of horses and bees

Litha - 21th of June

 Also known as Midsummer. The longest day with the shortest night, the counterpart of Yule.
Celebration of protection, luck, health, transformation, community, career and relationships.

Element: Fire
Colours: Blue, green, gold, yellow and red.
Flowers, plants and trees: Oak, honeysuckle, lavender, elder, hemp, mugwort, rose, larkspur, vervain, mistletoe, wisteria,  St. John’s wort, violets, rue, fern, holly, pine tree, heather, yarrow, sunflower.
Food, drinks & herbs: Anise, camomile, honey, vegetables, lemons, oranges, carrots, fruit juices, sunflowerseeds, cheese, dairy products, sea food, beef.
Associations: Sun, fire, feathers, sea shells.
Crystals: Lapis lazuli, diamants, tiger’s eye, jade, emerald.
Animals: Horses, butterflies, caterpillars, seacreatures, wren, robin, cattle, bees, snakes.
Activities: Bonfires, drying herbs, spells for love, growth, luck, health and protection.

Happy Litha everyone !

Things Said In My Household but with Fairy Tail Pt.8
  • <p> <b></b> *There Was A Time where Natsu and Gray got in a fight*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> So you stay on your side of the house and I stay on mine.<p/><b>Gray:</b> How come you got the kitchen!!?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL I LET YOU KEEP THE TREEHOUSE.<p/><b>Gray:</b> WHAT IF IM HUNGRY?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> HOPE BEDSHEETS AND TREE BARK TASTES GOOD.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> WHEN I WAS, A YOUNG BOY--<p/><b>Gray:</b> You were a boy?<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *Weeee! Flash from the past!*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *hands covered in wet paint* Natsu can you lift me up so i can wash me hands?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *half asleep* um..oka...<p/><b></b> *5 minutes later*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Natsu..*nudges him but he doesnt budge*<p/><b></b> *frowns and wipes her hands on Natsu's face, shirt, and hair* There.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *screaming in the bathroom* WENDY WHAT DID YOU DO?!<p/><b>Wendy:</b> * Is 6*i have an excuse. Im a tempered short person.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *So once Natsu, lucy, Gray, Juvia, gajeel and levy went to the fair.They had to bring wendy too*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> I WANNA GO ON THE BIG ROLLERCOASTER!! *excited squeal*<p/><b>Lucy:</b> sounds fun! You up to it Natsu?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *looks up and turns pale* why dont we just go on the carousel?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> That's lame!<p/><b>Lucy:</b> *laughing*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *whispers* if you do ill get you a teddy bear.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> I WANNA GO ON THE CAROUSEL.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> We gotta give the kid what she wants.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> I CALL THE SEA HORSE!<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *sees a bee* *lowkey her eyes were sparkling* i wanna touch it..*reaches for bee*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *pulls her back by the shirt* dont touch it.<p/><b>Levy:</b> Ahh! Arent they just exciting! *starts rambling to Wendy about bees*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *forced smile and whispers* what is she talking about?<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *On rollercoaster with Gray and Juvia*<p/><b>Juvia:</b> *excited squeal*<p/><b>Gray:</b> this is..pretty high up..<p/><b>Wendy:</b> COME ON DROP US TO OUR DOOM.<p/><b>Gray:</b> @-@<p/><b></b> *rollercoaster starts dropping*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *laughing*<p/><b>Juvia:</b> *excited screaming*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *on the verge of passing out*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Let's go again!<p/><b>Gray:</b> nO.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Cobra:</b> Im bringing sexyback!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> I never left.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> * wendy gets lost in a mall*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> okay.. okay..where would those idiots be..<p/><b>Wendy:</b> ..hot topic, spencers...no..that would be me...shoes...no..<p/><b>Wendy:</b> THE FOOD COURT!<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *comes home sighing*<p/><b>Gray:</b> WE HEARD WHAT HAPPENED.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> HOW'D YOU GET SUSPENDED?<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> THIS PROVES SHE REALLY IS OUR SISTER.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> all i did was push somebody across the classroom. I only did it because he was being rude to my friend. He cried like a little bit---<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *shakes her and wipes tear* in so proud.<p/><b>Gray:</b> YOU CAN HAVE MY POPTART.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> anything you want you'll have it!!<p/><b></b> __<p/><b>Erza:</b> heard you pushed someone.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *ready for punishment* yeah..<p/><b>Erza:</b> Did you win?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> I guess?<p/><b>Erza:</b> good because then i would have beaten the crap out of you and then the kid.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *screaming*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *trips over a pillow and runs down stairs* WHAT HAPPENED!!??<p/><b>Wendy:</b> THEY FINALLY KISSED!!<p/><b>Gray:</b> ....<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b><strike></b> will there be a pt.9? I dont know you tell me </strike><p/></p>
Celestial Bodies & Animals ✨🐻

