of course you came to win

Imagine having play fights with Chris.

A/N: Thought of this after seeing Chris bantering with Octavia Spencer (who is just an amazing actress that I love so much) Enjoy!

You tried not to giggle as you stood behind your husband in the kitchen; you were wearing the Atlanta Falcons jersey Octavia Spencer- a close friend of Chris’ and yours- had sent over as an attempt to mess with him after their banter on Twitter about whose team was going to win at the Super Bowl. She had texted you about it the day before, and of course you were more than happy to mess with your husband; it was payback considering he made fun of your favorite TV show ‘Arrow’ because it was DC.

Now everyone knew what Chris was like when it came to football, Tom Brady, and The Patriots; passionate was an understatement, that boy was obsessed. His inner fan girl was so well known that every interview you had leading up to the Super Bowl involved that particular topic. You knew nothing about sports, but you knew a lot about how adorable your husband got when it came to his team. He was about as adorable as you were when you met your favorite superhero, Captain America at the Vanity Fair after party four years ago.

You tapped your socked foot on the hardwood floor as you waited for Chris- who was clearly too busy stocking the fridge with beer- to turn around. You sighed quietly then cleared your throat to catch his attention because at the rate he was going, he wasn’t going to notice you for another ten minutes and you had other things to attend to.

“Do you think I bought too-” He began as he turned around, cutting himself off when he saw what you were wearing. You pressed your lips together to suppress your smile which was forming at the sight of his facials. “How dare you?” He tried not to smile himself as he pretended to scold you, closing the fridge door behind him. “And in my house, Y/N?” He quizzed, trying to hide his amusement.

“Oh,” you scoffed and chuckled simultaneously; his lips quirked into a more visible smile. “All of a sudden this is your house?” You crossed your arms over your chest as he leaned back against the kitchen counter. “Didn’t you say what’s yours is mine, Evans?”

“Yeah, yours as in- Y/N Evans,” he retorted playfully. “I um-” he pointed at you then crossed his arms again, “I don’t know who you are 'cause my beautiful wife whose best quality is her loyalty would never betray me and my team like that.” You giggled and he bit back his smile, “that’s just disrespectful, really.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you shrugged with an innocent smile on your lips. “I’m just standing here doing nothing.” Chris scoffed as he lowered his gaze onto your jersey. “Oh, you’re talking about my shirt?” You looked down and pulled at the material. “I just put the first thing I saw in my closet, no biggie.”

“First of all,” he laughed as he pushed himself off the counter so he could make his way over to you. “That is a jersey. Secondly,” he gently pinched your chin between his fingers, “we have never, nor will we ever- have a Falcon jersey in this house.” You pressed your lips together, suppressing laughter. “Take it off before I do it for you, okay?” He released your chin and booped your nose before turning his back on you to return to the fridge.

“No,” you bit playfully; Chris stopped and smiled while his back was turned to you.

“I’m sorry,” he turned around, raising an eyebrow; the amusement in his tone audible. “What was that?” He challenged in a playful tone with his hands on his hips. You smirked, raising an eyebrow. “Take it off, that jersey has no place in this household.” He told you, trying not to laugh. “I mean it, Y/N.” He warned when you shook your head.

“What are you going to do, hm?” You challenged and he smirked, taking a step closer to you. “How are you going to make me take off the jersey of the most amazing team ever?” You said and his lips parted, feigning shock whilst hiding his amusement. “Yup, I said it. The Patriots suck compared to The Falcons,” you egged him on.

“You take that back,” he tried not to laugh as he pointed at you. As much as he loved his team, he loved you a lot more so you could say anything you wanted and nothing bad would happen; it also helped that he knew you were just joking. “Take it back and take that jersey off, or I’m going to throw you into the pool.”

“Yeah, right,” you laughed then immediately regretted it when you saw the playful gleam in your husband’s pretty blue eyes. “Chris, don’t you- No!” You shrieked with laughter and ran when he started for you. “Oh my God, no!” You ran for the stairs so you could hide in the safety of your bedroom but Chris caught you before you hit the first step. “Chris, no!” You laughed as he wrapped his arms around you from behind, lifting you off the ground.

“Do you want to take it back?” He whispered into your ear, his beard tickling your neck.

“Take your Patriots jersey back to the store because it’s a sucky team?” You quipped, giggling.

