of course you two would

Okay, but imagine if...

Cedric Diggory hadn’t died.

Imagine, just for a moment, that when they take the portkey, instead of an Avada Kedavra, it’s a Stupefy that hits him. Or that the AK misses him by an inch, hits a grave instead, knocks him out for a second.

Imagine that everybody forgets about the Hufflepuff boy out cold on the floor, because they are so intent on resurrecting Voldemort. Peter forgets as he ties Harry to that statue. Voldemort forgets as he is dumped into a cauldron full of flesh and bone and blood. And every death eater that comes sooner or later, well, no one tells them about the boy either - there are more pressing concerns.

However, Harry doesn’t forget. Because Harry has been in that sort of situation since he was eleven. He’s used to looking out for others, by now. Hermione and the Troll, Ron on the chess game, Ginny in the Chamber, Sirius and Hagrid and even Buckbeak- Harry always looks out for everyone, and never forgets about anyone, even if they are not really his friends.

So while he stares in horror, while he’s powerless and sees his greatest foe come back to life, a tiny part of his mind is screaming at him to check on Cedric, to get them out of here. Both. Alive.

Now let’s say that the ceremony, and the Death Eater meeting after the resurrection takes time. Lots of it. Let’s say that Voldemort, being the drama queen he obviously is, takes his time, and enjoys every single second of attention he gets from his followers and that Potter brat.

Let’s say he takes enough time for Cedric to come back to consciousness.

He awakes, lying in the grass and dirt, surrounded by bits of stone, his head aching and confused. The cup is laying about, not too far from him, and he could take it to go back but- he’s a Hufflepuff. He’s loyal. He doesn’t forget either, and that’s why, even if he’s confused about why or how he’s here, he doesn’t take the cup and goes searching for Harry.

Now, the tournament is a vicious thing, isn’t it ? Who’s to say to poor confused Cedric that this is not one more, secret, task ?

So Cedric goes looking, wand in hand, ready to fight, because he’s a Hogwart champion - and really, a Graveyard ? That’s creepy. And because he’s on his guard, and he’s moving around silently, no one notices him creeping behind one of the graves. No one notices the Hufflepuff boy, his horrified expression, and his frantic gaze as he slowly understands that no, that wasn’t a task, and that wasn’t a dream either.

Maybe not even Harry, or maybe he does, but that’s not the important thing.

The important thing is that being in Hufflepuff doesn’t make you stupid at all. The important thing is that Cedric is a champion, and smart, and a quick thinker and a hard worker.

The important thing is that Cedric thinks fast, and casts an ‘Accio’ on the cup as he runs towards Harry while he duels Voldemort.

He breaks through the crowd of amazed and struck Death Eaters, catches Harry’s arm with one hand, and with Seeker reflexes, catches the cup with the other.

Cedric lives, and both Harry and him go back to Hogwarts, terrified, bloody, and flinching away from the sudden noise coming from the public. They both live, and thus no one notices that something is amiss immediately, no one sees their wild glances around - as if someone was still out to kill them. The public cheers, and sings the victory of both Hogwart’s champions, and they are suddenly hugged by their families - the Diggorys and Weasleys.

No one notices, and that’s why when the noise dies down, and someone casts a sonorus on them to ask them how they feel about that victory, everyone hears them say, in a still disbelieving and trembling voice.

“He’s back.”

Obviously, everyone is confused, but they start talking, a bit over each other really, but they are in shock - and they say he’s back, Voldemort’s back, and he took my blood, and we were in a graveyard, and I was knocked out, missed most of the ritual, but it was him, yeah, and there were Death Eaters, in a circle, torturing Harry, horrible, had to get away, he’s back, he’s back.

And that’s when the people notice their faces, the blood, Harry twitching fingers - cruciatus - and their wands still clenched in their fingers, as if ready to attack anyone on sight.

This time, though, Harry doesn’t get ushered away by fake-Moody - because Cedric still has a hand gripping his arm, and wont let go for the world. He tells Dumbledore, and their families, though, when the Headmaster asks them to talk “More calmly and clearly, please, young men” at the Infirmary. Barty Crouch Jr is still apprehended, and the real Moody discovered, and it puts their incredible tale in a new, horrific and real, light.

Imagine if Cedric Diggory lived.

Two witnesses of His return. One is Harry Potter, Hero and Saviour of the Wizarding world. The second is beloved Hufflepuff Prefect Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts Champion. Even if people didn’t believe the first, they would believe the second, and vice versa.

Obviously, the ministry doesn’t take it well, but Amos Diggory and the Weasleys, and Dumbledore make a move together. Susan Bones helps her fellow Hufflepuff by contacting her aunt. Together, they get memory evidence - and they even agree on submitting to truth serum.

Because if Harry alone couldn’t do it - or had no idea he could - Cedric is there, and his father works at the Ministry, and he’s a seventh year. He knows more, and he has people ready to help him - and if he asks them, to help Harry Potter.

Sure, the ministry would try to get all this under the rug, but they couldn’t. Because Weasleys, and Diggorys, and Dumbledore, and Bones, and even Longbottom and soon every name that has a contact in Hogwarts - except some of the Death Eaters - are pushing for the truth to get out, and with a bit of blackmail, Rita helps - and this time, the Daily Prophet can’t repress all of them.

Imagine if Cedric Diggory lived, and how the war would have turned.

Imagine just.

the stages of love - peter parker

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pairing: Peter Parker x reader

summary: The Stages of Love played you like a game for years on end, but Peter might of just realized the same accounted for him too.

requested: yes (anon)

warnings: language; so much fluff holy shit

words: 2524

a/n: so here’s a super fluffy peter imagine yikes this is so fluffy and long but oh well. anyway, pietro imagine releases tonight! hope u enjoy:) o and italics is in the past:)


Stage One: Confusion

You vividly remember the easier times like it was yesterday, the point where nothing was stressful in life besides picking out which birthday presents you wanted more than the others. Everything glided through your life so easily, not a stress in the world. You were seven at the time, the world of coloring your homework assignment and not having to study for the ACT.

You were in Mrs. Banks’ classroom for the year, the most wonderful teacher you could’ve ever thought of having. She was thoughtful, sweet, and she never raised her voice. Once you walked into the room on the first day, your seating assignment was golden. She had sat you next to your long time friend Michelle, your smile bright and jittery as you happily hopped your way over to your friend, her face lighting up at the sight of your name tag place next to hers. You arranged your pencil bag and crayons as Michelle talked ferociously to you about how much fun you two were gonna have all year next to each other.

Not even two minutes later, your bubbly conversation with Michelle was silenced, both of your attention’s snapping to a new figure being seen across the table from you. Your   big, Y/E/C eyes widened at the presence of the new boy, or what you thought was a boy, due to the fact his head was shoved away, hiding in the arms of your teacher.

“Y/N, Michelle, this is your other table buddy, Peter. Can you say hello?” Mrs. Banks’ soft, silky voice floated through your ears as your mind instantly nodded a yes through your head, your eagerness to make a new friend growing.

As Michelle nodded back as well, your teacher coaxed Peter’s seemingly shy demeanor from her arms and led him to the seat across from you. You watched carefully as the boy’s mop of slightly curly, brown hair move to face away from you, decisively showing you and your friend his face. Your eyes followed his features as they opened up to new faces being shown around him. His bashful, bright brown eyes wandered from you to Michelle numerous times before his small lips formed a weary smile at the two of you. Your fascination with this boy was growing by the minute, his entire demeanor questioned you over and over again.

Mrs. Banks’ let him be before walking away to greet others at the door. You stared directly at Peter, waiting for him to open his quiet mouth and say something. His eyes directed down at his desk, arranging his new pencils and crayons in order. Your mind grew impatient waiting for this new friend of yours to talk, so you decided to start the conversation.

“Hi, Peter! I’m Y/N! This is Michelle,” you started, voice squeaky and loud as your finger pointed over to Michelle. She waved at Peter sweetly before pulling out a book and flipping through tge pages.

Peter’s head slowly turned up and locked gazes with you, eyes wide with weariness and concern at your sudden outward demeanor. His thin eyebrows furrowed before his lips did that same small smile again and spoke to you.

“H-Hi,” he quietly answered, nose crinkling in concern of you not being able to hear his quiet voice.

Your smile lit up as soon as he replied, two front teeth missing from the equation, but still the brightest smile possible was adorned across your face. Your mind was somehow already captivated  by this boy’s reticent and peaceful disposition. But your heart was confused at the same time, your seven year old brain not knowing what this new exciting feeling that had been cast upon you on such short notice.

But man, did you like it.

Stage Two: Denial

“Peter! You have to tell me, c'mon!” you urged your best friend of five years, your hands slightly shoving him.

Peter rolled his eyes and folded his arms over his chest in sudden defeat, the sound of regret laced through his words, “Do I have to?”

You urgently shook your head up and down, eyes wide with curiosity as you watched the eleven year old boy in front of you. You were attempting to get Peter to tell you who his crush was, and it wasn’t working in your favor. You had pressured hi eight times that day to tell you, him not budging once. Bu this time, you could feel his attitude slipping, the secret so close to being released.

You really didn’t know why you wanted to know so badly. Maye it was the rush you would get when attempting to set the two of them up. Or, maybe it was the excitement you feel push through you as the Peter told you something he would never, ever tell anyone else.

Your thoughts were cut short as peter heavily sighed and waked closer towards you. His eyes cased everywhere else in the room besides yours  as he finally yielded to your constant begging and told you the secret.

“It’s, it’s Liz Allen,” he said rushed and quietly, instantly pulling away from your ear as the words slipped off his lips, sudden regret soaking his demeanor.

Your mind transitioned from eagerness to almost… regret?  You couldn’t quite detect the feeling that was pulsing through your veins right now. All you could think about was the girl’s name that had just rolled off Peter’s tongue and the fact that everything about her just didn’t match up with Peter.

You whispered back to him, looking around for the sight of anyone before muttering, “But, she’s an… eighth grader,” the sound of her grade level sounded so scandalous and out of place your eleven year old brain didn’t want to comprehend it.

“So?” Peter questioned back to you, rolling his eyes as if you were being the uptight one.

Thoughts of Peter whisking himself away from your time to stare at Liz Allen made your stomach twist in anger and from the tips of your fingers to your toes twitch with jealousy.

Woah woah, wait. Jealousy? You, jealous of Peter’s attention? No way. There was no way you, Y/N Y/L/N was somewhat crushing on Peter Parker. It’s Peter for god’s sake! He was awkward all the time, and he was your best friend. You were NOT jealous.

Nope, no way. There’s no way.

lmao you thot.

Stage Three: Acceptance

It had been two years ever since Peter admitted to his  longing, overbearing, and utterly pathetic crush on Liz Allen. And the  fact that you were completely over it, was to say the least. Ever since  he had slipped his secret to you, his eyes for Liz grew fonder as well  as his heart. His captivating brown eyes would light up a room as he  would spot Liz from the other side, his feet that once carried  themselves over to you before class, found their way over to the older  girl.

Peter’s heart yearned for Liz, while yours, as  you hated to admit, ached for his. Your mind since then has been in a  constant whirlwind of confusion, guilt, regret, and forgiveness as it  flipped between the two sides of your mirroring conflicts.

One  day, you would carry your hatred of his affection on your shoulders as  you approached the school, your feelings portrayed across your face.  Your lips would turn down in a scowl as your eyes would match, the usual   bright Y/E/C would glaze over in a layer of darkness to match your   mood.

But then the next day, Peter just had to do   something cute as hell, kicking the beat of your heart again and   igniting your new feelings, triggering your mind to wash away all of the  bad and immense feelings you had towards Peter’s affections. You   couldn’t trust your conflicted emotions anymore, your newly hormonal,   thirteen year old brain would constantly conflict yourself.

The point was, Peter Parker was messing with your mind, and you had no idea what would happen next.

Stage Four: Infatuation

“Peter, don’t do this again.”

“Y/N please! I promise you, we’ll work on it tomorrow!” Peter pleaded you, his hands grasped around the pole connecting your bed together. His pleads escaped his mouth in sweet, savory sections that made your heart thump.

Peter was flaking on you again, for Liz. Of course, who else would it be? You two were supposed to be working on your Chemistry project, but once again, he got a text from Liz, asking him to help her with homecoming stuff. The beautiful boy before you was asking for yet another favor, replacing your time over again with someone else’s.

You shook your head slightly, allowing him to leave you, working on the project alone. His sweet brown eyes connected with yours in happiness as you agreed.

“Thank you!” he ran over to your slumped figure, instantly wrapping his arms around your frame in a bone crushing hug. The heat between your two bodies flooded your memory of how it felt to succumb to his captivating touch. He released from your grasp, smiling at you once more before exiting your room in a rush.

