of his thoughts being pried into

Dating Zach Would Include...

These are actually really fun to do, and I have no idea why.

  • Lots of dates at random locations.
  • Him always attempting to balance spoons on his nose, and failing.
  • Him putting his hands over your eyes and telling you to “guess who.”
  • You reminding him every time that he has to do it while he’s standing behind you, or you can see who it is.
  • Long nights full of conversations about the future.
  • Him being all macho and protective in front of other people, but a mushy teddy bear when you’re alone.
  • Being shown off to all of his friends at parties.
  • Him flexing every time he takes off his shirt around you.
  • Being treated like his queen.
  • Listening to him talk about his feelings.
  • Having your own thoughts and feelings pried out of you.
  • Watching him play basketball.
  • Mostly because he looks great in that uniform.
  • Never being let out of his sight.
  • Him calling you by your first and middle name when he’s angry.
  • It’s pretty adorable when he gets angry.
  • Like, he mostly just turns red and mumbles to himself.
  • Being forced to go to every single event the school has.
  • With Zach, you always end up having a great time.
  • Being the only one who understands how easy it is to be lonely, even with friends.
  • Lots of different colored boxer-briefs.
  • Green.
  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Him not being able to say no to you about anything.
  • “Can I paint your nails later?”
  • “Okay, just not pink like last time.”
  • “Can we take dance lessons together?”
  • “Okay, just not like ballet or anything.”
  • Being best friends and lovers.

anonymous asked:

May I request possible scenarios of how the Chocobros and Cor got to know their s/o, why they appreciate them and got closer to them?

Yes, yes, yes you may dear Anon! :D I just want to say though- this was a tad bit rushed because I wanted to get something out tonight but I’ve been so darn tired lately LOL! So if there are any typos, please flag them and let me know <3 Love you all! And enjoyyyy!

Noctis: Noctis first noticed you two months into beginning high school. He was curious about you, because unlike the other people in his class, you kind of just sat by yourself in the back corner and stayed glued to your books. Noctis would find himself staring at you during class break periods, earning himself a lot of teasing from Prompto. Noctis didn’t really know why he found you so extremely fascinating, but he couldn’t stop himself from turning his head every hour just to check and see if you were still sitting there in the back corner, reading your books and diligently completing your work.

On Valentine’s Day, Noctis received many gifts of expensive, foreign chocolates and roses. Prompto himself had received a whole bunch of gifts from his many admirers around the school as well. However, Noctis found himself staring right past his desk, saturated with gifts and offerings, his eyes landing on your desk. There sat a single rose with a bag of what seemed to be home-made chocolates tied to the green stem. Noctis had felt a pang of jealousy then- though he soon came to realise that his jealousy was unfounded.

That afternoon, as he was about to leave for the front gates where Ignis was waiting to pick him up, you approached him from behind and tapped him gently on the shoulder. Noctis turned around swiftly at the touch and his midnight blue eyes widen at the sight of you holding out the lone rose and cute looking chocolate moogles. His eyes travelled up to your face and he saw your slight blush and endearing bashful expression.

“Um, these are for you, your highness.” Noctis watches you formally bow down to him, your gifts outstretched to him. Not even thinking about playing it cool, Noctis gently takes your gifts from your hands and smiles when you straighten up to face him with a mildly surprised expression on your face.

“Thanks, y/n.” Noctis replies back simply, his gratitude evident in his shy tone. Noctis watches you smile brightly at him, and from that moment on, he slowly grows closer and closer to you until one day, your lips meet and seal an unspoken contract- you’ve been inseparable ever since!

Prompto: Prompto met you when the two of you were each twelve years old. Specifically, he met you when he fell during one of his morning runs. You were taking a walk down to the local corner store to buy some bread for breakfast with your family when you caught sight of a chubby boy sitting on the curb, staring at his bloody knee and crying. Prompto hadn’t even realised that you had approached him as he cried- he was so used to dealing with his emotions and problems by himself. So when you tapped him on the shoulder and offered him a shy, yet determined smile, Prompto was both grateful and fascinated by you.

He admired how you took him by the hand and pulled him up with a strong grip before pulling you along right towards your home. He remembered how your parents were so welcoming of your new ‘friend’, despite the fact that Prompto was almost positive someone as pretty and kind as you would never was someone as weird as him to be their friend. You had just nodded and stuck close to Prompto as your parents patched him up. He was extremely grateful for that act of consideration and kindness.

From that day forth, you and Prompto were close friends. You always made sure Prompto ran safely and Prompto always made sure you had a buddy to walk with to and from school. The two of you grew close over the years, and naturally, Prompto had asked you out on your birthday. At first, you thought it was too good to be true, so you took his invitation as just an outing between friends. But then, when he placed a tender kiss against your cheek that night at the end of your fun filled evening- both you and Prompto knew that it was the start of something special and long on the books.

Until this day, you and Prompto go to that very spot you first met as kids, and tell each other just how much you mean to each other. You tell Prompto that he saved you from a lonely childhood, and Prompto tells you that you saved him from himself.

Gladio: Gladio met you at an official royal dinner. He was absolutely enthralled with the vision of you wearing a black lace dress with golden accents, your hair in an elegant up-do. That night, Gladio’s job was to tail Noctis and make sure that the prince didn’t slip out of the main hall and sneak off into the gardens. However, he was distracted by your beauty and, damn it, he paid the price. Within an hour, Gladiolus Amicitia had already lost the prince.

In a panic, Gladio began to search amongst the crowds in the main hall. In his hurry, he began to job backwards to back-track towards the large mahogany double doors so that he could go and search the prince’s regular haunts around the palace. But then, he stepped on some flowy material and he heard a rather loud rip.

“Oh my…” Gladio stands stock still at the sound of you saddened voice. He cannot believe it. He ran right into you AND he ruined your beautiful dress. Oh, and he lost the prince. Gladio turned towards you, an apologetic look on his handsome and rugged features.

“I am SO sorry! Follow me to the coat room, I think Iggy left an emergency sewing kit in there for occasions like this, my lady.”

You nodded and gathered your ripped skirts, and Gladio felt terrible as he lead you out of the room. Soon, the two of you were in the coat room, and Gladio frantically searched for the sewing kit he mentioned, only to find Noctis fast asleep under a pile of expensive women’s coats. He was about to yank the prince out from under the pile and give him a piece of his mind when you suddenly cooed and reached out to run a sheer gloved hand over the thirteen year old prince’s dark bangs.

“He’s tuckered out, poor darling. He may be prince, but he’s still also just a boy.” You sighed quietly as you stroked the prince’s hair. Gladio couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Why did the prince get to have you touching him so tenderly? It wasn’t fair!

“Yeah, uh, I guess I should take him to bed then?” Gladio grunted, lifting Noctis gently from the pile of coats and into his strong arms. Gladio was about to tell you to wait in the coat room for him, until he caught you shrugging your coat on over your beautiful dress.

Gladio’s face was downcast as he thought you were going to be leaving. You see this forlorn expression in Gladio’s expressive eyes and you couldn’t help but smile at the large teen’s endearing reaction. You felt flattered that he wanted you to stay around longer.

“I’m not going anywhere, just so you know. I’ll be waiting for you outside the main hall. It’s too loud in there and I want to talk to you.”

Gladiolus came back to you in record speed after you’d expressed your desire to speak with him privately. That night, the two of you laughed and shared stories and aspirations between each other about yourselves. Gladio was absolutely ecstatic and VERY well-behaved. No wandering hands or eyes (despite your ripped dress) what so ever.

Gladio fell for your forward nature and natural confident charm the moment he laid eyes on you, and you fell for his soft, kind heart. The two of you cherish each other immensely and cannot even imagine life without one another. Gladio is loath to admit that Noctis is the one who brought the two of you together.

Ignis: Ignis met you when he’d first arrived at the Citadel at the young age of six. He was extremely withdrawn and absolutely scared of everyone and everything he had encountered. His uncle ad advised the Regis that it would be pertinent for Ignis to have contact with kids his age so that he could normalise and re-socialise after the traumatic experience of losing both of his parents in a car accident.

And so, Ignis first laid his eyes on you in the royal day care. He had been plopped down beside a quietly playing Prince Noctis, and the prince didn’t seem like he wanted to be disturbed, so Ignis had no choice but to play with someone else nearby- lest he die of absolute boredom. He had tried to approach some of the older boys who were playing wrestling on the floor nearby, but he quickly back tracked when he noticed just how hard the boys were hitting each other.

Ignis was about to make his way back to Noctis when he felt a tug on his sleeve. Almost immediately after the tug, his glasses were pried off his face and Ignis felt a wave of panic settle into his chest, suffocating him as his field of vision became blurry. Whether it was from not being able to see without his glasses, or the mere fact that he was about to cry rather violently, he didn’t really know.

He never found out either, because the glasses thief, after stealing his possessions, had immediately perched the glasses back atop his nose after seeing the clear distress on Ignis’s face and in his stunning green eyes.