“You did not just say that,” he tickled your sides and you squirmed, laughing. “You’re so dead, Y/N. I hope you don’t have your phone in your pocket because I am tossing you into the pool.” Your laughter grew louder as he threw you over his shoulder. “You have about thirty seconds to take it back, unless you want to end up in the pool, of course.”

“I know you, Evans.” You giggled as you wrapped your arms around his waist. “You wouldn’t, so no- I’m not taking it back.” He shrugged and continued walking towards the pool in the backyard. “You’re all bark and no bite,” you poked his side and he chuckled.

“If you say so, Y/N.”

You giggled because you were so sure your husband was just joking, after all- it wasn’t the first time a play fight had ended with him threatening to throw you into the pool. He had never done it before and you doubt he’d start now. He usually walked out to the pool with you over his shoulder or in his arms bridal style, threaten to toss you in, almost toss/push you in only to pull you back into his arms to kiss you. It was the same every time, so you were sure you were safe this time too.

“Last chance,” he warned as he stopped at the edge of the pool with his back towards the water and you over the blue surface. “All you have to say is 'I’m sorry, Chris. The Patriots is the best team ever.’ And you’ll be free to go. After you take of the jersey, of course.”

“I’m sorry, Chris,” you began, biting back your smile as you continued, “I’m sorry I married a man with such poor judg- Chris, no!” You screamed when he pretended to drop you. “Don’t do that,” you smacked his butt, giggling. “You nearly gave me a heart attack. Put me down,” you poked his side.

“Say the words,” he sang song.

“Fine,” you rolled your eyes. “I’m sorry, Chris. The Patriots is the best team ever,” you recited monotonously. “Now can you put me down? All my blood is rushing to my head.” You told him as he pulled you back over his shoulder and lowered you onto your feet in front of him.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” He teased.

“Nope,” you smiled and pressed your palm to his chest. “Do you want to know what else isn’t hard?” You whispered as you leaned in, your lips inches away from his. “Tricking my big dumb dumb of a husband.” You giggled then pushed him into the pool before he could comprehend the situation. He fell into the water, cussing, and left you laughing on the sidelines. “You got a bit of water on-” you gestured to his cheek when he rose to the surface, drenched from head to toe. “Yeah,” you giggled when he wiped his cheek, “I think you got it.”

“You’re going to regret that, Y/N.”

“Perhaps,” you shrugged, smiling.

“Want to know what else isn’t hard?”

“You, 'cause it’s freezing in the water?” You teased.

“Yes, but-” he chuckled, swimming to the edge. “I was thinking more along the lines of, pulling my mischievous wife into the water because she’s not fast enough to out run Captain America!” He pushed himself off the edge and launched himself out of the pool, grabbing you before you could run back into the house. “Gotcha!”

“Chris!” You shrieked with laughter as the two of you fell into the water together. “I hate you,” you splashed him when you rose to the surface after him. “It’s f-f-fucking freezing.” You felt your teeth chatter when your body actually realized the temperature of the water.

“Don’t be such a baby.” He chuckled, swimming closer to you. “C'mere, baby.” He grabbed your hand, pulling you close and wrapping an arm around you. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck as he leaned in and kissed you. “Just so you know,” he whispered when he broke the kiss, “I’ve got a very dry and very warm Patriots sweatshirt waiting inside for you.”

Fall For You(Isaac Lahey One Shot)

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Requested: Yes

Warnings: Fluff. 

Word Count: 516

You watched from the bleachers as the Beacon Hills lacrosse team scored another point, Player 14 launching the ball into the net. Through his helmet, Isaac looked up at you and smiled.

You laughed, clapping your hands and cheering, excitement coursing through your veins.

The score was 17 to 13, and Beacon Hills was in the lead. “I can’t believe we’re winning!” The girl next to you exclaimed, surprise written all over her face.

“It’s that Lahey kid. He’s finally doing something useful.” Her friend replied. You couldn’t help but smile, despite their harsh words. Isaac had always been important. To you, at least.

When time had run out, the score came to a final 23 to 19. Students and parents alike cheered, rushing off the bleachers and onto the waiting field below.

You grabbed your jacket and pulled it over your shivering frame, the chilly night air sending your teeth chattering a bit. You slung your ba over your shoulder, and headed onto the field to look for Isaac.

Before you even made it halfway down the bleachers, a player from the other team was walking towards you.

“Hey there gorgeous,” He said, a smirk on his face. You raised your eyebrows, and brushed past him.

“Hey yourself,” You replied, jumping off the bleachers onto the grass, the boy following close behind.