And he was gone.

You couldn’t help but let out a shaky sigh, the emotions that wracked your brain for months attempting to spill out of your system.Two years had passed since you willingly admitted to yourself your immense feelings for Peter. The one day your feelings never conflicted you again caused you to have almost a mental breakdown. Every wave of sudden affection you yearned for from Peter hit you all at once that day, your thoughts no longer blurring you from the truth.

Your mind played every scenario of happiness, affection, and liveliness it could recall of your years with Peter. You adored his thoughtful strength to want to be able to do more with his life, his intelligence acting as a flame of ignition. You loved carefully gazing at the boy as he bit his thin, pink bottom lip in concentration, dazzling chocolate eyes trained in thought as he focused on something intense. His slightly curled brown hair would run through his fingers in time of stress, your eyes latching themselves on to the muscles that lined his sculpted hands along the top. And don’t even get started on the freckles. They peppered his tan skin so lightly that they looked as if they were barely there. Random ones would appear on his nose daily, and you would take note of the new placement and smile to yourself at all of his purely mesmerizing quirks.

You sensed a pleasure of infatuation ignite your heart in a fiery sensation with the boy, your mind clouding with pleasure and hope as you dazingly thought about him night and day. His heart was pure and full of complete joy, which made your feelings grow immensely deeper as time clocked on. Nothing could beat the admirable emotion you felt towards that boy, and that was not a good sign.

Your brain loathed to admit it, but you knew deep down in the pit of your stomach and the back of your mind that he would never, ever gaze at you the way his eyes would cast a upon the older girl’s. He was your best friend, and unfortunately that was all.

But your feelings never countered for a minute.

Stage Five: Affection

One year later and Peter still knew. How could he not? From the way your pure Y/E/C eyes would run their course over his figure day by day to the way he would sense and witness your heart break as he fled your lonely figure for someone else’s. Ever since you two were thirteen, his immature boy brain could perceive the jealousy you proved among him as he spoke excitedly about his crush. At first he denied that you had any feeling towards him, but then he kept thinking back to all the occurrences to when your beautiful, bright smile was vanished from your features completely, when he talked about Liz.

He could remember the exact day he figured out your feelings. Your head was downcasted as he spoke to you about a science project. His eyes watched as your figure went limp at the sound of Liz’s name being used in an out-of-context situation. You then lifted your head, your usual light eyes portraying a dark side as you locked his gaze. Your features hardened and his heart did an unusual flip, his insides churning at the new unfamiliar and cold feeling.

It was almost as if seeing you in such a demure state put him in a saddened one. As time went on and his brain continued to wrack for answers, he finally received the answer.


Guilt was the previous anonymous feeling, and he felt his heart ache a little. The thought of  you staying up at night with thoughts of him wandering around your heartbroken state, brought him into a new light. Liz used to be the one who was the only facade of his wondrous thoughts day and night.

But as he sat in bed that night, his confused mind keeping him from sleep, he realized you had been for awhile. The emotion hit him like a truck, instantly being bombarded with images of you. The form of your radiant eyes and matching smile clouded the front of his mind, his veins suddenly pumping with a new, enticing feeling.

The way your nose would scrunch at something you took a dislike to, or the way your long eyelashes would flutter quickly as you attempted to stay awake and continue studying for another test. But most of all, the way that your soft features would all elevate to a new type of happiness you looked his way at the beginning of the day, his heart inflaming with captivity and admiration for you and everything you were made of.

The alluring sense of all this was completely evident the first time he kissed you too.


“Peter, what are you…?” you daringly questioned his close and infatuated presence.

“Please, Y/N. Let me show you much I love you” his scratchy yet sweet voice whispered against your trembling lips. The thought of Peter falling in love with caused your entire body to shake in nerves and shock. The air around the both of you became heavy and lucid as everything in the world seemed to make sense. The love you yearned for him to reciprocate was suddenly present, and you didn’t know when or why it was now showing itself, but you didn’t care. Nothing else mattered then as Peter’s admirable brown eyes gazed from your lips and back to your eyes as the soft touch of his hands enveloping your face in a warm manner sent chills up and down both of your fingertips. Peter’s sweet touch was closed as his savory lips planted themselves on yours.

Both hearts filled with love as the feeling of closeness between the two of developed. Your lips pushed themselves back on his as your arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer to your needy figure. His throat emitted a long-awaited sigh of relief, your feeling being proved for one another once and for all.

The stages of love were somewhat a game. But, if you play them right, you’ll prove you’re the winner.

Togetherness (Jacob Frye X Fem!Reader)

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Hello Followers,
thank you for your patience once again. Here is another one and this time I took 41-year (well, he is 43/44 in this one) old Mr. Frye to the test. I mean, he needs love, too. And he is such a handsome man and had to go through a lot.

I hope you will enjoy this piece of Fiction. I do not have any knowledge about the bathing back in Victorian England. I googled but didn’t find enough or maybe I did not dig deep enough. (I actually just googled again to not look like a complete idiot in front of you and added a few things, heh)

A happy Fryeday to all of you. I hope my english followers are all okay + their families and friends after what had happened.

Title: Togetherness
Summary: Reader wants some time for herself but her dear husband thought otherwise
Characters: Reader, Jacob Frye
Relationships: Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Very slightly NSFW at the end (but really, not much)
Words: 1.885

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Pancakes ; Peter Parker

WARNINGS: nsfw !! au,  quickie sex, enjoy some nice n’ cute sin

summary: a game of ‘who gets turned on first’ with Peter in the avengers tower and obviously we all know who eventually will forfeit the game ;)

Today was a bountiful morning, the Avengers Tower was left all under the watch of Peter and you since Tony and the Captain had a mission to deal with. It was around 7 a.m. and you knew they wouldn’t be back until the late afternoon and since you were the mature one left in the building, you had to act as the adult who had to cook breakfast for Peter and you –because god help you if Peter was going to be the one who cooks for the both of you.

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best i ever had : t.h

summary: the reader just so happens to mention to their best friend that tom is the best sex they’ve ever had 

type: head canon 

warnings: mentions of sex, language 

request: yes 

Originally posted by tbholland

  • let’s set the scene here
  • since you haven’t seen your best friend recently, the two of you were on going on a three-hour phone call 
  • tom had been away for the morning, running errands with harrison 
  • as he was setting his keys on the counter top upon his arrival, he heard your laughter coming from the other room 
  • tom would creep closer to the living room where you were, your body laid across the couch as your phone was on speaker and rested on your chest
    • “oh my god, you can’t just ask questions like that,” you groaned, face-palming at the overly personal questions your best friend had been asking 
    •  “yes, i can, i’m your best friend, now tell me, how’s the sex?”
  • tom would cover his hand over his mouth and stop in his tracks, careful not to let you know he was around so he could hear your answer
    • “he’s…good”
    • “good? just good??”
  • he’d would suddenly get a little very butt hurt 
    • ‘good..i’d like to think the sex is better than just good,’ he’d think to himself
  • luckily, you’d redeem yourself
  • a dramatic sigh would leave your lips and you’d laugh 
    • “okay, okay, he’s the best i’ve ever been with,” you’d confess
  • tom would perk right back up again, a smirk growing on his face 
  • your best friend would instantly go back into question mode 
    • “deTAILS!!! explain right now, how so??”
    • “he’s just..ugh those hands are fucking amazing, and his lips and that tongue of his, holy shi- tHOMAS wHAT THE HELL” 
  • tom would’ve been able to keep up his stealth mode, had he not tripped over his shoe lace as he continued to move closer 
  • the sounds of his falling would cause you to shoot up from the couch, telling your best friend you’d call them back, and leaving a flustered look to cross your features 
  • both of your faces were red from embarrassment, but especially yours
  • as soon as he regained his posture from off of the ground, he’d press one hand against the wall and give you a look, wiggling his eyebrows obnoxiously
    • “so, love, best you’ve ever had? what was that about my tongue?” 
    • “oh my god, don’t start” 
  • oh but he did
  • he made sure you never forgot what you once confessed 

  • it started with catching him bragging to the boys about your reveal 
    • “alright, boys, gather round, i have some great news to share” 
  • just after he told you confession, you’d walk into the room only to see haz, harry, and sam all fighting back giggles 
    • “what’s so funny?” 
  • you’d interrogate their sudden amusement in your presence as you took a seat on tom’s lap, as they all took up the rest of the living room furniture 
  • they’d all share knowing looks before tom would give them all a glare, praying none of them would slip out his proud sharing moment 
    • “so, uh, y/n, is tom really the best sex you’ve ever had? he can’t be that good”
  • haz’s question made you whip your head back to look at tom, his head falling back onto the couch, eyes screwed shut 
    • “for fuck’s sake, harrison, you weren’t supposed to bring that up” 
    • “why, mate? you seemed awfully proud of it”

  • oh but then it started to get fun 
  • as soon as he realized how flustered the topic made you, he made sure to bring it up more often 
  • when he was making breakfast
    • “good morning, tommy” 
    • “morning, angel. figured i’d make some celebratory pancakes for being the greatest sex you’ve ever had” 
  • when he was running his fingers through your hair in an attempt to relax you 
    • “see, darling, these fingers can do a lot more than just be a part of the best se-” 
    • “tOM” 
  • when you two were getting ready for bed 
    • “hey, love, quick question” 
    • “yeah, what’s up?”
    • “who’s the second best?”
    • “i’m not even going to talk to you” 
  • while you two were in the car 
  • he of course would be driving, letting his hand rest on your thigh
  • but it would start to move further up 
    • “what do you say, maybe i can be your best car sex too”
    • “i’d rather walk”  
  • even on face time he managed to resurface the topic 
    • “how’s my princess today? missing the greatest sex of your life courtesy of yours truly?”
    • “not with that ego” 
  • let’s be real, he’s just so happy that he held that #1 spot
  • like he did in every other aspect, as he was your boyfriend 
    • “darling, i know it makes you mad, but it is pretty cool to me that i’m the best.. and for the record, so are you” 

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Queen Trashmouth / Henry Bowers x Reader / Chapter One

(A/N: hey guys! so I wrote this in second person cuz it felt right, but you’re a particular character, Stacie Tozier of Derry, sister of Richie lol. so that’s kinda weird, but I hope u guys enjoy it anyway!! ❤️)


You were given the nickname “Trashmouth” first. Your brother simply inherited it.

You were older, anyway. You learned all the bad words, their meanings, and how to use them before he did. Teaching them to Richie was part of the fun. After you’d entered high school, you parents blamed you for riddling Richie’s vocabulary with swear words, and though they were right, you knew the transformation was inevitable. The attitude you both sported made cussing impossible to avoid, and even if you weren’t there to teach him, one way or another, he still would’ve picked up the habit.

Of course, the attitude would get you two into trouble on occasion.

You were walking past the gymnasium just after school got out on a Thursday, the new cold chill of autumn finally giving summer its cue to leave. You shuddered as you walked, thanking the you from this morning for putting on a sweater. Suddenly, in the midst of your stroll, you heard a familiar voice cry out.
“Get the fuck away from me, you assholes!”

Hoping that the voice didn’t belong to who you suspected, you switched directions and turned down the hall, walked out the opened doors, and found your brother up against a brick wall, a flock of boys surrounding him.

As predicted, the notorious Henry Bowers led the attack, holding the youngest Tozier by his white t-shirt collar, one fist free and ready to punch.

You made a beeline to the scene. This hadn’t been the first occasion of Bowers fucking with your brother and his friends; Richie complained about him every week after school. You’d always promised him that if you were ever there, you’d intervene and save him. Now was your chance.

“Hey! What the fuck?” You said, loudly enough for each member of the Bowers gang to turn around and look at you.

Richie turned with a bloody nose, and upon seeing you, he smiled. “Oh, hey, sis.”

As your gaze fell upon the leader of the gang, it seemed as if you were initiated into a sort of staring contest. His piercing blue eyes locked with your golden brown ones, and you couldn’t look away.

Henry was a lot better looking than you remembered him to be. The last time the two of you had ever noticed one another was during middle school, and you’d done your best to fly under the radar since.

You could tell by the gleam in his eyes, somewhere inside his head, he remembered you.

Slowly, the mullet-wearing teen stood up straight, tossing Richie to the ground and onto Patrick Hockstetter’s feet. Richie quickly crawled behind you before Patrick could grab him.

“This little shit is your brother?” Henry asked, a smirk on his face. His eyes danced over your body, up and down again. “I don’t believe it.”

You didn’t hesitate. “What, did the fuckin’ circle jerk get interrupted, Bowers? You and your goons had to fuck up some kid to get off?” You stepped up in front of him, getting close enough to challenge him, but not close enough to get hit.

The boys were like vultures swarming you. Henry simply smiled and cocked an eyebrow, looking at your mouth.

