of course this is the day i wear head to toe black

remus lupin head canons

Depressed and sarcastic little shit

He’s queer and he’s here (or more specifically bisexual)

Doesn’t make a big deal about being sick or hurt because he truly thinks that its not

Except for stubbing his toe

He’s swears like a bloody sailer

“Stubs toe””Curses to heaven and beyond””closes eyes, takes a deep breath” I’m fine

Is an amazing student but his process on being one is a mess

Will go from studying until he hasn’t slept or eaten for days, to where he can’t even remember how to study and James freaking Potter has to force him

Procrastinates so hard but still gets perfect grades? wtf

Can grow facial hair easily, Sirius is jealous

Stands at the sides during parties because they make him uncomfortable

Only dances if James, Sirius, or lily force him to

Once on the dance floor he starts to loosen up, but the second any of them leave him he is sitting right back down

He’s either dead asleep or up until 4 in the morning there is no in-between

Does everything for pranks expect execute them because if James and Sirius get caught there is no way to tie it back to him

His side of the room makes no sense

Some parts will be tidy but others are a complete mess

Like his side table and trunk look perfect, but his desk and bed look like a tornado floor through their dorm

Messy messy hair

Loves to read. boy has a new book everyday

Always complains about the weather

Snowing? Remus is grumbling under his breath while wearing three coats

Hot out? Remus is acting like a 70 year old man and not a 17 year old kid

Talk shit about his friends and you will end up in a jinx so bad you’re in the infirmary for days

A lot of people think he’s shy but he’s really not

Just very indifferent towards people, and really good at keeping his constant panic in his head

Always looks like the undead, no matter how many hours of sleep he gets

Forgets to eat because when he was younger anytime the full moon would draw near he’d be too anxious to eat anything

Was reluctant to become friends with James and Sirius at first

Wanted to keep a low profile and he knew these two loud ass boys were not gonna help

But then he over heard them talking about a prank and chipped in some advice after hearing their rubbish planning 

They wouldn’t let him go after that

Doesn’t talk in class 

It takes too much effort to not get caught and its not worth a detention

Will throw the other Marauders under the bus if its to get out of detention

Doesn’t understand or care for Quidditch

Breaks James poor heart

Told James and Sirius that calling themselves The Marauders was very cliche and ridiculous but went along with it anyway

Denies that he’s a meddler but he really is

The worst out of the bunch (next to Marlene of course)

He’s just way to smart and observant, so he likes to take control of situations so they will move along faster

James thinks most of the plans to get him with Lily were devised by Sirius, but no that was all Remus

His comebacks will kill you

Cracks Sirius up all the time

Talks/mumbles to himself

Gets migraines easily

Got a nose piercing in seventh year and Sirius almost bust a nut

His accents a mix of English and something else but no ones knows and remus feigns ignorance

It makes Sirius want to pull out his hair

Believes he’s a monster

Anytime he’s told otherwise he’ll roll his eyes and sarcastically say “suuuure”

Frustrates Sirius

Makes James unbelievably sad

Lily is a mix of both

And thats all the head canons i have for now!

His || Jungkook || 0.8

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Reluctant Rejection

Summary: Being Sam Winchester’s Omega was wonderful… when he was actually there. Yes, he was kind and loving, but he’d spend weeks away from you, only stopping by when he needed to. Two years of living on the outskirts of Sam’s life is starting to take its toll. 
: Alpha!SamxOmega!Reader
: 2927
: A/B/O Dynamics. Smut. Angst. Mistrust in a relationship. 
AN: First proper Sammy ABO fic!!! This is also my entry for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s Sweet Emotions Challenge! My emotion was Neglect… hope this fits the bill properly. But I feel like it does!!! 
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


The first thing that alerted you to Sam’s arrival was the tell-tale low grumble of the large, black beauty of the car he owned, which was quickly killed and followed by the slamming of a car door.

An excited grin broke out across your face, the small pains that indicated the very early stages of your heat forgotten. Every instinct in your body telling you to go to your Alpha, every fibre of your being craving to be with him after so long apart; to see him, smell him, touch him… your very soul was calling out for him.