“I’m Aaron.” He introduced, and you turned your back to him, standing on your tippy-toes to see over the crowd of heads.

“Come on, talk to me princess.” Aaron whispered, his hand now on your lower back. You flinched away from his touch, a frown forming on your lips.

“Go away,” You hissed, walking away.

“Don’t be like that-” You frantically hurried away, looking for Isaac, trying to get away from Aaron as fast as you could. You felt yourself bump into someone, sending you back a few feet.

“Y/N?” You looked up, a smile on Isaac’s face. You let out a breath of relief, before Aaron’s voice interrupted you.

“Why’d you run off?” The boy teased. You dug into Isaac’s side, your breath hitching in your throat.

“Babe, this guy bothering you?” Isaac asked, your cheeks turning red at the nickname. You nodded, and Aaron began to back up.

“Hey man, we were just talking!” He said, raising his hands in defense. Aaron took that moment to dart like a scared cat.

“Thanks-” You were cut off by Isaac’s lips on yours. You were taken by surprise for a moment, before kissing back, your fingers lacing together on the back of his neck. When he pulled away, it was all too soon.

“What w-was that for?” You stammered, a smile on your face, your cheeks tinted pink. He shrugged, looking away, then back to you.

“I was just kinda hoping that..ya know, you’d fall in love with me.” He replied. You laughed, bringing him down to your hight.

“I was already in love with you, Isaac.” You whispered, before diving in for another kiss.


Do you want to talk about any other obstacles you overcame in the course to your prominence? 
You know, like the first thing was shyness. I was terribly shy and actually the only reason I started taking acting class was because I thought if I could conquer my fear of just speaking in front of anybody, it’s a win. And then I actually sort of fell in love with it and that was a big surprise. I don’t think I came out of the womb going I’m born to act

american footballer! jackson au

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word count:705

catagory: fluff

a/n: I’m going to start taking requests soon! Hope you enjoy!

There was 2 minutes left to the game and your star player, Jackson Wang, was just about to score a touchdown that was gonna win your team the game. You and the rest of the cheerleaders were nervously hoping he’d make it. Of course, the whole school knew he’d make the touchdown, all the teachers, Jackson himself, even the other team had practically given up with even thinking they’d win. Jackson was unstoppable on the pitch. No one had beaten your school in 3 years, the same time Jackson became captain. As the 2 minutes were nearly up, Jackson scored.

The whole school erupted into cheers and screams as they were now the winners in the whole state. You and the other cheerleaders started of your victory routine as the football team came together and carried Jackson above them all, as if he were their god. Jackson grinned at all his teammates, showing off his practically perfect teeth and put his toned, muscular arms up victoriously as he yelled.

You wouldn’t be the first to admit, you found Jackson immensely attractive. You’d assume that because he was a footballer, he be a jock and a bully and a complete stereotype. But he was nothing of the sort. Of course he was good looking as you’d expect, but he was also a nice person, kicking the asses of the bullies and treating everybody, including the girls, with respect. He didn’t sleep around and he only ever broke girl’s hearts by very courteously turning them down.

All in all, Jackson was an incredibly likeable person.

You gave up your feelings for Jackson a while ago, knowing you’d never get anywhere with someone as gorgeous as him. But when you were cheering for his victory and your eyes met, you couldn’t stop the feeling you felt in your stomach and chest. 

The team carried him towards the exit, next to where you were cheering, all during this time never breaking eye contact. He jumped off the shoulders of his friends and came running in your direction, grabbing the attention of everyone watching the game. You were friendly, even occasionally flirty, enough with each other shout a congratulations to him.

“Congratulations we’re now the best team in the state!”

“We couldn’t have done it without your supportive cheering though,” He yells a compliment to the whole cheer squad, making them all gush. The team were all getting a pat on the back from coach, but Jackson was still talking to you. You were confused, why wasn’t he with the rest of team?

“Dont you have a shower to have and a victory party to go to?” You smiled at him, trying to hide your genuine curiosity. The school were all watching you now, all intrigued at how out of character it was for Jackson to go straight over to the girls.

“I have higher priorities on my list right now,” he smirked out you suddenly, making you nervous.

“Like what?” You asked.

“Like this,” He answered and walked quickly over to you, grabbing you by the waist and closing all space between the two of. His lips latched straight onto yours His arm snaked further around you as your hands cupped his hard jawline. You could feel his sweaty body on your areas of bare skin around your chest and stomach. Everybody’s eyes were on you and Jackson.

