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If memory serves you said something about a wedding. I mean, not that I need a wedding. I’m all about the deconstruction of the princess myth. But it’s been a long year, and you said it, so what’s up?

So as you guys might know my family and I have been house hunting and I have taken the liberty to make all the calls and what not for my mom because she barely understands phones and honestly she has enough on her plate buutttt oh my gawd multiple phone calls everyday with complete strangers is so exhausting and terrifying ahhhhhh


It runs in the family.

(the fandom probably has done this a hundred times already but I don’t care, I came up with this headcanon right after NWHS x)

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maybe you meant to type lovely in the tags, but he does sound a bit lonely doesn't he?

No, I meant lonely, and it’s just my observation. I could be totally off.

I feel like Harry’s a very shrewd observer of people, and also an extroverted introvert.

Obviously he’s clever and entertaining when he’s out there telling jokes, performing, sassying muscle men and dads and older couples and charming little kids. And of course we see the public Harry at events and parties who’s a cute, cuddly drunk, who could make an impromptu 20-second video that’s better than anything a Hollywood video director could produce, just by being himself. He’s an endless source of fascination for everyone, really.

But there’s a lot of deflection, subterfuge, indirect reference in his interviews. The fact that he says the person he wrote Sweet Creature for may or may not know it’s about them means he’s never discussed it with them (if you believe Harry). The song comes from direct, personal feelings deepened and purified over time, until they were distilled into three-and-half-minutes of music. It’s the purest way a musician can write a confession. And it’s all interior.

Listen to the lyrics of SOTT, ESNY, Sweet Creature. There aren’t a lot of words. They are simple, direct, and repeated over and over. The harmonies are simple and repeated over and over too. The man knows what he wants to say.

I loved this interview so much because Zach Sang focused on Harry’s creative process, but was respectful of his private space (he seemed to sense where Harry’s do-not-cross tape was). Harry again talked about vulnerability, as if before this, he wasn’t allowed to express it. He also talked about an appreciation for the length of time he had to work on the solo album, and the people who allowed him his voice and vulnerability. The interview showed that all of these songs, feelings, thoughts had been there for a long, long time, but were kept private.

I don’t mean to imply that loneliness is a bad thing. Harry is a songwriter. Suffering, meditation, conflict, interior monologues all make for excellent art. The visual art that he collects and admires has these qualities too– of beauty and courage burnished through loneliness and suffering.

This observation struck me, too, when he was talking about his touring venues– that he has seen some of his favorite shows in these small, intimate, historical, acoustically perfect places.

First, he must have, at some point, thought it would be really cool to play these venues.

Second, he was going to feel less alone with a smaller audience– he was going to be able to convey an intimacy in a setting like that. It wouldn’t be to play to 100,000 anonymous screaming fans. It would be to play for his friends, he said. And he would play– basically the story of his life, to people who held on to his every word. I’d like to think that some of these friends might be the musical giants of history, watching him from above, the very people he venerates.

“Try to look official–here comes the boss.”
“Pick me up in an hour, thanks. Greetings, programs!

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Day 5 - Favorite Scene


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

Cute (Richie Tozier x Reader)

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Request: 57 67 and 52 with anyone ! your blog is my new obsession!

52. “Can we cuddle”

57. “Is that my shirt?”

67. “Stop being so cute.”

Authors note: I hope you like this!! Feedback is appreciated and requests are open!!

It wasn’t uncommon for Richie to climb into your window at odd times of the night, nor was it uncommon for him to leave his clothing lying around. That boy made a mess everywhere he went, you didn’t mind it to much though.

It was a night like any other, staying up to study for a test that was to hard while listening to a mixtape Richie had given you. You didn’t realize what time it was, or how tired you actually were, until you heard a soft knock on your window.

Glancing over your shoulder, you could see the curly haired boy crouched outside of the glass. Motioning for him to come in, a smile makes its way onto your face.

“Were you waiting up for me? Damn, thats so cute.” Richie jokes, his hand moving to hold his heart making you roll your eyes at him.

“No dipshit, I was studying for that stupid chemistry test.” You turn back around to continue studying.

You could hear him sit on your bed, the soft squeak of the mattress under his weight. You could also hear the soft tapping of his fingers to the beat of the song you had playing quietly in the background.