It wasn’t like you’d forgotten all of the doubts that had been plaguing you, haunting your thoughts and hounding your dreams. Those were still very much there; but, at present, they were being entirely overwhelmed by the hormones coursing through your veins. There was only one thing on your mind when your heat started creeping into your system.

Sam didn’t even get the chance to cross the threshold before you leapt at him, arms wrapping around his neck, lips crashing into his in a searing kiss. He dropped his duffel bag on the floor just in time to catch you, one of his large hands gripping your thigh as you wrapped your legs around his narrow waist; the other quickly wrapping around your lower back. You heard him moan into your mouth as your fingers wove their way into his long hair.

He chuckled slightly when you finally pulled away from his mouth, but you made no attempt to detach yourself from him in any other way. In fact, you barely moved your head far from his.

“Someone’s keen,” he mused, smirking at you with a light in his eyes that only you could ignite. You matched his grin with one of your own, gently nudging his nose with yours before resting your forehead against his.

A small whine escaped your throat as you felt him slip the hand at your back under the thin shirt you were wearing, and you inhaled deeply, unable to get enough of his warm scent that reminded you of a campfire. “Missed you, Alpha,” you sighed, tugging on his hair slightly and eliciting a small growl from him.

“Missed you too, Omega,” he mumbled into the crook of your neck as he buried his face there, clearly revelling in your scent as much as you were in his.

The two of you remained entwined with one another as Sam carelessly kicked his bag just inside the door before knocking it shut behind him, just enjoying the moment of being close to one another. This wasn’t an uncommon way of spending your first few hours together when he visited, due to the fact that you often spent so long apart. You both just basked in the presence of the other.

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Transparent Crystalline Solid (intro)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: All new! I had inspiration slap me straight across the face, and here we are! This one might hurt a little, but y’all know me, I’m a sucker for a happy ending. 

Summary: Bucky has charm, looks, a great smile, and he knows how to talk to a lady. The thing is, he does know it. Bucky’s a womaniser, there’s no doubt about it. But when he lays eyes upon the newest addition to the team, he might’ve found a reason to change his ways. Unfortunately, he knows he’s a coward, and he knows change isn’t easy. Lying.. is so much easier. 

Ice: frozen water, a brittle transparent crystalline solid.

Originally posted by winter-capricorn

The first time she catches Bucky’s eye, he knows he has to have her. One way or another, he has to. Here he was, minding his own business, enjoying a smoke on one of the compound’s huge balcony’s, when Stark ushered this girl -no, woman- in through the elevator doors.

“Come on in, Y/N, welcome to the Avengers, and this..” Tony waves his arm around in a dramatic-only-Stark-can-pull-it-off fashion, “is the living room.. Sort of speak”

The woman -Y/N- laughs, a soft and guarded sound, but no less beautiful because of it, and nods, “This is pretty crazy, Tony. Pepper didn’t exaggerate”

“Do I ever?” Pepper comes walking in from the other direction and smiles a warm smile towards Y/N. “It’s so good to see you again. I’m glad you finally decided to come” she says as she wraps her arms around Y/N and squeezes.

Y/N returns the gesture with warmth, and Bucky can’t help but desperately wanting to be on the receiving end of such an embrace.

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anonymous asked:

Spiderman to any exAvenger "i don't Like to be handed things."

So Peter Parker loved to copy Tony.

Mostly in little things. Like how one day he had a pair of sunglasses he wore constantly. Or the way he started responding to everything sarcastically. Peace signs as he left a room. Calling MJ “mother hen” anytime she seemed remotely concerned about anything at all.

Or when it was his birthday and Tony took him and Aunt May out for dinner, and Peter wore a black suit that looked exactly like the one Tony was wearing.

Or the time Colonel Rhodes had come to visit the compound and Peter had looked up from the table with a grin. “Hey Rhodey!”

Really it was cute. Really Tony had a hard time not being flattered by it. So he let it all slide.

Until the rest of the team came home anyway.

Peter was scarce around the compound once Nastasha and Clint were wandering around. He didn’t hang out in the lab anymore now that Bruce was there working. He certainly didn’t sit on the kitchen counters and talk excitedly about his day when Cap and the Winter Soldier were eating dinner.

