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Nanase, what do you intend to do? Are you prepared to cast aside everything else and swim for a dream you cannot surrender to anyone else? If you’re not prepared to do that, you have no right to stand on this stage.

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00Q and 5?

5. one night stand and falling pregnant au

“Only a matter of time,” Q told Eve the night after he fell into bed with James Bond.  The sexual tension between them had crackled since the moment they had laid eyes on each other at the National Gallery and the intensity continued to grow. Moneypenny pried, trying to get more information out of the quartermaster who simply sipped his tea and declined to comment, preferring to keep his liaisons as private as possible considering where they worked.  There was no shame in being one of James’ Bond’s lovers, Q thought.  The man was bloody talented and Q had certainly enjoyed their time together.  Neither was interested in a relationship; James seemed to enjoy his single lifestyle and Q was too involved with his work to deal with a boyfriend as well.

Days went by and both fell into their normal routine of flirtation and antagonism. It worked for them.  Aside from a fluke accident in Q-Branch that involved Q getting doused with a new chemical they had been testing to render subjects easily influenced by suggestion (one that was failing miserably to his dismay), nothing unusual happened at all.

After a couple months, Q’s trousers were starting to feel a little tighter. He frowned but loosened his belt and went on his way.  It wouldn’t be strange except for the inexplicable bout of stomach flu he had been battling for weeks.  Med couldn’t find a cause for it and while the anti-nausea medicine helped, it wasn’t perfect and Q often found himself doubled over in the loo, revisiting the day’s breakfast.

None of these things would have raised any suspicions in the quartermaster, or anyone around him, except for one small problem.  The chemical they had been testing seemed to have an unforeseen side effect.  To everyone’s bafflement, the male rats in the study were becoming pregnant.  No one could explain what had happened other than the chemical seemed to make them susceptible to pregnancy instead of coercion.  And while it took a few days, all of Q-Branch knew the moment Q figured it out.

“BLOODY HELL!” he screamed, dropping the radio he had been working on the desk. Turning to a terrified intern who happened to be walking by, he demanded.  “Get 007.  Get Bond here RIGHT NOW.”  His heart was beating a mile a minute, he felt nauseated for a whole new reason and, most perplexing, his hand went to his abdomen as if subconsciously sheltering it from anything that might happen.

James sauntered in, smug look on his face until he saw the drawn, terrified expression of the Quartermaster.  Taking him by the arm, Bond led him out of the branch and into Q’s seldom-used office. “Q?  You wanted to see me?”  None of their usual banter, Bond too worried about the unflappable quartermaster looking shaken to his core.  “Q, you need to talk to me.  What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!  Everything! I don’t know!” Q blurted out, moving to curl up in his chair with his knees tucked awkwardly under his chin.  How do you tell the biggest playboy the world has ever seen that his one night stand with a man has resulted in a child?  A child neither of them had anticipated, planned for, or even expected in the deepest, darkest corners of their minds.  

With a deep, trembling breath, Q whispered, the quiet words sounding loud in the silent room, “Bond, I’m… I’m pregnant.”