“I get off in better ways than that, princess. Usually involves a slut like you.” Henry stared at you with dangerous suggestion in his eyes, and your breath instantly hitched in your throat. What were you supposed to say to that?

“Usually involves your right hand-” Richie butted in, and you turned your head around to look at him so fast that he jumped, backing a few steps away from you with his hands up.

“You talk real dirty with that pretty little mouth of yours, Tozier.” Bowers continued, moving ever closer. “What else can you do with it?” He asked, and Belch and Patrick chuckled loudly to themselves.

You narrowed your eyes at him, and replied without skipping a beat. “I can use it to talk to your dad. He’s pretty good friends with my dad, actually. I think if I told him that you tried to fuck up my brother’s face, he’d have some choice fucking words for you, too.”

Henry’s smile faded fast, and the boys’ side laughter had silenced. You didn’t know Henry that well, but it was common knowledge that he wasn’t scared of anything but his dad.

He took two big steps forward, and you didn’t move a muscle, nor look away from his stare. His face was only inches apart from yours.

You couldn’t tell if your heart was beating faster out of fear, or because he was so fucking close to you. Maybe both.

“I won’t fuck with your little brother anymore.” Henry said, quietly. He took another look down at your lips, quickly glancing back at your eyes, almost as if hoping it would go unnoticed. It was almost intimate, the way he stared at you.

You were about to pinch yourself in disbelief at the resignation, about to question why it seemed like he wanted to kiss you, why you nearly wanted to kiss him, an asshole delinquent who just gave your brother a bloody nose - but he began to back up, his typical smirk slowly growing on his face once more.

“I won’t have to. I’ve got a new target.” Henry added, and he walked away, the other boys following after him with equally devilish grins.

Flustered, you felt the rush of adrenaline reminding you to stand your ground. You couldn’t believe he was just walking away.

“Yeah? Hit me with your best shot, you fuck! I’ll be ready for you, whenever you wanna fucking try me!” You called after him, and the boys turned around for only a moment. You were frozen, wondering if you were about to eat your words.

The leader gave you one last chilling glare.

“Watch your back.” Henry warned, and the group stalked off and out of view.

You and your brother stood alone, and you drew in a long, deep breath.

“Wow… You just booked a one way ticket to hell on the Mullet express.” Richie quietly mused.

You turned to him, sighing shakily. “Well, I don’t care, I did it for you.” Tenderly, you wiped a small trail of blood from under his right nostril with your thumb. “Dammit, Bowers.” You hissed under your breath.

Richie looked concerned. “I wouldn’t test him too much, Stacie. He’s not afraid to hurt girls. He’s a real ass.”

“I can tell.” You quietly replied.

Walking back home with your arm around your brother, you felt a wave of uneasiness. Were you really destined to be Bowers next victim?


Part Two

A Fluffy Night In With Peter Parker...

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  • You guys have school tomorrow so of course it starts with homework
  • You two would be on his bed with papers spread out around you
  • You just copied all of Peter’s answers
  • And half assed the ones you couldn’t copy
  • You just wanted to make time that you could spend with your precious boyfriend
  • Dinner Time
  • Peter had tried to cook dinnerIt did not go well
  • He almost burned down the house while cooking steak
  • You guys ended up ordering a pizza
  • You hadn’t eaten all day so you started stuffing your mouth with slices
  • “You’re so beautiful when you’re yourself, princess”
  • You tried to smile at him through your pizza mouth
  • At the most random times one of you would turn to the other and peck them on the lips
  • BUT
  • It’s not a night in without a Star Wars Marathon
  • The bean will lay his head down in your lap and beg you to play with his hair
  • When you play with his hair you can hear him silently humming in pleasure
  • Can’t forget the junk food
  • You guys baked brownies earlier for the marathon
  • May had to supervise the baking because she’s afraid you would burn the house down
  • again
  • Whenever you would kiss Peter after eating the brownies he would taste like chocolate
  • By the time the fourth movie rolled around Peter would start to get clingy
  • He removed himself from your lap and just lyed on top of you and clinged to you
  • Then he would start to kiss you everywhere he could reach
  • He wouldn’t even pay attention to the movie anymore
  • “Babe. Babe. Babe”
  • “Peter I’m trying to watch the movie”
  • “Love meeeee”
  • So you would turn the movie off and start making out
  • Eventually you guys got tired though and decided to put on some cheesy rom com
  • Your head rested on his shoulder and his arm was wrapped around you
  • You ended up falling asleep
  • When he heard your breath even out Peter turned off the movie
  • He lifted you up gently and brought you to his bed
  • He climbed in with you and kissed your head
  • “Goodnight, my love”
  • You two fell asleep tangled in each other
  • And very much in love


“If anything, it has been decided that Sato Ryuji will be appearing in a Punio 2018 calendar, that is the comment expressing our enthusiasm.” Or so Punio has said.


For more information about the calendar, please refer to this post: HERE

BTS Reactions to you being the “weird silent/shy girl” (you are classmates in the first year of high school)

Disclaimer: being shy and/or silent will not mean that you are automatically a cute ball of fluff like in most movies (to those that are shy and cute at the same time, bless your souls, I love you!!! 💕 )
Warning: I swear a lot.


He would be quite interested in the fact that you almost never talk and you’re always on your phone or PC. He would also understand that it is hard for you to make friends since you were shy so he would decide to become your friend, even if it wasn’t easy. He would often have lunch with you and spend many breaks just talking about random topics!  But this friendship wouldn’t last for long since he would soon enough become your boyfriend. 😉


Yoongi is not sociable himself, so he would completely understand you. He wouldn’t, however, make the first move. I think that the rest of the boys and of course your best friend ___ (the only friend you had, actually) would try everything to get you two isolated in the same room so you can talk. After spending some quality time locked in the storage closet of the school you two would become …friends… really close friends…with benefits…

External image


Since Hobi is the most sociable and friendly out of Bangtan I think that the second he noticed that he had a new girl in class, you, he would do anything to talk to you and become friends. When he saw that you started blushing and tried to avoid anything he would smile bright and tell you jokingly: 
“Y/N you don’t have to be shy around me…. Let me see the true  weirdo that you are” 

Rap Monster

Since he is a highly philosophical person, he would try to understand the reasons for your shyness.Because of his curiosity to find more about you and the reasons to why you were so silent and shy, he would approach you more and more. When he saw that you had so much in common he at first would want to be friends but this feeling would soon change into lust and desire to make you his. 


Aah.. This fluffy ball of sunshine and perviness. Well, he is quite shy too (or this is what he wants you to believe) so in my opinion, much like in  Yoongi’s situation, the other members would step in to help you. But this time they would somehow oblige him to ask you on a date since everybody knew that you had a crush on him, except him of course. You two would have a cute date eating ice cream and (all those summer things that I miss doing).

Well, Taehuyng is in Jhope’s category. He is extremely outgoing and he would love to have a new friend, well at first not knowing that you are shy and this is actually the reason that you avoid him he would be quite disappointed. But when he finally understood that you are actually really shy he would try to take things slowly. He would try to become friends with you by leaving you sweets and small toys on your desk every so often with cute small messages like:
“ Hey Y/N this is for you. I hope you like it… please talk to me T…T”  


This little piece of shit =.= makes me really really confused. On one hand, he is really outgoing and on the other hand, he is even shyer than most of the shyest ones.Soo…. since this shitty kid confuses me so much I’m going to make two fucking versions for him. 
Shy Kookie: Well, he would want to be friends with you but since he was too shy to directly talk to you he would try to find a way to talk to you and be near you without getting caught. For example, he would try and add you to a huge ass group conversation wich like was his plan but everybody helps him because he is a piece of shit like that. 
Call me Daddy Guk: This boy would be like really straightforward and come to you flirting and asking you to dates, and no he would fucking care about you dying of embarrassment in front of him. He would straight up pick you over his shoulder and carry you to that date. 

Dating Jeff Atkins would include:

1.Him being super into PDA

“Babe everyone’s staring”
“Let them”

2.A lot of super cute nicknames! I feel like ‘Princess’ would be a big one

3.Going to mostly all of his games and cheering him on.

4.The school adoring you two (although of course, there is a few certain people who would try to mess with your relationship)

5.Studying together and you helping him when Clays busy

6.He’d love to see you wearing his clothes, especially his letterman jacket around school

7.Going on dates at least once a week. These dates don’t have to be expensive at all, sometimes you just sit and look at the stars or stay in and watch netflix

8.Being totally and utterly in love with each other

9.You’d drop hints to Hannah about Clay, while Jeff helps Clay get with Hannah

“So Clay huh?”
“I mean he’s cute… but I don’t think he likes me”

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  • So we all know that Diana loves kids right?
  • Well she never thought of having any of her own until you brought up the subject one night in bed  
  • You had just moved into your new home with her so you were both exhausted
  • “Diana?”
  • “Yes, my love?”
  • “…Have you ever thought of having a family?”
  • “Of course. I would love to have children with you”
  • Obviously two women can’t conceive children so you two went over your options
  • You could have a donor so one of you could experience what it’s like carrying a child
  • Or you could adopt a child
  • You both decide to adopt because every child deserves a second chance
  • She wanted a actual newborn so you found a mother who was giving up her child and you guys gave her so much support and love through her pregnancy
  • You were both there for her every step of the way
  • A few months into her pregnancy, you and Diana start buying baby clothes, diapers, bottles, etc.
  • The woman was having a baby boy
  • Diana was probably the most excited about having a boy, she knew be was going to be the most handsome little boy
  • Getting the baby’s nursery set up was probably the most fun part
  • You both painted his room a nice cream color with an ocean theme
  • Themyscira was surrounded by water so it felt comforting for her and she wanted that for her son
  • The bottom of the walls were painted blue to resemble the ocean
  • You bought wall stickers of shells, starfish, crabs and much more
  • The room had a big window so lots of natural light came in and made the room look so bright and vibrant
  • You and Diana had also started discussing names for your baby
  • After long nights of arguing over a name (playful arguments by the way)
  • You both finally decided on Isaiah Y/L/N Prince
  • No middle name because you thought it would be too long with both of your last names
  • Diana bought wooden letters of his name, that you both painted sea green, and hung it over his crib
  • The final result was so amazing
  • The room was perfect for a baby boy
  • I forgot to mention this earlier but the entire Justice League threw you guys a baby shower
  • Bruce and Barry planned most of it
  • You and Diana were so grateful to have many strong men in your life that your son could look up to
  • Anyway, the party was amazing
  • It was at Bruce’s house
  • He didn’t even tell you guys what he and Barry had planned
  • So when you both got there it was very quiet and everyone jumped out and scared the living crap out of you guys
  • Diana might have accidentally punched Arthur (Aquaman)
  • Everyone had cute little party hats on and they put some on you and Diana to
  • You played ridiculous party games
  • Like that one where the guys (or girls) wear balloons on their crotch and have to pop it on someone’s butt
  • That was interesting to watch
  • As the party slowly came to an end, you and Diana started opening your gifts
  • Bruce bought your son a Batman suit, Batman onesie, Batman bottles, custom made Batman diapers
  • Basically everything had Batman on it
  • His grin as you opened the gifts was amazing though
  • Luckily Lois took a picture of him
  • Speaking of Lois, she bought you a photo album to place all your pictures of your son as he grows
  • Clark bought your little Isaiah glasses to match his, a Superman cape, and some baby formula
  • Barry got your son a Flash onesie (he made it himself and he was so proud) and some cute pacifiers that had all of the Justice League’s signature logo
  • Arthur got Isaiah a toy replica of his trident, little beanies, and lots of cute little outfits (this man has an amazing fashion sense)
  • Victor (Cyborg) felt very extra that day and bought a bouncy house.
  • He’s determined to be the favorite uncle
  • Alfred made a stroller that can convert to a tricycle, walker, AND a high chair
  • He might have outshined everyone with that
  • After opening up all the gifts, all the guys helped you put everything in the car
  • You and Diana drove home even more excited for Isaiah to be born
  • Finally, two months later Diana gets a call that Isaiah’s mother was in labor
  • You got the baby bag and Diana started up the car
  • When you got there, the mother was still not fully dilated
  • You both stayed with her to help her stay calm and comfortable the whole way through
  • When the time came, you gave her encouraging words through the whole process and then you heard small cries
  • The baby wasn’t the only one crying
  • You and Diana were a crying mess
  • Diana carried the baby first and it felt like the whole world stopped
  • It was you, her, and the baby
  • No words could explain how happy felt in that moment watching Diana carry your child
  • You held the baby next because the mother said she didn’t want to hold him or she would feel attached
  • The baby was taken to a different room to be cleaned up and so some tests could be taken to make sure he was healthy
  • Two days later, you were able to take Isaiah home
  • Isaiah was the happiest baby you had ever known
  • He started growing fast to
  • Soon he was crawling, saying his first words, and walking
  • His first word was cookie because Diana was constantly making cookies for him
  • Then he said momma and you two were the happiest moms ever
  • Unexpectedly, Barry was the favorite uncle
  • He was never really good with kids but Isaiah brought out a different side of him
  • Bruce and Victor were not happy about that
  • Whenever one of them would babysit Isaiah, all of the other guys would follow along to
  • Bruce would be at your house babysitting while you and Diana have a date night, and then the doorbell goes off
  • When Bruce looks through the peephole he can see Victor, Arthur, Barry, Clark, Lois, and even Alfred
  • So it was basically a babysitting party
  • More like arguing over who’s the favorite
  • “Me and Lois are obviously his favorite aunt and uncle”
  • “No you’re fucking not”
  • “Great, you woke him up Bruce”
  • When you and Diana get home everyone is either asleep on the floor or couch while Isaiah played with his little trucks
  • “Momma! Mommy!”
  • Diana is momma, you’re mommy
  • Isaiah wobbled on his little legs but he ran over to both of you and hugged your legs
  • You picked him and took him to bed while Diana woke up everyone
  • Once everyone left, Diana kissed Isaiah’s forehead and headed off to bed with you
  • You fell asleep that night with the love of your life next to you and your whole world in the next room
  • Soon the day came that Isaiah would start school
  • Diana dreaded that day so much because she wanted her baby boy by her side at all times
  • Diana woke up first and laid in bed hoping you would wake up late
  • Unfortunately, you set an alarm
  • Diana unwillingly then got out of bed and woke up Isaiah and dressed him
  • You made him a nice little breakfast for the three of you and then you headed out
  • The school was about five minutes away so you got there very quickly
  • You took Isaiah out of his carseat and you and Diana walked with him in the school to his classroom
  • You both met the teacher and the T.A. who were both very sweet
  • Diana asked many many many questions
  • “What college did you go to?”
  • “Do you have children of your own?”
  • “How would you deal with a bully?”
  • “If someone bully’s my son, can I deal with them myself?”
  • “Do you know all the parents? Are they well mannered people?”
  • She kept asking questions left and right
  • You finally were able to get her to leave with you until you were ready to pick Isaiah up
  • Diana just sat on the couch worrying while you were calmly making lunch so it would be ready when Isaiah got home
  • It was soon 1:30 so you went back to the school with Diana and picked up Isaiah
  • When his class came out, Isaiah was talking with a few other boys
  • Your heart completely melted because your baby boy made friends on his first day of school
  • Diana acted like this was the first time she was seeing him in years
  • Just imagine how she got on his first day of middle school, high school, and college
  • There are many more milestones that you both got to experience together
  • You and Diana were the happiest you had ever been