So it was altogether unexpected (and admittedly hilarious) when Peter strolled into the compound one day after school, dressed head to toe in a fitted black suit, sunglasses firmly on his face.

He threw a few waves when some of the team greeted him, but didn’t say anything back as he headed right for the conference room for their weekly meeting.

He sat right next to Tony at the big table, put his (small) feet up and folded his arms over his chest. Tony of course, noticed and smiled a little but didn’t say anything.

“Peter Parker.” Captain Rogers acknowledged. “Glad you could make it. Here’s your information packet. We scaled it down because you are still underage and honestly the team isn’t one hundred percent comfortable with utilizing your skills yet, impressive as you are.”

Steve paused for a few seconds, still holding out the file. Peter glanced up from his phone and shook his head.

“I don’t like to be handed things.”

Beside him, Tony burst out laughing, just absolutely dropped his tablet on the phone and cracked up, then reached for the file from Steve, wiping his eyes as a few more chuckles escaped.

“Mr Parker doesn’t like to be handed things.” He said as seriously as he could, and the thwapped Peter on the head with the file. “Don’t be such a punk.”

“Just trying to be like you.” Peter mumbled, but when he peeked over his glasses, Tony winked at him.

“Continue, Captain.” Tony said, and leaned back in his chair, propping his feet up on the table in a mirror image of Peters. “We’re ready.”


Very smutty Shawn blurb with elements of Sub!Shawn

Requested by anon for a Fuck Buddy blurb. 

Em didn’t know if she’d been invited out of kindness—he was certainly the type—or out of a genuine desire for her to show up. If it was just a polite invite she was risking terribly embarrassing herself. If it was genuine then she was risking reading into it too much. Either way, it was a bad idea to go but she was already in the building, rolling her eyes at herself in the elevator.

Shawn had moved into his own place recently and was only in town very briefly but he wanted to throw a house-warming party as an excuse to see his friends more than to show off his new place that he hadn’t even fully furnished yet. When Em had received the invite via a mass e-mail she’d wondered if maybe he’d sent it to her as a mistake and had’t realized. Nevertheless, she couldn’t get herself to not take an opportunity to see him. It’d been too long.

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5 times yura wore otabeks clothes on Accident and one time it wasnt an accident


It’s, overall, a pretty shitty day for Yura so far.

It’s not even that he forgot to charge his phone the night before, and is now watching it shut down again after obnoxiously letting him know of its lack of battery and competence. It’s not, even, the fact that his phone being dead all night meant it conveniently didn’t wake him up in time for his 10am class. It’s not, even, the fact that said class is in 13 minutes and he’s 15 minutes from campus.

No, the real cherry on the toothpaste sundae is the fact that when he and Otabek stumbled to their room last night, drunk off their asses and all over each other, they didn’t bother to sort out the laundry.

So, here he is, phone charger precariously stretched across the table from the wall plug (in the most ridiculous and unaccessible place possible) to where he’s checking the time every 2 minutes while pulling on his last pair of clean jeans and simultaneously trying to arrange his hair into something less ‘bird nest’ and more ‘artfully messy’. It all goes great, except he can’t put his phone down on the floor and needs one hand to pull on his pants and There Are No More Hands Left For The Hair, but he makes do. See, Yura makes do like the model student he is, until he looks down and realizes he’s still in his pyjama shirt.

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{ flower child | levi x reader }

Originally posted by jupiter-fox

Word count: 1744

You were that girl. The one that seemed to always be smiling, always happy and cheerful. Many pondered on the thought of you joining the Survey Corps, better yet, the military in general. But they couldn’t argue that you were a fierce cadet under that gorgeous exterior. In the beginning a lot of the cadets underestimated you due to your level of cuteness and your height but they quickly learned to get rid of that idea when the saw you in action. Many of the boys have sparred with you thinking it was going to be rainbows and cupcakes and they all got their ass handed to them. A lot of people compare your skills to Mikasa, some say even better, but you quickly dismiss the idea when you hear it.