A list of common animals and animal-like beings that are associated with various celestial bodies.


  • Moon - rabbit, wolf, frog, sheep, cat, koala, hippo, crab, dog
  • Sun - wolf, rat, badger, bull, chicken, elephant, lion, puma, elk, dragon
  • Mercury - fox, bobcat, pig, wolf, monkey, gorilla, dolphin, reindeer, whale
  • Venus - cow, fish, rabbits, sheep, bull, deer, armadillo, bee, otter, hippo, giraffe
  • Mars - ram, bull, fox, horse, sheep, lion, wolverine, cheetah, hedgehog, tiger
  • Jupiter - monkey, chipmunk, rabbit, buffalo, squirrel, boar, camel
  • Saturn - goat, ant, snail, chicken, dog, horse, wolf, rabbit, armadillo, ram, skunk
  • Uranus - butterfly, horse, zebra, bird, bear, polar bear, coyote, reindeer
  • Neptune - sea serpent, fish, frog, ferret, duck, rhino, moose, spider
  • Pluto - bat, butterfly, spider, bird, snake, wolf, bear, lynx, raven, mole, whale, chameleon 


  • Asteroid - horse, wolf, buffalo
  • Aurora - bear, bee, wolf, bird
  • Black Hole - owl, raccoon, cat, snake, bat, raven, dragon
  • Comet - polar bear, butterfly, bear, snake, frog, coyote
  • Dark Matter - jellyfish, chicken, dog, horse, wolf, armadillo, ram
  • Magnetar - pheasant, skunk, wolverine, badger, bear, rat
  • Meteor - monkey, rabbit, cow, buffalo, bee
  • Nebula - beaver, wolf, deer
  • Pulsar - bat, cat, pheasant 
  • Quasar - hedgehog, ram, squirrel
  • Star Cluster - bird, armadillo, buffalo, bull, elk, bear, deer, dog
  • Supernova - bat, bear, phoenix, snake, wolf, whale

Animal correspondences by @witchtips (Part 1 & Part 2)

Planetary Associations

Celestial Body Correspondences


                          * Masterpost and helpful information HERE <—*                  
                            DATES: northern hemisphere date is May 1st
                       southern hemisphere date is October 31/November 1
  Also called May Day, Roodmas and Walpurgisnacht. Keep in mind that pronunciation obviously differs between accents but, these are the most popular.
Beltane is a day for fun, light-hearted celebration, love, sexual energy and it is often represented by maypole dancing and performing fire rituals to honour the Mother Goddess and Sun God. It’s during this time as the sun heats up the Earth and nature blossoms to life that an incredible energy hovers all around. Beltane celebrations are filled with feasts and sun magick, the name Beltane means “fire of Bel”; See, Belinos is one name for the Sun God, (he represents heat and fire) and it’s his crowning that’s being celebrated. This day marks the young boy Gods growth and his entry into manhood; he’s been encouraged by the energies he’s helped grow in nature throughout the past months and courts the Goddess. They fall in love in the heat of the longer days and unite together as one. The Goddess will conceive on this eve and to celebrate, a feast and party with a large fire that licks the stars must be held in their honour. 

On this day, many pagans wake at dawn to go into nature (some will even go out the night before), gathering flowers and branches to decorate their homes and selves. Females traditionally braid what they find into their hair while the men will decorate their bodies with them. Because this day is strongly associated with sexual energy and unconditional love, many couples who wish to conceive children themselves will jump through flames at this time. That being said, fertility doesn’t necessarily just mean conceiving a child but also, conceiving any idea at all. Beltane is a time to watch what you’ve been manifesting and working so hard towards come to life before your eyes. Celebrate, laugh, love, drink, eat and have a good time!