As you both pulled away from the intense kiss, and you moved your arms down to his firm biceps. He smirked down at you, and held you tightly as he picked you up. Your feet were completely off the grass whilst his arms flexed from the weight of your body. He put you up on his shoulders, like you were as light as paper. 

The whole situation made you giggle, as if it were something you were dreaming. Although you weren’t one to act all squealy and excited by a boy, you definitely wanted to. He looked upwards to where you were above his head and shouted as if you were far away, “Now your up there, will you do me the honour of being my princess at homecoming?” by this point the whole school was yelling excitedly at the two of you.

As you can imagine, you said yes.

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“I used to be the king of poker until you came along!” + oh sehun.

There he was. Oh Sehun, wearing his typical black suit. His hair was black, probably newly dyed. He was the most handsome man in this room, it wasn’t a lie.

He was sitting at his usual spot, playing poker as always. You watched him every night. He had his own style and somehow he managed to win always and got all of the money of course.

“Do you have a seat for another player?” You said, looking directly into Sehun’s eyes.

“We always do if the player is a pretty lady like yourself.” he smirked as you took a seat. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” 

“Hmm, you have? Good things, I hope.”

“Sure they were, one of them was how good you were at this game and the other one is a bit inappropriate to say in front of people.” 

“Will you tell me, if I win this game?”

“We’ll see.”

“Nobody has ever beaten Oh Sehun. You’re the first.” a blond guy named Baekhyun said as he sipped his drink.

“I know.”

“You also got all of his money, so he’s pissed.”

“I don’t really care.”

“He’s coming this way also.”

“It’s his problem if he wants to start a scene.”

“It’s my queue to leave. He’s younger than me but I’m scared of him, See you around (Y/N).”

You hummed, finishing your drink.

“Do you mind if I buy you another one?” Sehun said, sitting next to you.

“Do you have any money left?”

“Honey, I own this casino.I have a lot more money than you can imagine.”

“Money doesn’t turn me on unlike other women you’ve been with. Nice try, honey.”

“I used to be the king of poker until you came along.” he said. “I’m impressed.”

“Wow, I’m honoured.”

“Do you want to know what they’ve told me about you? Since you won.”

“Do you believe everything they tell?”


“Or do you want to see it yourself?”

“I would prefer that.”

“Then lead the way and I’ll show you.”

requests are closed!

Tyrell x Clegane...

((Hehe, I actually really liked this one!))

((Word Count: 1,826))

It was no secret in all of Westeros that the Reach was rich, maybe even more so than Casterly Rock. So, of course, it was no secret when your parents threw a big bash for your sixteenth name day. Lords, Ladies, and Knights from all over the reach came to participate in the Tourney, the feasts, and the other festivities that were held on the request of your Grandmother, Olenna Redwyne.

You were the oldest Tyrell daughter and the middle child born to Lord Mace Tyrell and Lady Alerie Hightower. Lords and Heirs of Lords had traveled from all over the Seven Kingdoms to try and win your favor and your hand. It both amused and annoyed you. Just because you were of age didnโ€™t mean you suddenly needed to be married off. You especially didnโ€™t want to be married off to some stuffy Lord who would use you to produce heirs and get money from your parents.

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Dating Minho Would Include
  • waking up to his morning kisses on your face.
  • when he was busy he sent you x which meant i love you, but I have no time to type it out.
  • of course you’d smile to yourself, you were proud of him and the boys for working hard.
  • when the members came by it was an absolute ruckus, the members played so hard they broke a few things.
  • his competitive personality, when you challenged or anybody challenged him to do anything.
  • when you guys were on dates, in arcades, amusement parks he did everything he could to win you something.
  • in the end you had to stuff 5 giant teddy bears into the van the boys drove around in.
  • with surprises you would never catch on because that’s how sneaky he was.
  • when he met your parents, they loved him the moment they laid eyes on him.
  • he had this charm, he was easy to love.
  • he’d often buy medicine for you parents, and send it to them before he traveled for work.
  • they’d always be grateful and admire how kind hearted he was. 
  • of course, you guys facetimed which ended up being taken over by onew.
  • he was like your older brother always telling you and minho to be safe.
  • you’d laugh and roll your eyes when the phone was handed back to minho.
  • overall your relationship was strong, you guys shared lots of things in common, and was never bored with each other.

if you want me to describe what dating (person) is like just ask! c:

Crush imagine #27

“Ah, this, is my favorite one” (Y/C) chuckled. We were playing mini golf, and I was leading, but it was a difficult course and he’d played this one many times before. “See you have to time it just perfectly, so the ball goes through the wheel” he tapped the ball and ended up getting a hole in one.
“Just one hole in one won’t get you a win” I smirked.
10 tries later, I was still trying to get the ball through the wheel. (Y/C) came over to me and wrapped his arms around me from behind me, and rested his chin on my shoulder. He then held the golf club over my hands and hit the ball for me. It was moments like this that would momentarily make me think (y/c) liked me as more than a friend. (Y/c)’s lips brushed against my neck lightly. A chill went down my spine, (y/c) made me feel so different.
“(Y/C), what are you doing” I pulled myself away from him.
“Helping you in mini golf” he smirked. “Or I think that’s I’m doing, I mean it is just mini golf, not a date.”

“So why does it feel like more than mini golf?” We grabbed our clubs and moved to the next hole.
“Because, I want it to be more, and I know you want it to be more” he looked away.
“Wait, you like- hold on, you know?” My eyes widened.
“You don’t think I noticed, how you hugged me a little longer, how you sat closer to me, or how you would pick me to sit next to while watching a horror movie?” He gave me a look.
“I didn’t think it was obvious” I looked down.
“I mean those became tell tale signs after I read your texts to (y/f)” my jaw dropped.
“You read my texts?!” I punched his shoulder.
“Only because I was feeling for you and I just wanted to know” he chuckled. “Look, (y/n), I like you, a lot. And I know you like me back. I think you’re beautiful and charming, and sweet.” (Y/c) gripped my waist.
“Well if you think, all those things, why haven’t you kissed me yet?” I looked up. He chuckled and leaned in, and kissed me softly.

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Did victor realize how intense "aishiteru" was when he wrote it in a note to Yuuri?

HA no, he most definitely did not.  I actually joked a bit with @plaidshirtjimkirk about this when the chapter was being drafted.  Victor totally did a quick google image search of “how to write i love you in japanese” and copied the first thing that came up.  Of course, even if he knew, he’d only have a moment’s pause before being like “that’s obviously what I mean to say” bc he loves Yuuri too much for words (and he wins the gold medal in Extra-ness).  

Maybe I’ll write a little scene of that realization for the appendix someday :)

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Title: MTV Awards
Word Count: 400+

Had it not been for your publicist demanding you go and Oscar promising it would be fun, you wouldn’t have even shown up to the award ceremony. Your views on MTV’s current ridiculousness were very well known- and normally, being nominated for something as trivial as “Best Kiss” didn’t really interest you.

“If we win, we get to makeout in front of people.” Oscar had said.

Of course you retorted, “We could just do that anyway.”

Both of you laughing, you rolled your eyes and started getting ready for the show.

Something you hated, among many things that had already happened tonight, was that you weren’t seated with Oscar. So you couldn’t talk a lot of shit or giggle about anything. He’d been sat two rows behind you, but he might as well have been seated on the other side of the room.

Out from backstage came Stephen Amell to present the Best Kiss Award. When the nominees finally came on screen, you knew for sure that you and Oscar didn’t have a chance.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan - Fifty Shades of Grey
Amy Schumer and Bill Hader - Trainwreck
Leslie Mann and Chris Hemswork - Vacation
Margot Robbie and Will Smith - Focus
(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) and Oscar Isaac - [MOVIE TITLE]
Morena Baccarin and Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool

“And the winner is…” Stephen looked inside the envelope in his hands, “(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) and Oscar Isaac.”

Knowing the cameras were be instantly on you, you mustered up some fake enthusiasm and smiled. Did Will Smith and Margot Robbie deserve to win? Probably. But somehow, the mass majority of the voters enjoyed your steamy kiss scene with Oscar better. The win definitely did a little for your ego.

Oscar was by your side in an instant and you two walked up the stairs and to the stage hand-in-hand. The crowds were screaming. After embracing Stephen and taking the popcorn, you walked up to the microphone, only to push Oscar in front of you to talk. He smiled.

“I told you we’d win.”

The crowd and you let out a chuckle.

Oscar than turned to the crowd, “We would just like to thank all the voters out there. It really means a lot that you guys liked watching us makeout.”

He turned to you and you rolled your eyes. Taking hold of his tie, you pulled him closer and the two of you gave the audience a little peck- which caused them to scream.

Turning to the microphone you said, “I love doing that. Thanks guys!”

a/n: ignore my slight hatred for mtv REQUESTS ARE OPEN

Do I agree with Emma Watson’s resistance to wearing corsets in the movie?