You had a signature look. Everyone knew you were coming when they see the pretty flower crown resting on your (color) locks. Various colors such as red, white, lavender and yellow always seemed to be woven to perfection into your hair. The flower crowns, your pink lips, your big (color) eyes and the slight flush of pink that always seemed to be on your cheeks left the boys enchanted. But you honestly had no real interest in any of them.

Eren is cute but Mikasa would probably slit your throat. Jean is pretty handsome but he can be a little mean sometimes. Armin is adorable but he seems to be more into books than a girlfriend. Reiner can be a little …overbearing but his muscles are nice though. No matter what Connie says, he’s totally into Sasha. And Bertholdt is too shy for his own good.

But there is one guy that sparked your interest but he would never-

You were snatched out of your thoughts by someone taking off your crown. You turned around to see a very smug looking Jean. You stood up from your spot in the mess hall and tried to take it from him but he held it in the air.

“Jean, give it back!” You pouted. You tried jumping up to get it from his grasp but it was no use, you were too short.
“What do I get in return?” Jean said cooly with the same smirk. You tilted your head to the side with the face of confusion.

“Well, what do you want?” You asked in the cutest voice.
“I don’t know, Reiner. What do we want?” Jean said then tossed your crown behind you. You quickly turned around and bumped into another tall body. You looked up to see Reiner holding your crown high in the air like a prize.
“A kiss from the short, flower crown princess herself.” He said with a shit eating grin. You blushed a bit at his comment but continued to try to reach for your crown.

“Oi. Braun, Kirschtein. Do you two want stable duty while the rest of us have dinner tonight?” A low and stern voice asked. A voice that everyone feared but you seemed to get butterflies when you heard it. Captain Levi. It was so ironic how you had lovey dovey eyes for a man that was the polar opposite from you. Nonetheless, every time you saw him it made your day a bit brighter.

“No, sir!” They said in unison.
“Then give back her shit!” Levi ordered. His voice was almost like venom and it shot right through the boys. Reiner quickly gave back your crown and you had a satisfied look on your face as you placed it on top of your head.
“Thanks, Captain!” You beamed happily while giving him a salute. A piece of your hair fell in your face and you blew it away refusing to break the salute.
“Tch. Don’t let it happen again. I don’t have time to save your sorry ass.” He said before walking off. You felt a little discouraged but you quickly shook it off keeping in mind that he talks to everyone like that.

You sat back down and noticed Sasha and Mikasa were now sitting beside you. Mikasa in sitting across and Sasha to your left.
“What was that about?” Sasha asked before stuffing her face with bread.
“Jean and Reiner being meanies. Captain told them to stop” You replied.

“Maybe they just wanted to sport your crown.” Mikasa said quietly with a hint of amusement in her voice. You giggled lightly and started to eat.
“No, really (Name). Anyone would love to wear one.” Sasha said in between chews.

Your eyes lit up when you thought of a plan. A beautiful, flowery plan.

Later that day

You were so unbelievably tired. After a long day of training and chores you headed out to a field just outside of HQ with a basket. You sat there for hours weaving together flower crowns for every in the Survey Corps. No two crowns were alike and you did your best to correspond it to the receiver. You smiled to yourself as you put the final flower into the last crown you did. You put it in the basket with the others and soon heading back to base.

The Next Day

Levi woke up feeling shittier than usual that morning. He had about three hours of sleep the night before and the rest was just mindless shitty paperwork. He prayed for a day where he could just relax and actually get a full night’s rest. Levi got out of bed that morning and did his usual routine by getting dressed and heading to the mess hall to get his tea. Everything seemed normal until he seen multiple cadets AND superiors wearing flower crowns. Levi furrowed his brows in confusion. Turning a corner he saw Eren talking with Armin and surprise surprise they had flower crowns on. Eren’s was decorated with large orange, red and the occasional white flowers and Armin’s was made with teal and yellow flowers.