The Gods that are associated with Beltane are Belinos, Cernunnos, Pan, Robin Hood, the Gods of the Hunt + more, depending on specific path/cultural background  The Goddesses that are associated with Beltane are Gaia, Luna, Brigid, Maeve, Tanit, Flora, Maia, Guinevere, the Flower Goddesses + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Colours of Beltane are Red, white, green, purple and yellow. It’s beneficial to tie ribbons or wear clothing with these colours during Beltane to encourage certain energies. Red is for love and passion, white is for peace green is for good luck and abundance, purple is for Spiritual growth and yellow is for joy. Animals that correspond with this day are cows, pigs, horses (pretty much any farm livestock), cats, doves, rabbits and bees. Essences that are perfect for Beltane would be violet, jasmine, rose, sage, peach, musk, vanilla and strawberry Stones that pair perfectly with this celebration are bloodstone, malachite, emerald, beryl, tourmaline, garnet and rose quartz. Popular things to consume during Beltane are spicy foods to represent the Sun God,  dairy, oatmeal, bread, cherries, strawberries (and other early summer fruits), salads, fresh fruit juice, mead, wine, milk and honey Decorate your Altar with things like early summer flowers and herbs and red/white candles. A small Maypole, anything that represents the gods, goddesses and faeries/fae-folk. Also, butterflies and bees are common symbols, so you could get photos or drawings of them out too! The areas you should put thought into during Beltane include relationships of all kinds. if you have a partner, this is a good time to reconnect with them sexually. Beltane encourages sexual energy and passion so, areas of erotic magick and rituals are beneficial to do under Beltane energy. Aside from that, it’s a good time to work with plants, animals and children to help them mature or understand more complex life situations. Rituals and areas of Magick work are spells to ensure abundance, intuition, fairie magick, safety, fertility, wisdom and love/passion. Some fun activities of Beltane include going out to gather herbs and flowers of the season, crafting a DIY mini maypole, attaching the appropriately coloured ribbons to things in your home and outside, making platters of fruits, berries and nuts to leave in nature for the animals and fae folk to enjoy. You can create hair pieces and garlands for decorating yourself with the flowers that you collected and later in the night dance around a bonfire. Just remember to make a wish as you jump through the flame for good luck !
                               Video used in .GIf is here.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

the photos dont do this place justice. It was on the top of a hill where if you looked one way you could see the medieval town and if you looked the other way you could see a forest and a small farm with horses, and it was covered in bees and butterflies and there was a water feature near by which you could hear

Wildest Dreams 5/?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Summary: (USUK) Arthur is about to make his debut into English society, but his father fears he has become too rowdy to contain. Desperate to avoid a scandal before the debut of his only Omega son he arranges for him to travel to America. Arthur is to live at a newly wealthy house where removed from society he can’t possibly get into trouble.

Song Inspiration(Arthur POV): Wildest Dreams

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse with strict rules that are dub-con but never for USUK

A/N: WELL the slow turtle wins the race right?? I guess see you in another 6 months?…why am I like this

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                                  LITHA (SUMMER SOLSTICE)

                          * Masterpost and helpful information HERE <—*                  
                           DATES: northern hemisphere date is June 21/22
                                     southern hemisphere date is December 21/22
 Also called Midsummer, Vestalia, Whitsuntide, Gathering Day, Summer Solstice, Alban Heffyn and Feill-Sheathain . Keep in mind that pronunciation obviously differs between accents but, these are the most popular.

The word Litha means “gentle or navigable" and represents the relaxing, ebbing and flowing energy of midsummer. This is the longest day of the year, and a time to celebrate the light as well as the nature spirits and energy that has been growing since Yule and has now reached maturity. This day is the most important and powerful day of the year for the Sun God because he is at the very peak of his power. On the other hand, it’s also representing the opposite too, because even though it is the longest day of the year, the days will begin to shorten. This signifies the decline and dying of the Sun God reminding us to prepare for the darkness that is coming but, while he is at his protective peak, we celebrate. We celebrate because he’s reminding us that balance must be found everywhere, nothing can last forever and we must enjoy what we have, while we have it.