This was sooo fun to write. I’m pretty satisfied with how this turned out, let me know what you guys think. Mom!Diana is so cute. 

The Three Moments You Shared with Steve Harrington (1)

Word Count: 386

AN: i finished strangers things 2 I’M EMO so i wrote this. it’s (obviously) a mini series and i’m excited! let me know what you think :)


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Instinctively humming along to the music playing softly from your radio, you drove around town with no destination set in stone. You couldn’t shake the second-long look you shared with Steve during your whole drive.

And speaking of the devil, you gently pressed the break as you glance from road to Steve, who seemed to be scrubbing away at the theater’s marquee. Before you knew it, you began turning around to the parking lot.

Pushing the door open with your free hand as you leave Fair Mart, you jump as you hear yelling coming from right in front of you.

“You’re both assholes. That’s my problem.” You watched as some guy pushed his way past some freckled-faced and red-headed teenagers you recognized as a couple of assholes you went to school with; Carol and Tommy. The left side of his face had been badly beaten and bloody. It took a double take for you to identify that the fluffy hair was Steve Harrington’s and that it was him under all that blood.

The three didn’t seem to notice anything else happening around them so you slowly made your way to your car, guiltily eavesdropping.

“The slut with a heart of gold!” Carol called out.

“I told you to watch your mouth!” He pointed at her just before getting pushed against the car by Tommy.

You watched the soda can drop and roll away until you decided that you should probably mind your own business. Getting in your car, you couldn’t help but steal a few glances towards their way, a feeling of worry grow in the pit of your stomach. The two were arguing over Nancy Wheeler, of course. As ‘King Steve,’ everyone knew everything about the two and you would catch them in the halls together. Part of you were happy for them– they were good together. But a smaller part wanted something just like that.

Steve ended up getting practically shoved into his car and before locking eyes directly with you. Shuffling around to get your keys into the ignition, you tried your best to make it look like you weren’t obviously staring at him.

Tommy continued screaming insults at Steve, causing you to roll your eyes at him and start your car. “What an idiot.” You mumbled to yourself as you drove off.

Instinctively humming along to the music playing softly from your radio, you drove around town with no destination set in stone. You couldn’t shake the second-long look you shared with Steve during your whole drive.

And speaking of the devil, you gently pressed the break as you glance from road to Steve, who seemed to be scrubbing away at the theater’s marquee. Before you knew it, you began turning around to the parking lot.

DAY6 Scenario: Heart Strings

Request: Can I get a Day6 scenario where Jae teaches you (his gf) how to play guitar because she always wanted to learn

A/N: Oh anon you beauty! Thank you for requesting my ultimate bias my dear, I’ll definitely have fun writing this one! We need more Jae & DAY6 writers out there! #buyyouwerebeautifulonitunes

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It had been a long day sat at home in your shared apartment by yourself. You desperately searched in every bookmarked page in a book and in every dusty cake recipe and yet nothing seemed to spark your interest. Your boyfriend Jae was busy at work filming for ASC in the morning before promoting with DAY6 in the evening and so you doubted he would be home for another hour but with the way the boredom was consuming your brain cells you weren’t sure how much longer you would last. You pulled your heavy bones from the couch leaving a small dip in your spot before you wandered without aim through your apartment.

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bts reacts: you’re being flirted with

anon asked:  bts reactions where an idol is flirting with their crush? i’m in the mood for jealous bts heheh 💕

i changed it up a little because even though i know of other idols, i don’t really stan any sO i wOULDN’t rEALLy kNOW WhEre tO STArt please don’t throw things at me

i try to make these gender neutral where i can, but sometimes i slip back into female pronouns out of habit x

suga: i feel like it could just be like, the subtlest thing, such as another guy so much as winking at you when he walked by you on the street, or the raising of an eyebrow that could be took in a suggestive way and he would just stiffen, and clasp your hand a little tighter, as if to prove a point that he was still there and not letting you go any time soon.

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hoseok: hobi would totally make a point about the two of you if anybody tried anything on you. if you were on the other side of the room and someone came up to you, with a look in their eye that didn’t say they only want to friends, then he would be right over, with a tight smile on his face, and saying something like, “oh, hey y/n! we were just looking for you!” 

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

seokjin: especially if you weren’t together, i feel like jin would still be jealous if anyone came up to you. he wouldn’t necessarily stop it, i think he would just watch, and then come up to you afterwards and say in a joking way, “hey, what do they have that i don’t?” he would say it in such a way that you would think he was joking, but there was an underlying tone of seriousness that he hoped you would pick up on.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

namjoon: to namjoon, it would just seem like one big competition. i don’t really think he would be the type to sit there and kind of mope about the fact that someone else was flirting, he’d just be happy about the fact that he knows you well enough and can trust you enough to know that you wouldn’t leave him. of course, as there is with most humans, there’d be a small part of him mildly freaking out, “oh god, what if she does leave me, what if i’m wrong, what if-” but it would usually just be solved with you reassuring him that everything was fine.

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jungkook: one thing that’s most common, especially when a person is the youngest among a group of people, is jealousy. and a lot of it. y’all know he would be jealous as all hell if any of the other members came up to you, even as a joke just to tease him. in fact, they would probably do it on purpose just because they knew he liked you. it wasn’t as if he would try and hide it, either. he would sit there, all pouty and scowling, probably muttering under his breath, and everyone else would just find it funny. let’s be honest, it would be funny and adorable as fuck.

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jimin: hi yes okay we all know that jimin is all cuddly, but if he ever saw you cuddling with someone else, cuddling a little bit too closely for his liking, his jealous side would kick in like mad. he would wait for the other person to leave, and then take their place instantly, wrapping his arms around you tighter, and saying something against your hair like, “hey, cmon. i thought i was your number one cuddle buddy. at least let me have that.”

Originally posted by park-jimizzle

taehyung: he would be like jimin. he would see you with someone else and on the outside seem totally nonchalant, but then on the inside, *insert internally screaming meme*. of course, it would make sense to him. the two of you were only close friends, nothing more. still though, as soon as he could catch you alone, he would be sure to catch your attention, and pull all the best jokes, just trying to make you laugh, while subtly proving, “see! i‘m like him, you can like me too, right?”

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whoop whoop for my second react

i’m still new to this i feel so lost but asdfh

moodboard requests + ships are open! :)

here’s my masterlist! :)

-thanks for reading!

A Guy Like That

Summary: Y/n has liked Peter for as long as she could remember… An incident involving Flash bullying Peter just may be the push Y/N needs to confess her feelings?

Requested: No (I was kinda inspired by this song <–)

Word Count: 3.8k

Taglist: @cutie1365

Want to be on the taglist?: here

Warning(s)?: Light cussing, Bullying, teen angst, sERVER fLUFFF?!

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A Guy Like That…

Y/N.…” You stood by your locker, leaning against it with your arms crossed over your chest. You bit your lip sub consciously, watching him from down the hall. 

Y/N…” You didn’t care that your best friend was busy trying to get your attention. All your focus was currently on the curly headed boy who stood down the hall, by his own locker smiling and laughing with his friend. You could see his smile reach his cheeks causing a small dimple to appear near his mouth. His eyes crinkled at the sides when he laughed at something his friend said, causing your own smile to widen in adoration. 

“Are you even listening to me?” Obviously not. 

You shook your head quickly and glanced over at your best friend. Knowing this was very typical of you she just rolled her eyes in response, placing her last book into her locker before closing it.

“You know what your doing could be considered… creepy” She says, placing a strand of hair behind her ear. You glanced away from her with a shrug and stared off into the boy’s direction again. 

I don’t care…” You trailed off, watching him smile and laugh again at whatever his friend had said to him this time. How could you not admire him? 

“You can just walk over there and start talking to him… you guys do share like three classes together” Liz, your best friend states as she watched you with a small smile.

I don’t care...” You responded back dreamily, too entranced with admiring the boy from afar. 

“Or you could grab his face and finally just kiss him” She finishes, this time with a big smile on her face. 

I don’t- wait what!?” You turned away to look Liz in the eyes. She only smirked at your reaction. She turns around to her own locker and makes sure it’s locked, wrapping an arm around yours to pull you away. 

“Are you crazy?! I can’t just go up to him and… kiss him. That would be weird and besides… I think he likes someone else…” You trailed off, knowing this conversation was taking a very familiar turn. Liz rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“He doesn’t like anybody else!” She lets out with a frustrated laugh. You stopped still, causing Liz to stop as well and turn to face you. 

“You haven’t seen it Liz…” You state, a familiar frown beginning to etch it’s way onto your face. Liz just sighs in response, knowing whatever she says you won’t even consider to be the truth. You were stubborn like that, and have been ever since 5th grade.

I have seen it… you’re the one who hasn’t” She states, pulling on your arm again to continue walking down the hall. Once again your eyebrows twitch in confusion. Of course you had seen it… The guy you liked was in love with your best friend. How could you not see that? 

“Hey babe” You rolled your eyes in annoyance once you heard his voice. 

“Hey sweetie” Liz replied in an equally sickly tone. You pretended to gag, making some noises causing them both turn to you. 

“Y/N… always a pleasure’‘ 

’'Flash… hardly ever” You reply sarcastically sending them both a sarcastic smile to go with it. Liz just laughed and hugged Flash’s side, enjoying her two closest friends bicker between each other. You and Flash kind of have a love hate relationship. Frenemies… I guess you could say. 

You walked away from the nauseating couple and headed into physics. 


“Large transformers, when used for some time, become very hot and are cooled by circulating oil. The heating of the transformer is due to….Y/N?” You head rose once you heard your name mentioned. 

“Umm…” You murmured out, glancing down to your sheet to look for your answer.

“Both the heating effect of current and hysteresis loss?” Your answer came out as more of a question seeing you were always nervous if ever you got picked on to answer a question in class, even if you were positive it was correct.

Your teacher smiled happily at you, nodding in your direction. A small smile crept it’s way onto your face as your nerves began to dwindle. Your teacher turned around and back to the board, wiping away the day’s lesson. A few grunts where heard from some students who still hadn’t had copied all the notes down. She turned back around once the board was cleaned and beamed a smile. 

