of his thoughts being pried into

i kinda understand why gaider decribed cole with having “the mind of a child”. not child-like as in knowing nothing but more as in, open minded and curious about everything. he doesn’t understand why people don’t want his help, he keeps being pushed away and he doesn’t know why that is. he pries into people’s minds and questions them about who’s who and why’s and what’s. cole is genuinely curious as to what’s happening and how he can help them.


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-10: favorite uncle/aunt/niece/nephew scene

(scenes with Ryke Meadows being an uncle)

He pries the defiled comic book out of Moffy’s clutch and then lifts the baby in his arms. Moffy laughs, like a giggle. My lips rise. My brother’s not too bad with my kid.

“You should babysit more often.”

“Fucking hilarious,” he curses, passing me Maximoff while Lily slides off my back, her feet thudding to the floor.