“Jaeger! Arlert!” The two boys looked in Levi’s direction and gave him a quick salute.
“Sir!” They both said in unison. Levi waved the salute off.
“Where did you two get those flower crowns?” Levi asked with the same monotone voice and bored expression. Eren and Armin kind of looked at each other.
“From (Name), sir.” Eren said.
“You’re dismissed.” Levi said. Eren and Armin hurried away thanking the gods that they weren’t in his presence anymore.

Levi entered the mess hall he saw if not everyone, almost everyone, wearing a flower crown. His eye twitched slightly as he went to go get his tea. Walking past the superior table he even saw fucking Erwin sporting a green and red flower crown.

‘What in the fuck? Why does everyone else get a shitty crown and I don’t?’ Levi thought as he poured his tea. It was safe to say he was a little jealous.

Levi headed back to his office after he was finished pouring his tea to finish the last bit of paperwork he had. He was particularly pissed off that everyone at his table was flaunting the fucking crown that he didn’t have.

Levi was in deep thought scribbling at the papers in front of him when he heard a soft knock at the door.
“Name and business.” He said. A familiar yet soft voice answered.
“Cadet (First) (Last)…I’m here to give you a gift.” You said clutching at your basket nervously.
“Enter.” You sighed hoping to get your nerves out but it failed. You turned to doorknob and pushed the door open entering his office. You looked around and noticed it was more organized that your life. You stood in front of his desk.

You got instant butterflies when you saw his bored, steel gray eyes on you. The blood from your body rushed to your ears and dusted your cheeks with a light shade of pink.
“Captain, I made this for you,” you reached into your basket for the final crown that had been in there. You pulled it out and smiled at your work because you had actually made this special for him. The crown was woven beautifully with large green, white and black flowers and a pink bow in the back of it.
“I hope you like it.” You smiled softly handing the crown over to him. He reached over his desk and looked at it. You couldn’t tell if he was happy or unamused because he had the same facial expression: Bored.

Originally posted by nanase

You shifted slightly.
“Well, cadet. I am very…pleased with this. Thank you.” His voice had the slightest hint of happiness in it and it was enough to make you extremely happy.
“You’re very welcome, sir!” You beamed and started to head toward the door.
“Wait, (Name).” He called and you stopped in your tracks. You turned around with a slightly confused look and you were a bit surprised that he called you by your first name.

“Yes, sir?” He stood up walking towards you. You dry swallowed as he got closer and the same heat on your cheeks was growing larger as he looked down at you.
“… Do you think you could… help me put this on?” He asked awkwardly while looking down at the crown and rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled.
“Of course, Captain-” You gently took the crown out of his hands.
“Call me Levi.” He corrected you.
“Levi.” You smiled at the way his name felt rolling off your tongue.

He was a few inches taller than you so you stood on your tippy toes and gently put the crown in place. It fit his head perfectly. Levi watched you closely, low key admiring your beauty. He felt vulnerable inside when he saw your lips slightly parted, your eyebrows furrowed cutely in concentration and your cheeks had a tint of pink to them.

“There we are!” You smiled clasping your hands together looking at your Captain with a flower crown on his head. The Lance Corporal, Levi Ackerman had on a fucking flower crown and it was beautiful.
“You’re a good kid,” He said and you smiled bashfully. “Thanks for the gift, brat.” Levi leaned over and gave you a soft kiss on the cheek. You felt your eyes widen and your hand touched your cheek as you looked up at him.
“T-Thanks, Ca- Levi.” You thanked him, not for the compliment but for the kiss.

Maybe you should give him gifts more often?

Bonnie and Clyde Pt. 1

Next Part  > (Pt. 2)

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Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut, mafia AU

Contents: Angst, drug mentions, smut, alcohol use, violence, mentions of violence, swearing, rough sex, biting, dirty talk if you squint

Word Count: 2,608 words


   The mafia world was full of surprises. But you certainly did not expect to be sold to the Kim family to marry their youngest, Kim Taehyung, aka the biggest douche in the mafia community, thanks to your father.

Music: I Love It by DEAN

Originally posted by aquaporis

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home : hs

Request: Yes (this one)

Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 1,442

Warnings: Cursing (one or two!)

What are you about to read: Y/N getting inked by Harry

Requests open!

