of course who else would it be otl

So I guess this post is kind of a ‘Tips for Developing Characters’/’which oc’ post, but I just wanted to share what just helped me immensely!

While waiting for my first class this morning to start I decided to just sit and brainstorm as much as I could for developing my team’s personalities and traits. Of course, that meant not fully focusing on the lecture once class actually started OTL (Hopefully it won’t hurt my grade on Wednesday’s quiz)

But not the ‘does your character like spicy/sweet food?’/’favorite foods’ questions (cuz questions like that don’t personally help me AT ALL) but more like how they would act in a food court/restaurant:

  • ‘Who buys the least expensive item on the menu?’ (buying for themselves/when someone else is paying)
  • ‘Who buys the first thing that looks delicious?’
  • ‘Who reads the entire menu to consider all their options?’
  • ‘Who always has certain dishes (has a specific taste) that they look for on the menu?’
  • ‘Who doesn’t consider the price at all?’
  • ‘Who would offer to pay for the others’ meals?’
  • ‘Who has no table manners/devours food?’
  • ‘Who eats like their eating among nobility?’
  • ‘Who will wait for everyone to get their food before starting?’
  • ‘Who likes/is willing to share food?’
  • ‘Who steals food when person isn’t looking?’
  • ‘Who steals food openly, and doesn’t care if the person sees/objects?’
  • ‘Who forces others to try an item they bought that tastes disgusting?’
  • ‘Who snacks constantly/hardly eats at all?’