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If the 104th and vets were tp become animals, what would they be?

Mikasa: Cat
Reiner: Bear
Bertholdt: Deer
Annie: Bird
Eren: Penguin
Jean: Otter
Marco: Bee
Sasha: Wolve
Connie: Goat
Historia: Horse
Ymir: Sloth
Armin: Jellyfish
Levi: bats
Erwin: Lion
Hanji: Squirrel
Nanaba: Hamster
Mike: Dog
Moblit: Frog


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                            DATES: northern hemisphere date is May 1st
                       southern hemisphere date is October 31/November 1
  Also called May Day, Roodmas and Walpurgisnacht. Keep in mind that pronunciation obviously differs between accents but, these are the most popular.
Beltane is a day for fun, light-hearted celebration, love, sexual energy and it is often represented by maypole dancing and performing fire rituals to honour the Mother Goddess and Sun God. It’s during this time as the sun heats up the Earth and nature blossoms to life that an incredible energy hovers all around. Beltane celebrations are filled with feasts and sun magick, the name Beltane means “fire of Bel”; See, Belinos is one name for the Sun God, (he represents heat and fire) and it’s his crowning that’s being celebrated. This day marks the young boy Gods growth and his entry into manhood; he’s been encouraged by the energies he’s helped grow in nature throughout the past months and courts the Goddess. They fall in love in the heat of the longer days and unite together as one. The Goddess will conceive on this eve and to celebrate, a feast and party with a large fire that licks the stars must be held in their honour. 

On this day, many pagans wake at dawn to go into nature (some will even go out the night before), gathering flowers and branches to decorate their homes and selves. Females traditionally braid what they find into their hair while the men will decorate their bodies with them. Because this day is strongly associated with sexual energy and unconditional love, many couples who wish to conceive children themselves will jump through flames at this time. That being said, fertility doesn’t necessarily just mean conceiving a child but also, conceiving any idea at all. Beltane is a time to watch what you’ve been manifesting and working so hard towards come to life before your eyes. Celebrate, laugh, love, drink, eat and have a good time!

The Gods that are associated with Beltane are Belinos, Cernunnos, Pan, Robin Hood, the Gods of the Hunt + more, depending on specific path/cultural background  The Goddesses that are associated with Beltane are Gaia, Luna, Brigid, Maeve, Tanit, Flora, Maia, Guinevere, the Flower Goddesses + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Colours of Beltane are Red, white, green, purple and yellow. It’s beneficial to tie ribbons or wear clothing with these colours during Beltane to encourage certain energies. Red is for love and passion, white is for peace green is for good luck and abundance, purple is for Spiritual growth and yellow is for joy. Animals that correspond with this day are cows, pigs, horses (pretty much any farm livestock), cats, doves, rabbits and bees. Essences that are perfect for Beltane would be violet, jasmine, rose, sage, peach, musk, vanilla and strawberry Stones that pair perfectly with this celebration are bloodstone, malachite, emerald, beryl, tourmaline, garnet and rose quartz. Popular things to consume during Beltane are spicy foods to represent the Sun God,  dairy, oatmeal, bread, cherries, strawberries (and other early summer fruits), salads, fresh fruit juice, mead, wine, milk and honey Decorate your Altar with things like early summer flowers and herbs and red/white candles. A small Maypole, anything that represents the gods, goddesses and faeries/fae-folk. Also, butterflies and bees are common symbols, so you could get photos or drawings of them out too! The areas you should put thought into during Beltane include relationships of all kinds. if you have a partner, this is a good time to reconnect with them sexually. Beltane encourages sexual energy and passion so, areas of erotic magick and rituals are beneficial to do under Beltane energy. Aside from that, it’s a good time to work with plants, animals and children to help them mature or understand more complex life situations. Rituals and areas of Magick work are spells to ensure abundance, intuition, fairie magick, safety, fertility, wisdom and love/passion. Some fun activities of Beltane include going out to gather herbs and flowers of the season, crafting a DIY mini maypole, attaching the appropriately coloured ribbons to things in your home and outside, making platters of fruits, berries and nuts to leave in nature for the animals and fae folk to enjoy. You can create hair pieces and garlands for decorating yourself with the flowers that you collected and later in the night dance around a bonfire. Just remember to make a wish as you jump through the flame for good luck !
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Farm vocabulary in Finnish