“How long have you been studying?”

“Since school let out.” You murmured to him, writing down some important notes.

“Holy shit, Y/N/N. I think you’ll pass the test alright, why don’t you go to sleep.” He stood behind you now, rubbing your shoulders with his hands.

“I can’t Rich, i’ve got like 3 more chapters to take notes on.” Your lips turn down into a frown as you continue to write.

You hear Richie let out a sigh, he stills you hand, making you look up at him. Your brows furrow, wondering why he’s stopping you. His eyes travel from your face to your body then back up, a smirk taking over his mouth.

Is that my shirt?”

You look down at your shirt, a blush forming over your cheeks. It is Richie’s, one of his band shirts he left over here. You didn’t realize it was his when you put it on.

“Yes… Y-you left it over here so technically it’s mine now!” You pout at him, arms crossing over your chest.

“Jesus, stop being so cute.” He smiles at you, you roll your eyes, turning back to your notes.

“No, no. You’re done doing this shit.” He grabbed both of your hands, pulling you up from your seat.


“Y/N. You need to sleep, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

You huff out a breath as you lay down in your bed, Richie laying down next to you.

Can we cuddle, at least?”

Richie laughs, “Of course, get your cute ass over here.”

You smile scooting closer to Richie, feeling the heat radiate off of his body. You close your eyes, feeling Richie’s arm around your body, falling into a peaceful sleep.

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Ereri is nowhere near canon. I'd like to see you try to count as many "Ereri" moments as there are Eremin ones.

Hello again, faceless coward

Seems like you’re not going to stop anytime soon, so answering this is not me accepting to play your game, but to maybe shut you up for awhile, hopefully

Let’s count some of the canon ereri moments together now, shall we?

The first encounter between Levi and Eren is an ereri moment:

Now don’t get your panties in a twist, claiming I said it was love at first sight, yes it was an ereri moment, not a romantic but an intense one

When we were first introduced to Levi in episode 9, we all could tell that he isn’t the man to show emotions, one of his comrades died before his eyes and he was as cool as ice, we know he felt pain but he didn’t show it

So seeing his eyes twinkling with amusement the first time he even talks to the boy was enough to let me know that this ship is it for me

His reaction in the manga was just as intense 

Eren managed to catch Levi off guard unintentionally, and even though Erwin was there, he didn’t seem as amused as levi

In that moment Levi knew what kind of person Eren was, the public thought of him as a monster due to his titan powers but Levi knew better, he from the very first moment knew and understood Eren, and he was the ONLY one who did

Levi offered to take responsibility for him, knowing he’s the only one who could stop him, and I believe he meant it

Levi beating Eren up was an act of theatre as we all already know

Even though what happened in the court was not Levi’s choice, and Eren knew that too, Levi felt the need to apologize

That man who rarely shows any emotion asked a brat if he hated him 

He cares, yes he meant what he said about killing Eren if he lost control, but in the court he saw himself in Eren, he began to care about him from that moment on

Now Eren seems to be intrigued by Levi just as much, he is his hero, he’s always looked up to him and not as just humanity’s strongest but as a person as well

Eren seems to be surprised by Levi’s answer, wondering how a man like him follows orders as he is told to

Eren seems to be so interested in Levi’s backstory as Levi himself, he was just so obvious that even Petra noticed and began to tell him what she knew about Levi, Eren was intrigued by the story until of course short stuff had to make a dramatic entrance 

Even though Eren seemed to be doing well, getting along with his new comrades, once he accidently made the wrong move all turned on him except levi

Levi who no longer wanted to kill Eren, who was the only one who stood by him, who figured out a way to keep him alive 

Levi didn’t shed one tear when his comrades died but was freaking desperate to get Eren back alive 

Throughout the time Eren was entrusted to Levi, he has become the only one to bring an emotion out of levi





Happiness (he cracked a tiny smile for the first time thanks to Eren) 

For some reason Levi seems to show different several kinds of emotions when around Eren 

For some reason he seems to be the only one to comfort Eren when needed

He’s the only one who seems to give him the motivation he needs

And it always works, Eren was hesitant at first hearing about the mission he had to accomplish, but once Levi put his faith on him Eren’s insecurity about his ability vanished instantly and the determined him appeared once again