Since this sabbat revolves around the sun, you should incorporate flames into your day somehow and since it’s usually super hot during the daytime, it’s nice to just set up a couple candles, allowing them to burn until they die out. The fire represents the sun and reminds us of the strength, power and resiliency of the God. Rituals should be performed at noon, when the sun is highest in the sky. 

Bonfires are usually lit in the evening and just like Beltane, people often make a wish, jump through the flames and then will later spread the ashes in nature as a blessing and to provide fertilization. This is a good time to give offerings to your spirit guides and to faeries or energy beings who live with you or help you out regularly. A nice little gesture like this encourages goodwill, peace and harmony around your home. While you celebrate Litha this year, be aware in every moment that you can and realize that never again, will you be in that same moment again; Embrace being aware and alive. 

The Gods that are associated with Litha are The Sun God, the Oak King, the Holly King, Hur, Gods of power and strength + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Goddesses that are associated with Litha are Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Venus, Aphrodite, Yemaya, Astarte, Freya, Brigid, Gaia, Hathor, Ishtar + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Colours of Litha are Green, blue, yellow, gold, white, pink, red and brown. Animals/Beings that correspond with this day are Summer birds, horses, cattle, butterflies, bees, faeries and dragons Essences that are perfect for Litha would be basil, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, sandalwood, saffron, frankincense, orange, lavender, rose, lemon and wisteria Stones that pair perfectly with this celebration are lapis lazuli, diamonds, emerald, jade, amethyst, bloodstone, garnet, ruby, onyx, and turquoise Popular things to consume during Litha are pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppyseed cakes/muffins/scones/breads, dairy products, peppers, onions, garlic, raisins, spiced Wines, fruit salads, smoked fish and herbal tea. Decorate your Altar with things like midsummer flowers, fruits and vegetables. Acorns, appropriately coloured flowers, candle wheels, brigid's cross and pictures of the sun. You can get oak, birch & fir branches, love amulets, seashells, a sun wheel, fire, circles of stone, a small sun dial, appropriate sigils, blades and bird feathers. The areas you should put thought into during Litha are your faith and the things that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Litha reminds us that each individual has the power to drive out evil and illness and take control of their lives in order to manifest dreams into reality. This is time to realize what you want in life, what triggers you to fall back and the things that propel you forward. Midsummer is a time to believe in yourself and see that you have potential to be powerful, strong and great just like the Sun. Rituals and areas of Magick work are divination magick related to romance and love, nature spirit/fey communication, planet healing and protection magick. Some fun activities of Litha include leaving offerings to the God, Goddess and other energy spirits, lighting candles and then allowing them to burn out. Sending messages and blessings on a body of water to bring luck and love to whatever may find it, writing out things that no longer serve you and burning them in the flames to signify ‘letting them go’. You can sing and dance around a bonfire, have a picnic, a barbeque, a party and even go out to collect flowers, herbs and fruits of the season. 
                                         video used in .GIF here

Animals 动物 (dòng wù) (part1)
  • Pet -宠物 (chǒng wù)

Cat :猫 (māo) 

Bird :鸟 (niǎo) 

Dog :狗 (gǒu) 

Gold fish :金鱼 (jīn yú) 

Parrot  :鹦鹉 (yīng wǔ)

Rabbit  :兔子 (tù zī)

Tortoise :乌龟 (wū guī)  

  • Domesticated animals - 家养动物 (jiā yǎng dòng wù) 

Bull :公牛 (gōng niú)

Camel :骆驼 (luò tuo) 

Calf :小牛 (xiǎo niú) 

Chicken :鸡 (jī) 

Chick :小鸡 (xiǎo jī) 

Cow :母牛 (mǔ niú) 

Donkey :驴 (lǘ) 

Duck :鸭子 (yā zi) 

Goat :山羊 (shān yáng)

Goose :鹅 (é) 

Honey bee :蜜蜂 (mì fēng)

Horse :马 (mǎ) 

Lamb :小羊 (xiǎo yáng)

Ox :牛 (niú) 

Pig :猪 (zhū) 

Rooster :公鸡 (gōng jī)

Sheep :羊 (yáng) 

Turkey :火鸡 (huǒ jī)

Yak :牦牛 (máo niú) 

Solstice Blurr

Celebrating Solstice is a thing where I’m from and even though I am a bit late for this have some Blurr with bodypaint of Baltic tribe signs. 

