of his thoughts being pried into


Nanase, what do you intend to do? Are you prepared to cast aside everything else and swim for a dream you cannot surrender to anyone else? If you’re not prepared to do that, you have no right to stand on this stage.

I hate being quiet

Okay so my EX told me not to tell anyone about it but I’m tired of being quiet. So I was cheated on by this “internet guy” with his fan, which I thought was ONLY at a recent convention he was working at. It turns out he had her flown over to have sex A YEAR into the relationship. And felt no remorse. He lied about it for the LONGEST TIME until I pried for the truth. In the time I have been away from him, I have befriended his ex (who he cheated on) who is the sweetest girl and I have realized that he is CLUELESS to when he has something good and waste it all for petty meaningless sex. I feel bad for anyone who dates him after me. He won’t call you his “girlfriend” and will tell you to hide when fans recognize him in public. He also warned me that it would ruin the business if I told anyone.

“All I can offer you is me. This incomplete, broken person. And I’m trying to give myself to you, and you just ignore me.”— shelfofmemories 

Hide knew, had known all along, had known the instant he saw the other after the operation. Had tried so hard to reach out for Kaneki, but the other was scared and fragile so he hadn’t pushed or pried. He’d waited quietly beside the other, had sat there being the most patient and understanding friend that he could be.

Something had happened though, something that pulled Kaneki further from him. And suddenly he was alone, people thought Kaneki was lonely and stoic, that image of the lonely sitting in coffee shops and reading books. Hide was a wholly different kind of lonely, a silent loneliness that he held within himself, bore it like a weight heavy upon his shoulders but never showed it to anyone.

It had been such a long time, but stood in that place, water around his ankles, Hide realised that it may have never worked out, that maybe he would have always given it all up just so Kaneki could survive just for that little bit longer.


The two-wheeler had been busy at her desk instead of being in the field, which was a rare and boring case for her. Today consisted of decoding data logs from abandoned energon mines. She must have been focusing more so than what she had thought due to her not even noticing Elita entering, another rare case. Servos slammed and the Stealth Commander jumped slightly, winglets flickering upright, “Fragging Pri- Elita?” Arcee faceplate screwed up, completely curious but slightly confused of the Femme Commander’s sudden actions, giving a quick ex-vent, “Hi. Primus, where’d you come from?” A pause, “I’ve been needing some Mig-grade anyway.”

Elita gave a small chuckle at the two-wheeler’s reaction; yes, a startled Arcee was a rare occurrence, so when one was fortunate enough to witness such a sight, it was a moment to be relished. Running the tips of her digits across the desk, she carefully pulled her servos from the surface to now rest on fuchsia hip joints.

“The hall~” she quipped teasingly. Technically, her answer was not untrue, she had once been in the hallway, and now, she was here. Shaking her helm in amusement, lips remained curled in a classic smirk.

“I was actually about to go refuel, and decided to make a side-stop… company is always appreciated, especially with that of my oldest friend.”

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I DID IT! SECOND CHAPTER. GAWD, it’s getting really hard to write.

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If you’re new, here’s the summary:

What do you do when your dream is being pried out of your unwilling grasp? Levi Ackerman, a talented violinist, is fighting against his disintegrating abilities. Zoe Hange, a young brilliant scientist, is being crushed by academic pressure. As they seek and find ways to cope with their newfound challenges, they find an unforeseen solace in each other.