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Ghost in the Shell looks fucking awesome and all the characters look Asian which is great… UNTIL OF COURSE the main protagonist gotta be white????? Hold on????? Lemme get this straight. Just without going into the actual lore of this or whatever, we can tell it’s based off of Japanese culture!!!! Even the goddamn background and settings are based off of futuristic Asian culture. AND YET it made sense to WHO to cast the white protagonist in this Japanese theme movie???

And the casual manipulation in this fandom has got to stop. It really does. “It’s clear that this situation is not just intrafandom anymore, therefore it should stop.” LIKE. Why do you think it’s not intrafandom???? The press picked it up, that’s what they do. They invaded on our terrain, what, are we just supposed to silence ourselves because someone is gonna find out?? It’s the internet, sweetie, of course it’s gonna find out.

People are always so quick to say that it’s our fault things got “out of hand”, when it was the press who picked up the baby story (hey TMZ), it was an anti who gave out Amy’s personal information to Brett, literally every instance of things getting out of hand WAS NOT. OUR. FAULT. and I’m tired of being blamed and people trying to manipulate larries into feeling guilty for not thinking some dude got a girl pregnant. Like, oh my gosh, go outside and realize it’s not that deep just stop. If you can’t be mature enough to handle differences of opinion and see situations for what they are (regarding the fact that larries are just a group of people screaming into our own personal void), then why are you even here if not to cause trouble? 

Like, are you here to show people “the error of their ways?” Show them that you’re better? Nah man. You’re not. lol. You’re as low as you think the rest of us are cause you prey on people who just want to be left alone and that’s wrong

There’s something fundamentally wrong with using the statement “Civil War did what BvS didn’t” as an insult and not just because of the obvious reason (that reason being they’re two entirely separate universes).

These two movies dealt with essentially the same topic but on entirely two different scales. The concept “un-checked power” can be easily explained and made light of when you’re dealing with a line-up of heroes that can easily be put into check. Like of course they can write up an Accords and sit them all down in a conference room and give a detailed explanation of what they’re doing wrong and how they’re gonna make them stop. Of course the Secretary of State can look Black Widow in the eye and tell her “Comply or retire.”

But Superman??? You can’t really just… Show up at his house and do that??? Like they literally were like

“Hey man we’re really fucking pissed at you and want you to show up to this thing so we can talk about it but look.. you do you okay?? We don’t want to inconvenience you or anything we just think we should do something about this but oh my god pls don’t hurt us we’re sorry nevermind :/”

Everyone always gives up after three...
  • After three episodes: Ha! there's gonna be a fourth!
  • After three weeks: Oh, they meant after three weeks! It's coming soon!
  • After three months: Haha, of course they meant after three months! Only the craziest tin hatters have stayed true!
  • After three years: It was idiotic to believe they meant anything else; it's coming soon! One more year!
  • After three decades: They definitely meant decades; we're going to get an episode of old and in love Johnlock verryyyy soon!!!
  • After three centuries: *rises from grave, walks home, sits in front of TV* Oh hello, please stop screaming, do you mind changing the channel to BBC?
  • After three millennia: I'm sure they'll rearrange the atoms any day now to give us that episode!

I can’t remember if I’ve told this story before, so I’m just gonna tell it again

and uh, if you have any kind of fear of snakes, probably stop reading now

but anyways my mum has this friend who lives way out bush, like we live in the country but he lives in full on bush area, in a house that doesn’t have a ceiling; only the rafters and the actual roof. He has two boys who at this time shared a room.

One night he woke up to his boys screaming. He of course rushed to their room to see what was going on.

What was going on was that a snake had come down from the rafters, wrapped itself around one of the boys’ legs, and was attempting to pull him back up with it

and it’s stories like this that remind me why people from overseas are wary of Australia

“Just stop Will.” Nursey said, holding up his hands as he spoke. “We should stop this argument before one of us says something we don’t mean.”

“Oh yeah, Mr. Reasonable.” Dex spat “Go ahead and run away from this argument then. Like you do everything else.”


“Just go Derek!”. Dex yelled.

“I’m going,” Nursey said, as he left the attic, “And I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight.”

