, a day’s accumulation of lectures and libraries seeps into obscurity and the faint scent of a lukewarm Caffè Americano. Jiyoo grips your arm as you stumble over a stick on the pavement.

“Okay,” she grunts, helping you regain your balance, “so you’ve been staring at the ground all day and yet you can’t even walk in a straight line. Explain that to me.”

“I would if I could” you mumble, dropping your forehead onto her shoulder.

“You know this isn’t good for you,” she gently pats your head, “whatever this is.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

The long bus ride home to the outskirts of the city encompasses intense conversation and Jiyoo’s acute bewilderment, as you divulge the intricacies of a particular encounter with a certain individual between deep, defeated sighs.

The library slept, quiet, desolate, leaving only the sound of your fingertips tapping softly against the table and the impatient ticking of a clock. 11:12pm. Having given up on the exploration of power in Machiavelli’s ’The Prince’, you packed your things and meandered through the dimly-lit aisles of literature towards the exit. You found him tucked into a corner between two adjacent bookshelves, snoring lightly behind an open copy of ’Julius Caesar’ that masked his face. Knowing that the library would be closing in just 15 minutes, you hesitantly approached and knelt down in front of the peculiar figure.


“Hm.” He sat up swiftly, making the book to topple onto the ground. You stuttered backwards when his face was suddenly inches away from yours. Even in the dark, you recognised his clement, brown eyes magnified softly by round frames. The corners of his lips curled as he sluggishly rubbed the back of his neck.

“Alas, I’ve finally been exposed,” he laughed before tilting his head to grin lightly at your perplexed expression, “unless you can keep a secret.”

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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 61

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Chapter Sixty-One: It’s a trap!

Lucy woke up in a confused daze. She blinked at the living room ceiling, wondering why she was downstairs instead of in her room. It took a moment -and the sound of Levy lightly snoring- for her to remember the sleepover.

Slowly sitting up, Lucy looked around. Erza and Juvia were passed out on their respective couches. Thanks to the room darkening curtains, the only light in the house came from the kitchen.

After yawning and stretching, Lucy climbed off her mattress and made her way to the kitchen, finding Virgo cleaning the already-clean counter. Lucy raised a brow, wondering the reasons behind Virgo’s actions. “Good morning.”

Virgo jolted at her voice, clearly in a daze while she was cleaning. “Good morning, Princess. Do you want me to make you something for breakfast?”

Lucy shook her head, rubbing at one of her eyes. “No thanks. I’m not hungry yet.” As the maid nodded and turned back to the counter, Lucy asked, “What are you doing?”


Lucy resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “I meant why are you cleaning? It looks good to me.”

Virgo’s shoulders tensed as she glanced at Lucy. “Master Jude is coming back soon. I want to get the house spotless before his arrival.”

Usually Lucy wouldn’t care either way if her father was around or not, but now she had a reason she wanted him home. “Really? When?”

Virgo’s eyes darted around the room as if she thought someone might overhear. When she saw there was no one listening, she whispered, “May seventh, but don’t tell anyone. He’s coming for a surprise inspection for the Magnolia branch.”

Lucy furrowed her brows. Who did Virgo think she would tell? Sighing, Lucy mumbled, “So, two more weeks?”

Virgo nodded. “He will be flying in that morning and leaving that night. He has a lot of other locations he needs to inspect.”

“He can’t afford to spend more time here?” Lucy asked, watching as Virgo shook her head.

“No. You know your father is a very busy man. Now, aren’t you supposed to be spending time with your friends?”

Lucy huffed, refusing to change the subject. “So, he’s only going to be here one day?”

“Less than a day,” Virgo corrected.

That didn’t seem like a lot of time to meet Natsu. “Can you ask him if I can talk to him that day?”

“I can ask. How long were you thinking?” Virgo started cleaning the sink, even though her father wouldn’t be arriving for two more weeks.

“I think an hour would be fine.” That was enough time for them to talk, right? She hated that it would be a while until they could meet, but at least now she could tell Natsu a date so he could start preparing himself. Her father could be… difficult.

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Ghostly Visions Part 5/12

Not my picture

Warnings: Swearing (as always with my writing) Eventual smut, violence

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Reader has visions of the future, but is afraid to face what she sees when it comes to Bucky.

Here comes the angst

Ghostly Visions: Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11 II Part 12

It took Y/N everything she had in her to walk across the hall. Quickly she got changed into clothes she could train in. She was just pulling on her tank top when there was a knock at her door. She opened it and Steve came in.

“Hey, you are extremely late for training Missy. I was worried about you, are you okay?” Steve asked and Y/N smiled at him

“Yeah babe, I am fine. I just overslept. Let me just grab my water bottle and we can go.” Y/N said and she started to walk over to the kitchen but stopped at the counter grabbing it to steady herself. The vision was coming, she had to fight it. A wavy of dizziness washed over her and she knew what was coming.

“Shit Steve. Get…..I need…..Banner” With that she fell to the ground. Her whole body tensed and she was pulled into the fetal position. Steve ran over to her and barked at Friday.

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