Originally posted by tmlnsn

Harry wasn’t a sap. Oh god, he wasn’t. but when it comes to Y/N, he couldn’t help but feel a tad whipped.

It was when he saw his friend Jeff getting a tattoo of his girlfriend’s hometown coordinates on his arm. As much as it seemed creepy and strange, he couldn’t help but letting the idea of having something from Y/N tattooed forever on his body creep into his mind.  

It was after a week when they managed to take some time to themselves and chill at Y/N’s small but cozy apartment in downtown London. They were sat on Y/N’s tiny bed (it was a double sized bed but Harry’s feet were always left outside) and she had her arms around him. He could feel her warm breath on his neck.

“I don’t want them to see my boobs, ‘s all.” He could almost sense her eyebrows furrowing behind him while she continued stroking his biceps.

“Love, they don’t care ‘bout yeh boobs, they only care ‘bout the money they’ll be receiving” Harry shook his head and a few strands fell on his forehead, making Y/N lean over and kiss his forehead from where she was seated behind him.

Harry was slowly regretting the whole tattoo idea. He knew Y/N liked his tattoos and sure, she had a couple of small ones here and there but he wanted to go and get one together. And not because he wanted to get matching ones, Harry wasn’t into that whole idea of getting hearts and flowers with your lover.

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This Is War [5]
Request: jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny (Again, wasn’t sure if this was an ACTUAL request, but I thought it would be fun as one :p)

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1154

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, some language

A/N: I feel like this part is also a little boring, but I gotta move stuff along somehow! Hopefully y’all enjoy it! Thank you for reading!! Feedback is always appreciated :)

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Two birds of a feather

When Allura and Allana were born, Alfor couldn’t have been happier than he was right then. His two precious and beautiful daughters; twins. When Allana was placed in his arms, he didn’t want to let go, he wanted to protect her and her sister from everything and everyone. And through the years he didn’t pull any stops to shower them in them most beautiful dresses and whatever toys they desired.

But as the years went on, it was very obvious that while they looked exactly alike; they were two very different people. While Allura enjoyed the dresses and playing dress up with their mothers jewelry and makeup, Allana was much more interested in the guards and the other paladins. She would choose to wear the usual training uniforms rather than the vibrant gowns, she would ask all sorts of questions about the battles that Zarkon and the other paladins have been on, enraptured by their tales.

But the most worrying thing, or the most worrying thing to the lords and dukes and elders, was that Allana didn’t enjoy being called a princess. It was fairly obvious to Alfor and his wife what it all meant; Allana saw herself as a boy, not a girl. It happens all the time with the people of Altea, many of them see themselves as the other gender and will make that change to feel comfortable in their own body. It was completely normal….to commoners. But when it comes to royalty, many of the elders and higher class expect those of the royal line to be perfect from birth; and any change to that is implying that they are wrong and flawed. And in some cases, from what he’s read, they even go as far as to make such children of the royal family be disowned and cast out from their home.

It’s a messed up way of thinking, Alfor knows this, but he also knows that changing their way of view will be a battle that could wage on for a decafeeb before making any headway on the subject. He still supports his daughter in little ways; ways that won’t out his child to the stern views of their peers.

He gets her fencing lessons and lets her join the guards training sessions as well as some of their guarding posts. He encourages her to ask Zarkon and trigel any questions she has. He’s even taken her on a few rides in Red when she’s depressed at not being able to be who she wants to be.

But her number one supporter is Allura, who always asked Allana to be the knight in shining armor when ever she wanted to play pretend, who would cheer her sister on when ever she was training against the bots. Who would whisper how proud she was of her for trying her best to be herself. Both of them know that if it got out to the elders and the other dukes and lords that Allana saw herself as a boy, it would be disastrous and that they could be forced to be separated. So Allana put up with all of the lessons on how to be a ‘proper’ princess, she would wear the gowns that everyone expected her to wear to balls and important diplomatic meetings. She would hold back he rflinches and cringes whenever anyone would call her princess. She did what was expected of her, at least the bare minimum of it all.