“Whatever.” Dex snapped, turning away from Nursey so he wouldn’t see the tears in his eyes.

The second he closed the door behind him Nursey let himself cry. He and Dex had never fought like this before, even when they were freshmen.

Nursey was scared he’d lose him.


Nursey turned over on the couch again. He couldn’t get comfortable, no matter what he did. He and Dex hadn’t slept apart since they’d started dating, nearly 3 years ago, and he couldn’t sleep without him.

Nursey checked the time on his phone again. The screen read 3:47 am. Nursey groaned. He had to get up for morning skate in 3 hours.

Nursey was considering giving up on sleeping, and doing something else, when he heard footsteps on the stairs.

“Derek?” Dex whispered. “You awake?”

“Will?” Nursey whispered, as he sat up. “Everything okay?”

“I…uh…” Dex muttered, pulling at his sleeves nervously. “I can’t sleep without you.”

“I can’t either.” Nursey admitted. “C'me ‘ere babe.”

Nursey lifted the blanket for Dex, and he sat next to him on the couch. Nursey wrapped his arms around Dex, and they lay down. They were silent for a while, before Nursey realized Dex was crying.

“Babe?” Nursey whispered, holding him closer.

“I’m sorry Derek.”. Dex said between sobs. “I was annoyed about a lot of things, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I know its not fair. I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, its okay babe,” Nursey said, comforting him. “We’ll talk about in the morning, okay? Let’s try get some sleep.”

“Okay.” Dex agreed, as his sobs quietened. “Okay.”

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Au where Tom gets corrupted while battling Toffee and Marco tames him

Of course I can write that!!!!!! I’m pretty bad at writing Toffee’s charectar (and writing in general lol) but I tried really hard on this one and think it came out pretty good! I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Star ran to the other wall and pushed at it. They were all closing in around the three kids. Marco kicked the wall, hoping something would jam and it would stop moving in to crush them all. “It’s not working!” Marco cried. “We aren’t gonna make it!” He yelled. Tom just stood there in shock and watched the walls move closer to hurt his friends. As they got closer they gained speed. Marco had tears running down his face. “We’re going to die.”

Tom raised his hands up slowly and fore began to swirl around them. “No you aren’t.” He told them, in a hushed voice. The fire around his hands looked more like a red smoke, and the same smoke surrounded the  walls that were closing in. Just as they began to push the kids together, they stopped. Tom’s eyes lit up brighter and they began to melt down. Star and Marco looked in awe as the demon melted the walls.

As soon as they fell Toffee gasped and took a few steps back, he wasn’t expecting the third player to make this kind of move. Star smiled big and she turned to Toffee with a smile of victory. “We got you!” She yelled. “You couldn’t beat us!”

“Star…?” Marco started, looking over at Tom. Star ignored Marco and went closer to Toffee, with her wand raised.

“Now you’re out of moves and we’re all gonna KICK YOUR-”

“STAR!” Marco yelled at her. Star whipped around and Toffee smiled when he saw the scene before him. Marco was shaking Tom to try and get him to focus, but something that looked like lava was coming out of his eyes and mouth. “Tom! Tom what’s wrong!?” Marco yelled. “Tom look at me!” He begged. Star got an angry look and she turned her wand back of Toffee.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?!?!” She demanded.

“Nothing, he did this all by himself.” Toffee smiled. Marco’s eyes widened.

“Star, the spell he used, h-his powers or… He did something!” Marco cried. Tears streamed down his face. “He was trying to save us and he hurt himself!” Marco sobbed. Star yanked her hair and turned to Toffee again.

“I’m going to DESTROY YOU!” She screamed, although sobbing. She was about to blast the lizard man, who still seemed pleased about this whole situation. Star raised her wand but a scream from Marco cut her off. She spun around and saw Tom was looking at him with glowing eye, he was growling and hissing like a monster.

“Star! He’s hurting!” Marco sobbed.

“Stay away from him!” Star cried, pulling Marco away.

“We can’t just let him suffer!” Marco screamed.

“That’s not Tom anymore!” Star told him. “He’s overused himself, it’s called corruption, I’ve seen it happen before!” Star kept trying to pull Marco away.

“I need to help him!” Marco cried.