“I’m sorry- I just thought your eyes were really pretty. I wanted to see them better. Please don’t cry- I’ll take care of you! I turned five this year!” Ignis turned to you, and he was a little mad at first. But then, throughout the weeks, as you continued to bug him to play with you, he grew fond of you. Soon, you were his best friend, encouraging him through his specialised Crownsguard training program and holding him whenever things got to be too much.

One night, while Ignis was walking from the library with you beside him, he couldn’t hold in his feelings any longer. He had to tell you how he felt. But he didn’t know how to tell you in words. So he took his glasses off his nose and turned to face you. When you stopped your gait and stopped to face Ignis, you found him smiling sheepishly.

“I need you far more than I can say, y/n. Will you take care of me, please?” Ignis asked bashfully. You tentatively pressed you lips against his in the cool evening breeze under the murky stars in Insomnia, and it was from then on that Ignis the caretaker of all had someone special to come home to in order to have someone take care of him.

Cor: Cor Leonis met you when you were a newly recruited Crownsguard trainee. Clarus was not available to train you, so Cor had to step in. With no training experience what-so-ever, Cor was a pretty terrible teacher. He basically did everything for you and didn’t give you much opportunity to learn. And so, you naturally had to confront him about this oversight because you were there to learn and become good at your job.

“Cor… could I possibly take a solo mission someday soon?” you asked, your voice slightly shaky out of nerves. You were speaking to the marshal- of course you were going to be nervous. Cor had immediately frowned at shaken his head in disagreement.

“No. You’re not ready.”

“Of course I’m not,” you snapped at Cor, “you don’t even give me a chance to practice what I’ve learned!” you yelled, very frustrated all of a sudden. The man wasn’t letting you lift a finger, and you had no idea why. “Is it because you think I can’t be good? If so, then just tell me. Let me look for another job- be rid of me!” you have started screaming now. Luckily, the training room you and Cor were in was sound proof.

Cor frowns at you, his glare softening in its intensity.

“Are you immortal too?” Cor asked you, throwing you off all of a sudden. The question came out of the blue, and was unlike any question Cor had ever asked you in the past four months of your training. You shake your head silently in response. Cor lets out a sigh and clasps your shoulder gently with one of his large, warm hands. “Then how can I let you risk your life out there? I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you…”

You caught the soft, barely there blush on Cor’s tanned skin, and your heart began to race a mile per minute at the affectionate thoughts apparently running through Cor’s mind, directed solely at you. You were flattered… and you felt special and protected. Suddenly, you weren’t so mad.

“Cor, I know what I signed up for. To serve the Crown is my life. My duty. My entire soul.”

“That’s unfair- can’t you leave some of your soul for me?”

Cor’s smooth words from that day were what led you to throw your arms around his broad shoulders and kiss him senseless. His words were also the reason why you decided to take on an administration role, much like Monica. Cor was happy with your decision, and supported you one-hundred percent with your career from then on.

Over time, you fell in love with the way Cor only smiled for you, in private. You fell in love with the way he kissed you so tenderly that you were convinced you would break if he applied even the smallest amount more pressure because every affectionate act shared with Cor was extremely overwhelming.

You could feel the love exuding out of the stoic man for you. And Cor’s simple reason for having you set in the centre of his world-

… he absolutely loved the kindness and determination settled deep into your eyes. One look at you, that first moment he met you as his student… he’d broken his vow to remain unattached to others. And until now, with you by his side, he didn’t regret falling for you one bit.

For @babyklance :) 

Keith’s arms are pumping at his side as he sprints up and down the length of the training room. He finds it important to run daily to maintain his stamina because he never knows when he’s going to be put in a position where he’s left to flee without Red’s assistance.

Plus, he likes running. It feels like a release, like he’s loosening tight limbs after a fitful night of sleep. Sleep has never come easy for him, and it seems to only be getting worse while in space. His circadian rhythm is gone, and he can’t find it not matter how hard he tries. Time just moves differently in space, but he’s okay. He’s learning to adapt with little sleep; it’s not like it’s a new concept to him.

When he goes to cut a sharp turn to start back down the length of the room, he stumbles and falls to his knee. Nothing new, he’s fallen before. Only, this time it’s different. He hears a faint cracking sound that’s followed by a sharp, piercing pain that shoots all across his knee.

Gasping, he rolls onto his side, clutching his throbbing knee with both hands as his vision wavers in and out of focus. His heart is thumping loudly in his ears, making the string of curses slipping from his tongue sound muffled and distant.

In a brief bout of panic, Coran’s words from a few days ago slip across his mind.

“Everyone try not to get hurt, okay? The pods are due for a heavy maintenance check due to faulty codes running back to our systems.”

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Night sky (Mark x TwinFemReader) fluff aghast

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(( gif not mine - CUTIE ))

(A/n): lmao this request is weird and I love it.

Request:  If you’re still doing request, do you think you could do a mark x female twin reader where they getting into a big fight so she leaves without telling anybody but eventually comes back and it’s clear that they’re both wrecks without their twin? Fluffy angst? Sorry, I just really like twin stuff ☺️

Warnings: Swearing and sadness and fluff and kill me


Okay so sharing a house in general, is not always fun. Sharing a house with three other men, can be fun but also not fun. But, sharing a house with your twin brother, fun and terrible.

But, (Y/n) shared a house with them because her and Mark had always worked together on everything. The pair of them had started this channel together; with (Y/n) behind the scenes and Mark in front of the camera.

Yeah, sometimes it was stressful, especially for Mark. He had to maintain his public image all the time.

The two of them had each other though. They pair really were inseparable, as most twins are.

“Mark, I swear to fuck if you don’t put the seat down one more time, I’m selling your dick on the black market.”

Screaming things such as this across the house was likely common. All the person in question would do, though, is giggle and run away. Because she lives with several five year olds.

“Kill me now…” (Y/n) mumbled.

Walking down the stairs cautiously, she had split her path and strut into the large kitchen.

“Mark.” the girl growled.

Her fraternal twin was standing there next the the fridge with chica at his feet.


“Did you even hear what I just said?” she questioned harshly.

“Well yeah, but I was busy adoring Chica that I didn’t have time to care.” he joked.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes with venom soaking her usually sweet expression. This was also very common. Him not caring about a lot of things his twin had to say.

“Mark I’m serious. This is a small bathroom incident but it just further proves the point that you don’t listen.

Her words didn’t register in his ears or even get past her lips it seemed. The brunette was too busy baby talking his dog.

All (Y/n) could manage to do was sigh dramatically. It pissed her off that he didn’t take the time to hear her, and the frustration showed.

“I’m going to get dressed.” the girl commented stiffly.

“Not that you care..”

As (Y/n) made her way slowly back up the stairs, Ethan passed her stride joyfully.

“Mooooring, (Y/n).” he called, stopping his bouncy walk to face her politely.

“Yeah.” she replied blandly.

She continued her walk of shame up the last four steps, and sauntered into her room. Ethan was left staring up the way (Y/n) had gone, visibly confused, borderline concerned.

Though it was the usual time for them all to share breakfast, the youtuber had lost her appetite.

“I’m not going to sit here and sulk, at least.” she mumbled.

Shuffling around her room, (Y/n)’s soft hum strung lightly in the air. The (h/c) haired girl collected a pair of clean jeans and blank shirt, throwing over a loose cardigan.

For the second time, she made her way down the stairs.

As (Y/n) walked into the kitchen, she took the liberty of rolling up her sleeves briefly. Stepping to the cabinet, she had gestured for Mark to move over.

“I’d ask, but I’m sure you wouldn’t hear me.” (Y/n) hissed.

Reaching up to grab herself a pale plastic cup, (Y/n) caught in the corner of her eye her brother mouth what she had just said, with crude facial expressions.

The girl wanted to sigh and apologize, but she thought it might be best to guilt trip him instead. (Y/n) had really wanted to make her point.

After obtaining her glass, she went to the fridge, passing by Ethan who sat at the table. He sat there, chewing his toast silently, feeling and seeing the tension but being shit scared to say anything.

The youtuber pried open the refrigerator, viewing its contents wearily.

Dramatically, she then twisted to face the blue boy.

“Do we not have any more milk?” (Y/n) asked kindly.

Ethan nervously smiled back up at the (e/c) eyed girl, shaking his head briskly with a mouth full of bread.

This time (Y/n) did sigh “I could have asked Mark, oh but he wouldn’t have given a shit.”

Mark rolled his eyes and aggressively threw up his arms.

“So what? Now you’re going to pout all fucking day because I made one joke?!”

(Y/n) actually wasn’t surprised by his outburst, in fact the (size) girl anticipated it.

“No, I’m trying to get a fucking point across! Because repetition is the only thing you see from me.” she scoffed.

Mark just clicked his tongue and stared at his twin intensely.

“That’s because I really couldn’t give less of a fuck what you say.”

“Yeah, I already know–” she began. At this point she had already had enough this. (Y/n)’s aim was to apologize now, but that sure wasn’t Mark’s.

“No, I mean I really don’t care. What you have to say means jackshit at the point, you aren’t actually valuable to any of my project’s whatsoever.” Mark spat “I’m honestly baffled why the hell you still live with me.”

That struck home immediately. Why was she living with him? Because… well this was what the two of them had worked for for a long time…

“…” (Y/n) stood there in silence.