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Maatila - farm
Maaseutu - coutryside
Maanviljelijä - farmer
Maatalous - agriculture
Maatalo - farmhouse 
Maa - earth, soil, land, ground, country, countryside
Eläin - animal
Kotieläin - domestic animal 
Lemmikki(eläin) - pet 
Karja - livestock
Nauta - cattle
Sonni - bull
Lehmä - cow
Vasikka - calf
Sika - pig
Porsas - piglet
Lammas - sheep
Karitsa - lamb
Vuohi - goat
Kili - kid
Kukko - rooster
Kana - hen
Tipu - chicken
Kalkkuna - turkey
Ankka - duck
Poro - reindeer
Hevonen - horse
Varsa - foal 
Aasi - donkey
Mehiläinen - bee
Koira - dog
Kissa - cat
Kani - rabbit
Marsu - guinea pig 
Hamsteri - hamster
Hiiri - mouse
Rotta - rat
Lintu - bird
Kala - fish
Traktori - tractor
Etukuormain - compact front end loader
Paalain - baler 
Leikkuupuimuri - combine harvester
Kylvökone - seed drill
Jyrä - roller
Niittokone - mower
Aura - plow, plough 
Navetta - cowshed
Lato - barn
Kaukalo - trough
Siilo - silo
Laidun - pasture
Talli - stable
Sikala - piggery
Kanala - hen house
Mehiläispesä - beehive
Tuulimylly - windmill
Ämpäri - bucket
Lapio - spade, shovel
Kuokka - hoe
Harava - rake
Viikate - scythe
Talikko - fork
Kirves - ax
Saha - saw
Kottikärry - wheelbarrow
Köysi - rope
Letku - hose
Kastelukannu - watering can
Aita - fence
Portti - gate
Variksenpelätin - scarecrow
Pelto - field
Niitty - meadow
Puutarha - garden
Kasvi - plant
Vihannes - vegetable 
Vilja - grain, cereal
Siemen - seed
Heinä - hay
Kaura - oat
Ohra - barley
Ruis - rye
Vehnä - wheat
Maissi - maize, corn
Riisi - rice
Peruna - potato
Hedelmätarha - orchard
Hedelmä - fruit
Marja - berry
Sato - harvest, crop
Paali - bale
Lannoite, apulanta - fertiliser, ferilizer
Lanta - animal feces used as fertilizer, manure, dung
Hyönteismyrkky - insecticide
Rikkaruoho - weed
Maito - milk
Liha - meat
Muna - egg
Hunaja - honey
Villa - wool 
Ruokkia - to feed
Hoitaa - to care, to take care of
Lypsää - to milk
Keriä - to sheer
Kasvattaa - to grow, to raise, to breed
Viljellä - to cultivate, to farm, to till, to raise, to grow
Lannoittaa - to fertilize
Kastella - to water
Kylvää - to sow
Kyntää - to till
Kaivaa - to dig
Kuokkia - to hoe
Haravoida - to rake
Niittää - to reap
Korjata - to harvest
Poimia - to pick
Paalata - to bale
Tuottaa - to produce
Ajaa - to drive

I just watched that scene from Hannibal where Number 1 Asshole (Hannibal) stabs will and slits Abigail’s throat and…it was horrifying but so beautifully done??? And somehow romantic??? What the fuck NBC Hannibal??????

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If the 104th were all animals, what animals would they be? (its only my second question and i feel like im pushing it ;-;)

Mikasa: Cat
Reiner: Bear
Bertholdt: Deer
Annie: Bird
Eren: Penguin
Jean: Otter
Marco: Bee
Sasha: Wolve
Connie: Goat
Historia: Horse
Ymir: Sloth
Armin: Jellyfish
Levi: bats
Erwin: Lion
Hanji: Squirrel
Nanaba: Hamster
Mike: Dog

Animals 动物 (dòng wù) (part1)
  • Pet -宠物 (chǒng wù)

Cat :猫 (māo) 

Bird :鸟 (niǎo) 

Dog :狗 (gǒu) 

Gold fish :金鱼 (jīn yú) 

Parrot  :鹦鹉 (yīng wǔ)

Rabbit  :兔子 (tù zī)

Tortoise :乌龟 (wū guī)  

  • Domesticated animals - 家养动物 (jiā yǎng dòng wù) 

Bull :公牛 (gōng niú)

Camel :骆驼 (luò tuo) 

Calf :小牛 (xiǎo niú) 

Chicken :鸡 (jī) 

Chick :小鸡 (xiǎo jī) 

Cow :母牛 (mǔ niú) 

Donkey :驴 (lǘ) 

