of for some of them permanently reblogging

Despite my best filtering and blacklisting efforts I still see a few calls to violently attack fascists on my dashboard every day. Practically all of them specifically call for beating up fascists with a baseball bat. 

I wonder what it is about baseball bats. Is it that they’re household items? But steak knives are moreso, and I haven’t seen any calls to stab fascists with your steak knives. Is it that blunt force trauma is less physically dramatic, so calls for it feel less like calls for premeditated murder?

Because let’s be really fucking clear: you can kill someone with a baseball bat. If you really went out on the streets and beat people up with a baseball bat you would likely kill some and inflict permanent brain damage on others. And, of course, killing people by accident in the course of beating them up on purpose is murder.

Maybe some of those people endorse that. But since I haven’t seen widely reblogged enthusiastic calls to shoot fascists point-blank in the drive-thru, or carry a steak knife so you can stab them, I can’t help but wonder if some of those people don’t endorse that, if they mistakenly believe that they’re calling for some sort of tamer, less homicidal flavor of violence.

Or maybe that’s too optimistic and lots of people on tumblr think extrajudicial murders of people for their political views are how to build a society in which marginalized people can be safe.

(I think the real answer is that these posts are not supposed to be taken at face value: ‘beat up fascists with a baseball bat’ means ‘I dislike fascists really emphatically’, not ‘beat up fascists with a baseball bat’. But some people will take them at face value, and other people will have to plan for their own safety around the assumption that others might be taking them at face value, and by being impossible to distinguish from actual calls by murderers to commit murder they provide those with cover. I believe that these posts are evil and indefensible, no matter how metaphorically intended.)

under the cut, you will find roughly # 380 mostly small/medium gifs of the glorious, perfect actor  theo rossi, mostly known for playing juan carlos “juice” ortiz on fx’s biker hit sons of anarchy as well as being my permanent man crush and go-to fc.  none of these gifs are mine. if some are yours && you would like them taken down, shoot me an ask off anon. i gathered these for my own roleplaying purposes, but feel free to use them too. but please, please, PLEASE like this post if you’re using them, it takes a lot of work to do these hunts, it only takes a few seconds to hit that like button. only reblog if you’re a rph!
                               warning - some gifs could be considered nsfw.

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Well I think I’ve found my new favourite family photo of Bulma,Vegeta & baby Trunks. I could picture this scene being set some time after Cell is defeated and Vegeta has decided to return to stay at Capsule Corp permanently,To witch he comes back to find the two of them passed out in her bed. Then of course being the big softy we all know he really is,tucks them in and stays close by to watch over them until dawn.

I’m not sure who the artist is so if anyone knows then please direct me to them. I’d love to give credit where it’s due! :) <3

a good thing to come from my bad idea

Now that I reset all my followers, I feel like some anxiety has been lifted? I can now reblog whatever fandoms I want without feeling guilty?? Because anyone who follows from now on will be doing so with full warning about the dumpster blog they’re signing up for.

Like I don’t need a separate Archie blog anymore, I can just spam as much Archie as I want without worry!

And I can freely post infamous “awful/trash tier” fandoms without shame! Undertale? FNAF? MLP? MINIONS?!? I can plaster my blog with whatever I want, no more holding back! 


id prefer no reblogs just because some of these ideas arent fully formed but…as i navigate m’identity in the wake of getting out of a lesbian relationship that i thought would be permanent (and which was formative to how i approached my identity) i think part of the reason that the bisexual label feels really alienating to me is because most of the bisexual women i have met either don’t actively date women (i.e. don’t seek out women to date) or haven’t dated a woman before, and while this doesn’t make them less bisexual or less queer by any means there’s something to be said for like..not feeling an immediate sense of community with people who have not had the same type of romantic/sexual history as you…i find that a lot of the bisexual women i talk to try to initiate conversations about finding women attractive, which is certainly part of the shared experience that comes with being queer, but that’s…not all it is, dating and sex and love are also huge parts of that. it doesn’t help that a good handful of the women i know who identify as lesbian have said they experienced attraction to men, or that the few bisexual women i know who are in long-term relationships with women often colloquially refer to themselves as lesbian. it’s just kind of a mess and i feel like a liar no matter what i say or do! 

new confessions blog

Welcome to Assassin’s Creed Confessions (version 2.0). Hopefully temporary, possibly permanent. Both tumblr and microsoft are being dick bags so…yeah.

ANYWAY. To get things started around here I’m gonna kick it off by reblogging the ENTIRETY of the posts on the original blog, so they don’t get lost in case the original blog ever gets deleted. Reblogging them here will also ensure that the old posts will still appear in the search/tag pages here, when that is up and running.

I’m essentially rebuilding everything from scratch (ugh) so it will take some time before submissions are back up and running again. Since I did not navigate away from the inbox in one of my browser tabs I was able to copy/paste nearly 200 submissions into graphics before they ran out; these will be posted once the mass reblog is complete.

It will be a rough restart, but I will keep everyone posted with updates as they occur. 


I’m really sorry about this, everyone. In the 3-ish years it’s been since I started working on this blog, the posts have never stopped—a fact I have always been proud of. While the fandom can get wanky at times, this blog has always been a great way for fans to share their thoughts and opinions while giving them a larger voice they may not have otherwise.

Now I’m calling on you to give this blog a larger voice. Reblog this post, tell your friends, like it for later, whatever. I believe this now teeny little side blog can become as great as its predecessor, perhaps even better.

Safety and peace,





It has come to my attention how recently, a teenage girl was bullied by the fandom to the point of attempting suicide. All because of a piece of fan art. The girl lives, but this is a wake up call in the most fucked up way. 

This is literally the most toxic fandom I have ever seen. While the show is pregressive and understanding, the fandom is the exact opposite. I have seen anon hate do more and more disgusting things, and finally this is enough.

I have been attacked by anons.

My friends have been attacked by anons.

This girl almost died because of anons.


If you are a member of this fandom, and genuinely care, reblog this and turn off your anons. Once of anon is off, you take away all of the power.

Turn off your anons and keep them off permanently if this kind of thing WILL NOT STAND.