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“I think both Matt and Jessica are quite opinionated and quite stubborn. I imagine it would be kind of a fiery relationship- in a good way.” - Charlie Cox

‘Please roast Phil more.’ Phil had that coming, I mean, you know the thing is Phil wasn’t actually offended 'cause that’s what friends can do. You can just roast each other with no repercussions. But if we’re all being honest with each other, after Phil’s rat video - remember the photos he found of me in Dan, Anthony or a RAT? Yeah, it was only fair that he got a full roasting.

@danielhowell during his live show on the 25th of July 2017

Quotes from Dan (66/?)

When you’re close enough, you can roast someone without any repercussions.

Bon Voyage S2 Ep. 5 Highlights

I guess I’ll do this for every episode I can watch live

  • Jin having a bowing contest with a parrot (i swear it knew korean)
  • Namjoon with his pushed back hair THE FOREHEAD AND SWEEP UGH
  • Everyone making fun of Jikook’s team by assuming they’ll get lost (my babies did so well though I’m so proud)
  • Jinkook’s fucking handshake that includes NECK SLAPS AND KICKS ON THE BUTT I LOVE THEM
  • their obsessive love for starbucks meh
  • Namjoon training Taehyung to speak English to everyone they meet
  • I swear this was 2Seok’s honeymoon where they share pepper paste and take the wrong bus all the time
  • Sweet and helpful Hawaiian locals who sometimes knew Korean (I wish that was me)
  • JiKook comparing their leg tans and chim hiding his tan toes
  • Dominos pizza cashier: Name?Taehyung: Van Gogh THIS BOY ISTG
  • Namjoon, Tae, and Yoongi meeting a fanboy and Tae saying “Important Business” did hobi just lose his line
  • 95z playing in the pool with exposed chest Tae i’m dead
  • when you wanna punch a shark but it ate your arm
  • Yoongi about Tae and their partnership: If we disagree with each other, I will hold his hand
  • Jin, Jimin, and Kook losing money because of table tennis
  • 94z trying to give money to JinChimKook THEY’RE SO SWEET

In the midst of working on commissions I doodled this really fast in probably no more than…. 15 minutes? I don’t remember. But it’s of Mafia!AU Twilight fixing up the cuffs of her suit. Of all the AUs I made the Mafia!AU is among my top favs, it was so much fun to worldbuild! At some point I’d like to revisit it with more worldbuilding as well as actually get to the rest of the characters and how they appear in the AU, but for now have dapper Twi. And ignore the anatomy issues! O:

Hope ya like it! :3

Going Out AU

Character A isn’t a very adventurous person, but for their birthday, their best friends are planning on taking Character A out for the night of their life. Character B is in charge of planning, Character C is the driver, and Character D is the one who is going to convince Character A to go along with their crazy plan.

Possible plans include:

  • Dressing Character A up and taking them out to an unusual club – 20′s themed, techno rave, cowboy themed, etc.
  • Driving three hours out to the country so that they can all watch a meteor shower and have a picnic
  • Everybody dressing up really fancy and crashing an art gallery event
  • Taking Character A out on a group date which includes dinner, bowling, and a romantic walk through the park.
  • Surprising Character A by taking them back to their favorite old hangout/restaurant/coffee shop/etc.
Misanga Bracelets (ミサンガブレスレット)

If you have been watching fashion trends in Japan this year, you may have noticed an increase of late 90s/early 00s things getting popular again in modern variants.

Do you know something that’s refered to as “friendship bracelets”? Because they are the hot not so “new” trend in yumekawaii that is here to stay!

The only thing that really changed is that you sew in some cute plastic jewelry for the extra kawaiiness. We guess you could even sew in medical jewelry to be fitting to “our” fashion.

In order to ensure a long lifetime, the ends are getting cut off and sealed with clear nail polish, an closure is added afterwards.