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Our toaster-hacking friend returns.

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This oneshot idea has been written in the notes of my phone for literally forever, so last night I started writing it up.

Fluff ahoy. Post-Tokyo.

Exhaustion didn’t even begin to cover what he was feeling as he trudged towards the main room, doing so as quietly as he possibly could. Such a skill wasn’t usually difficult for him considering his level of stealth.

But when fatigue was thrown into the mix, his footsteps were a little louder and stealth kind of went out the window.

Robin yawned as he moved. His legs felt sluggish and his signature red backpack was weighing heavy on his shoulders, even though there wasn’t that much stuff inside. He had a feeling his mask was slightly askew too but he wasn’t too bothered considering he’d be taking it off soon enough.

As the doors opened with a whoosh, Robin couldn’t help but smile as the familiar scent of home filled his senses. The faint aroma of pancakes with the smallest hint of tofu in the air, the slight burn smell from the game station running throughout the day, whiffs of the girls’ respective perfumes.

It always hit him harder when he’d been away for a while.

“Rob!” Came a surprised but upbeat voice.

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Being forced to question your own reality and point of view, being told your whole life “this is right, that is wrong” only to be told when you’re on the verge of adulthood that no, that’s not strictly true. Nothing is as easy as black or white. There are millions of grays in between that don’t have rules you can easily obey; All you have is your morals and your instincts, and—if you believe—the guidance of your God. 
People will make you question your choices at every turn until you, yourself start to question them too. That’s how it works
But do you know that?


╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 15: Favorite video screencap

I don’t think I ever thought ‘oh hey this screencap is my fav’ other than when I screencapped (is that even a word?) MHB and I was so happy that I finally had pics of Richard in that costume thingy haha but since I had a few videos in screencaps saved to make myself icons, I ended up choosing some that I really liked and here’s what I came up with lol they’re not funny or anything, I just happened to like these a lot lol so yeah

Full Challenge Here.

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