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That’s Not On The Test

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I love your writing sm omg. ❤️❤️ I feel like 66 and 30 would go well together… maybe with Harrison?

30. “You know my house has a door, right? You don’t always have to use the window.”
66. “How’d you get a key to my apartment?”


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Harrison Osterfield had been part of your life for as long as you could remember. Being the best friend of your older brother, Tom, he was over what seemed like everyday. He often just walked in, greeting Nikki with a kiss on the cheek and “Bro hugs™” to the twins and Tom, he would ruffle your hair as he passed by you, making his way to Tom’s room.

You would swat his hand away with annoyance, making him chuckle. Nikki would often joke about how it meant he liked you, the whole “Boys are only annoying to girls when they like them” speech that you had to hear for the past nineteen years of living. You often groaned in response to her little comments.

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Could you do 5, 8 and 11 with Harrison Osterfield please?☺

5. “Is that my hoodie?”

8. “What are you doing here?”
11. “Will you stay?”

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One month, two weeks, four days, and 14 hours since Harrison had broken up with you. Your friends had tried desperately to cheer you up and to make you move on. They had introduced you to a countless number of guys, they weren’t bad but they weren’t Harrison.

You knew you shouldn’t have kept anything from Harrison but you did. You kept the stuffed animals he got for you for birthdays and anniversaries You kept the necklace with an ‘H’ on it he had given you for Valentine’s Day. You had kept the hoodie he had left at your house.

Strangely enough you would still wear it, his scent still lingered on the maroon hoodie with white strings. The zipper was broken a bit, often annoying you as you had to forcefully tug on it to zip it or unzip it. You slept with the hoodie at night, making you feel less alone and comforted.

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harrison osterfield

 + song: papi - jennifer lopez

 + word: (n) redamancy ( def. a love returned in full; the act of loving the one who loves you)

 + quote: “all we needed were some good friends and a song to sing along”

when i think of haz, i think of neon signs; bold beauty; representing fun and long nights.

dogs; filled with energy and love for everyone; happy balls of sunshine.

adventure; living in the moment; appreciating and loving life; being brave enough to do what one loves.

love; love for friends; love for the family; love for the simple things in life

request here ; explained here

(thanks to @urbanstrangersfanfics for helping me choosing the song. ily.)

Ode to Sleep

22, 23, 3 with harrison please? Thanks

3. “This is gonna sound cheesy but… I love when you’re half asleep and talking nonsense.”

22. “Can we just lie here for a moment”

23. “I know it’s 2am but can we meet up”

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You had a big paper for school due by the end of the week. Of course you waited until last minute, you had much better things to do, like binge watch Friends on Netflix and see your boyfriend, Harrison, who had been gone for months with Tom.

You made a promise to yourself to finish at least two pages. You had been sitting at your desk for hours and had barely made a page.

You sighed when your phone rang, signaling you had received a text messages. You bit your lip, debating if you should look at it or not.

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Clingy Drunk

hey, I love your posts. If you’re taking requests could I request a Harrison Osterfield prompt with number 7 and 61? Thank you

7. “I forgot to mention that i’m… i’m completely in love with you.”

61. “What did i do to deserve you?”

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Harrison Osterfield was a hundred percent clingy when drunk. He had to reassure everyone that he knows that he loved and appreciated them.

Because you and him were dating, he would constantly show his affection for you. He would often lean over to kiss you or hug you.

So when Tom had dropped him off at home after a boys night out and Harrison was drunk out of his mind, you knew you were in for a hell of a night. He had just walked through the door and he was already clinging to you. He greeted you with a kiss on the lips and hugged you tightly.

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