of course you are the only one concerned about carrie

when we fall, we fall together

Summary:  Bokuto witnesses the tender affection between Oikawa and his ace and feels a strange sense of longing. Like somehow that should be his life, and somehow Akaashi should be involved too.

((Tooru gets his knee injury, and Bokuto has an awakening))

Words: 3043 Side Iwaoi and side Kuroken but Bokuaka focused

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**Tooru’s knee gets thrown out so trigger warning for character injury!

Bokuto supposes it starts during a practice match against Seijou.

Nothing against Aoba Johsai, but Bokuto wasn’t looking forward to it. The bus ride to get there was long and tedious, and they weren’t even scheduled to face each other in prelims, so any inside information they might get on them would be useless. And while Seijou was a strong enough team to be a good, fun match Bokuto just wasn’t feeling it today.

Akaashi seems to sense something is wrong as they help each other stretch.

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Starlit Caresses

Words: 1,919
Genre: Romance/Friendship
Rated: K
Characters: [Ruby Rose, Penny]
Completion: 2/?

Here’s chapter two of this short series! I originally wanted to wrap this up in three chapters, but realistically I think I’m leaning towards four or five instead.

Dedicated to xekstrin

Chapter One


“Gate one-one-five,” Penny repeated out loud as she continued to look for the signs that would lead them to their gate.

After insisting that she wanted to find their destination, Penny had gone ahead a few paces while Ruby followed behind. While initially focused on leading them to their destination, it was expected that she occasionally veer off course.

Like a child who had stumbled upon an emporium of delights, she dashed around, pointing at colorful signs and pressing her face up against shop windows to look at whatever was on display. Her frequent relays of observations back to Ruby drew all sorts of attention, but the latter didn’t seem to mind at all; her mind was far too occupied with a certain someone.

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