*I am aware that some might find it offensive to see these signs on anything but folk items hence my apologies. I meant it in decorative and symbolic sense not as means to demean the importance of these signs, so please treat this as an introduction to the Baltic sign meanings for those not familiar with them.

The signs featured and their meanings:

Middle back: Saules zīme - the sun sign, The symbol of light, eternal motion and power of life. Protects the wearer and his close ones.

Armguard: Māras Krusts - the cross of Mara, the goddess or fertility, femiminity, houmestead but also luck, life and death, Mara is a busy goddess.

Middle back: Māras slotiņa - the brush of Mara, as mentioned above, Mara is a busy godess.

Hips: Jumja zīme - the sign of Jumis, god of crop fertility, prosperity and symbolises the beginning of life.

Thighs, Helm: Ūsiņa zīme - the sign of spring, light and life. Often associated with horses and bees. 

Back of calf:  Dieva zīme - The symbol of heaven, and masculine strength. Protects the wearer.

Samantha Bee’s ‘Not the WHCD’ Should Be An Annual Tradition If Trump Continues to Boycott the Real One
Hours before “nerd prom” kicked off at the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C. — minus the president — Samantha Bee and her “Full Frontal” cohorts took the…
By Andrea Reiher

Andrea Reiher at Variety:

Hours before “nerd prom” kicked off at the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C. — minus the president — Samantha Bee and her “Full Frontal” cohorts took the stage at DAR Constitution Hall for TBS’ “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.” The alt-TV special was more than twice the length of a regular “Full Frontal” episode, letting Bee’s typical ruthless comedy and satire loose with both barrels.

If viewers tuned in hoping for an hour of bashing President Trump, they were in for some disappointment. Not that there weren’t some excellent barbs made at POTUS’ expense, but the night was more about celebrating the often-maligned journalists who continue to try to do their jobs in the face of adversity.

“You (journalists) basically get paid to stand in a cage while a geriatric orangutan and his pet mob scream at you. It’s like a reverse zoo. But you carry on. You dig up misdeeds and frauds by the powerful, you expose injustice against the weak and you continue to fact-check the president as if he might someday get embarrassed,” said Bee, to big laughs.

And that was the right approach for this special, taped Saturday afternoon in D.C. and broadcast hours later (10 p.m. ET/PT) on TBS. A full-on roast of Trump would have been enjoyable for a while, but it would have gotten tired. The “Full Frontal” gang is not a one-trick pony, and they put that on a brilliant display, from video segments of Bee performing at imagined past Correspondents’ Dinners (and also an imagined 2018 WHCD for President Pence), to a cold open featuring “West Wing” alum Allison Janney giving a press conference in her snappy CJ Cregg way, to Will Ferrell popping by to reprise his George W. Bush impression from “Saturday Night Live.”

It made for a lively mix of comedy that never felt bogged down or like it was beating a dead horse by repeating itself.

It was also nice to see Bee not pull any punches in regards to the press (not that viewers expected any less). Not only did the special land some pointed commentary at outlets like Breitbart and the way Fox News dealt with its sexual harassment issues, it also did a segment about how much CNN is wasting its cadre of talented journalists in favor of whatever it is CNN puts on the air most of the time. Bee put the blame squarely on CNN president Jeff Zucker’s shoulders.

“Zucker’s greatest success since ‘The Apprentice’ — which, by the way, thanks for that — is filling the airtime between car crashes with a reality show loosely based on the news where loyal partisan hacks make us measurably dumber by spewing mendacious nonsense while a hologram of Anderson Cooper stands by counting the seconds to the commercials for all the pharmaceuticals he probably wishes he could gulp down before to sedate himself before Kayleigh opens her f—ing mouth again,” said Bee, to the appreciative crowd that did include some CNN representatives.

My only quibble with the special is that there were so many pre-recorded video segments it didn’t leave much room for Bee live on stage firing off astute observations and sharp one-liners. She’s an incredibly talented comedian, often delivering three more zingers as the audience gets around to laughing at the first one, so it would have been fun to see Bee more in what is undoubtedly her element. But I understand the desire to want the special to keep changing gears — plus, Bee’s “Man in the High Castle” parody that closed the show was nothing short of genius.