“Now class… for the part of the lesson you’ll all enjoy… how about a game?” Cheers began to erupt around the room at the mention of playing a game. She shook her head and let out a soft chuckle.

“A…. physics game” She states, causing everyone’s hype of excitement to dwindle. 

“We are going to split the room up into girls and boys, each will select a representative to stand up in front of the class and answer questions, each group will give me ten questions each to contribute as I read them aloud to those who are selected. Each will get 30 seconds to think of an answer and the first to raise their hand and give the correct answer will score a point for their team” She finishes. This seemed to boost everyone’s curiosity a little. 

One of the students raised their hand. 

“Will you be picking the representatives?” The teacher shook her head in response. She then divided the class up into girls and boys, boys being on the left and girls being on the right side of the classroom. You could hear the boys all electing one person, coming to their decision pretty quickly. However with the girls…

“Bags not it” One of the girls said, raising a thumb to press against her forehead, many others followed also repeating her words ‘bags not it’. You rolled your eyes at their childishness. 

“I say we take a vote” Another spoke up, wanting to get this over and done with. You agreed with her, nodding your head to the group. There were only 14 of you altogether so picking someone shouldn’t be so hard.

“I say we go around the group and say each name… the one with the most hands in favor gets to go up” One of the girls snickered. You shied back a bit, just wanting to get this over and done with. Slowly they went around the group, calling out a girls name and each one of you girls either raising your hand in favor of them going up or not. You were second last to be called up and so far the most a girl has gotten was 5 hands. 

The girl who was took charge came around to you and stopped with a smirk.

“and Y/N?” Alost all the girls hands had rose. Your eyes widen as you shook your head rapidly. 

“Why me?” You whined, not liking the idea to go up in front of the class to do a… round off.

“Because you average like a 98 in this class… and besides I really hate losing to the boys every time… all because of Penis bloody Parker…” Your eyes widen again. 

Before you could utter out any more words the teacher interrupted your train of thought. 

“Time’s up!” She called out, causing everyone to hop back into their seats. You stayed seated on of the desks at the front, beginning to feel the nerves creep up on you. 

“And who will be the representative for the boys?” The Teacher asked, the boys beginning to cheer in response. Flash stood up and straightened his jacket causing your eyes to roll. 

“Sit down flash!” One of the boys called out causing you to laugh. You watched curiously as the boy you least expected rose and made his way over towards the front of the class.

Peter bloody Parker.

“And for the girls?” You shamefully stood up slowly and began to make your way in front of the board.

“Aye! look at you, acting all brave Y/N-” You could hear Flash begin to call out before you hastily interrupted him. 

Shut it, dickwad” You responded in a bored tone. 

“Language!” Your teach called out. The students, however, erupted into fits of laughter between yours and Flash’s interaction. This occurred on a daily basis which seemed to serve entertainment to the rest of the class. The teach also quite enjoyed watching you two bicker but ,of course, would never admit to that. 

Let’s begin!”

~Last question

“Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of….” The Teacher trailed off, reading the very last question aloud to both you and Peter. So far Peter had 10 points to your 9. You needed to get this question to even tie with him. 

You and Peter had stood closer and closer as the questions went on, growing more comfortable with each others presence. After the 6th question you guys started to become less nervous, and in fact started making silly faces at each other to throw the other one off of the question. This caused the class to laugh at you guys as you tried to distract each other so the other could get the question right. 

Polar bears… Polar bears… think… Polar bears” You mumbled only loud enough for Peter to hear you. He turned to you frustrated with a smile and shook his head, losing his train of thought. 

“C-collision…” He trailed off, trying to find the right words to use. 

Fluffy animals… fluffy animals… with cute miniature handbags” You mumbled again, causing Peter to laugh this time. You smiled in achievement and quickly thought up your answer.

“Collision between fast neutrons and nitrogen nuclei present in the atmosphere” You answered smoothly with a smirk. 

“That is correct!” The teach beamed in response, the girls cheering. Peter looked at you with wide eyes. 

“That’s cheating!” He says through his laughter, causing you yourself to laugh. The Teacher just shook her head in response, her own smirk making her way onto her face.

“How is it cheating?” You asked back innocently. He stared at you dumbstruck with a smile. 

“You were mumbling on about… freaking polar bears and miniature freaking hand bags!” He called out, his smile obviously giving him away. You stood there and just laughed, nodding your head. 

“I don’t recall saying such things” You replied innocently with a smirk. Peter shook his head at you and smile a tight lipped smile, both your cheeks growing red due to the amount of laughing and smiling you guys had been doing for the past 10 minutes. 

“But you did!” He countered back with a smile. You gasped with fake shock. Jokingly you turned towards the teacher, raising a hand to point towards Peter.

“Your honor this boy is lying” You called out sassily causing the class to laugh in chorus again. The Teacher just smiled and shook her head at both your guys antics. Peter just threw his hands up in the air and laughed. 

Oh my god!” he called out, throwing his head back as he laughed. You couldn’t help but to admire the sweet sound that escaped his lips, you smiled even more when you realised you were the cause of it. 

The bell rang shortly after, cutting your laughing short. The class began to pack up their things as the teach instructed what was needed for our next lesson. You headed back towards your desk and packed up your things, leaving the classroom. You couldn’t help but to let the smile stay on your face as you left the room, almost with a skip to your step.

“Someone looks awfully happy all of a sudden” Liz states as she approaches you, just returning from her maths class herself. You smiled over to her and went inside your locker and packed your things away, getting ready to head into the cafeteria for lunch.

“Just had an awesome class” You responded cheerily. 

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain brown eyed boy now would it?” She asks cheekily with a smirk. You lightly slapped her arm causing her to laugh at your flustered expression. 

“Maybe-” You were cut off by the amount on people beginning to form a circle down the hall. Your eyes furrow in curiosity as you glanced over towards Liz, dragging her along with you to see what was going on. 

There in the middle stood none other than Flash… of course it was him. 

You turned on your heel and began to walk away, not wanting to see what Flash was doing this time.

“You think that’s funny Parker!” You heard Flash yell angrily. You immediately stop and your eyes widen in shock. 

“F-flash…” You could hear Peter’s voice mumble out in response. You shook your head as you closed your eyes, clenching your hands into fists at your sides.

“Look around Peter…” You could hear Flash’s voice taunts. You could practically feel the nerves and fear radiating off of Parker himself. You bit your lip as you heard no one do anything to stop this. That was what sickened you about high school, people were willing to stand around and watch others get hurt. Like it was some form of entertainment. 

“No one here even likes you…” You could hear Flash torment. You tried to steady your breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

“In fact… let’s take a census” You could hear a few people begin to cheer in agreement. You groaned and turned back around, heading towards the circle.

“Flash…” You could hear Liz speak to her boyfriend, trying to get him to back down. He was a bully, he wasn’t going to back down. 

“No, the people of Midtown High need to hear this!” He calls out, causing Liz to move away from him shyly. You rolled your eyes and made your way towards the front of the circle. Not that the people moved out of there way for you or anything.

“Say Peter… how many of your friends are… girls?” Flash gloats, stepping closer and closer towards Peter. Peter visibly stiffens and goes beet red. 

“Your gonna want to answer this honestly to avoid a repeat of what happened last time…” Flash threatens in a low voice. Your eyes widened in fear for Peter… How dare Flash do this. You glanced over to Liz for help and she met your gaze with a worried one. Flash was taking things too far this time.

“In all honesty Peter… how many friends do you have?” He taunts loudly, causing everyone in the hall to hear. You could see more and more people joining the circle. You bit your lip nervously as you saw the crowd grow bigger and bigger. You glanced between Peter and Flash, wanting to so badly do something… anything.

“How many...girlfriends?” He teases. You watch as Peter shrinks back and visibly gulps. 

You couldn’t do this anymore, you couldn’t just stand here and watch the guy your practically in love with cop this shit of this asshole- Wait… what?

“Knock it off Flash” You spoke up quietly from the group. Flash upon hearing you glanced up and looked towards you, his smirk growing. 

“You gonna stand up for this loser Y/N?” He taunts, causing almost everyone’s attention to fall onto you. But you were only looking in one direction, and that was Peter’s. You watched as a frown settled across his normally bright features. That smile that you adore so much had disappeared along with his infectious laugh. 

Screw it. 

“Yeah actually… I am” You spoke up, this time confidently. You left the circle and walked towards Peter and stood beside him. Flash just seemed to laugh in response. 

Inside you could feel the nerves eating away at you but you didn’t want to let it show. For once you were going to stand up to Flash.

“Oh look Peter… seems like you do have a girlfriend after all…” Flash snickers as the crowd laugh along with him, some with their phones out recording the whole interaction.

It was now or never.

“So what if he does?” You spoke, reaching for Peter’s hand. You watched as he stiffened at the gesture and grow even more nervous. You couldn’t help but to let out a small smile at the feel of his hand in your, tingles beginning to spread through your now warm palm. 

“You jealous?” You countered back causing the group to ‘ohh’ at your response. Flash’s gaze only seemed to harden. 

“Yeah right… you would never go out with a guy like him…” Flash spoke up causing the group to laugh again. Your mouth dropped in shock. A guy like him?! You wanted to lose it. 

“A guy like him!? A guy that’s smart and has a gpa above a 5.0? A guy that’s sweet enough to hold a door open for you when you walk into a classroom. A guy that is so funny he can have you in stitches? A guy that actually smiles instead of smirks all the damn time?” With each sentence you took a step closer and closer towards Flash, your hand leaving Peter’s as you did so. Flash’s face seemed to drop little by little with each word you spoke.

“A guy that is… so honest, loyal and kind?” Your voice began to drop.

“A guy that… makes all the others guys look like amateurs?” You finished, your voice coming out more confident at the end.  

“Yeah… I would” You said before turning back around and began walking towards Peter. You took in his facial expression. His cheeks tinged red, his eyes widen in adoration and his mouth slightly parted, seeming utterly shocked.

You placed a hand onto both of his cheeks, walking up to him so close that your noses were nearly touching. Your hands began to tingle at the intimate contact. Your eyes raked his for any signs of uncertainty. 

kiss me…” You whispered only loud enough for him to hear. Funnily enough the crowd seem to disappear from your mind, your only focus being on Peter. His eyes seem to widen even more at your request.

“W-w-what?” He stuttered out, his eyes glancing down to your lips for a second before looking back into your eyes. You watched in pure admiration as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, seeming to be deep in thought.

“L-look… thank you for what you did… standing up to F-flash like that… seriously… Thank you so fucking much… but you don’t have to… I mean… Wow your really close and I can’t even think straight…” You smiled as he began to mumble.

“I get your doing this to be nice… But I actually really friggin like you and kissing you has been a dream of mine since like…. forever.. and- I have no idea why I just said that... I can’t stop talking…. your actually close to me… And wow your even more beautiful up close and there’s still a huge crowd watching us and…. God I can’t even breathe…” Your heart melted at his words. 

'Every…single…time you manage to take my breath away and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get it back…“ His voice broke at the end of his confession causing your heart to beat even faster inside your chest. You couldn’t wait anymore. Your stomach was filled with butterflies and excitement at this point, so much it almost felt like you wanted to burst at the seams. 

Peter’s glance drifted towards your lips with a look of want crossing his glance. You closed your eyes and closed the gap, pulling his face towards yours.

Your lips came into contact with his and you felt your stomach drop. Kind of felt like you were on a roller coaster and this huge drop has come out of nowhere, adrenaline pumping through your veins along with excitement and fear. That was what it felt like. 

Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, not caring anymore that there was an audience surrounding you guys. Your hands made their way up to his hair as you lightly tugged at his curls, deepening the kiss further. You could feel your whole body light on fire at his touch, the warmth spreading from his hands, all the way up your spine and to your lips. 

Peter could feel his heart hammering inside of his chest and was sure that you could hear it but in this moment he didn’t care. He held you close and kissed you, seeming to convey his feelings in such a way that words couldn’t. You picked up on this and exchanged it back through the kiss, showing him as much passion as you could. This took him by surprise as he felt his heart flutter.

You liked him too. 

You slowly began to lean away, needing to breathe as did he. You rested your forehead against his, a blush coating both of your cheeks. 

Happiness. The only thing you could really say was going through you right now. You couldn’t help but to smile at Peter as he smiled back, looking at you with such love you thought didn’t even exist.

’'Scratch that… I think I’m in love with you’' 


A/N: Another random Fluffy Imagine! it’s 1am so I’m sorry if this is kinda fuzzy!!!!

Practice Buddy (pt. 1)

Originally posted by sugutie

Characters: Jungkook x Y/N, Jimin x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word count: 5k


2 | 3 | 4 | 5

You were Jungkook’s best friend-practice buddy for his crush in college, but when you attempt to get into a relationship with someone new, Jungkook can’t help but to feel hurt.