Of course not.

However, I also remember when Cinderella came out, people attacked Lily James for wearing a corset and having a thin waist and figure because of it.

So like, if you refuse to wear a corset you are being entitled and historically inaccurate, and if you do wear a corset you are setting a bad and unhealthy body example for little girls.

No matter what you do you can’t win? It’s such a double edged sword.

It just… doesn’t seem fair to me.

Barry and Oliver are talking about the week’s villain on the phone and being all teasing (cough flirting cough)

Barry: A telepathic gorilla came back and mind controlled Caitlin into following him in hopes of getting her to create a mate for him.

Oliver: Dig’s brother came back from the dead, working for HIVE, being controlled by Damien Darhk, and is now sitting in a cell. So I think I win the Weirdness Competition this week.

Barry: Whatever Ollie. goes silent as he realizes he used Oliver’s nickname without permission

Oliver: sighs lightly Barry, that nickname is only for people I’m really close to care a lot about.

Barry: tries to cover up hurt puppy tone in his voice Yeah, of course, I get it, I totally underst-

Oliver: So feel free to call me Ollie anytime you want.

Barry: hurt puppy tone turns to excited puppy tone Really?

Oliver: smiles Yeah, if you want.

Barry: beams Thanks Ollie! heart eyes

Anyone else imagine this every time Barry calls Oliver Ollie? ….Anyone? …….No? ………Just me? ……Okay


Hoji:Master ,you really are strong .
Wakiya: Of course . I told you I’d win,didn’t I ?
Wakiya : but you know, that one moment where Horusood came flying ,that was intense.
that outcome could’ve been the opposite.
Hoji : Young master !
Wakiya :well,we got to be in a close match. Right  ?
Hoji :Is it okay if..we have another battle at the estate ?
Wakiya :what’re you saying ?Isn’t about time you came back ? with you there, I won’t be bored.”

Of Course I Love You (Smut) (Reader x S.Coups)

Word Count: 1417

(a/n: this is my first smut go easy on me)

It sucks, being mad with your boyfriend. But whenever he came home from practice he immediately went to bed without so much as a second glance in your direction. You tried to be understanding, his group did just have a huge comeback and they had their first win so you tried to be happy for him, and you were. But after 3 weeks enough was enough.

“Seungcheol-ah!” You yelled at him as he emerged from from the bathroom fresh from a shower shirtless with sweatpants hanging low on his hips. You couldn’t help but notice how good he looked from your vantage point from the couch of the living room of your shared apartment. You nervously bit down on your lip as he looked down at you questioningly. “Do you even love me anymore because this is the most you’ve even looked at me for the past three weeks.”

Seungcheol sighed and rubbed his eyes with his palms. “Look Jagi I don’t have time for this. I’ve had a long day and I’m tired. Can we please talk about this in the morning when I have some kind of energy, please?” He put emphasis on his last word as he looked at you wearily.

You could see that he was tired and you were being unreasonable but a large part of you was annoyed and upset with his reaction. “Fine. Go. I don’t care anymore.” You looked away from him as you stubbornly crossed your arms.

“Whatever.” He mumbled as he stalked off to the bedroom. That made you even more upset than what you already were.

You sat in anger for a bit longer before jumping up, putting on shoes, and walking out the door. What you needed right now was fresh air. You walked along the sidewalk appreciating the beauty of the silent night. After a few minutes of walking you decided to sit at a bench located at a bus stop not too far from your apartment. The cold night air kissed your shoulders and you instantly regretted leaving in only a tank top and thin pajama shorts. You contemplated returning home but you barely stomach the thought of sharing a bed with Seungcheol when you weren’t sure if he even loved you anymore.

You sat out enduring the cold for a bit longer, your thoughts lost in happier times of you and Seungcheol’s relationship. You didn’t even notice when you were approached until a warm jacket was draped around your shoulders. You looked at the stranger ready to reject them when you saw Seungcheol’s concerned face staring down at you.

“What are you doing out here by yourself? Your gonna catch a cold.” You hadn’t noticed it but you were shivering so you snuggled closer into the jacket that smelled like him. “I don’t care if you’re mad at me just please come home.” He sounded actually concerned, a complete contrast to the tone he used with you earlier.