Duck :鸭子 (yā zi) 

Goat :山羊 (shān yáng)

Goose :鹅 (é) 

Honey bee :蜜蜂 (mì fēng)

Horse :马 (mǎ) 

Lamb :小羊 (xiǎo yáng)

Ox :牛 (niú) 

Pig :猪 (zhū) 

Rooster :公鸡 (gōng jī)

Sheep :羊 (yáng) 

Turkey :火鸡 (huǒ jī)

Yak :牦牛 (máo niú) 

30 Day Witchy Journal Challenge: Day 5

Day Five: If you use herbs in your spells/etc., list three that are safe, and three that are not. Name their correspondences as well.

*I won’t be listing what some may consider to be “traditional” correspondences, as I do everything very much based on my own interests and what works for me. Therefore, the correspondences will be listed based on what I find relates to each herb in my own craft.

Safe Herbs

1. Lavender: air & water, mercury & venus, sleep, peace, protection, healing, cleansing/purification, love, creativity, stars & constellations, beauty, mental clarity & balance, spring & summer, east & west, deer, butterflies, birds, bees, most winged creatures, Gaia, Freyja, dawn, afternoons, faeries, bath spells, Imbolc, Samhain, Litha, Beltane, the beach, sunny window seats, baths, bonfires, gardens, fields & meadows, forests, meditation/healing rooms, art studios, libraries, cemeteries, all moon phases.

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My favorite thing that I love about jon Stewart is that he’s constantly popping in to check on all his late night children like

He was just on Larry’s show to tell him he loves him and not to feel bad about his show ending

He and Samantha Bee had the skit with the horse and Samantha says he’s been supportive and tells her when he really likes bits

He showed up for jessica Williams 2dope Queens bday

He has returned to the daily show to see Trevor, who has called him “papa”

John Oliver has nothing but praise for jon and vice versa

And of course the bromance to end bromances of he and Stephen Colbert and appearing on Stephen’s show several times - whether to trash trump or simply hug the hell outta each other

I love all my late night children and their dad


Trump ~ “Russia’s Trojan Horse’s ass … “

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I have a question. How are wasps and hornets productive members of mom nature's society? so far, I've only been able to see them as little shits that fuck bees and human children up. also hornets kill horses sometimes. do they even do anything of decent?

This is one of the most common questions I get about insects. Everybody seems to want to hate wasps, just because they’re very good at killing other animals and protecting themselves - which is true of almost all predators, isn’t it? People idolize dolphins, tigers, wolves, bears, hawks, often even the much-demonized snakes these days (I’m glad that’s turned around), but they’re still quick to dismiss wasps as evil just for being well-defended hunters.

That’s also the answer to the original question: wasps are basically keystone carnivores of the insect world. Frogs, bats, spiders and countless others all do their part, but wasps are the most high-efficiency regulator of other arthropods, ESPECIALLY for plant eating caterpillars. Take away the wasps, and everything else suffers. Even the insects they kill suffer, as their uncontrolled population depletes their own resources and leads to outbreaks of disease.

Most wasps, of course, are totally harmless to humans anyway. Most are tiny, specialized parasites who lay their eggs in other insects and couldn’t sting us if they wanted, but the bigger, nest-building, stinging wasps are just as important. One nest of hornets can perform critical population control for an acre of land or more, and yellow jackets are essential scavengers, especially of dead insects.

Wasps also pollinate flowers, just like bees do, and in fact many flowering plants are only pollinated by wasps - usually just one species whose pheromones they imitate.

The aggression of wasps is generally highly exaggerated. They don’t “want” to sting you, because they run a lot of risk themselves in doing so, but they will if they’re absolutely convinced you want to eat their babies - and nothing convinces them more than if you seem to show “excitement” at the sight of them. (In other words, if wasps make you nervous, they’re going to interpret your elevated breathing and movements as hostility)

Smaller wasp nests, like those of paper wasps, are very prone to becoming “tame,” getting used to human presence as long as it doesn’t disturb them. This can get to the point where you can walk right up and touch the nest and they only get a little curious. If you bring them food with some regularity, this goes faster and they might end up eating right out of your hands.

Plain old honeybees actually kill quite a few more people than any wasps - and that thing about horses is just totally untrue, horses can live through quite a few more hornet stings than an angry swarm will even deliver.

Sadly all the unnecessary hate and fear has rendered many hornets critically endangered, as people even go out of their way to destroy nests they find in the wild, where they naturally belong.