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School work with Woojin

Member: Park Woojin // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff

Plot: When you’re set to be partners with the school’s quiet and charismatic dancer, how will you fair?

Word Count: 6633

Originally posted by kimbbuyo

“______, please work with Park Woojin.” A murmur ran through the lab, as students shot curious glances to one another. A few girls looked murderous, while some of the boys just shrugged it off. You stood there, fiddling with the Eevee Pokemon keychain on your bag, before letting your gaze flit to him. He had a stoic expression, his hand running through his dark brown bangs as he quietly whispered to one of his closest friends, Kim Donghyun. You sighed, before nodding to the teacher, and stood to leave as the bell rang.

Working with Woojin was going to be hard. He was adored by all the girls, regardless of the age. He was the dark, mysterious, and charismatic one from his goofy friend group. Boys wanted to imitate his powerful presence while girls cooed over how wickedly handsome he looked whenever the dance team performed at a school event. Even now, with it being casting season for the popular crews in the area, he was looked at as the prime candidate to join a nationally recognized group.

“_____?” You froze at the doorway, turning to meet his unwavering gaze. His voice was quiet, but it demanded attention at the same time. A few female classmates giggled as they purposefully brushed by him to leave for the buses or subways as the school day was coming to an end. “How are we going to separate the research paper?” You ring your hands awkwardly, trying to not meet his intense gaze. Donghyun popped up behind him, giving you an angelic smile as he bid the two of you a good day before leaving.

“It’s not really something we can divide easily from what I can see. We need to learn the same content to create this paper.” He nods slowly, absorbing the information, and you finally let your gaze admire his unique and sharp features. He was not from Seoul as the rest of you were; he had moved in from somewhere in Gyeongsang-do. You could tell from his dialect, although you still had no idea if it was Busan or Daegu that he had originated from.

“Then let’s go out.” The words caused you to cough furiously, your hands flying to cover your mouth. He gasped as he realized how wrong his words had come out, and ran a hand through his hair once more. “I meant let’s go somewhere to work on it… together.” You finally stop yourself from coughing, and nod your head slowly. Working with him should be easy. He was known to be naturally intelligent, which was not fair when he was already graced with his unbeatable talent in dance, endearing appearance, and ability to win everyone and anyone over.

“Do you want to go to the library sometime this week? We have about to finish this and submit electronically by Saturday night,” you inform him, and his brows furrow as he contemplated his schedule. You didn’t do anything special; you spent time at home to study and rarely went out. In fact, it was more embarrassing trying to grasp at some social connection to Woojin when he was so outstandingly admired in the school and you were almost three alternate universes behind. To say you were hated was wrong; you were known as a nice and quiet girl, but it took an uncomfortably long time for anyone but your childhood best friend to remember who you were when hearing your name.

“I have dance usually at night, and it’s kind of far from the library. I normally get off at the fourth stop from Bus 166.” He rubbed his bangs with his hands once more, biting his lower lip meekly. You avert your gaze and fixate on the paint that was peeling off behind him. The sound of students flooding out the school doors is fading, the last few casting curious glances at the sight of Park Woojin with a girl.

“I actually get off of that stop too. It’s near my apartment.” He brightens momentarily, a flash of a childish smile on his face before it returns to his neutral mask. You sigh inwardly at how dreadfully long and awkward this paper would be.

“Are there any other scheduling conflicts you might have?” He thinks a bit more, a small silence once again between you two. He finally nods.

“I have a dance audition with the school team on Saturday night. I’m really sorry.” You smile a little, remembering how much you loved the sight of him dancing at school performances. Not that you would ever dream of saying it publicly, but Woojin was destined to be a star in the near future, and you could only imagine how many girls would swoon at the sight of him performing on TV or an important stage.

“It’s cool. We should just start a little earlier and work a little harder to make up for it then.” He looked distractedly apologetic, but seemed a little comforted at how coolly you were trying to brush it off. He opened the door a little wider for you to exit, and you wiggled through. His eyes glinted with amusement at how you blushed when your bag accidentally hit him, and the keychain fell off. He picked it up, brushing off the dust, and put it into your side pocket, before leading the way towards the bus stop near the school. You scrambled after him, heat radiating off of your cheeks. He was innocent. He did not mean to make you flustered, or feel like there were raging butterflies eating you alive, or that you could die of a heart attack.

“Oh shoot.” His quiet voice was laced with panic as he dug through his book bag. He looked at you with a meek smile, his own cheeks pinking considerably. You cock your head slightly, curious at his peculiar behavior. He cleared his throat a little, unable to meet your eyes. “I ran out of money on my bus card. Is it possible-”

“I got it, don’t worry.” You say quietly. You wanted to pinch your forearm to see if you were dreaming. Park Woojin needing your help? You wrinkled your nose slightly, trying to distract yourself from the thought, before continuing towards the bus stop. He followed in pursuit, his expression stoic once again, if not a little pink in the cheeks still. By the time the clambering bus arrived, you had taken out your earbuds and your bus card, swiping twice and waving him on. He ducked his head, letting his bangs cover his shy gaze as he sat besides you. All of the vacant seats around you made you almost blush at the thought of him choosing to sit by your side, but the other part of you chided at yourself for the thought. Of course he would– the whole purpose between you two travelling together was for a stupid biology research paper.

“I like that song too,” Woojin said quietly, his eyes directed at the head cushion of the seat in front of him. He was fiddling awkwardly with his phone, unsure of what to do in the silence as the bus bumped along the street. You took out an earbud, before hesitantly offering it to him. His gaze lit up, but his lips remained in a mutual line.

“I didn’t know you were a fan of Bruno Mars,” you whisper, not wanting to distract the few souls actually on the bus. You were somehow mortified at the idea of him listening to your music playlist. Was he judging you secretly? Was it expected that you would even like some song like When I Was Your Man?

“This is actually a good song to dance to. It’s kind of tricky to display the emotions but if you can’t do that then it could be a sad slow dance, too.” He whispered back, before tapping your shoulder to signal that the bus was at your stop. You stand up, his words still swirling in your mind. Part of you wanted to ask him to dance for you to this song, but another part of you knew better. The remainder of the walk to your apartment was quiet, sifting through various songs in your playlist. He didn’t comment at the flood of sorrowful and slower songs, instead just bobbing his head to the beats of Special by Lee Hi and Snow Flower by Park Hyoshin.

“You like a lot of older songs,” he didn’t sound surprised as you entered the elevator, and you took back the earbud from him. You nodded, waiting for him to say something else. “They’re all good though.” You fumble for the key in your pocket, hoping he didn’t notice the nervousness at his words. His praise made you feel flustered, and as much as it embarrassed you, you enjoyed it.

“I hope you can excuse the mess,” you said apologetically. He walked in, taking off his shoes and tucking them into the corner where there were other shoes. He looked around, his eyes careful and you could imagine the whirl of calculations and thoughts buzzing in his mind.

“It’s a nice place you have.” His words were punctuated with a rumbling of his stomach, which caused him to send a bashful smile to you, his eyes flashing with hope. “Er. By any chance, is there food?”

“Go ahead and sit down and start. Do you like any fruits? I have apples and pears.” He nodded gratefully, before moving towards the dining table. You watched him settle down, taking out his laptop and focusing on his work fairly quickly. You carefully cut the fruit, trying to make it as prettily arranged as possible. You had never done this for anyone outside of your family, and most certainly not a boy. You had always envisioned it to be something done in the far future, perhaps when you had a fiance or long time boyfriend or husband. The thought of the boy being Woojin rattled you even more, a distraction until you felt a sharp nick in your finger and looked down to see blood welling up. You sighed, grabbing a bandaid and messily putting it on, before grabbing a pair of forks and setting the dish in front of Woojin. He looked up, eagerly reaching for a slice.

“It’s a rabbit!” He exclaimed, unable to hide his excitement at the little ears you had made. You smiled, basking in his joy. Your grandmother and mother had cut all their apples like this for you at a young age, and now you were spreading the family joy. He reached for another, munching enthusiastically, before he halted, his eyes focused on your hand as you reached for your own laptop.

“Is something wrong?” You mumble, hiding the bandaged finger out of sight. He frowned slightly, before grabbing your wrist gently and bringing the damaged hand forward, examining it keenly.

“Did you cut yourself? Did you wash it? It’s bleeding through.” His words poured out of his lips, quickly and laced with worry. He was worried!

“It’s honestly fine–”

“It’s honestly a deep cut, ____.” The way he said your name shut you up, and you felt warmed by the concern. “Where’s your first aid kit?” You sighed, before pointing at the medicine cabinet that was barely in view from the kitchen at your seat. He rose, sifting through the contents before he grabbed the tiny plastic container. He took out an antiseptic wipe, before peeling off the now blood soaked band aid.

“This is going to sting,” he warned, before carefully dabbing at the cut. Stinging did not quite describe the pain, and you scrunched your face up to avoid spilling out some profanity. He tried to not smile at how adorable it looked, and instead fanned it with his free hand as he took out the antibiotic cream and applied a thin layer, finishing it off with a bandaid. It looked considerably neater than your own lousy attempt, and you stammered a measly word of thanks. He looked satisfied at his dandy work, instead turning back to his laptop.

“Anyways, back to this project. I heard from a few of the upperclassmen about this project and I hope you don’t mind that I started doing a bit of research and topic finding on my own. I printed a few papers out on one of the topics I liked.” He handed a stack of stapled articles, and you were impressed to see the already highlighted information, along with the immaculate notes he had written. You scanned through, eyes flickering every time he made a particularly loud sound as he continued to eat the fruit.

“I like it.” You announce finally, looking up at him with a smile. “I don’t think anyone else would think of triple negative breast cancer combinational therapy between dihydroartemisinin and 3-bromopyruvate. This is a pretty solid topic.” He grinned widely, his little “fang” poking out. He took the second fork, before spearing through a pear and handing it to you.

“I just realized I ate almost all of this without you. I’m sorry, I was really hungry.” He mumbled, and he separated the papers in half. “Also, I’m glad we’re partners for this. So many of our classmates probably wouldn’t have understood this topic.” You bite into the pear, relishing the sweetness. He probably didn’t realize that it was your favorite fruit, but it was the thought that counted.

“I mean, it’s pretty fool proof. Dihydroartemisinin targets the spindle fiber formation during mitosis, and 3- bromopyruvate lowers the cellular metabolism. They work hand in hand.” You mumble thoughtfully, finishing off the pear. He took the fork, spearing another pear slice and handing it to you again. You smile at the notion, and the two of you start your work quietly.

By the time night had fallen, he was humming some song repeatedly. The two of you straightened up as his phone alarm rang, playing the same song, signalling his time to leave for dance. He smiled slightly.

“I’m really thankful you’re so hard working.” You blushed a bit at his words. He was really too kind for his own good.

“What is that song, if you don’t mind me asking.” He smiled broadly at this, his little tooth showing.

“That’s the song me and the boys are performing at the audition. I thought the best thing for me to do was familiarize myself with it. I’m one of the younger members, so I have to work harder.” You nod in fascination. The passion that sparked in his gaze was intriguing, and you wondered briefly if this was what a bug felt like when it saw light.

“What’s the title?”

Get Ugly by Jason Derulo. I’ll dance a bit for you some day. Maybe tomorrow.” You nod eagerly at this, and he laughs, ruffling your hair a little. The warmth from his hand blossomed across your body, and you missed it the moment he recoiled, as if realizing his action. He smiled a little demurely, his gaze unable to meet yours and his cheeks reddening. “Good night, _____.” He slung his bag over his shoulder and scurried out of the apartment, leaving you to retire with a flicker of warmth still where his hand had been.

“So I forgot to fill my bus card again,” Woojin began, running a hand through his fluffy brown hair. He eyed you cautiously, expecting some disappointment or frustration. Instead, you stifled a laugh and shook your head teasingly.

“Luckily for you, I still have money in mine.” He grinned at this. You two had grown increasingly comfortable since being initially paired up, much to your pleasant surprise. You were looking forward to spending more time with him, mainly because he had promised to dance for you and because it was just nice to have someone to spend time with.

“It might rain soon– Oh, it is raining.” He held a hand out to catch a few droplets, before playfully flicking it at you. You shrunk away, about to shout at him, but caught yourself. He genuinely looked happy, perhaps the brightest you had seen him off stage! He caught your stare, and you glanced towards your feet instead, pretending to shy away from the rain as you set off towards the bus stop. He jogged after you lightly, a comfortable silence surrounding you two. You found temporary refuge under the trees that lined the path, but knew that there wouldn’t be anything to shelter you when you saw the crowd of people at the bus stop.