You silently nodded and you let him lead you by your waist back to your apartment. The walk was silent save for the sound of your footsteps in sync with his. You remained silent as he lead you into the apartment and into the bedroom. What took you for surprise was when he lead you to his side of the bed, sat down, and pulled you into his lap so you straddling his waist. He pulled the covers up over your shoulders and put his hands on you cheeks in an attempt to warm them as you continued to avoid eye contact.

“Jagi, please look at me.” He pleaded with you and you finally relented. You looked him in the eyes and you were instantly absorbed in their deep brown expanses. “Look, I don’t know where you got the idea from that I don’t love you, but I do. I love you more than anything. But I really need you to understand that I have a commitment to the Carats and the boys and that I have to work hard to make them happy. These last few weeks have been very stressful and I’ve been very tired. I really need you to understand this.” He gazed at you expectantly, hoping that he was able to get through to you. He did but that didn’t stop you from being upset.

“Whatever.” You replied and tried to roll off of his lap and onto your side of the bed but he gripped tightly onto your hips so that you couldn’t move away.

“What do I have to do to prove it to you?” He spoke in a whisper as he leaned closer and attached his lips to yours. You wanted to pull away but you felt yourself leaning into him. His lips desperately grabbed at yours as the two of you struggle to breathe. You only stopped for a second and that was when Seungcheol pulled away to lift your shirt over your head and discarding in some corner of the room.

He attached himself to your neck, biting and sucking in order to leave marks that would be painfully obvious in the morning. He latched on to a sweet spot and you couldn’t help but moan. You started grasping at the edge of his shirt and he pulled away to assist you in pulling his shirt over his head. The shirt didn’t even hit the ground before he was back on your neck biting at the sensitive spot from before. Your hands roamed up his chest and you started to grind down on his lap. Now it was his turn to moan out loud.

You decided to take this opportunity to switch up on him. While still grinding down on his lap you began to suck and bite on his neck leaving marks of your own. You felt his hands in your hips assisting you in your grinding motions and you felt him grow harder beneath you with every move.

“Fuck, Jagi. I need you now.” Right after the words left his mouth he had flipped you over so that you were on your back and he hovered over you. His attack on your lips were more aggressive than before and the way he grounded his hips into yours made you both moan out loud.

He pulled your pajama bottoms off so now you laid under him wearing nothing but underwear. He reach one of the hands he was using to prop himself down to rub you through your underwear. You hadn’t been touched in so long the feel of his hands almost made you lose it right then and there.

Seungcheol felt how wet you were and let out a small chuckle. “Still mad at me?” He added pressure so that you moaned out his name.

“Seungcheol, please stop teasing me.” You moaned out and it only caused him to tease you even further. He took his time sliding your underwear down your legs before throwing them in another dark corner of the room. With your help he pulled down his sweatpants to reveal his throbbing member.

With his hands pressing your hips down so hard you were sure you would find brushes in the morning. Seungcheol lined himself up at your entrance slowly inserting himself in you so that you could adjust to his length and so that he could adjust to your tightness. Both of your moans filled the space around you as he slowly pumped himself in and out of you. You were reaching your peak fast and you could tell Seungcheol was too.

“Seungcheol, I’m-” You moaned out but was interrupted when he angled himself so that with each stroke he hit your spot over and over again.

“It’s ok princess.” He moaned into your ear. His strokes were becoming sloppier as he reached his peak. He released inside of you and moaned your name. That was more than enough to send you over the edge and you gripped his shoulders as you rode out your high.

Once he had pulled out of you he laid down next to you pulling you close. He draped the blanket that was originally draped over your shoulder around the two of you.

“I love you and no matter what happens I will always be there for you, ok?” He spoke after several moments of silence.

“I love you too.” You responded and he kissed you on the forehead as both of you drifted off to sleep.

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Bilbo’s Boasts

“I came from the end of bag, but no bag went over me” - Okay so far, good riddle there.

“I am the friend of bears and the guest of eagles.” - You were the guest of the Eagles, but I wouldn’t really call you friends with Beorn exactly.

“I am Ring-winner and Luckwearer” - First of all you didn’t win the Ring, you stole it, and even if you did you won passage out of the mountain, not the ring. Gollum didn’t even know for certain that you had it.

