of him and bridgit

With all the discussion about what Fish’s death meant to Oswald and the tragedy and irony of it all, I’m surprised no one has talked about this ^ yet: Freeze and Firefly watching Oswald grieve for her.

Cause, this is actually quite a significant moment as well: both Victor and Bridgit have experienced tragic losses before, so they know how Oswald feels in that moment, which means this was probably the first time that both of them were able to truly emotionally connect with Oswald.

Which could be a turning point for the both of them, because so far, they both have not really been getting anything out of joining Oswald’s Freak Family yet, aside from constantly being annoyed by each other’s presence and doing whatever oswald/fish wanted from them. And clearly part of the reason why both of them joined him in the first place were not just the individual promises he made to them, but cause they both seem to have taken a liking to Ivy (especially Bridgit) and not really cause they wanted to be part of Oswald’s Army. so technically, at this point, it’s actually only a matter of time for both of them to start wondering why they should keep on doing it, if they haven’t gotten anything out of it for themselves yet.

However after witnessing Oswald genuinely caring about someone dying, which is surely something neither of them really expected of Oswald, it could change their opinions about him and give them a reason to want to stick around regardless.

Which I really hope they’re going to do, because, aside from the fact that it would be great if they kept freeze and firefly around more often now, the thing is, with Oswald finally opening his Iceberg Lounge now, his permanent business place in the canon, it means it’s also about time Oswald finally really gets a true, permanent crime family around him, as in, people who actually want to work with him constantly and not just cause they’re forced to like it was mostly so far the past 3 seasons. cause if they really want to finally establish Penguin as the future crime lord of Gotham (which they pretty much confirmed that they’re going for now with his plans for the lounge), they can’t keep letting him be surrounded by people anymore now who will immediately abandon or betray him whenever things get rough for him cause they never really cared for working for him. and what better way to start out his future crime family than with Ivy, Bridgit and Victor? cause all four don’t just have in common being considered Freaks, but experiencing tragic losses in their past/having crappy lives growing up, so they already have the perfect way to connect on a personal level.

Not to mention, both Freeze and Firefly are actually not real career criminals yet, cause they both don’t really have a cause, which is most likely another reason why they ended up sticking with Oswald for the time being, they both don’t really know what to do with themselves yet anyways. and so if they both end up taking a liking to Oswald now, they could decide for themselves to keep offically work for him, as his henchmen for example. which would especially be beneficial for Victor, cause remember, Oswald promised him to help him with his research, and with the Lounge around now, he’d guaranteed get payed pretty well by Oswald. so Oswald’s Freak Army actually really makes total sense as part of a permanent crime family for him.


Candace _ Undatable (2x04) A Stray Dog Walks Into a Bar

“Okay, I took Mo to the dog shelter to make sure that he didn’t belong to anyone, and he didn’t, but they said that I couldn’t adopt him until I had an interview. And, I mean, look at these questions. ‘Do you have a yard?’ Who am I… Rihanna? They’re never gonna let me adopt him.


So many possibilities! Of course this has to mean Jerome, and we know Theo and Bridgit are in the facility with him. Here’s who else I’d love to see again! Fish Mooney, Liza, Sal Maroni, Jason Skolimsky (Or Jason Lennon, as you please), Gerald Crane, and Richard Sionis. Who’s to say some non-villians might also be reanimated? My top picks would be Officer Katherine Parks, Kristin Kringle, Gertrude Kapelput, and Sarah Essen. Yes, I know Kristin didn’t make it to the morgue, so she’s a long shot.

Who would you most like to see come back to life on Gotham, in addition to Jerome, Theo, and Bridgit? As few or as many as you’d like!

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