Ethan took a second to stand up, his eyes already gone wide. He opened his mouth stiffly and said “I don’t think you should have said that.”

Mark’s knees felt as though they could give out at the calmest of movements. Before being able to actually say anything, the brunette opened and closed his mouth several times, looking between his sister and Ethan.

“(Y/n), oh my god… I’m…” he began, heartfelt hurting twisting his words.

“The sun is so bright…” came Tyler’s airy voice, entering the kitchen lazily.

He stretched backwards, and held in a yawn “Morning.”

The girl took this as any sort of cue to leave.

She stepped her way rigidly from the room. Mark could be heard yelling her name before Ethan called a loud “Wait!” but it wasn’t for (Y/n).

(Y/n) turned to face the stairs, staring up at them blankly.

She had made up her mind. Even in her dazed state, she knew for certain she did not want to be here of all places, right now.

❆   ❆   ❆ 

The girl had left. The house, I mean. She took her car from in front of the house and went away.

Of course she didn’t have any plans as to where she desired to go. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought she didn’t want to go anywhere at all.

So she drove and drove. And drove some more. Where (Y/n) ended up was half way across L.A, parked on the side of the road.

As she sat there breathing heavily, she was able to feel in her pocket, her phone vibrating. Not at all wanting to see any of the messages; she pulled it out against her better judgement.

- Loud blue boy: (Y/n)?

- Loud blue boy: I think you should come out of your room…

- Loud blue boy: wait r u even in your room??? :0

- Loud blue boy: Wait wait (Y/n) where are you?!

(Y/n)’s screen was lit up with messages from Ethan; they made her laugh a bit as she wiped at her eye.

The girl was happy she didn’t apply makeup this morning, noticing now that she had been crying most of the time she was driving.

A blunt sting cut through her upper chest. She didn’t want to be away from Ethan or Tyler. Especially not Mark. She had heard what Mark had said, but her mind wanted to know that he was lying. (Y/n) didn’t want to leave him…

“It’s been what, twenty minutes and I already miss them?” she mumbled softly.

Chancing her blurry eyes, (Y/n)’s gaze fell upon the digital clock in her car. It read in bright blue 4:58pm.

A quaint gasp bubbled from her throat, making (Y/n) sputter a bit in breath.

‘Six hours, what the hell.’ she thought.

Swiping furiously at her eyes once more, (Y/n) pulled off the side of the road and dealt out a most likely illegal U-turn. The youtuber began to go back the way she came, offering her silence a thick sigh.

❆   ❆   ❆

“I fucked up didn’t I?” Mark sniffed.

He was sat in the very middle of the kitchen, balling his eyes out, with a very not okay head.

“A little…” Tyler lulled. Tyler had been explained what had happened, and if he was honest, he was pretty disappointed in the two of them.

“Oh god, what if she never comes back?” Mark cries, heartbroken at the very thought “What if she just moves out and takes all her stuff with her and doesn’t say goodbye? Takes all her belongings, her memories.”

“I’m not sure that she would do that.” Ethan pats his back in an effort to console him.

Mark twists his head to look at the blue haired man and stares at him directly in the eyes.

“Ethan, I’m not ready to have her for once not take me.”

Now Ethan was the one heartbroken. He could see sufferable pain in Mark’s deep brown eyes.

“Hey, Mark, I believe that’s (Y/n)’s car pulling in…” Tyler spoke.

In an instant, the brunette had scrambled to his feet and with a deathly silence, watched the door.

Within a few seconds, it had opened quietly; softly. (Y/n)’s form slipped through the opening.

The current time was 11:23pm, from the moment that Mark saw (Y/n) in the doorway, to the second Mark had sprinted to her and snared her in a hug. The minute hand on the clock hadn’t even moved a millimeter between the two.

“Mark…” (Y/n)’s voice cracked. She wasn’t able to hug him back, or even close the door. Her twin had her arms confined under his own.

Mark also wasn’t able to say anything, it seems, other than ‘I’m sorry’ in repetition.

“Repetition, that’s all I ever hear from you.” (Y/n) laughed softly, sniffing a bit now and again.

The male raised his head to her words, showing her a sad, dopey smile. The stars in open night sky reflecting on his watery black eyes; making his sister smile back at him ten fold.


(A/n): Boi this is so long I hated editing it. I can’t frickin read today, lordy

Austin Nights - Part 4

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: About 3000

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Warnings: Language, Implied Smut? (not sure if that’s a warning or not)

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


When morning finally came, you had found yourself in the clean crisp white sheets of Jensen’s hotel room. Although last night was a blur of which time was lost, you clearly remembered every moment. The anticipation, the rush, the car ride to the hotel when hands couldn’t be kept off each other, hardly being able to make it to the elevator where your lips met passionately again, and eventually having so much of him that you passed into sleep in a state of ecstatic exhaustion.

You reached over for Jensen but didn’t find him there. You sat up pulling up the sheets to cover your bare chest as you looked around the room. Last night had you focused on other things than the details of the room. Seeing it now, it was essentially the same size of your apartment if not bigger. The bedroom led to an entryway and to the other side a marbled bathroom. A half wall separated the bedroom from what appeared at first glance to be a living room with huge gaping windows flooding with natural light. From the building outside the window, you presumed you were downtown and high up.

You slide towards the edge of the bed wanting to explore more and to find Jensen. As you stood, the pleasant ache in your thighs was undeniable. If you weren’t planning to soak up every moment you had with Jensen, you could have spent all day in bed recovering. You wrapped the sheets around you leaving only your back exposed. The sun’s warmth increased as you made your way closer. The living room consisted of a white couch and two matching love seats surrounding a TV bigger than yours. You curiously made your way to the window and gulped from the height.

A voice cleared their throat and when you looked you jumped in fear seeing that it was not Jay. The man appeared to be in a hotel uniform. You tightened the sheets around your body. He was in another extension of the room which appeared to be a kitchen and dining room.

“I’m sorry to intrude ma’am, your evening dress has been dry cleaned and pressed and is waiting for you in the bathroom.” He stated.

You were shocked by his intrusiveness and formality. “Uh, where’s Jensen?”

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High School AU Headcanons: Jumin

Surprise! Look who showed up earlier! I said I was posting this on monday, but tomorrow I’ll start another AU, so I din’t want the two AUs being posted on the same day. 

So here you go! Jumin is the one I always struggle the most to write, but not this time, for some reason. Have fun, y’all!