“You won’t be able to.” The kids spun around and saw Toffee approach them. “I’ve seen this happen as well, and I’ve never once seen it cured.” He grinned evilly. “And he knew very well what such an intense use of his powers would do to him and he did it anyway, for you.” He turned to look at the human.

“Don’t listen to him.” Star told Marco. “He’s just trying to get into your head.” She assured. Marco sobbed and covered his mouth.

“He’s right…” Marco sobbed. He pulled away from Star and turned to look at Tom. “I’m so sorry… I’m sorry, I’m so, so, so, sorry.” he sobbed. He took a step closer and Tom twitched and growled like a rabid animal. Marco reached his hand out. “You didn’t deserve this, you didn’t deserve to do this for us… for me…” Marco looked down and moved closer to the demon. Toffee and Star were frozen, both expecting Tom to attack the human.

But he didn’t.

“Tom, please don’t go like this, I don’t want there to be nothing else I can do.” Marco whispered. “You helped save me, let me help you too.” Marco begged. He looked down and let tears fall onto the floor. But his head shot up when he felt something very close to his head. Marco looked up and saw Tom was sniffing his head like an animal, trying to recognize something familiar. His eyes were still lit up and he seemed on edge. Marco looked up with big eyes. “Tom?” Marco asked. Tom narrowed his glowing eyes.

Toffee’s eyes widened when he saw what was happening, why wasn’t the demon killing him? He couldn’t let them get away again. Toffee gripped Marco’s shoulder and went to yank him away. But as he did Tom’s eyes grew furious and he jumped in between the two, growling, the same lava liquid dripping from his eyes and mouth. Tom kept twitching like he was covered in bugs and gritting his sharp teeth. As soon as Toffee made a move to get close to Marco he tackled the monster.

“Tom stop!” Marco cried. Tom stopped fighting at once and stationed himself before Marco. “It’s not worth it, we have to get you home, we have to get you better.” Marco told him. Star ran over to her friend and wrapped her arms around him. She looked over at Toffee who seemed to– not scared– shocked to move, staring at the demon.

Star looked at the monster and gritted her teeth, she clutched her wand but Marco stopped her. “Star please, not now, we need to help Tom.” Marco begged. Star nodded and opened the portal, the two ran through and Marco turned to look at Tom. “Tom please, come with us.” He begged. The demon’s eyes softened at Marco’s desperate tone and he ran through, practically tackling Marco.

Star closed the portal and looked back at Marco. “Marco, how did you get through to him?” She asked, out of breath from exertion. Marco looked at Tom, who was still obviously corrupted and suffering.

“I don’t know, but he’s still there.” Marco told her. He knelt down in front of Tom and tried to get him to look him in the eyes. “Tom? Can you understand me?” Marco asked. As soon as he heard Marco’s voice, Tom’s ears twitched and he looked at him urgently.

“Marco, he remembers you.” Star whispered. Marco reached his hand out and took Tom’s. The demon twitched at the contact, but then settled down. He looked at Marco and when the human smiled, something clicked.

“Marco?” Tom said in the quietest voice. His eyes faded slowly back to normal  and marco gasped. Tears streamed down his face, but he was laughing all the same. Marco threw his arms around Tom and sob-cried.

“You’re back! Tommy! My Tommy is back! You’re okay!” He cried. Tom wiped the lava-looking fluid away from his lip and seemed weary.

“What happened?… H-how did we get out of that room?” He asked. Marco pulled Tom down for a passionate kiss and held him close.

“You.” He whispered. Marco held the demon’s face. “You saved us… you saved me. Even though you…” Marco trailed off and more tears fell. “My sweet, brave, little soldier.” Marco closed his eyes. “I love you.”

Getting Pregnant After Trying for Months - BTS

BTS version~

Seokjin: “Thank God! I was beginning to worry we would have to adopt a hundred babies.”

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Yoongi: “Aye, I’m finally gonna be a daddy!”

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Hoseok: *Didn’t know you were trying even though he agreed to it*

You: “Why the hell did you think we stopped using condoms?!”

“Of course because you wanted to feel all of me baby, why else?”

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Namjoon: “It only took a month? Damn, I’m good.”