You sigh, standing at the end of the line with Woojin. The rain was beginning to fall harder, and you tried to not flinch every time a cold droplet of water splattered against your face. You could feel the rain trickle down your forehead, and you wiped it with your hand, silently begging the bus to come. You prepared yourself to wipe off the next trickle, but it never came. The water stopped tapping your face, and you glanced up to see Woojin’s hand covering your head, his gaze nonchalantly directed towards where the bus was slowly coming into view.

“Oh, it’ll be here in a few seconds.” You nod wordlessly, eyes still fixated on his hand. You wanted to hold it, to keep it warm and protected from the cold, but you knew your place. That would just make it awkward, and make him uncomfortable with you.

“Can I change into my dance clothes? My uniform got kind of wet,” you nodded and point towards your bathroom, which he shuffled into awkwardly. You also turned to your room, changing into your sweatpants and baggy Hello Kitty T-shirt. Part of you wondered if you should be embarrassed to sport this outfit in front of him, but another part of you dismissed the worry. Why care about someone who you didn’t have a chance with from the beginning?

“Do you want anything to drink or eat?” You ask as you enter the dining room. You ignored how handsomely boyish he looked in his simple all black attire, and tried to not let your gaze linger. He stifled a smile as he saw your faded pink shirt.

“Do you have hot chocolate?” You nodded, and turned to the kitchen. “Cute.” you almost froze at the words. Did you hear him, or was it just the rain hitting the window in the downpour? You forced the thoughts away. You probably had a higher chance of having auditory hallucinations than hearing him call you cute. You prepared the hot chocolate a little slower than usual, not wanting to be in the same room as him with your heart beating as erratically as it was at the moment.

“Thank you,” he accepted the mug with a grateful smile, inhaling the scent of the chocolate. You didn’t tell him that you actually snuck some of the more expensive cocoa powder into his to make it taste better, and sat down with your own mug of regular Swiss Miss, stirring the last few clumps of solids into sweet liquid. He stood up, tapping on his phone a few times. A familiar tune came on. Get Ugly.

“Are you dancing for me?” He nodded, a wicked grin on his face. He was not the same demure and bashful boy that he had been a few seconds ago. His face radiated confidence, and each movement he made was deliberate. His stare pierced yours as his movements were fluid from start to finish. His presence was explosive, and you were awestruck as his ability to pour his heart into a performance that was seen by only you.

As the song ebbed away, his breathing filled the room, and an unsure smile returned to his face as he searched your face for a reaction.

“How was it?” Each word was punctuated by the a puff of air and you grinned, clapping your hands enthusiastically. He smiled freely at this, his canine poking out adorably.

“You’re honestly amazing. I wish I could dance like that,” you said wistfully. He extended his hand slowly towards you, as though you were an injured bird who could potentially run away from fear.

“I’ll teach you right now.” Your eyes widened and you shook your head furiously. There was no way you were going to let him see you dance. You couldn’t even call the shameful movements you made to the beat a dance; hell, half of the “moves” weren’t even properly matched to the beat.

“I’m really not good at this–”

“Then I’ll pick a slower song.” He hesitated, before scrolling through what you imagined to be his playlist. Finally, he turned on a familiar song. Snow flower.

“You listen to this?” He shrugged, before grabbing your hand gently.

“My mom was a fan of the drama. I was only five at the time, but I remember it a little. So Jisub. Don’t a lot of girls like him?” He guided your hands to his shoulders, while his hands cautiously wrapped around your tiny body. You flinched a little at the touch, and his hands recoiled.

“You’re better than him.” The words blurt out before you can stop them. “Sorry. I was just a bit surprised and I couldn’t filter myself,” you whisper, and he nods tensely, before trying once again. Over Park Hyoshin’s beautiful voice, you felt yourself relax a bit, and for the first time ever, you enjoyed dance. It wasn’t quite dancing in the powerful way Woojin had performed, but in the stillness of the minimal movements the two of you were making, it seemed just as breathtaking. You tried to keep your mind away from complicated thoughts, but they pestered you constantly. ‘Why was he doing this? What am I supposed to do after this? Do I just play it cool?’ As the song faded out, he leaned a little closer, wrapping his arms around you in a brief hug. You felt your insides melt, as if everything had just been blown out of reality and you were thrown off into some strange world of fantasy.

“I- I think we should get back to the paper.” You stammer, backing out of his hug, and shuffled towards the dining table. He followed, his cheeks a little pink and his eyes restless. He looked lost, a little disappointed at your reaction, and above all confused. He wanted to get to know you better, and seeing someone dance was a way for him to grow infinitely closer to him or her. To have shared that experience with a girl as timid and quiet as you was an enchanting experience, and he was surprised that you had even gone along with it.

The hours flew by in a silence that would be ruptured by the occasional cough or exceptionally loud scratch of the pencil. You struggled to keep your gaze on the gibberish of words. Something about how the centromere was affected. Another something you kept missing over about the MDA-MB 231 cell line. Triple negative. Iron concentration correlation to what? You peeked up at Woojin, who seemed to be flying through his own work. A small pile of packets he had already finished was beside him, while his to-do list was shortening rapidly. Yours was drastically smaller. ‘I guess I’ll have to stay up and do it today because it’s due in two days,’ you thought somberly, flipping the page. The page ripped a little, and the sound caused Woojin to glance up, his eyes meeting yours.

His expression was unreadable, closer to stoic than anything else. You felt embarrassed and mildly irritated at yourself. What was your luck to have been paired with him? You ducked down towards your work again, and he ran a hand through his bangs, again, while turning back to his own work. The silence stretched on for what seemed like eons, and you willed for something to happen. It was a game of intuition, where you wanted to say something and you were almost positive he did too. You glanced up, about to blurt out some casual conversation starter, but his alarm rang. Dance practice.

“Good job today,” he said quietly. He bit his lower lip, and you were waiting for a few next words that never happened. Instead, he turned to zip up his backpack, gaze pointing downwards. You trailed after him wordlessly to the door, opening the door for him. He smiled a little at the gesture, before reaching out to pat your head once again. “Good night, ____. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You like pears, right?” Woojin asked, before holding out a can. It was pear flavored aloe. You smiled at the gesture, trying to open it. A dull throb from the cut a few days prior ached, and you winced. He took the can from you, walking ahead of you towards the bus stop. You could hear the container open with a pop, and he turned, a teasing smile on his face.

“Stop it. I got that cut because I was preparing food for you,” you sniffed the air indignantly, and he let out a small chuckle. You did not mention the slow dance from yesterday, nor did you even dare of telling him that your thoughts were filled of only him. You had stayed up a few more hours into the early morning, trying to catch up on your work. Luckily, you had actually finished all of your work, and he was almost done. Today would be a breeze.

“I’m sorry, ___.” He handed you the can, and you took a sip. It was sweet and chilled, the way you liked your drinks. You hum in appreciation, and he looked at your face. He loved the way your eyes crinkled into two crescents when you smiled, and how your baby hairs framed your face when there was a breeze. Perhaps you hadn’t an idea, but you were quite pretty to him.

“Do you want a sip?” You ask, confused by his staring. He smiled, accepting the can again. “Man, if I knew you were going to give me this I would have prepared something for you too.” He shrugged, relishing the taste.

“Getting to know such a quiet girl like you was an honor itself,” he mumbled thoughtfully, passing the can back. You pink a little at his words, and fished out his beanie that he had left the night before. You pull it over his face, deliberately covering his eyes with a giggle. He frowned, pulling it up to see your laughing face, and his expression softened immediately.

“Don’t get sulky because of that,” you said, and tapped his nose lightly, before turning to face back towards where the bus was arriving.

“I got this,” he said, and swiped his bus card twice. He actually refilled his card! You grinned, and sat beside him. The bumpy road lulled you to sleep, and dozed off in the late afternoon sun. You woke up from your blissful oblivion at a like poke on the cheek. Woojin was smiling down at you, motioning for you to get off the bus. You groggily followed, and he snorted with laughter as you got off of the vehicle.

“You snore so loud,” he began, and you rolled your eyes. You were always told you were a silent and unmoving sleeper. You were definitely not falling for it. “And you drool!”

“Where is your proof?” You stuck your tongue out, and he laughed, raising his hands in surrender.

“Man, I thought I could get away with it.” You nudge him playfully, and he tossed the empty can into the recycling. He must have taken it when you fell asleep. The thought warmed you a little, and you were constantly surprised by his caring ways. He was perfect, and you were the lucky classmate who got to experience this side of him for a few days. Today is the last day.

“If we finish early, want to go out a bit? It is Friday. I bet we can finish before I have dance. Or, you can come to dance with me.” Woojin looked at you hopefully. You gulped a little, and nodded slowly.

“If we finish early, I supposed I can go out. But I don’t think I can go to your dance studio. Besides, your audition is tomorrow and I wouldn’t want to take away from your practice time.” He nodded slowly, but still a smile formed on his face.

“How much more work do you have? I just need to type up a final paragraph.” You gasped at how much time the two of you had leftover. If you were already finished, then he would be done in a matter of an hour.

“I finished my work last night,” you admitted. He grinned, before nudging you towards the apartment door.

“Then I guess we have more than enough time to hang out. Let me ask Donghyun what there is to do that’s fun in this area– he plans all of our outings so I’m sure he can think of something.” He looked bright, like a child on Christmas morning, and you shook your head in amusement.

“Can I at least change out of the uniform?” He nodded, before pointing at his bag.

“I brought a change of clothes anyways.” You left for your room, heart pounding. He was making it impossible for you to even think of giving up this closeness with him. You dreaded tomorrow even more. In a matter of hours, this spell that created the dreamlike fantasy would be over. He would have no reason to continue being your friend, and you would have no excuse to talk to him. Perhaps you could maintain waving to him in the halls, but that seemed to be the limit at which you two could stay close.

You opted for a simple white tee with rose embroidery on the top, and skinny jeans. He had changed as well by the time you came out and were tying your hair into a ponytail.

“Wow, we’re matching. Is this a couple look?” He asked cheekily, motioning to his own rose embroidered shirt, which was black. You furrowed your brows, trying to not blush at his words. Couple look.

“Did Donghyun reply?” You ask instead, sitting next to him. He shook his head, before taking out his laptop.

“At worst, we can go to an arcade. I’m going to finish this paper really fast. Take a nap or something.” You agreed to his words, hugging your knees to your chest in the seat as you curled up. You let your cheek rest against your knee cap, and let yourself doze off once again. You felt something warm and soft encompass your shoulders, and opened your eyelids just a crack to see his black hoodie draped around you. You could hear him settle back into his seat, the typing restarting as he continued his work. The hoodie smelled like him, something clean and light. Perhaps it was laundry detergent, or his soap, but it was something you wanted to remember forever.

It felt like only a few minutes, but you could see the sun dip below the buildings when Woojin nudged you to get up. He brushed the hair away from your face, trying to stifle his laughter at the giant red circle imprinted on your cheek from your knee. You swatted him away, mumbling some incoherent complaint.

“Don’t worry, it’s kind of endearing. Just… do this.” He pulled the hood up so it covered your head, and you shoved him as he erupted in laughter, the sound beautiful to your ears. “Also, Donghyun said that at evening the food stalls and little stores are nice to visit.” You nodded, before realizing that he had given you his hoodie.

“Don’t you need this?” He shook his head, taking out another one, also black, with the plain white letters ‘BNM’ on it.

“I have another, don’t worry. You’re going to submit this online tomorrow, right?” You nod, and he smiles cheerily, before picking up his bag. “Let’s go then!” He was filled with infectious energy, surprisingly dragging you by the wrist to every destination. He refused to let you buy their fish cakes, so you forced him into accepting the bubble tea instead. You strolled in and out of little shops. He struck silly poses as you clipped on neon pink bows and plastic tiaras to his hair, and he returned the favor by urging you to try on fake moustaches and some hideous bucket hat. The quiet and intimidating boy from the first day was no longer there. Instead, this silly and fun loving soul was showing off his dance moves again on the streets in an impromptu dance battle you two had stumbled upon.

“Go Woojin!” You cheered, eyes glued to the boy as he smirked. He simply knew he was going to kill whatever performance he had, and you loved it. The crowd gathering cheered for him, and it was pretty obvious who the winner was in your eyes. You passed him back his stuff after he shook hands with the other dancer, a satisfied glint in his eyes as sweat was dripping down his face. You wiped it absentmindedly with your handkerchief you had kept in your bag. He smiled sweetly at this, grabbing your hand and lowering it.

“How was I?” He asked, his hand still wrapped around yours. You grin back, unable to deny yourself of this. ‘Just for this one last night… let me enjoy it.’ You rearrange your hand in his grip so they’re comfortably together, much to his pleasant surprise.