It’s no secret Eren looks up to Levi, and Levi knows exactly how to take care of him, Mikasa is trying to do the same but she ends up suffocating him unintentionally, Levi on the other hand knows how to handle him, how to stir him up, how to push his buttons

how to order him without sounding forceful, He knows Eren doesn’t like to be ordered around yet he managed to do so without Eren noticing, he cares for him deeply as a person 

Everyone here is standing except Levi the clean freak, he is kneeling in front of Eren even tho they weren’t talking 

Eren on the other hand seems to separate Levi from the rest of the group

“YOU wouldn’t have gotten injured”

He is always eager to please him

There’s just tons of moments between those two I could never count

Their personalities are completely different and that’s the reason they work so well together 

Eren seems to be a person with authority issues, yet he’s irrational and angry

Levi is mature, calm and collected, he is aware of Eren’s issues and knows how to deal with ‘em, he’s perfect for him

That of course and we have lots of cute funny canon facts about the two such as

Levi’s type (of tall men of course) has to meet his cleaning standards and he finds Eren to be the best at cleaning ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Levi and Eren both express themselves with their body language ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), so Levi kicking Eren here was his terrible way of apologizing about hitting him and to cheer him up too

Levi is always seeking Eren’s attention ignoring the others just like a kid and Eren thought he was dreaming ffs


Levi referring to Eren as a puppy is just so sweet 


And then we have the matching rings, the VN and so much more

I could never count all the ereri moments no matter how much I tried, they’re just too many be it them interacting directly or indirectly 

One last thing, your ship is awesome, so is mine

And your attitude towards me and the ereri shippers is not gonna taint your ship name, you don’t speak on behalf of anyone

Every fandom has these kind of people and the ereri fandom is no exception 

But your attempt to start a war won’t work, rest assured

  • Jungkook: (does something cool)
  • BTS: wow..Kookie you're so good omg our maknae is the best
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: (cough)
  • BTS: OF COURSE OUR JIMIN IS THE BEST you're so cute and we love you
  • Jimin: ^^
father! Wonwoo

anon asks: Are you still doing Requests? If you are I’d like to request wonwoo as a father (with a baby girl plz)

