of his thoughts being pried into


Nanase, what do you intend to do? Are you prepared to cast aside everything else and swim for a dream you cannot surrender to anyone else? If you’re not prepared to do that, you have no right to stand on this stage.

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Of all the ways he could imagine being woken up, hearing Chat Noir singing was not one Nino had thought of.

Of all the ways he could imagine being woken up, hearing Chat Noir singing was not one Nino had thought of. While it was a relatively pleasant wake up call, he couldn’t imagine his neighbors would be too happy to hear Chat Noir’s rendition of “All About Us” at midnight.

He stumbled out of bed, almost knocking his glasses off his bedside table as he grabbed for them along the way. Nino quickly pried the window open and leaned out to grin down at Chat Noir. “So, you liked the playlist, huh?”

Chat Noir beamed up at him. “Just a little.”

“Next year, I’m buying you a watch.”

Chat Noir frowned. “That’s not very romantic.”

“Neither is waking me up at midnight on a school night,” Nino teased. “Now, are you coming up?”

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a fleeting sky

for @duskmeadows and @lil-miss-banana, for their Druidcraft Cafe AU

           Vines creep up Keyleth’s ankles as she stands in the middle of the kitchen, unable to say anything to the man in front of her. Not because she’s shocked, but because for once she has nothing to say, no long winded tangents to launch into orbit. She’d been so oblivious, so wrapped up in the café and the world around her that she hadn’t expected this, hadn’t given a second thought to the gentle gold and green ring being presented to her.  But then: Vex pried in the subtle way she does; the daisies were blooming full and bright on the counter; Percy had been tight-lipped about his workshop recently.

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ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-10: favorite uncle/aunt/niece/nephew scene

(scenes with Ryke Meadows being an uncle)

He pries the defiled comic book out of Moffy’s clutch and then lifts the baby in his arms. Moffy laughs, like a giggle. My lips rise. My brother’s not too bad with my kid.

“You should babysit more often.”

“Fucking hilarious,” he curses, passing me Maximoff while Lily slides off my back, her feet thudding to the floor.

imagine having to explain technology to your older relatives. i’m sure it’s something most people have experience with, right? imagine Giorno having to do it for his 100+ year old father.

some things you just take for granted knowing with the passage of time, from the society you were raised in. Dio has to be taught everything from the modern world, from the ground up. he has pried open more than a few automatic doors. he’s had seriously incorrect thoughts about how a remote control functions, and god knows he doesn’t know how to computer.

to his credit though, he’s a fast learner, if only because being left behind in the times is too insulting to bear. Giorno would find wading through his endless questions tedious if it weren’t so hilarious.