TW: Mentions of suicide and violence against women

  • He’s a honor student and part of the lacrosse team at this fancy internal school.
  • You’re the troublemaker, there are several rumors about how your family got rich all of a sudden due to money launder. Also, people say your mother is in rehab because she found out you slept with your stepfather, who got arrested for having sex with a minor.
  • He’s a tutor for students with bad grades, and guess who the principal decided to pair him with as his pupil this semester. He had to prove he was good enough to candidate for student body’s president, if he can help you, he would have full support of the principal.
  • He hates it, not because of the rumors, he couldn’t care less about that, but you’re impossible to work with!
  • Yes, you were literature partners before, you could never focus and was extremely irresponsible, yet you showed up to the presentation and pointed out really interesting observations about the book, some of them better than his.
  • He doesn’t like people who don’t put effort to conquer things, people who rely too much on some skills. People like you.
  • So there he is, waiting for you in the library so you can start studying geometry, and obviously, you’re late.
  • You came acting like there’s nothing wrong and while he talks about surfaces of triangles and tangents, you’re more focused on building a catapult with your rule. Ugh…
  • “Ugh, I’m bored. Let’s ditch this!” you groan in boredom. “As I was saying… given the acute angle of a triangle…” he ignores you.
  • “Sin equals B, and B stands for boring!” despite your little joke, it was… correct? “Wait, you know geometry?” “Of course I do, I just don’t like that teacher! Now, come on, let’s ditch this! I heard the seniors are throwing a party at the old library building, let’s go!”
  • “It’s against the rules to walk in the school at night.” “Well, yeah! Why would be fun if this was allowed? Duh!” “Fine, you can go. It’s not as I’m enjoying this… study session either.”
  • “Nah, let’s partaayy, bro! Tell you what, if you go with me, I promise I get an A + in the next geometry test, the principal will love you for that, mr. President!” well, that was true. “Fine.” He agrees with a sigh.
  • “Why do you want me to go with you?” “I can’t be the only sophomore in a senior party, duh!” oh… maybe you cared about other people think of you, he thought you didn’t. “Besides, I’ll tell you dragged me there if we get caught.” Okay… this was more like you.
  • This didn’t look like a party, it was more like a cultural soirée, yes, he recognized some of the best art students and the best musicians in the school band too.
  • He lost you a little after you two entered. Then he found you in this circle with a glass in your hand. You were really impossible.
  • “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned” a senior spoke “Go on, my child.” “I didn’t try to kill myself when I was a junior, I just slipped in the bathroom.” “You are forgiven, son.” What in the world was this?
  • He joined the circle without realizing it. “Dude, you can’t be here without a drink. Here, let’s share.” You put a little of whatever you were drinking in his cup.
  • This was really interesting, people were sharing some intimate secrets, it was a kind of drinking game, but much more sophisticated than those ones he heard about
  • Whatever you gave him, it was strong. He was feeling a little loosen up… “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.” He spoke loudly. “Go on, my child.”
  •  “I… I can’t bare with my father and his lousy affairs. Sometimes I think I… really hate… him.” Wow, he could not believe he said this out loud, but none of the people in that circle looked fazed.
  • “Dude, we’re milennials, admitting how much we hate family and how much they fucked us up is like… our thing.” You said matter of factly, everybody in the circle nodded in agreement.
  • Seriously? All those thoughts he had were… normal? He was… normal? “What about you, kitty?” a senior asked you. “Any sins you want to share?”
  • You shrugged: “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.” “Go on, my child.” Even Jumin said this time, the alcohol made him curious.
  •  “I… didn’t sleep with my stepfather. The dude was trying to beat my mother up and I stood up for her and told I was gonna call the police. So he’s arrested for assault, not for having sex with… me. And my mom isn’t in rehab, she’s at a spa in Fiji,  because that’s how it works in our family, we run from our problems instead of talking about it in order to solve them.” You chugged the rest of your liquor while everybody stared at you. “Oh, but the money laundery thing is real.” “Damn, kitty, that’s deep.” One senior spoke.
  • Yes, it was deep. Jumin couldn’t believe what he just heard. Of course you would act like this irresponsible and troublemaker girl, you didn’t want anyone coming to close to you to actually know your problems.
  • The party was over, and you two walked in a dreadful silence in the dark. “Forget what you heard, okay? What happens there, stays there.” “How do you know about these parties?” You mumbled something he couldn’t listen and started blabbering, the alcohol effects, no doubt “My sister used to come to these parties, she always talked about them, and how great they are. She lives in New York now, I’m definitely going there once I graduate from this shithole. Live in a loft, adopt a cat… I like cats, do you like cats?” did he? He never thought about that… he would like to adopt a cat too…
  • “Then you would run away from your problems?” “More like making new ones in a place I can have a fresh start.” You both chuckled. 
  • But he was thinking of this very seriously. He never bothered about the future, he knows he will take over his father’s company and… well, that’s it. For the first time, he’s thinking if he could have something diferent, be something different.
  • You were impressed with his attitude, he was nicer and more interested in what you have to say than you thought. Plus, he’s so fine!
  • “Hey, Jumin?” “Yes, MC?” “Do you think you can forgive me for one last sin?” “Don’t you mean sine?” OH MY GOD! HE’S DOING A GEOMETRY JOKE!? NERD! “Come on, I’m serious! Forgive me, father, for what I’m about to sin?”
  • “Go on, m… wait, about to sin?” you surprised him with a kiss in the lips. It started sweet and slow, but quickly turned into a messy make-out session in the dark. Oh… he wasn’t so uptight after all, as you felt your ass being fully gripped by his hands, which you teasingly pried away.
  • “You can only have more if you get an A + in literature with me. See ya, Mr. President.” You ran in the dark, he was still a little tipsy from the alcohol… and from your lips.
  • But forget that, he needs to start that literature paper asap.

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Word count: 2.2k

Genre: Angst, Eventual Smut

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, loads and loads of angsty shit

A/N: Be Mean by DNCE made me do this, though its didn’t inspire the whole story lol but yes there will be something smutty in the later parts also wow @ the gif,,,,, also i feel like this is kind of a filler chapter lol also feel like i shouldn’t have ended it there but idk i cant continue also this was kinda short iDk SORRY

A lot of people deserve forgiveness, a lot of people deserve to forget but all they receive are reminders after reminders after reminders of the mistakes they’ve committed. 

First, it was a scandalous relationship with a girl. The newspaper article headlines with his secret connection with this nobody, including the explicit (but not too explicit, of course) details of his sadistic and masochistic sexual requests.
If that didn’t cause a whole bunch of ruckus, the next one did. Jeon Jungkook was sitting by his window ledge in his secret hiding place, a “temporal safe haven” as his manager puts it. His doe eyes glossy as the light from outside reflected. Though the ray did reveals his tears, his eyes still seemed dull as compared to before. Like a light, that had inhabit his vision before, had been torn away. It was drooping at the sides, so were the sides of his mouth. You could clearly see the toll that he had taken. Exposing his emotions, clearly plastered on his face, vulnerable as the sound of his empty house started to turn deafening. His pupils following the tiny amounts of snow that descended gracefully from the sky. His palm warm against the cold glass of the window, soon to transfer its heat, turning the heated hand into numbed flesh. 

The crestfallen boy knew he was going to have to face the public soon. He didn’t know what the fans thought, getting mixed responses as he read the tweets. He didn’t know what the conservative public of Korea thought of it, he didn’t know what his parents thought. He also didn’t know what the members thought or what you thought. Jungkook was desperately avoiding thinking about the latter, especially. The thoughts would harass him till he’s ruined.
His ringtone chiming interrupted his thoughts. The ringing got more violent as all the notifications flooded in.
“Jeon Jungkook Nude? BTS’ Golden Maknae Nude Video Leaked.”
#Jungkooknudes trending on twitter.

Moving before his eyes on the screen was two familiar figures. Jungkook’s memory of that special night was slowly tortured and decaying further by every embarrassing moan that blasted out of the speaker of the device. Or by every spank that could be heard in the audio, resounding in the room. Both bodies were moving at the same pace, before his manager pulled the phone away from his face. Now, he was sitting in an office with eight pairs of eyes all on him.
His manager had spoken. But the bunny-tooth boy paid no mind to the stressed man,it was probably something along the lines of,
“Do you know how much trouble we’re in? If you dare pull some more shit like this. You know what’s coming, kid. Watch out, alright?”, the last part had a hint of sympathy and care, not being as harsh as his few previous sentence. His manager knew that this isn’t what Jungkook wanted, he was human too. He obviously didn’t leaked it himself. But, it did put his job and the rest of their jobs at risk of being taken away, he needed the younger boy to know that his actions have consequence and to be careful with what he does.

Jungkook just sat there silently, staring lifelessly at the table. Nobody could really disclose what he’s thinking about, not the boys as they sat in the room with him, not his manager, no one. They all just stared at him as he was to the table. The dispirited boy had his fringe covering a little of his vision as he stared into the matte black that covered the table, still trying his best to avoid the thoughts of you from popping up in his mind.
Nobody had foreseen that the youngest of BTS would’ve been so, well to put it simply, problematic. Nobody thought he would’ve been so sexually promiscuous, everyone speculated that he was the innocent little boy that everyone assumed and portrayed him to be. Some made up rumours that he wanted to get rid of this image, thus causing all this commotion. Others said it was for publicity, quote “These celebrities will do anything to get their face onto the cover of a magazine, be it bad or good news. Absolutely pathetic.

Amidst all the chaos, nobody asked Jungkook how he felt about this whole situation. Of course, he felt pretty damn shitty. After all his privacy was being pried into. That little minute dust of freedom he had, that he had the right to have, was blown away in a violent wind straight from his bare hands. No amount physical work could have snatched it back as it scatters all over the place. It was out there for the world to look at, the uncensored image of his naked body and the girl he loved on display for the whole world to see. His sultry words, that was supposedly only for his lover to hear, was now heard by millions.
Jungkook also felt irritation amongst all his emotions. Why did he have to apologise when he never did anything wrong? What kind of goddamn social contract was it to apologise for his own leaked nudes? It was his privacy being violated here. The person who leaked the nudes and everyone who watched that god-fucking-damned video should be sending their apologies to him instead.
Jungkook also felt a tiny sense of happiness lingering at the back of his mind, however he was confused by this emotion. He almost caused 8 other people to lose their jobs, a girl to lose her dignity and pride and not able to face the public. He allowed the familiar elderly couple to be tortured by the hushed whispers spouting more and more rumours about them and him, especially about their relation and how he was badly brought up and nurtured by the couple. He jeopardised a company’s reputation and his own. How could he have felt happy in a moment like this? 

Next thing Jungkook knew, he was, back in the house, lying in the silence and on the extremely huge and empty kingsized bed. The loose string of the smooth silk bedsheets caught in the crooked cut of his nails on his finger as he thought about some of the people he did owe an apology to. Jungkook knew he had to make some amends. He apologised to the members, all of them forgiving and accepting his apology quite easily. They understood what he did wasn’t on purpose and that they all had their own things to hide. He apologised to his parents, his parents also being very forgiving. He was exceedingly thankful for all grace shown by his members, the company and his parents.

Now, it was time for the harder part. He walked through the dark cold street, step after step to the familiar address. His hands pushed into the pocket of his coat, in great need of warmth. The air conditioner in the house broke before this, he’s been living without heat for about 12 hours. He couldn’t escape the house either as he was suppose to be in hiding. Just his luck, he also forgot to wear gloves tonight.

He knocked against the wooden door, a crack in the door causing a splinter to prick the skin of his knuckle. He knocked again and waited. After 15 minutes, still not a single soul.

“Hey, I know you’re in there.” His voice sounded rough. As he hasn’t spoken much in the past few days, Jungkook was surprised by his own voice.