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Jimin: “I’m so nervous.. This is actually happening.”

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Taehyung: “C'mon Jagi! We have to go buy parenting books and baby clothes and paint for the nursery and-”

“Tae, I’m only six weeks.”

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Jungkook: “Daddy Jeon in the house!”

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“I’ve stopped running and hiding.”

“This route is the fastest, but I never said it’d be the easiest.”

“We’re unintentionally wearing matching shirts. Of course they’re gonna assume we’re dating.”

“I told you not to watch horror movies that late at night.”

“Do I look like I know how to have fun?”

“Giving you trouble has become a game to us, honestly.”


Jupiter: Plus, I don’t want them to feel like their obligated to help me out. I’m old enough now to stop completely relying on them. That’s why, I’m gonna get a job and begin supporting myself and my child. 

Oscar: I’m right there with you. 

Jupiter: Can you be there with me when I tell them, too?

Oscar: Of course. We’re in this together.

In response to the #anti solangelo tag, what gives you a right to hate on a relationship, much less spread hate around. You should chill the damn fuck out man, smoke some weed or some shit. For one thing, if your as strong willed as those two of course your gonna get two bickering lovebirds. Its like Jason x Percy, just because they are such good friends and good together does not mean its abusive. Everything is triggering ya’ll these days, why do you have to spread your toxicness and angriness and pollute our happiness with a book that we love, and Rick Riordan knows what hes damn doing for god sakes. Stop ruining peoples damn days because your so easily offended.

What the writers (mainly Eric Wallace, who wrote this episode) should have done instead of having Scott just give up looking for Stiles, which is just unrealistic, is they should have had him tell Lydia something along the lines of: 

“No, you’re right, Lydia. Although right now, my main focus has to be on stopping the Ghost Riders. I can’t just stand still and let them continue to take anymore innocent lives. But I promise we won’t give up on looking for Stiles. He was important to us. We might not remember why, but we do know it. We feel it.”

That would have been good enough for me. Scott is always gonna be about protecting others first and that’s what he’s gonna be inclined to do. So of course he would put it at the forefront, especially because that’s the only real solid evidence he has at the moment. 


“So I think he’ll be okay” | “-And he has everything I don’t!”

Hinata has absolute belief that Tsukishima will be okay, because his image of Tsukki is that he’ll always choose to be cool. It’s such a straightforward way of thinking, but it also shows the level of begrudging admiration Hinata has for Tsukki. It’s further shown by his immediate answer to Yamaguchi. There’s no pause, just a quick “of course we’re rivals!”. “He has everything I don’t” he says. (Which is kinda the point of their dynamics. Sun and Moon, opposite and complimentary. Their heights, their style of blocking, and even their studies, all of it shows how they’re foils of each other.) But that isn’t gonna stop Hinata, because rather than seeing that as a bad thing (like Tsukki initially did), he just doesn’t wanna lose.

Don’t even get me started on Tsukki’s point of view, okay. That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

What’s most fascinating about this is that Hinata’s desire to improve made everyone want to improve, which in the end, pushed Tsukishima to move forward. And seeing Tsukishima improve, well… 

Hinata doesn’t wanna lose. So he’ll push forward more. It’s a cycle of freaking development.



“Norman, put me down!” You laughed as he lifted you off the sofa and started towards the bedroom.

“What? I can’t have some fun with my wife?” You blushed, still getting used to the idea that you were married.

“Not when your son is in the next room.” He stopped and looked down at you.

“Oh yeah. Oops.” He grinned and put you down, walking back to the kitchen.

“Hey, Norman?” He hummed. “I need to ask you something.” He turned around and put his hands on your waist.

“No, we can’t do it now.” You raised your eyebrows and shook your head. “Sorry, what is it?”

“Do you think Mingus likes me?” Norman frowned.

“Course he does. It’s just gonna take some time to get used to you. You’re pretty amazing, after all.” He winked. You shoved him and went to the sofa.

“Come sit with me.” He sighed as he sat down and switched the TV on. You snuggled into his side and he wrapped his arms tightly around you.


*a few days later*

“No! You’re so good at this.” You sat playing video games with Mingus while Norman was at an interview.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be better than me in no time.” He smiled.