  • literally has read every single korean book about parenting ever
  • and then continues to order all the korean translated parenting books online
  • this was all within the first month of the pregnancy  
  • on the outside, looked like he was completely chill and not worried at all
  • but they didn’t see him staying up late every single night researching which crib would be the best
  • when his gorgeous baby girl was born though, 
  • no one’s simile was bigger than his
  • lowkey scared to change all the diapers at first but got the hang of it eventually
  • occasionally used baby talk to her but honestly tried his best to talk normally as much as possible
  • and tried to get her to say appa before eomma
  • but not bitter at all when her first word was ‘book’ as she cutely tried to grab the book he was reading
  • “she’s definitely your daughter” you laughed 
  • as he was playing with her, he laughs “of course only someone this pretty could be my daughter”
  • you give him an ‘tf’ look amused
  • “and yours of course”
  • shocked when she turned one, like wow oh my god she grew so fast
  • begins taking her everywhere by the time she’s two
  • the convenience store, the park, library
  • to the studio
  • where he shields her from all the members jokingly and says “you are not allowed to touch her until you wash your dirty hands”
  • gets teased by the members when they can finally play with her
  • “were you this happy and cute as a kid too”
  • “man i would’ve paid to see that”
  • simply glares for .1 seconds because he doesn’t want to get mad in front of his daughter
  • helps her pick out her outfits in the morning
  • “this one or this one”
  • “that one!!!”
  • gives that fatherly smile, “that’s what i would’ve picked too”
  • play dates consist of going to a book or music store then eating different foods after
  • and because this happens so much she has her own bookshelf and everything
  • loves it when she picks up a book in the store and gets lost in thought
  • and when she talks to him about the book and explains everything
  • thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
  • after, he tries to take her to as many different restaurants as possible
  • because he doesn’t want her to be a picky eater and cares a lot about nutrition
  • even forces himself to eat seafood in front of her
  • “eat it~ see it tastes so good”
  • “apppaaaa i don’t like it”
  • internally screaming thank you to the gods
  • “that’s okay let’s go eat meat instead remember meat is always best”
  • after they both finish eating, walks or drives home depending on location
  • if it’s a drive then they both will be singing along to ballad songs or mansae
  • curses the members out when a song with curse words plays when he starts the car
  • and laughs nervously when she asks what it means
  • “oh um it’s not important, it’s a really boring word right? i think seventeen is a much better word!”
  • says this because the books say that if you say it’s a bad word they will say it more ;)
  • and if it’s a walk home then the two of them will walk hand in hand and talk about the building or street signs
  • sounds out every word patiently when she mispronounces something
  • explains to her about cars and when to cross the street
  • and how to never ever talk to creepy looking people
  • “never accept food from anyone else besides the halmonis at the stands okay”
  • continues on about things like this because even if she might not understand now, she will one day
  • thinks education is very very important
  • but isn’t really strict on grades and stuff because he believes there are many forms of education
  • really sad when he had to send her to school but simply put a smile on his face and told her she’ll have a lot of fun
  • and to just say something really savage to anyone who tries to bully her
  • because violence is not the answer
  • excitedly asks about her day when she gets home
  • and laughs when he hears she told a boy to “try looking in a mirror” when he called her ugly
  • lowkey triggered though because he was once a boy and this boy probably thinks she’s cute
  • and like duh of course she’s cute
  • “what did you learn today?” 
  • “we learned the alphabet but it was boring because i already know it”
  • “that’s okay because then you can finish everything quickly and go play right?”
  • “YEAH” laughs when she jumps up and down excitedly
  • for the rest of the day they sit side by side while she’s reading a book or playing with his phone or watching tv
  • and he’s just working on music
  • looks at her with so much love when she gets bored and plays with his feet
  • and every night, he tucks her in and reads her a story
  • doesn’t stop reading until she’s completely asleep 
  • leans over to smooth out her hair and presses a kiss to her cheeks
  • “goodnight, i love you~” he whispers before closing the door and going to sleep himself
  • because he’ll need sleep for the next day with his daughter

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“Hey princess” part II - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request(s): -  I neeeeed more flirty Jeff imagines!!!! Maybe with a kiss at the end? The rest is completely up to you😘

-  Can you please please please do a part two to hey princess. 

-  do a fluffy Jeff but please don’t let him die

-  for the jeff atkins imagines can i get one for his and the readers first date. like they go to rosie’s or the movies. anything really as long as it’s super fluffy. thank youuuu

You saw Jeff waiting by your locker at the end of the day. 

“Finally” he said with a smile.

“Aw, poor Atkins. He thought I wasn’t coming” you mocked. Jeff laughed. Oh, God, that laugh…

“Actually, yes. I was afraid you could change your mind about this” you smiled, he was so cute. 

“Of course no. I’m ready, are we walking to Monet’s or…?” 

“My car. Follow me to the parking lot, princess” he said with a funny voice, making you laugh.

The journey to Monet’s was really nice. You discovered that he was a huge fan of Oasis, just like you and you learned that his favourite song was ‘Don’t look back in anger’. Then you two had a playful argument because he said Liam was better than Noel.

“C’mon, Jeff. Noel is the one who wrote most of the songs. He is a lyrical  genius” you said while exiting the car.

“Princess, I really like you but Liam Gallagher is God to me, so you have to stop or you are gonna break my heart” he said, opening the door for you.

“Oh, who knew that Jeff Atkins could be a gentleman? But if you think it’ll help, stop trying. Noel is the best one” Jeff let out a loud laugh.

“You are gonna be the death of me, Y/N”

You two found a place to sit in the corner. Monet’s was full of people from the school and you really didn’t want rumours about you and Jeff dating to spread. The corner was perfect.

“I’m gonna order. What do you want, princess?” he asked.

“Coffee and cake for me please” You said with a sweet smile. He smiled back at you and went to order. You were feeling relaxed in the car but now you were starting to feel nervous. Really fucking nervous.

You’re in a date with Jeff Atkins. Jeff, your crush since you were around ten years old. You never thought you’d ever have a chance with him but here you were. C’mon Y/N, do not screw this up. 