Her favorite times though was when she hanged out with her sister in the middle of the night, hiding under draped sheets between their beds and every pillow covering the floor. It was when Allura would use male pronouns only between them that would make Allana smile, when she would suggest all sorts of different names for her to go by if they lived in that perfect world. It was when Allura didn’t hold back whenever they trained in the middle of the night to help Allana get rid of her frustrations.

But she also loved being able to visit Zarkon and Honerva, or any of the other paladins on their home planets. Because there weren’t high elders or high officials of the Altean courts there, when she went to diabazall and the Dalterion Belt, or to Nalquod, the paladins would use Allana’s preferred pronouns, they would respect her as she had always wanted to be.

When Zarkon had betrayed voltron; he had also betrayed Allana. She had always looked up to him, always wanted to be like him and be able to fight along side him and the other paladins. But when Alfor had asked Blaytz to take Allana as far away from Zarkon as he could, to be separated from her twin and closest friend to have a slim chance of escaping Zarkon, it was the worst feeling in the world. And when Blaytz had guided Allana to the emergency cyropod inside of blue, she knew that he wouldn’t come back, but she followed him anyways. Hoping to find some relief from the pain of betrayal and grief for her people, her family, her sister. And when that cold darkness slipped into her mind, she eagerly followed it into her dreams.

• • • • • • • • • • •

She doesn’t know how long she had stayed in the Blue lion, sleeping through dream after dream until there were no more dreams to fill her mind, good or bad ones.

When she had finally awoken, Allana stumbled out of pod into the dark mid-carriage of the metallic beast. All of the heartache and the memories flooding back into the forefront of her mind. She couldn’t bare to be there any longer, running out of the lion and following the only glimmer of light to be seen in the pitch black cave. She staggered out of the cave to a desert, barren of anything living. So Allana did the only thing she knew, she walked. For days and nights, she walked through the desert until she had finally come upon a town. She quickly shifted herself to look like the being that inhabited the planet. She would have never guessed that two people would have seen her do this; nor would she have guessed that they would offer her to come live with them and their children.

As the years went by, Allana learned all she could about Earth and its cultures and history, sad to see that some of their history mimics the Galra’s. But she could never hate the McClains, they took her and immediately told her that they knew she was alien, and that they didn’t care if she came from some other planet. They have her that same feeling of home that her sister and father did.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

“Auntie 'lana?”

Allana whips around to see Fernando, the young son of her adoptive brother standing in the door way of the bathroom, looking at her as she tries to wrap the bandages around her chest. Fear races up her spine as the memories of being found out by anyone bulldoze through her mind. She didn’t realize she was crying or that she had crumbled to the floor until she felt Fernando hugging her, calling out for mama and papa. By the time they got to the bathroom, Allana was sobbing into her cousins shoulder, holding him close as if it was the last time she would ever see him (because it was, she would be thrown out and disowned and she’ll never get to hold him again.) all the while little Fernando murmurs that everything was going to be okay. (But it wasn’t! Can’t he see that?! She’s going to be cut off and forced to be on her own all over again!)

“Allana? What’s wrong sweetie? Are you hurt?”

“I-I-I-I’m sorry!”

“Allana, you have to tell us what’s wrong, you’re not in trouble, please just tell us.”

Shaking form head to toe, she shows her bonded chest to them, hearing the gasps from them only making her tears come down even harder.

“Allana, oh sweetie….”


She can’t help but curl in on herself, only to be lifted out of that position from her surrogate father.

“YOU’VE BEEN BINDING WITH ACE BANDAGES?!?! Don’t you know how DANGEROUS that is for your body?! This could have permanent damage to your ribs!” Allana can only owlishly blink at him as he starts to grumble about all of the negative effects as he unwinds the bandages from her chest.

“You’re…you’re not made that I see myself as a boy?” She whispers, afraid that if she spoke too loud some unseen elder will come down on her and tear her away from this family.

“of course not, we love you for you, and if you see yourself as a boy then you’re a boy, and we’ll support you.”

Fernando pops up from beside her and proudly states “I know! Papa said that those kinds of people are called trans-transgendered! Right?” Papa pats his grandchild on the head. “That’s right Fernando, and it’s perfectly fine if you are, I just wished you had told us before you started using these!” He shakes the bandages around in his fist “we could have gotten you a binder and look into getting you men’s clothing.”