“I have to be, gotta beat dad.” You nodded and looked up when you heard the door open.

“Gotta beat dad at what?” Norman hung his coat up and came and sat in between you both. You looked at Mingus and he smiled.

“This game. Lets play, I’m gonna kick your ass.” Norman took the controller from you. Before he started playing, he leaned over to you.

“Told you he liked you.” You kissed his cheek before sitting back and watching them almost jump out of their seats trying to win.

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Ok I love giving you love because your so amazing I don't think I really am ever gonna stop giving love but you've been doing a lot of request and thanks again for your amazing art shh don't say your art is not amazing because it is but anyway thank you again we love your art more than anything and of course! We will be here if you need any love! XOXOXO //YOUR FOLLOWERS//

Omg you guys this is so sweet I try my best aaaa I don’t even know what to say Im just so speechless…. Thank you AAA I don’t know

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Every road leads back to you (Jelena one shot)

 (Justin;s POV)
“Are you sure I’m doing this right ?”-I chuckled as I tried to make a perfect muffin
“Yeah you’re getting better”-Hailey smiled at me
“Tell me again why are we making muffins in the middle of the night ?”
“Cause I Was bored”-She answered as she threw some flour at me
“Oh you didn’t do that”
“I just did”-She laughed and began to run away from me and of course I ran after her
“I’m gonna catch you Selena”-I Instantly  said it and Hailey immediately stopped and looked at me
“What did you say ?”-She walked up to me
“Hailey I’m….”
“You’re still thinking about her don’t you ?”
I Looked away from her
“I Don’t even know what you see in her like seriously she’s just so…”
“Can you stop already ?!-I yelled as I looked back at her  “I’m sick and tired of how you’re a fucking drama queen ad you have to make drama out of everything.Yes I accidentally called you Selena so what ? Stop being a pain in the ass”
“Where are you going ?”-She asked me as I searched for my jacket
“It dosen’t matter.As long as I’m not here”-I Answered and I Walked out of the door
“Where to sir ?”-My driver asked me as I Sat in the car
“It dosen’t matter I Just want to get drunk”-I Said and he began to drive away
*1 hour later*
I Managed to get in the car even with the annoying paparazzi surrounding me.It’s safe to say that I Didn’t really knew where I am or what I’m doing
“Take me to Selena”-I Yelled at my driver
“Sir It’s 1 in the morning what if Miss Gomez is…”
“I SAID TAKE ME TO SELENA NOW”-I yelled at him again and he finally began to drive.I Took of my phone and I Began to scroll through my gallery I Finally found a few pictures of Selena
“Look at her isn’t she beautifuuuul ?”-I Chuckled as I showed the photo to my driver
“She is sir”
“I Love her”-I Laughed
“She used to be my girlfriend you know ?”
“I Know sir”
We finally arrived at Selena’s house and I Had some difficulties on getting out of the car but eventually I did it.I Took of my phone and I called the person I Was dying to see.After like 10 ring her sweet voice finally rang through my ear

(Selena’s Pov)
My heart almost dropped when I heard his voice.Why the hell was he calling me at 1 in the morning
“Justin is everything okay ?”
“No.Nothing is okay I Want to talk to you.I drank a little and now I’m here in the front of your house”-He chuckled.He was drunk….This reminded me of the time when he always used to get drunk and than he called  me crying.I Don’t want to go back to that time again
“Hold on I Will let you in”-I Sighed as I got up and opened the door.He was standing in front of me looking miserable.Before I Could say anything he took me in his arms and held me like a little child holding his after a nightmare
“It’s okay.I’m here”-I Whispered as I stroked his back
“Come on let’s sit down”-I Said after like 5 minutes and I Held his hand leading him to the sofa than sitting down
“So tell me what happened”

(Justin’s Pov)
“We were making muffins.And I almost made a perfect one”-i Chuckled.She smiled.
“Than she threw flour at me and ran away and I ran after her”-Her smile quickly faded away as I continued the story

(Selena’s Pov)
He didn’t even had to tell me who was “Her” cause I knew it.They’ve been inseparable for years now.But it still felt like someone is breaking my heart everytime he talks about her
“And than I accidentally called her on your name”-He looked deeply in my eyes as he said this.So Deeply that I had to look away

