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7 w/ evan and connor (idk the ship name)

i think it’s most commonly called tree bros. and of course! this is a really interesting prompt! these are gonna be quite short bc i’m horrible and hate myself


7. “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing two different shoes.”

Evan ran in the front door, just as the bell rang. He had been up all night, stressing about a million and one things, causing him to sleep in. Jared, being the guy he is, decided that he would let Evan sleep. He, of course, didn’t take into consideration that Evan’s body clock would wake him up around about the time he normally woke up on a school day, making him realise he was going to be late. This subsequently had Evan running around his room, quickly getting ready, masking his ‘teenage boy’ smell with deodorant and grabbing his bike. He managed to get to school with literal seconds to spare. He didn’t manage to get through his morning routine, so he was fidgeting more than usual, the horrible feeling he had forgotten something weighing on his shoulders all throughout his first three periods. 

It was when he walked into English he realised what he had forgotten. He had a goddamn essay due. He had spent that last two weeks stressing over it, rewriting parts, making sure it was perfect. It was one of the many things plaguing his mind the previous night. And he forgot to pick it up before leaving the house because he was in such a rush. He wanted to cry. When the teacher got to his name on the register, asking if he had his essay with him, he looked like a deer int he headlights, all he could manage was a shake of his head before the teacher sighed and told him to bring it, next class. He nodded, lowering his head and blinking back tears. Luckily, the class was too caught up in hating the class to notice, so he avoided a panic attack. 

When it finally came to lunch, he sat at his usual table, where Connor joined him. He smelled slightly of weed, but Evan wasn’t going to say anything because last time he did it caused an argument and all he needs right now is Connor love. He smiled softly as Connor sat down. He was taking a bite of his sandwich when Connor spoke up. “Are you okay?”

Evan looked up in slight panic before nodding. “Yeah, of course! I’m okay, I’m good actually. Great, in fact.” He had to stop himself from rambling so he coughed slightly before asking, “Why do you ask?”

Connor couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow at Evan’s antics. “You’re wearing two different shoes.” 

Looking down at his feet, Evan noticed that Connor was right. He went beet red. “I was, uh, in a b-bit of a rush this morning. I overslept and Jared didn’t pick me up so.”

Connor clenched his jaw. “He left you? But he gives you a ride every day, what could have possibly convinced that dick that you didn’t need a ride?” Connor was getting worked up before Evan placed his hand on his giving him a pointed look that conveyed ‘I’m good’. Connor sighed. “You seemed kinda upset. Anything happened that I need to know about.”

Shrugging, Evan took another bite of his sandwich to stop himself rambling uncontrollably about what had happened in English. He was planning to tell Connor, just not in school. “Can I come over to yours tonight?”

Connor nodded, smiling. “Course. Mom just turned vegan and I am not prepared for the monstrosity of a meal she is gonna serve. So we can swing by somewhere and get some takeout on the way.” Evan smiled. The bell soon rang, signalling that they had to go back to class. Connor quickly left a kiss on Evan’s cheek before heading to class. Evan knew the only reason he was so quick to head off was that he had woodshop. He had a strange fascination with sawing wood. 

Later, in Connor’s room, Evan decided to tell Connor about what had happened in English. To anyone else, what happened would have been a very minor thing, but Connor understood it wasn’t like that with Evan. So when he started to get worked up and emotional, Connor simply pulled him in for a hug, kissing his temple and telling him that everything would be alright. 


awesome! i hoped you liked that! feel free to send in any more ideas you have from the prompt list. thy will be quite short because i don’t really get much inspiration from simple prompts. also, if you think of a vague prompt yourself, send it in! i’d be happy to have a crack at it, even if it’s just headcannons. 


Dylan Strome imagine

I read on some puckbunny pages (it’s kinda helpful to find out which dudes are asshole if you want to check it out, i’m not really interested in who’s banging who but more into who treats girls like shit) that Dylan does kind of get around. I don’t know if that’s true but i’m going to assume it is for the sake of this imagine.