The door then opened with a creak, his large eyes engulfed into the small lifeless ones that stood before him. Despite being lifeless at first sight, he saw fear and sadness swimming around in them too.

“What do you want?” The soft, but hoarse voice ruptured in the quiet night. The air so chilled that her hot breath condensed in the contrasting temperature. Silence stood all around them for a moment before Jungkook sighed.

“I just wanted to apologise.” He said quietly, almost a whisper. Feeling guilty and for the first time, he felt small in front of the petite woman.

“Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it.” For someone so small, the girl spoke with so much hatred, Jungkook couldn’t believe that much hostility could occupy one being. Booming, so sharp that it cut the silence straight into half. The boy was shocked, expecting an easy and smooth forgiveness. But, his naive mind never ran over the possibilities of what was going to happen. Alas, he was, now, confronted and the infamous feline has really grabbed his tongue, this time. Maybe, even tied it into a knot as it felt like he couldn’t talk.

“I’m a girl. You’ll never understand what it’s like for me. For you, it’s a bump in your life, its a mistake that’ll soon be forgotten by many. For me, however, I’ll live with it forever. Instead of people telling me that it was just a mistake, they blame me for this. My reputation forever tarnished by you. I’ll always just be known as the girl that had that sex scandal with that idol. People at my workplace talk about me, I’ve been forced to resign to protect the company’s reputation. People at the convenient store talk about me, I see the censored thumbnails of that stupid fucking video on the covers of magazines while walking in the goddamn supermarket. People are making violating comments about my body, right in front of me. All thanks to you, the whole world knows what I look like when I’m fucking you, completely naked.” Her voice once again, firm and loud enough for Jungkook to understand the emotions she was projecting, but not loud enough to wake the neighbours. Jisoo wouldn’t risk that, there was enough talk going around town.
Jungkook, then, realised the double standards that was still alive. He’ll be able to move on and build his career again and soon, everyone would forget. But, a female body. The female anatomy wasn’t easily forgotten especially by people who sexualise it so much. Even, Jungkook could still remember what his first love looked like. But, not her face first, if you asked him in this way. He remembered the curves in her body and the way she moulded so perfectly with him. The sole reason why he remember her face was because well she's his first love.

“You said you’d always protect me. Why didn’t you keep your promise?” She whispered, her voice broken. Though, she was quick to compose herself again, blinking the tears away. Refusing for the, though downhearted too, boy to see her so broken. She knew how it’d affect him, because through everything she still does love Jungkook.

“I know, Jisoo. B-but this is different, I-I couldn’t-“ Jungkook stammered, not being able to say what he wanted properly. Shoving his tears to the back of his eye socket, clearing his throat so he could properly discuss this. 

“I think we should breakup. If that wasn’t obvious enough.” Jisoo interrupted coldly. 

“No. Please.” Jungkook whispered as he begged. The only words he could muster up. 

“Please never look for me again.” She said almost reluctantly.

“Jisoo, we can talk it out. Please, just stay.” Jungkook had a tear running down his face at this point. Jisoo wiped at the tear with a small smile, her’s also threatening to fall.

“Goodbye Jungkook.” With a kiss on the cheek, slowly Jungkook felt her hands slip away and she retracted back into the house. 

This love died too early, Jungkook did love her but the unhappy boy’s eyes weren’t as glossy as he thought it would be. He was hurt, he did feel the sour squeezing in his nose and the closing of his throat. Yet, it didn’t hurt as bad as he expected. Above all, his mind, contrarily, hasn’t occupied by Jisoo at all. These few days, it had been set on avoiding thinking about you. Although, the boy was trying to circumvent, eschewing these thoughts seemed to make them worse. Avoidance wasn’t going to make him feel any better, he had to come to grips with it.

Everyone advised him that it was a mistake to leave. But, Jungkook didn’t care. He’s been in their restraints for too long, as much as he liked being restrained. He didn’t like it this way. As the male sat in his gigantic kingsized bed, once again. He thought all was right in the world again, like the stars had aligned in the world, except that it’s not. He felt he was missing something as his eyebrow scrunched together, then your image popped up in his mind. His eyes widened in realisation as his stared into the white ceiling. His raised eyelids start to falter as he thought about what to do. There was a shit load he had to do, he was muddled as to where to start. 

He had to find you. Jungkook stared at the map, the leather seat beneath him getting warm. As he drew on the map, the red ink smudging on the glossy paper, he narrowed down his options to you two’s hometown first. His lean legs reached for the gas pedal, his ink stained hands found the steering wheel and sped down the roads. He went out to venture, close to a pilgrim, on a journey to search for you. Your name is his permanent safe word, you are is his permanent safe house.

A trade off for @societyslostone, who drew an icon for me! (Shout out to the anon who sent the request and giving me free range on the ship lol)

(Shance. Canon Universe)

Lance watched with tired eyes as Shiro repeatedly paced the small length of the cell. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Over and over and over as if that movement, now the product of muscle memory, could free the two.

Lance knew Shiro felt guilty. The two had been fighting off a crowd of Galra. Both were holding their own fairly well, but one particular solider slid in behind Shiro and swung a giant hammer down onto the older paladin’s back. Shiro crumpled under the weight of the weapon, but he remained awake.

For a moment, Lance had frozen, but when he locked eyes with Shiro’s and Shiro gave a slight shake of the head, he snapped.

For two minutes, the only sounds were Lance’s Bayard firing off and bodies dropping to the floor. He had cleared a path to Shiro, but only seconds after he has dropped to his knees beside the black paladin, the two became surrounded by another mass of Galra.

Neither had to say a word to know they were going to surrender, and only minutes later, the two were tossed into a small cell without their helmets, without any way of communicating to the others.

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Suspect: Part 6

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Angst, death, fighting, swearing


Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

The Winter Soldier doesn’t move, only staring at the ground. Your brain was screaming at you to run, but your legs couldn’t move, you were stuck to the ground. Even if you could run, there was nowhere to go. Dale had holstered his gun, the far superior weapon standing in the only exit. If you hadn’t been so far up, you would have considered jumping out the window. But you weren’t, you were stuck, and your death was imminent.

“I was hoping that Rumlow would send you,” Dale says, his voice full of confidence. He had won, and he knew it, “Now, I think our friend here might need a little convincing of how great Hydra is,”

The Winter Soldier’s metal arm whirs, a sound that makes you nauseous, but he still doesn’t move. You glance at Dale as he shifts uncomfortably, a small frown washing over his features.

“Soldat,” he says sternly, “I’m giving you an order. Do I need to spell it out for you?”

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I'm gonna rip his lungs out!

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Characters: Dean, Reader.
Word Count: 699
Warnings: Domestic abuse?
Prompt/Inspiration for this story: Imagine Dean finding out that your boyfriend hurt you.

 Feeling like a dumb ass you pull the front door of the bunker open. The first thing Dean noticed was the sag in your shoulders. The second thing he noticed was the black streaks of mascara and eyeliner that ran down your cheeks. “Y/n, hey, are you okay?” He asked getting up from the table in the war room where he had been sitting. You didn’t answer as you walked numbly down the metal stair case. When he met you at the bottom you couldn’t even look at him. You were too ashamed. “Hey, look at me sweetheart.” He coaxed putting his hands on each side of your neck making you involuntarily flinch from the touch. He knew right then that something bad had happened. “Y/n.” He said trying to get your attention and when you still didn’t look at him he moved his thumbs under your jaw and pushed your face up. “What happened?” As he asked this he noticed the fading red hand print on your cheek.

 "I…um,“ you started, swallowing hard as you moved your eyes from his to look over his shoulder, "I don’t want to talk about it.” Your answer came out as a whisper before you brushed his hand off of you and started off toward your room. Dean let you go and you were thankful.

 Once alone in your room you pulled your simple black dress off and tossed it in the waste basket. You never wanted to see it again. It would just be a constant reminder of this night. The night someone you thought you loved made you feel like piece of trash.

 You had just finished getting dressed after taking a shower when there was a knock on your door. “Yeah?” You called.

 "It’s me, can I come in?“ Dean called so you walked over to the door, pulled it open and stepped aside. He walked in the room and you shut the door behind him. You could feel his eyes on your red ones. "What happened?” He asked, this time a little calmer.

 You sighed and sat down on the foot of the bed. “I went to my boyfriend’s house for dinner.” You started.

 Dean pulled a chair up and sat down across from you. “The douche with the pries?” Dean asked.

 "That’s the one.“ You answered sarcastically sing songy. Dean had never liked the guy, you thought that after the two years you were with the guy that Dean would have warmed up to him. But he never did and you never understood if it was because Dean was being protective or if it was because he was jealous. "He fixed us this fancy dinner served on his great grandmother’s china. We laughed, we talked and he…asked me to marry him.”

 "Yeah get to the part that explains the cheek.“ Dean said aggravated from where he sat with his elbows on his knees leaning in to listen to you.

 "I told him yes and then me… being stupid, clumsy me somehow sent a plate crashing to the floor. Before I knew it he’d stood up and slapped me.” You explained, fighting back tears of embarrassment. “I swear it felt like my eye was going to explode.”