(Justin’s Pov)
“We fought and than I just wanted to get away from her so I went to drink and When I sat in the car.The first thing my heart told me is that I have to see you,I have to feel you,I have to hug you,I have to feel loved”-She finally looked at me
“Because I love you”-I Looked into her eyes
“Justin you’re drunk”
Selena we both know I will say the exact same thing tomorrow when I’m sober”
She blushed and giggled
“I Will get you a blanket and a pillow cause It’s late you can sleep on the couch”-She said and before I Could say anything she ran upstairs.In that moment I knew that my heart is finally home

Hope you liked it guys

You Just Don’t Get It

“You just don’t get it, Nate!” Frustration was beginning to boil beneath your skin and you couldn’t take it anymore. You started pacing back and forth furiously in the middle of the room trying to figure out what you were gonna do next.

“Okay, fine. Then tell me what I don’t get, (Y/N). What don’t I get?!?” Nate shouted, retorting to your less-than-understanding statement.

The pacing stopped and you stood directly in front of him, asserting your dominance in tone. “You think this is easy for me?… Being with you, being with someone who’s only getting bigger?! I came into this relationship thinking that we’d be together, but we'r-”

“What are you talking about?!” he cut you off. “We are together!! You’re my girlfriend aren’t you? Everyone knows that don’t they? We’re here aren’t we?!”

You shot Nate with a look of complete and utter shock. At this point, you knew deep down in your heart that he just wouldn’t get it… That’s when you took a second to straighten your stance, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. 

“If you think this is us being ‘together’ then you’re just as blind as I thought…” And with that, you walked out the room and left Nate where he was.


Human Things

AO3 Link [x]

A/N: STEVEN. UNIVERSE. Go watch it right now if you haven’t it’s only like 10 hours of show so far do it and enjoy life forever because everything is great and gay. Also, Pearl is my baby and needs to be reassured with love.

Words: 1,030

Summary: “Gems aren’t….affected by human things as trivial as that. We can feel pain, sure, but we don’t… Tickle.”

“Wait- wait! I’m happy now, see?” Steven stretched his mouth into a wide, insincere grin.

“Come on, Steven, you know I don’t buy that!” Connie smirked, wiggling her fingers toward him, “I’m gonna cheer you up, and you can’t stop me!”

Steven scooted back until he cornered himself by the foot of the bed and the wall. He gulped dramatically, sweat dripping down the side of his face, eyes scanning for a way out. The amount of adrenaline coursing through him rivaled that of the times he was battling bad gem creatures.

“It’s not right of me to sit by and let you be sad just because Toast got stood up on his first date since he and Butter broke up!” Connie consoled, referencing the newest Crying Breakfast Friends episode that had been released.

“I’m not- I’m not sad!” Steven insisted, still trying to wipe away the remaining tears in his eyes despite the nervousness that Connie had brought upon him.

Connie shook her head, whooping out a war cry before lunging, attacking with lightning-quick pokes and jabs, intermixed with some devastating spider tickles when a weak spot opened up in Steven’s defenses.

Steven howled with laughter, slumping over and aimlessly batting at Connie’s hands, “Please- nohohoho! Wahahait I’m too-hoohoo ticklish! Hehe-wait plehehehe- Connihihihie!”

“Do you feel better?” Connie squinted her eyes, zeroing in on his bad spots (basically, everywhere) with her tongue just poking out of the side of her mouth in demonstration of her focus.

“I’m hahahappy I prohohomise!” Steven squeaked, flailing helplessly on the floor as his part-best friend part-trained knight took him apart.

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about that post on reblogging old TD art: I KNOW, RIGHT? I JUST LOVE TD SO MUCH AND IT'S SO DAMN HARD TO DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT WE CAN JUST IMAGINE HOW THEY ARE DOIN' NOW... (i love imagining them sleeping in the same bed and cooking together and things like that osegsgjdgjidgjsid) ok im gonna stahp

NO NEVER STOP!!!!! of course they cook together and sleep in the same bed……Rust wears Marty’s soft old shirts around the house and they kiss each other good night 💋💌💍

help me man I’m going through withdrawals here……