“I am Barrel-rider” - This is what you end on? What kind of riddle is this? You rode a barrel? Of course Smaug can put two and two together on where you came from, it’s literally a long lake. Also who cares that you can ride a barrel? You broke out of the Elvish kingdom, but you go with this? 

maybe the reason oikawa hates geniuses so much is not because they’re just naturally better. maybe it’s because when he was younger he was the best. and people told him he could have the world and be whatever he wanted to be. that he was excellent. smart. witty. extraordinary. a genius. but he never had to work for it when he was younger. so he never learned how to learn. he never learned what losing meant and what it means to win when you worked for it really hard. victory and being the best became a matter of course.

and then suddenly he met people who were better than him. who beat him. who showed him what it meant to be average. maybe not average. but not the best. was everything a lie? can he not be whatever he wants to be? he tasted defeat for the first time. no one really cared because nobody’s perfect right? not even oikawa can always win. but for oikawa it all came crashing down. there were walls he couldn’t climb and things he couldn’t do. but when he was young he was told he could do and be anything. maybe he wasn’t as great as people thought he was. and because oikawa set such high standarts for himself he felt like he was failing all over again. not only was what others thought of him wrong. but what he thought of him too.

and i guess it fucked him up pretty bad. and it took him a long way to become who he is now. but now and then, when he can’t find the answer to a problem or can’t get his serve right or can’t toss fast enough, he feels like disappointing little tooru who feels like he could conquer the world on his own. because he just isn’t the genius he imagined when he was a child.

Healing Love

A/N: This is for whowantsafriend who requested: โ€œReader is friends with kylo. She constantly gets picked on and bullied by the other people on the star killer, but never tells kylo. She tries to change herself and stuff to make them stop and kylo finds out and fluff ensues?โ€ Not so sure the fluffy really came through, but I hope you like it! :)

Pairing: Kylo x f!reader

Warning: Slight bullying, mild injuries, and mentions of not eating


You grinned at Kylo and wiggled your eyebrows, celebrating yet another win at his expense. Of course, there was always the possibility that he was letting you win, but you brushed the thought away. He merely sat up in his chair and gave you a small smirk in response. Your stomach did a little flip in response. You loved it when he smiled. He rarely did anything of the sort and it always seemed like he was holding back. You understood, however, that it was complicated and never pressed him on it. For now, you would take what you could get.

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What are your first impression as a Juventus player?

I feel great, it’s an honour to be in such a big club, I came here to win trophies, I hope we will win a lot of them in the coming years. I hope we can go as far as possible in the Champions League.

Can you tell us about your childhood?

I was a good child, I was always good in school. I have too older sisters and they helped me a lot. Of course I played football as well.

You said you always wanted to play as professional player, why did you chose Juventus? What other sports do you like beside football?

The clubs that were interested me were from Serie A, as I have said the best was Juventus. It was always my dream to play here, and be part of the team, from the first day I wanted to come here. To the next question, I like a lot of sports, basketball is my favorite.

Did Mario Mandzukic tell you about what is it like to play at Juventus?

Of course we had talked about is in the national team, he said a lot of good things. He told me about the teammates. I chose Juventus, I wanted to be part of this great team, that is why I came here.

You are active on social network, Facebook, Instagram. You posted a photo in which you learn Italian. How is it going?  You picked #20 as your number, you said it was a lucky number. A few weeks ago it was Simone Padoin’s and he had won 5 scudetti.

Yes, I’m learning Italian, it’s not easy. I arrived only 10 days ago I hope I’ll learn the language in the coming months. As for the #20 it’s my lucky number, I had it at my previous club Dinamo Zagreb. I wanted it and I hope I can win wearing it.

 so when manuia was in high school & richard had been sent back to england b/c his dad thought that samoa wasn’t doing jackshit for him, he was kinda alone. 

during ninth & tenth grade, he was relentlessly bullied for having a “sister obsession” if you will, which is fucking stupid; he & teuila had lost their parents at a young age, & of course he was super protective over her. he got bullied by seniors one time, & then this guy came in & saved his ass from entering a fight he couldn’t win. his real name’s unknown, but manuia & ila always call him ethan.

      he’s about three years older than manuia & moved to samoa from america after some shit went south in the states. he won’t talk about it. he wasn’t involved with the black market at all until he saw manuia actually kill someone & take the parts, & joined in. he was manuia’s first “boyfriend” too, if you will.


family night means watching @mamalovesnuts‘ Next Top Model together

pip: dang, heaven looks good. kinda wish she came out of a well..

kasper: um, rude. i personally like ayla the most. she has a.. quiet beauty

pancake: wow dad, you totally just like her cuz she’s a geek! i don’t care who wins, i just want dalal and ash to kiss

pepsi: of course you do! why don’t any of you appreciate awinita!

pickle: BEVERLY