 "Where is the son of a bitch?“ Dean practically yelled as he got up, threw open your bedroom door and started staling down the hallway.

 "Dean, stop.” You called, but he kept walking headed to the main exit.

 "I’m gonna rip his lungs out!“ Dean yelled as you ran after him.

 "Dean, stop, he’s not worth it.” You said, as you caught up to him and grabbed his hand.

 He finally stopped and looked at you. “Why should he get away with treating you like that?”

 "Because I didn’t let him get away with it.“ You replied making him give you a questioning look. "I broke his nose before I left.” You sound so innocent it made him laugh. “And I also… may have flushed the, very expensive, engagement ring down the toilet and told him to kiss my ass because he would never see it again.”

 "That’s my girl.“ He said through his laughter as he pulled you into a tight hug.

I just saw an interesting post:


And since not everyone read the novel:

Book 1, chapter 6:

At that moment, Guren hears a shriek coming from a different direction. Not only that, but the shriek belonged to the voice of a girl he knows quite well.


He turns to look. The voice came from where Class 1 and Class 4 were fighting in their ring. As expected, even from there came a cheer. The same kind of cheer reserved for Mahiru, and Shinya, when they appeared.

At that same moment,

“Kill her! Kill her!” Was chanted.

“Please kill her, Seishirou-sama!”

“Please kill that dirty Ichinose bitch!”

Guren looks closer. When he does, he sees Sayuri and Seishirou are fighting. However, Sayuri already seemed to be falling apart. She had been hit, and blood streamed from a cut on her lips. She gasped for breath, shoulders shaking. Furthermore, the front of her sailor uniform had been torn off, and she tries to cover herself with her left hand.

“What, you want more? Do you really intend to fight me one-handed as you cover your boobs?” Seishirou says opposite her, smirking meanwhile.

The other students laugh at that.

“In that case, please strip her bare!”

“It’s pretty brazen for cattle to wear clothes, after all!”

And so on, they shouted.

Seishirou holds his arms wide open as he takes their requests.

“You hear ‘em. Now, in response to everyone’s requests… let’s take your clothes off, hmm~” He says, and takes a step forward.

Sayuri responds by ducking, but Seishirou is overwhelming fast. Seishirou’s hand reaches for Sayuri’s breasts.

“Ugh,” Sayuri says, trying to slap the hand away. But her hand misses Seishirou’s, as he changed his fist’s trajectory towards her face instead, and strikes her.


Sayuri’s head jerks. Through the gap in her clothes, you could see her undergarments.

But Seishirou doesn’t stop his attacks.

“Cattle shouldn’t show off such filthy things.” He says, then striking Sayuri in the belly.


Her body bends in a shape like the letter C. He head goes down, before being kicked up like a ball.

It’s likely that at this point, Sayuri has already lost consciousness. The difference between Sayuri’s and Seishirou’s power was simply too big. He was an opponent Sayuri could do nothing against.

Which is why at that point, the referee should have called it to an end, but…


Seishirou keeps kicking Sayuri’s body. He’s trying to make the collapsed Sayuri get up. Even though she had lost consciousness, Seishirou grins while kicking her body.

Translations from gomigeemu

Book 4  chapter 2 :

All the enemies in the audiovisual room had lost their lives.

Mito collapsed on the ground.

Guren’s arm steadied her.

Her eyes full of tears, she gazed at him.

“…… You, you came to save me.”

Inside her, there was a sense of satisfaction. A sense of being restrained. Her desires were greatly excited.

Inside Guren’s mind, the demon whispered.

“Kill her”

Mito continued to speak.

“…… I, I, I’ve…… Been saved by you again……”


“…… I thought, I was done for…… I though everything had ended, I had given up……”

“Rape her”        (note: WTF NOYA)

His hand moved and gripped the front of her uniform.


Mito’s face was full of shock.

But not caring about this, Guren tore the front of her uniform.

“No!? What, what are you doing……”

His lips covered hers.

“Uwah……Uh…… Wait……”

At first she resisted somewhat. But Guren’s tongue pried her lips open.

She stopped struggling.

“…… Ah……”

Mito’s body went limp. She gave in to him.

She opened her lips.

Her eyes were still sparkling with tears. But her expression seemed to be of rapture.

“…… Gu, Guren…… I, if it’s you……”

She said.

Too easily, she gave in to him. Perhaps she was also under the influence of Mahiru’s spell. Fresh blood, death, life-or-death situations – these appeared in front of her eyes, these were the turning points that made her basic human desires lose control.

Translation from 2minutesofyourtime 

One of the color pages of this volume:

Mito’s reaction is probably justified by how much she needs a man to love, we also see how she plead for Guren to save her while in despair. (it seems that even Mito, need to crush over Guren and be in his harem, at first she had so much potential as a strong and independent woman, just like Shinoa…)


While the author justify Guren actions as Noya controlling him, and tries to lighten the context by making it so Mito wanted it later, it remains a fact, Mito didn’t consent on having her blouse ripped and kissing him at first. And because of her later “consent” it’s brushed as nothing.

When people complains about Kagami’s sexist writing or queer baiting, I often see some people brushing all that as “fujoshi’s complaint” or mere “ship war”.

Well, for those who disregard these problems as superficial ship wars and fujoshi obcessions. Sexist elements in story and queer baiting  only makes the general public reaffirm their already normalized belief that those things aren’t a problem but just fanservice. 

It’s about discrimination that many suffer. The erasure of those problems that brings discrimination in real life.

Across The Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki shifted from foot to foot as he stood next to a farrier’s waiting for Ariella. He was terrified that she would not come, he was unsure why he felt it, but part of him felt there was a chance it would not happen.

It was ten minutes past the time they were supposed to meet and he became worried, telling himself that she had a long route to go, he was adamant to give her a little longer, hoping she would turn up.

When twenty minutes had passed, he felt his stomach sink and his excitement and joy dissipate. She was not coming, was it something he said, was it something he did, he began to feel his breath catch in his chest as he thought of it all. Heartbroken, he turned to walk away. He was a fool to ever leave the palace, to think that anyone would be his friend. Forcing his tears of hurt to remain at bay, he began to half walk, half run to the palace, not paying any heed to anything around him.

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Of all the ways he could imagine being woken up, hearing Chat Noir singing was not one Nino had thought of.

Of all the ways he could imagine being woken up, hearing Chat Noir singing was not one Nino had thought of. While it was a relatively pleasant wake up call, he couldn’t imagine his neighbors would be too happy to hear Chat Noir’s rendition of “All About Us” at midnight.

He stumbled out of bed, almost knocking his glasses off his bedside table as he grabbed for them along the way. Nino quickly pried the window open and leaned out to grin down at Chat Noir. “So, you liked the playlist, huh?”

Chat Noir beamed up at him. “Just a little.”

“Next year, I’m buying you a watch.”

Chat Noir frowned. “That’s not very romantic.”

“Neither is waking me up at midnight on a school night,” Nino teased. “Now, are you coming up?”

Send me a sentence, and I’ll write five (or so) more!

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Can u do Draco x reader where they wanna try something to spice up their sex lives thnx