“What are you daydreaming about? Don’t tell me you’re already fantasising about me naked, Y/L/N?” you were so lost in your own thoughts that you didn’t sae him come back from the till.

“Stop dreaming, Atkins”

“You always say that. What do have against dreams, huh?” he joked.

“Actually, I’m always dreaming. My mum says I should be more realistic” you explained. You were always daydreaming, most of the time about Jeff.

“Reality is overvalued” he said. You agreed.

“What’s your dream? he took a long breathe.

“I want to be a professional baseball player. But I don’t know if I’m good enough”

“Dude, you’re awesome at baseball” you said “I’ve seen you play. You should apply to Vanderbilt. They have the best baseball program in the country”

“How do you know so much about Vanderbilt?” he looked impressed. 

“My dad loves baseball. We watch it together so I know a lot about it” you winked at him.

“Can we get married already?”  you laughed. 

The afternoon had passed quickly between jokes and laughs. You learned a lot about Jeff, he was really nice and he cared so much about his family and friends. 

As the clock struck 7, you both knew that it was time to go home. Jeff parked outside your house but you didn’t move from your seat.

“So… I had a good time” “I lied” you both spoke at the same time. You looked at him confused 

“When I told you that I only have one dream. I lied, I have two”

“Oh, okay. Well,  what’s your other dream?”

“ To kiss you” 

“Dreams should come true, don’t you think?” you smiled, getting closer to him. Jeff didn’t hesitate to lean it.

Kissing Jeff made you feel a mix of emotions. You felt something explode inside you, and its better than anything you could have ever imagine. 

“God” he says as you two broke away “you are amazing”

“I know” you tried to play it cool but your hands were shaking and as soon as he noticed it, he took your hands into his and smiled.

“So.. what do you think about a second date, princess?” 

“I say yes to that. And yes to the third and the fourth and…” he interrumped you with another kiss.

Oh, man. That boy was going to be the end of you.

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Kolivan seeing a kitten for the first time when Lance brings him back to earth and he's shocked because like... Why is it so small? And cute? He's seen kits before and baby animals but this one... this one is just... so cute? Why is it cute Lance?

   Lance is showing him around town when he sees it.  

   People on Earth are still trying their very best to get used to the idea of life in other planets not only existing but also being more developed and older races than the human race itself.  

    He’s on the planet on a diplomatic mission, yes, but he’s not going to deny that the main reason he came with the paladins to this strange land is Lance.  After so long of being alone, he doesn’t want to waste a single moment he can spend by his lover’s side.

   So now Lance is showing him around town.  Kolivan stands out, sure, and some humans gape openly at him, others take what Lance has informed him are pictures, others just—go on their own ways, barely looking at them twice.  It’s not like other species from widely different planets didn’t come to Earth too, wanting to solidify deals and satisfy their own curiosities.

   The ‘it’ in question is a small box badly hidden at the entrance of an alley.  Kolivan halts his walking and turns to look at it, his sensitive hearing picking up a muffled sound of crying.  He does not think twice before he’s approaching it with all the care and suspicion an unknown thing gets from him.  Lance luckily notices sooner rather than later that he is no longer walking by his side, and after a couple of seconds he’s standing right there, next to him.

   “What’s going on, big guy?,” he hums, peering at the box as well.

   “There’s a crying lifeform inside, but I don’t know if it’s dangerous—”

   “Crying?,” Lance is frowning now as he kneels in front of the box, “It must be a kitten or puppy then, nothing to worry about.”  As if on cue, the crying turns louder, and Lance doesn’t waste time in opening the lid of the carton box.

   Inside there’s effectively a small, very small kitten with the loveliest shade of blue eyes Kolivan has ever seen beside Lance’s.  The crying is very much louder now, and desperate.  For some reason beyond him, he carefully picks the tiny animal in his hands, noticing then the softness of the light grey fur.

   He’s never seen such a cute and tiny little thing before.  And so in need for proper care.  Kolivan frowns, rubbing along the kitten’s back with a fingertip, before he’s looking at Lance once more.

   “I think….,” he ponders on his words for a moment, but soon makes up his mind, “Can we… take this kitten home?”

   “You seriously asking?,” Lance grins then, wide and bright, “The little thing’s super cute! Of course we can!”

look at this dork I love him