800 words

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You were currently making breakfast in yours and Dylan’s kitchen when said boy made his way into the room.
“Mornin’ ” he mumbled a pressed a kiss against your cheek. He was only clad in boxers and reeked of last night.
“Your hookup staying for breakfast?”
Dylan who was halfway falling asleep on top of you hummed.
“Or do you need me to pretend to be your girlfriend again so she leaves.”
“Nah, last night was great. Might as well give her some bacon for it.”
You sighed and cracked another egg open in the pan. Dylan left to go shower and a few minutes later last night’s puckbunny stumbled out of his bedroom.
“He’s in the shower. If you want you can go join him.”
She stared at you for a moment, obviously ashamed of being seen. After she saw your shirt she loosened up a bit. Dylan had gotten you the shirt a week after you moved in with him. The front said in big bold letters not his girlfriend while the back proclaimed just his roomie. It has become your regular sleep shirt, just in case one of his hook ups walked into you.
The girl looked like she wanted to follow your advice and you sighed.
“Second door to the left. Before you go, how do you like your eggs ”
She turned around and walked towards the bathroom door. Before she disappeared she turned back to you.
“I’m vegan.”
Of course she is.
After an awkward breakfast with double bacon and eggs for you, Ellie or Nellie or something like that left and Dylan threw himself onto the couch. He turned on the tv and leaned back.
“What’s the plan today?”
You put away the last of the dishes and joined him on the couch.
“I’ve got school and then work. You’ve got practice at 5 and at 9 you’ve got a Skype date with McJesus scheduled.”
You liked Connor a lot. You’ve been friends since you were little kids and he was the one that suggested you and Dylan room together because apparently he “trusted Dylan with you” which only made you a little mad. As weirdly depowering it was he also “trusted you with Dylan” so you thought it had to do less with your gender and more with your personality.
Dylan was awesome. He let you live in his spare room rent free and didn’t protest when you started to take over basic tasks all over the place like cleaning the apartment or cooking. He never treated you like you had to do these. His friends sometimes joked about you definitely being the mom friend but they were the same friends that needed your help to do their laundry. You’ve come to find out hockey players are just overgrown children.
You went to your room to change before taking your bag and getting ready to leave for university.
“Bye Dyl-pickle.”
“What? I don’t get a goodbye kiss?”
You walked over to the couch, took his face between your hands, and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“Don’t spend the entire day napping and if you have a puck bunny over…”
He cut you off.
“No sex on any surface that you could come in contact with aka sofa or kitchen, the shower is okay but clean it after and don’t let her use your shampoo. I know the rules Y/N. Now go or you’ll miss class.”
You sighed and walked towards the door.
“I might go out with Y/F/N after work and I need you to be dd for me if I do. I’ll call.”
With that you walked outside. The drive to campus wasn’t long and less than an hour later you plopped down onto the seat Y/F/N saved you. She took one look at you and sighed.
“Rough night?”
You let your head rest on the tiny table in front of you.
“Yeah. Dylan brought home another girl and I swear they were doing it against my wall the entire night.”
“Oh sweetie. You know if you’d just tell him how you feel…”
She pulled you into a hug and you had to hold back tears.
“It’s okay. I told you I’d get over him eventually. Wanna get drunk tonight?”
You weren’t legal in Erie yet but thankfully you’ve got fake IDs.
“You know getting drunk won’t solve anything, right?”
“I know, but tonight I just really really want to hook up with a stranger and get over Dylan.”

Comfort food done #vegan style👌🏼🌿😌 what are favourite Winter warmers?
With the colder weather coming (and naturally I’m already shivering non-stop), I can’t get enough of hearty meals, like my spicy lentil Dahl, to warm me from the inside out🙏🏼 even better paired with roasted veggies or rice, flat bread and greens of course!😛😛

IG: @naturally_nina_

Ready to race !
All sorted for my 15k obstacle race tomorrow , Yorkshire warrior .
I’ve been training for this pretty hard , hoping to get a sub 2 hour time but really just looking forward to getting muddy and having fun. I would do one of these every week if I could !

Mindfully moving forward


Why I stopped being a Vegan

Somewhere around 2013, I became a vegan. I mean I was hardcore. All the way down to the toothpaste and even what I put on my body. But then, somewhere in 2015, I became a meat eater again. Nobody ever asked me why! But I know that people were wondering why. I never really said anything either way on YouTube. I just stopped talking about vegan recipes all together.

When I first became vegan, I started following all kinds of people on YouTube and social media. People from all walks of life. I thought it was so amazing. So I started eating what the majority of people were eating. This turned our to be a mistake for me. Before I knew any better, I was consuming veggie products that had soy. I ate a lot of veggies like kale, bok choy, cabbage and collards. I started making a lot of different bread(gluten). Also, I started drinking coffee(caffeine) somewhere in there.  All of these can be a problem to the thyroid if you are having problems. I wasn’t aware that I had any Thyroid problems until I became a vegan and changed my diet. In my case, I combined all of these ingredients into a big salad on a daily bases. In return, my hair started falling out and I started gaining weight. But, that still wasn’t the reason why I stopped being a vegan.

In 2015, my husband and I decided to get pregnant. 3 months into the pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. I thought to myself, I have 5 children. Why now? We tried again and miscarried again. I thought; this has to be because of my diet. This has never happened. So, I began to eat fish and then chicken. And, slowly added beef. I still do not eat pork. So we tried again. Low and behold, two months in. Miscarriage! So now, I’m thinking two things. One, maybe it wasn’t me being a vegan. Two, maybe I damaged myself in someway being a vegan. 

In 2016, I started doing research on my own because the doctors wanted to blame it on being vegan (of course). I found out that the above foods combined with an unhealthy gut can stop the body from getting the iodine that it needs. Among other things! 

I always said that I was going to follow Dr. Sebi’s diet and cleanse myself first and start over fresh. 

So, today is the day. It’s Monday, March, 20th 2017. I want to publicly announce this so that I will hold myself accountable. This is the day that I am going back vegan. But this time with a little more knowledge of my body and the foods I put in it. 

I hope that anyone that’s reading this will help me with my journey. Check in on my from time to time and see how I’m doing. Here are some of my social media links: YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_EoJoV_urhyk0pdQFTxhvw?