The night started with a kiss. Just one sweet innocent kiss that you had given Draco while the commercials played on the television. But somehow things had escalated and now you were straddling your boyfriend on the couch kissing him fervently. His hands roamed the expanse of your back pushing you closer to him, while your hands ran through his hair lightly tugging at the silky strands. You parted for air, both of you panting. “I’ve got something for you,” Draco said once he’d caught his breath, “But I need to know if you’d be ok with using it.” You nodded slightly climbing off his lap and sitting on the couch. Draco rushed towards your shared bedroom coming back quickly with a bag. You grabbed the bag and looked inside, a dark blush erupting upon your cheeks. The contents of the bag were some…toys, a vibrator and butt plug to be specific. “Well? Would you be willing to use them?” he asked anxiously. “Absolutely,” you said excitedly, picking up the gifts and heading to the room, “Come on Draco. You don’t want to miss the fun, do you?” Draco was quick to react picking you up and carrying you to the bedroom as quickly as possible. He dropped you on the bed, instantly kissing you roughly. His tongue slipped in your mouth wet and hot and rubbing against yours. You hummed into the kiss grinding your hips up into his. Your passionate kissing became more fervent as more layers of clothing were being shed. Draco had just removed your bra leaving you now in a pair of panties as you lay on the bed. He grasped your hands together, cuffing them to the post above your head. “You didn’t tell me about this part,” you said with a slight laugh, “I thought I’d leave it a surprise.” Draco replied. You had no time to fully react before Draco was laying in between your legs. He pried them apart giving a long lick upon your pantie clad womanhood. Slowly he brought them down your legs, kissing and nipping his way down your exposed legs. Draco grabbed the vibrator flicking the switch to turn it on, a light buzzing noise filled the room. He was slow with it, running the tip of the buzzing toy upon your clit lightly in circles. A gasp erupted from your throat your hips bucking upwards and toward the amazing sensations. He moved the vibrator along your folds teasing your entrance, but not pushing it in. Your whines accompanied the buzzing giving Draco a sense of pride. Only he could do this to you. You were his, only his, and only he could make you whine and beg for pleasure. “Tell me what you want me to do with it,” he said with a smirk. “I want you to fuck me with it. Make me feel good, please Draco,” you begged shamelessly. You wanted to feel just how amazing it would be with the vibrator buzzing within you. Draco said nothing, instead pushing the vibrator into your entrance and leaving it there. Your mind went numb from pleasure a loud moan falling from your lips at the feeling inside you. The vibrator buzzed against your walls stimulating your cunt and clit simultaneously. Your hips buckled and your walls clenched around the toy, a plethora of moans escaping you. Draco wasn’t finished yet though. He did buy another toy, and it would be a shame if you didn’t get to use it. With that in mind he removed the vibrator from inside you, taking all of the pleasure with him. Your eyes blinked open as you looked at your boyfriend with helplessness, “Why did you take it out?” you asked, “I want to use the plug on you.” was his simple reply before he grasped your hips and flipped you over. Your arms crisscrossed due to being bound together but at the moment you didn’t quite care. Draco took the toy coating it in lubricant before beginning to push it into your back entrance. Discomfort was the first thing you felt as the plug stretched you out, but once it was fully in it felt amazing. “Fuck that looks hot inside of you.” You said nothing in response, not like you had a chance. Because as soon as the plug was in so was the vibrator. You cried out in pleasure, being filled in both holes and one with a vibrator no less was breathtakingly perfect. Your heart sped up and your walls clenched tightly the coil in your lower abdomen tightening. You could tell this was going to be a mind numbing and amazing orgasm, “Draco, Draco I’m so close. Oh god, please don’t stop.” And he didn’t, instead he angled it so it hit your g-spot. You practically screamed as you came, as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over you. Draco pulled out the vibrator leaving the plug inside of you. He leaned over you, his chest pressing against your back, “Are you ready for round 2” he asks with a chuckle. Your head nodded lazily as you continued to breathe heavily. Draco slowly slid in from behind you, his rock hard erection slipping in easily with all of your slick juices coating your walls. A nearly mute groan escaped his lips as his hips began to thrust deeply into you. He instantly found your g-spit hitting it spot on. You both moaned in sync, “Oh fuck, fuck this feels so good
(Y/N).” Draco’s hips speed up, driving deeper and harder into you. Your hands clenched pulling against the restraints, but to no avail. “Draco in so close,” “So am I. Cum for me baby girl let me now how good you feel.” Urged by his filthy words you came again. Your entire body clenching before falling limp. Draco came soon after you with a loud moan, not moving for a moment and gripping you hips tightly. He soon pulled out and got to work. He removed the plug from your ass and unlocked the handcuffs, freeing your hands. He laid down beside you, pulling you into his side and kissing the crown of your head. “Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked. He hoped you did, it was amazing watching you react to the toys. “That was incredible. We should get more.” Draco laughed, “Yeah we should. Now go to sleep, love.” “Goodnight”, “Goodnight, I love you (Y/N).”

Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you liked it and it was what you wanted! And thanks so much for reading.

Fight To Get Him Back

Written By: @albinokittens300

Rating: T

Prompt 16: Au where hijacked Peeta is told he killed Katniss and has to deal with the guilt of killing the only girl he’s ever loved, and then later once he’s mostly back to himself he’s told she’s actually fine [submitted by Anonymous].

Summary: Katniss and Prim decide to work with District 13 to try and recover Peeta form his Hijacked state. But when he is told he killed her when he choked her and goes through grief, confusion and pain, will they be able to let him know Katniss is okay? And she’s right with him through all of it, fighting for him?

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Unexpected [Part 4] || Mingyu

genre: angst
blurb: mingyu finds out you used to be engaged to someone else a while ago. [ requested ]
word count: 2022
author’s note: i’m so sorry for my late update!!;; it’s been difficult to find any free time recently, but hopefully i’ll be writing longer scenarios now that i’m finished the drabble requests~ i hope it’s okay!(:

[ part 1 ] [ part 2 ] [ part 3 ] [ part 4 ] [ part 5(final) ]

You sighed upon realizing that yet another day had begun. The sun shining on your face was more than enough evidence that everything yesterday was real. You could feel the lump in your throat growing larger with every passing second, but you forced yourself to stop. You brought this upon yourself, you reminded yourself. It was no one’s fault other than yours. Hey, no wait, he’s equally at fault, if not more! You continued to argue with your mind, rolling out of your messy bedsheets and beginning to prepare for the day. No wonder Mingyu left me, you mused, your thoughts and actions numb, I’m talking to myself – am I going crazy?

You unconsciously picked up your cell phone and scrolled through your newsfeed while taking a bite out of your cereal. Once you finished, you let out another deep sigh. “Should I call him?” You wondered, not needing to expand more on who the person you were talking about was. You shook your head immediately in response to your own question. Holy crap, I really am going crazy.

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Safety First

Originally posted by trashwilldo

Fandom: Star Wars

Shipping: Kylo x Reader

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: nakedness, mentions of sex, kinda a watersports kink, hints of spanking

Summary: After being thoroughly fucked by Kylo he takes care of you and makes sure you don’t get an infection (how romantic).

Word count: 519 - it’s a short one

A/N: I wrote this at 1am after having some sudden inspiration, from what I can’t remember. I feel like it’s a bit OOC for Kylo but whatever, I kinda like it. Also, feed back is always appreciate, good and/or bad. // This is a re-upload from a secondary blog of mine, @star–wars–imagines, as I’m moving all my writing onto my main blog

Your name: submit What is this?

Having let Kylo do his worse you were now lying limp on your shared bed. You had spent all of your day’s energy on 6, all equally as mind blowing, orgasms.

You felt Kylo’s weight disappear from the bed and heard the slaps of his bare feet hitting the metallic floor. You needn’t ask where he was going, you already knew. This had become somewhat of a routine.

Kylo plodded back into the room, bringing a warm cloth with him. He moved to the end of the bed and kneeled down. You were strewn half off half on the bed, your feet and calves dangling off the edge. He looked at you closely before ever so gently cleaning his cum off of your sex. Even with his caution you whined, your body spasming at the sensation, and snapped your legs shut, not being able to take any more stimulation. Kylo shushed you as he pried your legs open to continue going about his cleaning. You continued to complain thought-out the process, your body twinging every so often. You moved your hands to his own a couple times in an attempt to push him away from your sensitive pussy, but he resisted. Once done he raised to his feet and moved to the rest of your body, wiping his remaining seed from your sweaty skin as he hovered over you, taking in your wreaked form.

He tossed down the damp cloth haphazardly before moving to your side and hoisting you into his arms, your sweaty body moulding to his own. Moans of annoyance left your lips before muffling themselves in Kylo’s bare chest. He paced into the refresher holding you bridal style, and then lowered you down onto the seat. You sighed at the icy touch of the toilet seat, the temperature cooling your abused bottom. You then looked to him with half lidded eyes; he was now kneeling in between your legs looking to you with an expectant tone.

“Come on (Y/N). You need to go” he spoke in a gentle tone, it was galaxy’s away from the commanding and rough tone he had been using just 15 minutes ago “it’s for your own good, you know that”

He lifted his hand up to your face, tracing his coarse fingers along your cheek before going to tuck your hair behind your ear. Kylo then moved his hand to your lower stomach, massaging your belly with a light pressure. You nodded, knowing he would get his way even if you refused, like you once did. A light smile curled onto Kylo’s face.

You then let go, your pee streaming into the toilet bowl. The hand on your stomach pressed into your bladder firmly, making the stream quicken. Kylo’s gaze skipped between your pussy and your eyes. These moments often felt more intimate than the sex the two of you shared. The way he cared for you and watched you caused shivers to course through your bones.

Once done he tapped your belly and lifted you back into his body, lazily padding back into your bedroom as you dipped into sleep.

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treading water

Sequel to staying afloat which I wrote for @rebelcaptainprompts prompt #8: “agony, fingers, and shiver”

Written because people asked and I also made myself sad (oops). I’m still sticking to the prompt! :) (though it’s much fluffier at the end, I promise)

In Cassian’s POV this time, requested by @wantingtobekorra 

Word Count: 880 

She’s too light, too cold, too limp, her chest deathly still. 

His heart lurches in his throat as he sprints, leaving him gasping for air, Jyn’s head lolling in his arms. The only thing pushing him forward is the fact that she hasn’t let go of him. Despite everything, her fingers are still firmly intertwined with his, blood drying on her knuckles. Holding on tight. 

So he runs.

Cassian knows he’s scaring the technician with the look in his eyes. Despair had twisted his usually calm expression into something feral. 

“I can’t let go,” he almost hisses, almost begging. 

“Sir,” the young medic says, “you can’t come in here,” they explain for the third time. “You’re wasting time,” they add. Somehow the words reach the logical, functioning part of Cassian’s brain. You’re wasting her time

So he lets go, turning away so he doesn’t see Jyn’s hand being pried away from his. 

This was the day Cassian learned the true meaning of agony. He didn’t pace the hallway in front of Jyn’s room in the medbay. He didn’t constantly peer into the little gap in the doorway to see how the medics were faring. He didn’t corner everyone who came out of that room and demand to know Jyn’s fate.