Featuring the man, the myth, the legend George Takei handing the host a film called “The Bee Lies Heavy,” the segment imagined a world where Hillary Clinton won the election, “the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, “Lemonade” won Album of the Year and every print of “La La Land” spontaneously combusted,” and featured Bee’s imagined opening monologue for Clinton’s first WHCD.

There were plenty of zingers leveled at President Clinton (and first gentleman Bill), but Bee ended the jokes with a message that she reportedly couldn’t deliver at dress rehearsal without getting a little choked up. While she held it together here for the actual show, it was still a very heartfelt (and a little sad) way to close out the show.

“In conclusion, Madam President, I want to say thank you,” said Bee. “You may have your faults, but because of you, I can tell my daughters that they can do anything and that sexism won’t hold them back. The world will not magnify their faults and ignore their virtues because of their gender. That time has truly passed. No hard feelings, men. If there’s one message that echoes through this dinner, let it be that men’s rights are human rights and human rights are men’s rights.”

If the trend continues of Trump boycotting the White House Correspondents’ Dinner for however long he’s in the White House, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if Bee made this alternative event an annual tradition.

Farm vocabulary in Finnish

Originally posted by flyngdream

Maatila - farm
Maaseutu - coutryside
Maanviljelijä - farmer
Maatalous - agriculture
Maatalo - farmhouse 
Maa - earth, soil, land, ground, country, countryside
Eläin - animal
Kotieläin - domestic animal 
Lemmikki(eläin) - pet 
Karja - livestock
Nauta - cattle
Sonni - bull
Lehmä - cow
Vasikka - calf
Sika - pig
Porsas - piglet
Lammas - sheep
Karitsa - lamb
Vuohi - goat
Kili - kid
Kukko - rooster
Kana - hen
Tipu - chicken
Kalkkuna - turkey
Ankka - duck
Poro - reindeer
Hevonen - horse
Varsa - foal 
Aasi - donkey
Mehiläinen - bee
Koira - dog
Kissa - cat
Kani - rabbit
Marsu - guinea pig 
Hamsteri - hamster
Hiiri - mouse
Rotta - rat
Lintu - bird
Kala - fish
Traktori - tractor
Etukuormain - compact front end loader
Paalain - baler 
Leikkuupuimuri - combine harvester
Kylvökone - seed drill
Jyrä - roller
Niittokone - mower
Aura - plow, plough 
Navetta - cowshed
Lato - barn
Kaukalo - trough
Siilo - silo
Laidun - pasture
Talli - stable
Sikala - piggery
Kanala - hen house
Mehiläispesä - beehive
Tuulimylly - windmill
Ämpäri - bucket
Lapio - spade, shovel
Kuokka - hoe
Harava - rake
Viikate - scythe
Talikko - fork
Kirves - ax
Saha - saw
Kottikärry - wheelbarrow
Köysi - rope
Letku - hose
Kastelukannu - watering can
Aita - fence
Portti - gate
Variksenpelätin - scarecrow
Pelto - field
Niitty - meadow
Puutarha - garden
Kasvi - plant
Vihannes - vegetable 
Vilja - grain, cereal
Siemen - seed
Heinä - hay
Kaura - oat
Ohra - barley
Ruis - rye
Vehnä - wheat
Maissi - maize, corn
Riisi - rice
Peruna - potato
Hedelmätarha - orchard
Hedelmä - fruit
Marja - berry
Sato - harvest, crop
Paali - bale
Lannoite, apulanta - fertiliser, ferilizer
Lanta - animal feces used as fertilizer, manure, dung
Hyönteismyrkky - insecticide
Rikkaruoho - weed
Maito - milk
Liha - meat
Muna - egg
Hunaja - honey
Villa - wool 
Ruokkia - to feed
Hoitaa - to care, to take care of
Lypsää - to milk
Keriä - to sheer
Kasvattaa - to grow, to raise, to breed
Viljellä - to cultivate, to farm, to till, to raise, to grow
Lannoittaa - to fertilize
Kastella - to water
Kylvää - to sow
Kyntää - to till
Kaivaa - to dig
Kuokkia - to hoe
Haravoida - to rake
Niittää - to reap
Korjata - to harvest
Poimia - to pick
Paalata - to bale
Tuottaa - to produce
Ajaa - to drive