of france

somehow when i said i was gonna design 3-5 stickers my hands decided to go for 7 instead and now i am Suffering

these are the (mostly finished) summer-themed sticker designs i’ll print for AX this year and that i’ll just be handing them out for free to literally whoever wants one… it would be a great favor to me that if you’re attending this year and that if you’d be interested in getting any that you could reply/etc so i could gauge whether i should try to make it so ppl can find me in a later post, and also if i should print more than a really small amount ;; for now i’m planning to print just 2 of each design and be done with it lol i overprinted a lot last year

that said i looked at the cosplay meet schedule and i can make it to the hetalia shoot on day 3 so i’ll probably be there even though i still can’t tell if that thing is confirmed since it’s switched back and forth so much

Nations React to Eurovision 2017



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Denmark and Norway:

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Cité Curial-Michelet Housing Complex, Paris, France.

(Arch. André Coquet, 1966-69)

Photo by Carlos Traspaderne with Hasselblad 500 C/M & Ilford film.


Thank you so much for being 1 of the most humble, creative, authentic, rule-breaking cultural icons of our lifetime. Your legacy will live on forever…Also thanks for telling me you loved my outfit twice, hugging me on stage, giving me great advice, taking this cute ass picture with me, and taking my business card. THANK U MOST OF ALL FOR ALWAYS BELIEVING IN THE YOUTH AND BEING 4 THE CULTURE. Hoping to work with you one day. Love you always!