He waited, back pressed against the wall, sitting with his head in his hands, elbows on his knees. Passersby would’ve thought he was praying, but Cassian had given that up long ago. 

The deathly chill of the medbay seeps into his bones along with fear. It was his fault. He should’ve gotten there sooner, moved faster, aimed more precisely, ran more quickly. Cassian tries to shove the thoughts away - this won’t help her.

He had dealt with loss before, so many times that it felt like an old friend. He knew the steps: mourn and move on. 

Even at Scarif, he had accepted his fate. But Jyn had been with him. 

Jyn had been with him. 

And now he was alone. 

She was alone. 

Cassian’s shaking, now, and he thinks he’s shivering from the cold. But he eventually pulls his hands away from his face, and the blood smears are damp with tears.

He rests his head against the wall, looks up at the brightly lit ceiling, timing his breaths with the flickering of the lights, a sob threatening to spill from his lips. The cold’s numbed his fingers, and he balls them into fists to keep them warm. He runs his thumbs over the knuckles, deep in thought. 

Jyn’s a fighter, he thinks, and his mouth quirks into something resembling a smile. There was nothing he could do now, but hope she could make it. Hope was what kept them alive. 

The door opens eventually, and the medic from earlier eyes Cassian warily. Cassian tilts his head back down to look at them, expression showing no hints of emotion. 

“Captain Andor?” the medic asks. 

Cassian nods, a fluttery feeling in his gut. Hope was a delicate thing, and when crushed there was no way to recover. He holds it tightly, not wanting to let it go. 

“Lieutenant Erso is out of danger. She lost almost two liters of blood, but she’s been patched up and should be healthy after a few days’ rest.”

Hope soars once again, and it delicately flutters in the palm of Cassian’s hand. 

“She’ll be awake soon,” the medic continues, trying to match Cassian’s neutral expression. “You can go in now, sir.” 

Cassian closes his eyes and nods. The medic moves to leave.

“Thank you,” he says and the medic gives him an apologetic smile. 

“We just do our duty, sir. I think you’d understand that.” 

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No More Secrets

Felicity was thinking about that day last year when Oliver moved out. It felt like they were inside an iceberg. Their life together had stopped moving and Oliver seemed like a stranger to her. Felicity’s feelings were raw and it took everything in her to keep from screaming. Oliver’s stuff was in boxes and both of them maneuvered around them like they were landmines. It was a horrible day.

Felicity walked into the kitchen and almost started to cry. On that day he left, Oliver told her he didn’t need his pots and pans, his spice racks and cutting knives. He left it all behind, probably thinking that Felicity could make better use of them. The whole year and a half they were apart, Felicity cooked no meals with those implements. In fact, she just avoided using the kitchen—except for the microwave and the coffee maker. It wasn’t because she couldn’t cook (she couldn’t) but because every time she went into the room, Oliver was still there.

There were so many memories here—good and bad. Felicity looked at the main counters of the kitchen and could still see indentations from the bullets Darkhe’s ghosts had fired. That had been a crazy night. Darkhe almost killed her mother. Curtis was nearly killed as well. She could only stand there, helpless and unable to protect those she cared about. If Oliver and John hadn’t crashed through the upstairs window and disrupted Darkhe’s intentions, he mother would have died.

Felicity moved out into the living room. Looking back on that time, she almost couldn’t recognize the person she was then and who she is now. Everything that came after: her father, Havenrock, Oliver being heroic and killing Darkhe, her decision to stay and continue to fight by Oliver’s side, that sweet time in the Bunker with him, her meeting Billy—it all put her on a downward spiral. Oliver was still an open wound in her heart, but she could not go back to him, she could not be a part of his life while she felt left out of it. Oliver wanted to talk about what happened between them, but it just didn’t feel right to her, even after they shared sex with each other. She told him she loved him, but it wasn’t enough if he did not trust her completely. It was about him not including her in the danger and turmoil and decisions of their lives, not as Overwatch, but as his partner and wife.

Felicity suddenly felt hungry. She thought about going back into the kitchen to make a sandwich but decided against it.  It was Oliver’s kitchen again, and a little anticipation moved through her at the thought of listening to the sounds of him making them dinner again, something delicious. Tonight, maybe. And tomorrow—breakfast in bed perhaps.

Felicity picked up her cell and texted Oliver, asking him to stop on the way back from his storage unit and pick up something to eat. When she was done, Felicity moved over to one of Oliver’s boxes. It felt good putting his things back into place. She opened the box and saw a notebook lying inside. Actually, there seemed to be several of them. Curious, Felicity took the top notebook out and opened it. It was Oliver’s writing, and as she started reading the first sentences, Felicity realized she had stumbled onto Oliver’s private thoughts:

August, 2016

           I don’t know if this journal is such a good idea. But Felicity told me that facing my demons, dealing with the horrors and the darkness they created will eventually bring closure. She told me to embrace our life together. I would not be the man I am today without her. So I thought about it and decided on this journal. I trust her. I always have.

Felicity wasn’t hungry anymore. She took Oliver’s journal over to the couch and went deeper into the mind of the man she loves.


Oliver pulled the U-Haul up in front of the building that housed his new/old home. The last of his stuff was in the back—about five trips worth up to the loft. On the seat next to him was a bag with their lunch—two Big Belly deluxe’s, an order of onion rings for him and cheese fries for Felicity. Over the last year, while they were apart, Oliver had changed his diet; more fruit and vegetables and less sloppy burgers. Yet when Felicity texted him suggesting he get something to eat, it seemed almost nostalgic that he get the burgers.

The moving could wait. He grabbed the food, made sure the truck was secure, and went into the building.


Felicity dug further into the box and took out the remaining notebooks. It was like finding a rare book, (Felicity was thinking Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness.) The value of Oliver’s writing was priceless. It told his story, raw and unfiltered. A small part of her felt guilty, as if she was spying on him. But he told her when they decided to move back in together that there were no more secrets between t them. Did that include this journal? Felicity reasoned that if he didn’t want her to read it, he wouldn’t have so casually left it out like this.

She turned another page:

Lian Yu

Slade told me to go into the tower and take out the radio operator. Kill him. Once the radio was secured, we could send a message to Slade’s people, coordinates to the island. I was still inexperienced in this kind of stuff. Yes, I killed that merc with a rock, smashing his head into unrecognizable pulp, but I was crazy insane when I did.  This time, I would have my wits. I guess Slade’s plan was a good one—maybe if he had ten highly trained ops guys instead of a greenhorn ex-billionaire playboy.

Felicity was completely lost in Oliver’s words, turning the pages almost hypnotically as his life on the island unfolded.


She did not hear Oliver come into the loft. When he spoke her name, Felicity looked up from the journal and saw him standing inside the door, a bag of Big Belly in his hand and a look of being startled on his face. Guilt swept through her again.

“Oliver…I’m…I found…Oliver, I’m sorry.” She was in complete babble mode.

He put the hamburgers down on the entry table and moved over to the couch. “Felicity, it’s alright.”

Felicity got off the couch and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Oliver, I never would have pried into your personal stuff…I thought I would help unpack the boxes…but I couldn’t stop reading…”

“Felicity,” he spoke in the ear. “It’s okay. I told you I didn’t want to keep more secrets from you. I haven’t written anything in there since…well, since we broke up.”

She entangled herself from him and stepped back. “Oliver, these are not secrets. They’re…they’re you.”

“Yeah, I guess so. A part of me. But are your sure you want to know the person in those pages?”

“Oliver…yes. With all my heart and soul.”

He nodded. “Okay, but Felicity, we should eat first. You might need strength to get through them. But before you lose yourself in my words, can I ask you a question?”

“Oliver, anything.”

“How far are you in the journal?”

“Well, you and Slade just took over the radio in that tower. Pretty exciting, by the way.”

Oliver nodded but had nothing to add.

Felicity looked over at the bag of food on the table. “Did you get me…”

“Cheese fries,” he finished for her. “I did.” He shook his head with mock disgust. “Felicity, you do know that they’re not very healthy?”

“Oliver, after everything we’ve gone through all these years, cheese fries is the least danger to my health.”

Oliver chuckled. “Fair enough.” He nodded at the notebooks. “That might not be so healthy either; I mean mentally. There is a lot of disturbing and violent stuff.”

“Oliver, I’ve been shot, paralyzed, responsible for the death of an entire town, paralyzed again via EMP, almost killed in an elevator shaft and tortured by Chase—I think I can handle it.”

“Felicity, okay. I’m not saying you can’t. But there are some pretty brutal and graphic moments I’m not proud of.”

“Oliver you said at the beginning of this that you trust me. That is something I will never doubt again. But you need to trust me now. There is nothing in here that will change how I feel about you. I love you—darkness and all.”

Oliver smiled at her. “Felicity, I have an idea. Why don’t we eat first, then go upstairs and make love. I have a sudden desire to hear you call out my name in ecstasy. After, I will read my words out loud to you.”

Felicity took his hand. “Oliver, that’s a great idea. But forget the food—I want some of that ecstasy first.”

She marked her place in Oliver’s journal and they went upstairs.

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