of fish


So I bought a betta tank plant terrarium and I put this together. I am so pleased with it! It has a baby Fern and Scottish Moss. I decided to keep my lucky Onyx Shark in it (he’s special because I found him with a broken tail at the crystal shop and he was glued back together by me). There’s also a bunch of crystals that were gifted to me, beach glass from a place I call “home” and just all around awesome good vibes. More than anything, this was a self-care, self-healing and self-love project. I poured a lot of love and energy into making this and I want to keep healing and growing!!!  ❤😍🌱

Today’s a very special day for a very special boy!

…not that he knows it. 

One year ago today, I met my betta Bailey and brought him home on a whim with a discount 2.5g and a cycling 5.5g. We’ve been through three tanks and four scapes together in only a year, and look at his transformation!

He went from a pale pink that my mother and I just fell in love with:

To a stunningly strange lookin’ feathery mess he is today:

Here’s to another year of grumps. <3 Happy “take-home” day, Bailey~