of garda

God, I’m so happy Timmy got his nomination.

I’ve always said I just feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this movie but especially his performance because he took Elio - a character I have cherished for 9 years - and made him real, endearing, layered, vulnerable, bold, joyful, cheeky, sensitive and endlessly fascinating.

He’s like sunshine and I couldn’t love Elio more than I do now that the movie exists.

There are so many moments that I could revel in forever where Timmy’s beautiful and nuanced performance nearly kills me with how affecting and raw it is.

I feel like Elio does in the scene at the pillars near Lake Garda. His eyes are so full of this lovely dreamy wistfulness and that has always been my reaction to this movie so regardless of awards… they’re great but when something has the ability to affect people so profoundly, surely that’s the best thing in the world?

Art is transformative and comforting and instructive and this movie is all of that and more. Most importantly, it just makes people HAPPY. Luca is to thank for that. His heart is all over this movie and if I got to meet him, I’d tell him how grateful I am for that and for the fact that this movie exists.