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Fic: The King of Gallifrey and I, Ch 5/?

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Pairing: Ten x Rose
Rating: M
Word Count: 2.6k (chapter)
Summary: Rose Tyler was not happy by any means as she rode the train to the Citadel at the heart of Gallifrey. She’d been hand chosen to be the new Instructor of Human Studies at the Academy, completely against her will, but what King Theta Sigma of Gallifrey demanded, the king received.
Tags: King and I AU, enemies to lovers, fluff, romance, telepathy/bonding, timey wimey, light angst
Notes: This is a response to a @timepetalsprompts​ weekly prompt from a long time ago, Classic Films AU.

Hope it was worth the wait. Again, thank you so much for all the comments and reblogs. Y'all make posting this bit by bit a ton of fun.

Note that their academic schedule is different from ours. And, we meet the infamous Rani. Her character’s slightly different from Classic Who.

Unbeta’d, so please forgive any mistakes.

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

A few days later, Theta walked up to a set of clinical, white double doors. He leaned towards the retina scanner. He walked forward and, to his surprisde, banged into the hard surface of an unopened door. The console gave him a cheeky negative beep. He tried scanning his retina again with the same result. He pressed a button on the panel. “Ushas, I need access to the lab, please.”

“What do you want, Theta?”

“I need you for a project.”

“That’s not very nice. You only come to see me when you need me for something, which happens to be never, until now.”

“That’s because you’re insane, and we both know it. You’ll like this project, though, I promise.”

“What does it entail?”

“You get to stick it to the Council, especially Socra. It hasn’t been sanctioned by them.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m clever.”

“What else does it entail?”

“You get to be a genius.”

“I already am. You’re going to have to think of something more enticing than that.”

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I was trying out some typography in photoshop and decided gallifreyan would make a fun subject to practice on.

 - The top one is a colourful one, saying "Kindness" in reference to 12′s beautiful speech in the finale, written in Sherman’s circular script.

 - The middle, darkest one says “Koschei Oakdown”, and I think suits the young Master very well. I love the effect of having part of it ‘shadow’ the other, I might use that technique again some time, but maybe make it more visible. Also in ‘Shermanic’ as I find myself referring to this script as.

 - The last one is blotchy and I hope still readable, saying "Without Hope, Without Witness, Without Reward" in Collective Gallifreyan script, a conlang project I recommend checking out.  

So I hope you enjoy them!

Edit: Fixed a couple Spelling mistakes.


I really -really- love that episode 2 promo pic of Peter in the middle of the field, like I think about it at least 30 times per day.
I could easily imagine Gallifrey on the background so, since photo manipulation is not my area, I.. decided to draw the whole thing.

(Second picture is just a zoom in because the face is not a total disaster so I can show it off…a bit)

That moment when three incarnations of the Doctor are in one single shot on Broadchurch! Broadchurch is also written and created by new showrunner Chris Chibnall! Small world! :)

Meeting and travelling with the Tenth Doctor as a Time Lord/Lady would include:

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  • Him being so confused and surprised but mostly not believing whatever you’re claiming because it’s supposedly impossible.
  • “But.. But that’s impossible!’’
  • Trying to explain to him what happened to you during and after the Time War which he doesn’t believe because no one, supposedly, could’ve escaped a million dalek ships hovering around the planet
  • “Ask me anything.’’
  • Him quizzing you over so many different things and still getting every answer right, after it he’s so confused but at the same time so happy to know that there’s still a Time Lord/Lady left in the universe beside him.
  • The Doctor getting jealous when it becomes clear the Tardis likes you a lot better than she liked him because you can actually fly the Tardis properly.
  • “Did you even pass your flying test?’’
  • Getting your own room and the Tardis helping you decorate it and you end up making it look like your room on Gallifrey
  • Whenever you end up on an alien planet outsmarting the Doctor and actually know more than the Doctor which makes him slightly annoyed but he really liked it because there’s finally someone smarter than him.
  • Meeting Donna and becoming best friends and you’re actually able to explain things so humans understand it instead of just rambling for twelve hours which sounds like nonsense to them.
  • Donna calling you timeboy/timegirl and loving how you’re always able to outsmart the Doctor.
  • “Super temp.’’
  • Always making sure Donna understands what is going on and always making her feel better whenever she doesn’t think she’s useful for anything because she doesn’t get it.
  • Meeting Martha who’s just as surprised as the Doctor but now that she’s moved on from him definitely enjoys your company and the way you are properly able to make him shut up.
  • Flying the Tardis instead of the Doctor and Donna continuously saying the Doctor should never fly again because you are actually able to fly the Tardis without constantly partially half-crashing.
  • The Doctor slowly falling for you.
  • Meeting Rose who’s quite jealous of you, meeting Jack who’s getting told of by the Doctor to stop, Sarah Jane Smith who’s surprised when there’s another time lord left but nice nonetheless.
  • Being extremely confused and angry by the fact there are still so many Daleks and what they’re doing.
  • Shocked when there’s a second Doctor and DoctorDonna but also extremely sad because you know that humans aren’t able to handle that and what’ll eventually happen.
  • “There’s four of you. I can’t tell you what I’m thinking right now!’’
  • “Everyone leaves but I won’t ever.’’

Someone has done a manip of Peter Capaldi from Rachel Stot’s amazing art work with 12th in Time-Lord battle armour. https://twitter.com/RachaelAtWork. I can’t get over how EPIC this is.