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silent-of-spirit  asked:

The way you said I love you: In a letter

For @dadrunkwriting
THANK YOU MY LOVE @silent-of-spirit!!!
Full disclosure: I totally just re-wrote an old poem of mine. I hope it’s not to terribly cringe-y.

              You’ve got secrets hidden in the corners of your mouth, and I am determined to find them out. I would kiss the whispers at your temples and smooth the worry from your brow. I have memorized your body against mine, while your sea-storm eyes rouse an unbearable fever in my skin and soul. I have felt you trace the raised ink in my skin while we dozed silently in the dark, and I think my pulse beats your name.
             Forever is an awfully long time…and with your ear pressed to my chest or your fingers’ curl at the small of my back, all time isn’t time enough. Hand-in-hand, I swear I’d walk with you even to the very brink of the Void— But, naïve as you think me, I’m not insane enough to wish for your Forevers. I almost hate you for making me this weak, keen thing. I am sick and reckless and hopeful.
             And you? You are just maddeningly calm, with your crooked smirk and your cigarette.