“You’re the best no matter what.” You replied honestly. He squeezed your hand, keeping it warm in the cool evening air. His face looked a little nervous, and your eyes widened as he began to move closer to you, his face approaching your own. You were about to let your eyes close, but then a familiar alarm sounded. The two of you jumped apart, and he smiled apologetically.

“I set the alarm a little early so I can walk you back home. It is night, after all.” He took your hand once again, and you obliged. Your heart was racing at the prospect of him doing what exactly. Kissing you? Hugging you? What was going to happen if the alarm hadn’t rung? He led you through the crowd, keeping you close and made sure to have his arm out to part the sea of people. You felt safe, but a sadness suffocated your thoughts. This is it, you thought as you finally arrive at the front of your apartment. He fixed your hair a little, and you try to not let your lip tremble. Where you two really just going to be strangers again? He was too popular, and you were too quiet in school to probably catch his attention in the halls.

“Have a good night.” He said quietly. He lingered a bit, taking in your sleepy appearance in his hoodie, which was too big for you. “Keep the hoodie. I’ll take it back another day.” A small flare of hope to rekindle their friendship.

“Good luck tomorrow.” You stand up on your tippy toes, giving him a chaste peck on the cheek. You both turn red, and you look away. “You should get going now.” You turn for the elevators, and pressed the button, a little dazed at your ability to have even pecked him. ‘He probably won’t want to talk to me after that-’

“Thank you. Today was fun. I’ll be sure to get the spot.” He said, his arms wrapped around you. He let go as the bell notified you both of the elevator’s arrival. “Sleep well.”

It was already late in the afternoon when you woke up. You had taken melatonin to help you sleep at night, and it worked a little too well. Your mother had left for work, as had your father. You sighed, taking your laptop out to submit the paper. You had checked it over a few times out of restlessness last night, and were positive it was submittable for a good grade.

After a quick shower, you pulled on Woojin’s hoodie once again. You loved how soft it was, how it was oversized and covered your hands so only your fingertips poked out, and how simple it was. But above all, you loved how it smelled of him. Your thoughts drifted to him for the nth time since you had woken up. Was his audition going well? Did he even go yet? He said he would be done by early evening or late afternoon, but you had no idea what the actual time was. You sighed. This would not do. You needed something to do.

Your stomach grumbled as you looked at the empty fridge. There were only a few beverages, and a container of kimchi that looked a little too fermented. Go out for a walk, go get some food. That was what you could do. You pulled on your thickest socks and put on your sneakers, the hood up to cover your messy bun. As you opened the door, a gasp made you look up.


The boy was standing there, his hand outstretched to ring the doorbell. He had a bag of what looked like fried pork cutlet and pear aloe drinks. In his other hand was a small teddy bear, one that you had been admiring the night before.

He rubbed his head awkwardly, a sigh escaping his lips. His eyes were embarrassed, and it showed in how red his cheeks were growing.

“H-Hi, ____.” He stammered, before clearing his throat. “I did well like I promised. And I thought maybe you would want some company while you submitted the assignment.” He winced at how stupid his words sounded, and you accepted the bear, looking at it fondly.

“How did you know I liked this?” He straightened up, attempting to speak some sensible words the second time around.

“I saw you staring at it. It was a pair right? I have the other.” He turned so you could see the other bear’s head poking out from his dance bag. “Did you eat? I have food.” He moved towards the door, and you raised an eyebrow. What about his dance team? It looked like he had come back from the competition without even changing, especially by the look of his outfit.

“This is really sweet and all but is there an actual reason? Shouldn’t you be celebrating with the guys?” He coughed at your words, and his face turned a shade redder as he sighed. He shifted the bag of food out of his hand and onto his wrist, before taking your hand.

“I was trying to find a smoother way of doing this but you’re really a difficult girl.” You try to not blush at his words and intense stare. “I wanted to formally confess. I like you a lot, ____.” You felt your face turn more red at this, and he licked his lips, unable to look at you in the face anymore. “I know you probably don’t return it, and that I’m rambling and I probably sound like an idiot, but I had to try-”

“I like you too.” You interrupt. His head shot up, looking at you with widened eyes. His mouth had fallen open, and his lips seemed to not function as he tried to register your words.


“I like you.” You repeat bashfully, and finally open the front door. “I think you can come now. I guess I can accept having my boyfriend visit me spontaneously.”

BTS reaction to dating a shy S/O

okay so i probably don’t know how to write just reactions xd

Kim seokjin

He would respect you so hard. Each time he saw you blush because something he said, or clench when he was maybe too close, he would soflty stop and give you an apologetically smile, or ask you if he should do anything else and if you were okay. He would try to understand why do you feel so shy, discretely asking you when lying on his bed or watching a movie.

Your happiness will mean all to him,  so respecting your shyness and your space, though hard, would not be impossible. He would feel a little down knowing you didn’t felt comfortable while hugging/kissing in public, but knew that when you two got home, you will probably caress his neck nervously and start pecking his lips, and that was all he need.

Eventually, that same respect he had for you, would start boosting your confidence. You would realize being shy was not something bad, and that people could understand you instead of forcing you to do stuff you weren’t prepared for. One day, when you genuinely approached him in public to hug and kiss him happily, Jin’s heart would burst. Everything was going to be even more perfect than it already was before,

Min Yoongi

Being someone who had deal with social anxiety, he would very well the feeling of not wanting to talk. You weren’t just shy: you were utterly quiet. He wouldn’t mind spending hours with you were you only muttered five or six sentences, usually very short. Actually, he would feel amazing having someone he could ramble about his hundreds of ideas and that would be really paying attention, or just someone he could be totally quiet and would enjoy it as much as him.

Anyway, it would be hard for him each time you got out, knowing you could feel uncomfortable, and the genuine lack of words and blushing you had to experience. He got angry to people when they insisted on talking or forcing you to do something, only making you sad and nervous. He would always try to confort you when it was too much, caressing your back, kissing your temble, or simply rubbing his thumb on your hand. When home, he would make some tea and hold you, telling you his favorite childhood stories as you let yourself laugh and relax. And each night, when you finally fell asleep, he would take care of you and try to think how to take away all the fear on your shoulders.

Jung Hoseok

Hard. It was really hard for him to understand your shyness at first. Being such an outgoing person he could not get why would you want to be so shy. He was loud, playful, loving, touching. And you rather stay on the back, silently reading a book or browsing through your phone. 

It would also make him sad. The way you tensed when he suddenly hugged you from behind, or when he felt the urge of bathing you in kissing while in public. It wouldn’t hit him how much hurt and insecure of everything you were until the day you were about to do it, and you bursted into tears.

Everything changed since then. He would became the most understanding person on the planet. Each time he felt you tense in public, he would excuse both of you and leave, taking you to a quiet coffee or a nice bookshop. Something would change inside of him, making him appreciate the beauty of the behind and the silence. You would start opening yourself so much, and your physical relationship would become intense and sincere. Quiet dates, full of selfdiscovery would become part of his routine, making both of you realize that there was nothing that should be changed at all.

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon wasn’t exactly shy, but he could get embarrased really easily. You would probably meet him as he accidentally stumbled in front of you making you drop your books or coffee. As he apologized repeateadly and blushed hardly, while you stuttered uncomplete words and sentences, he would suddenly get distracted by a philosophical idea and after telling to you and hearing your answer, you would end up with his number.

You would be the shy and he would be the clumsy. You would get even more shy each time he broke something, or hit someone, or hurt anything and himself. Half of your relation ship would be you taking care of him, and the other half him supporting you.

Not a fan of going out, your favorite places would be your homes, libraries, museums, or small playgrounds. Anywhere you go he would find a quiet and lonely place where you would not feel observed and he could vent out his thoughts without being judged. Overprotective, he could get agressive when anyone or anything make you feel bad. At the same time, he would confort you in one thousand and one ways, always finding a new idea to relax you an dget your smile. He was willing to hit someone or run out of anywhere if you felt attacked, and also lo leave anything if you call him or text in need.

At the same time, while in private your shyness would wake up something totally different on him. He would feel attonished to the sublte blushing, the short breathing, the stuttered words. He would enjoy them even more when those actions appeared as you were naked under his body. And then, as every night, he would cuddle you and caress your body, making you wonder why you couldn’t feel as good as you felt on his arms each time you were outside.

Park Jimin

To begin, it would took you SO MUCH TIME to start dating. You both flirted endessly through the screens but, when face to face, he would hide behind any excuse and you would run as soon as you catch him staring. Eventually, Yoongi would be fed up and drag you both of to the same place, and tell in your faces what you always wanted to tell each other.

Jimin would be the most understanding. He would find cute your blushings, your tremblings, your nervous giggles. You rarely got nervous with him, though, because he wouldn’t just know but feel each one of your limits. Sex time would take a long time for both of you, because each time you got close, one of you would be too shy to continue and you would end up cuddling. It would actually take you a little booze for you to be together the first time.

When together, it would be hard for people to decide who was the weirdest. Your awkward laughs, your constant blushing, and the overlapped sentences would amaze people and entertain them, only to make you feel even more shy. Usually, one of your defense strategies would be him hugging you from behind, so you could feel contained and he could hide his face on the crook of your neck or your shoulder, or vicerversa in case you were taller than the boy.

In the end, your relation ship would be a soft cloud of endless talk and private laughs, full of constant reassuring each other, and beautiful gentle touch that would drive both of you crazy.

Kim Taehyung

It would be that same shyness the one that actually made Tae lay his eyes on you. Why you avoided everyone gaze wwhen you had the most beautiful eyes, or why you rarely speak out with such an amazing voice. His usuall flirting tacticts wouldn’t work with you, as being an overconfindent and outgoing person would only pushed you away. He needed to be more subtle, but without stopping being himself.

That’s when he started with the hints. Small poems (written with Namjoon and Yoongi by his side) left on your clothes or bag, always leading you to small gifts. You might be shy, but also very curious. When the last hint lead you too him, weirdly nervous and holding a daisy, you knew he might was worth a try.

And it was. Hard for him as it could be, he still managed to find a place where you could be yourself and he could still be a dumb. He couldn’t stop wanting to be with people, but he selected a group of people that would always be the same when he was with you. His family and those friend quiclky would get use to your presence, respecting everything on your person. And when those weren’t available, he would just keep holding your hand, squeezing it, and making dumb jokes to relax your body and get your smile. And even though you knew you may never be a public figure or get all your insecurities up, at least you would know that everything would be easier if Tae was by your side.

Jeon Jungkook

It all started with a kiss. You were akwardly far talking on the couch, then you were akwardly close, and when something on the tv reminded one of your moments and you turn to each other at the same time, somehow your lips ended up together.

It all went down after that. He would look at you, but you were to shy to talk him back. He might hate you, you believed. And your actittudes told him the same, making it impossible for him to approach you in person.

Eventually, he did. And things got better, and worse. You were both shy, but not the Jimin way shy. You were the kind of shy people that could sit silent for hours feeling uncomfortable just seeing the amount of people. He had managed to survive it due to his career, but it was harder for you. You would not only suffer the fear of attention and people, but you would hurt when you caught him suffering too, seeing his nervous tics, his short answer, his constant blushing, his teary eyes.

Though you would manage to had your own medicines. Long warm baths, endless walk on the beach. Soft nights together, only caring about the other’s body. Leaving your phones home and taking a run to the woods, so he could shout an infinite amout of photobooks just of the two of you. Of course he would be scolded when he came back and found 20 lost calls, but he wouldn’t mind. He knew how much you needed to be alone, and reconnect with your stressed body to calm it down. I mean, he needed that too, and that’s why he would pick you over and over again. His reason to keep trying. Your reason to be alive.


All Bets Are Off

Request: “Hey, would you write Draco again?? Also what if it wasn’t an actual smut scene but like flirting?? Or are you over that because I can just request later on if you’re sick of anything smut related”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1367

Warnings: implied smutttt

Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance

“Got detention again I see.” Draco remarked as he began to walk alongside you, heading towards the detention chamber. “What’d you do this time (Y/n)?”

“I only played a harmless trick on some third-year Hufflepuffs.” You shrugged.

Draco chuckled, and you punched him in the shoulder playfully.

“Stop following me, freak.” You jested, your strides getting quicker but Draco matched it, no matter how fast you walked.

“Following you?” He smiled. “I’m going to detention!”

“Let me guess, you only got detention so that you could stare at me all day again?”

“You wish.”

“You already wait around for me in the Slytherin common room, and now you’re actively stalking me. I could complain to Snape you know, he’d probably flog you.”

“Oh come on (Y/n), don’t pretend that you don’t like it.” He grabbed your arm, pushing you gently against the nearby wall. His cunning eyes darted between yours, his breath tickling your neck as he leant down to whisper into your ear.

“I know you want me.”

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