of forgetting

nick nd hrry 2017
  • christmas!!
  • netflix and chill and curry!!
  • that whole fuckin day where harry was with nick and they were putting off listening to the album cos they were Nervous Fools
  • three two hr solo harry debut interview!!!
  • nick and eileen flyin to america for their hols and goin to support harry on his debut tv snl performance!!
  • also afterparty!!
  • eileen #legendsonly
  • nick goin to support harry with his graham norton performance!!!
  • harrys one hour album release interview!!!
  • clique holiday where they got married!!!
  • out and about for lunch!!!
  • HARRY STYLES paid for a tired looking NICK GRIMSHAWS cigarettes and mints on his card
  • nick crying at the cinemas by himself over dunkirk!!!
  • harry at the dunkirk premiere and nick hosting an Event but both meeting up later at the Bleach Makeup Launch
  • actor harry rising and going on nicks show Alone to talk about dunkirk
  • nicks prebirthday lunch!!! (also known as: shopping with Bae)

anonymous asked:

There may not be fascists on the left, but there are not so great people on the far left who support their cause so much that they cause violence

fascism wasn’t beaten in world war ii through civil debate, and they won’t be this time either. if violence stops more/worse violence, then surely it is justified?

anonymous asked:

One of the most memorable moments of the whole show for me is Catlin Stark's heartbroken wail after Rob is killed- that sound conveyed so much pain, and I truly think Viseryon's death would have been much more impactful if Dany could have mirrored that moment. She just lost one of her children too, and the dumbass fucking writers seem to think that her just fucking watching on silently is more powerful than her grieving and becoming enraged? Strong women can be visibly emotional !!!!!

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