of course this means i have to edit my links

Driving down the road and it starts snowing. Ugh fracking snow. But it reminds me of Loki (being Alaskan means special kindred link to our favorite frost giant) and how much I love either one of his forms. Lovely and green eyes or blue and blazing red eyes. And of course, his awesome clothes because seriously… he always looks ready for fashion week in Milan
And BAM fic idea. Hit me like a damn lightning bolt.
Can’t wait to start writing it. Have to finish editing my Letters to Bucky fic first but then it’s open season!!

adorejinhao  asked:

Hey idk if you know about this , but there are nationwide mudslides in Peru where my family is from , but thank goodness that my family is ok , but the only problem is that they don't have any water. If your followers can help in anyway it really would be appreciated.

yes, of course!! if anyone has the means to donate, please do so! not only will your help be greatly appreciated, the lives of families and friends can be saved. here and here are some links i found where you can donate. if there are any other links that anyone knows of, please feel free to add on / reply and i’ll edit this ask accordingly! we’ll keep your family in our thoughts and pray for their safety.