Allana’s tears still flow, only this time it’s from relief and happiness. She-no, he- he didn’t know what to say, completely taken aback by how supportive they are. Fernando collides into him and hugs him as tight as he can. “And the best part is that you get to give yourself a new name! How about Patrick! Or Megatron!” Allana lets out a water laugh at her cousins choices of names, recalling all the late nights Allura and he would stay up and list off names. One name comes to mind as he looks to his new family, so welcoming of his true self.

“How about Lance.”

anonymous asked:

Request: y/n is a rich spoiled girl, at least that's how she looks like, she's everything harry hates. People say that she is very confident and the life of every party. No one knows how she feels inside and she is always looking for attention of men bc her dad is a very busy person.

I’m making this a series ‘cause I just fell in love with the concept. Seriously, I love that trope way too much. I’ll be including another request I received as part II of this. Here’s a preview:

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”

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Something More

Originally posted by to-obsessed

- The Losers Club is fed up seeing Bill and Y/N hide their feelings for one another so they decided to do something about it. -

Word Count : 2279

Part 1 or How Y/N and Bill first met? Part 3

It’s become an unhealthy habit by now, you knew that.

Standing in front of your mirror, you watched as your fingers gently traced the faint scar on your cheek. Your eyes noting the difference in skin color between it and your natural tone. The pads of your fingers sliding across the slight dip on your skin. 

Henry fucking Bowers. He was failing at everything in life but somehow he managed to get a leg up on you. Whether you liked to admit it or not, the scar actually bothered you more than it should. 

Being no more than two inches, you couldn’t really see it if you weren’t looking but the thing about you was, you were always looking. Every chance you got to look at your reflection, you were looking at your scar. You didn’t know what was so bewitching about it but it always managed to capture your attention. Fed up with your behavior, you tore your hand away from your face and balled up your fists against the desk. You decided to close your eyes. If you couldn’t see it, it couldn’t bother you. 

You hated how fixated you were on something cosmetic. It didn’t make you who you were, you tried to convince yourself. It didn’t matter, you thought. It was only as strong as you made it to be, you reminded yourself. These words were not your own, they were Bill’s. Ever since that day, you were welcomed into the loser’s club, making the closest friends you’ve ever had.

Opening your eyes against you blankly stared back at your reflection, your eyes involuntarily going to the scar. “I’m better than you.” You firmly whispered to yourself, almost to solidify your thoughts and feelings. 

“Hey Scarface!” Jumping up from the sudden shout, you threw a hand over your heart to calm it down. “We’re gonna be late! You can doll yourself up for our night together later!“ 


"Sorry, Mrs. Y/L/N…”

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My Star pt 1

Pt 1 || Pt 2 (final) 

Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: She was so wrong for him, and you knew it. If only Taehyung could realize it.

Word Count: 5,417

Originally posted by mvssmedia

A loud pop resulted from you smacking your lips together trying to even out the layer of tinted gloss,

“Ooo, where are you going tonight?” Your roommate, Yeo Woon, gasped from her spot on the couch, “You’re going out on a date?” 

“I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m not going out on a date. I’m going to hang out with Tae.” 

Since you were examining your makeup one last time with your pocket mirror, you didn’t see the pout on Yeo Woon’s face but you could most certainly sense it, “Geez, Y/N…don’t tell me you still have a crush on him.”

“What! Me? A crush..on him?”

“Oh c’mon, Y/N-ah. Everyone who knows you on this goddamn planet knows you have a crush on Taehyung. Aside from him, of course.”

“I…I do not! And even if I did…I got over it…” Your cheeks flared with heat as you quickly shoved your mirror back in your purse,

“You’re all dressed up, you’ve been smiling all day, and you used one of my facial packs last night which is weird considering you always complain about the sliminess. So basically, you must still have a crush on him if you’re doing yourself up like this just to ‘go hang out’.” 

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| Of Lemongrass & French Vanilla | Chen X Reader AU | Part 2 |


Kim Jongdae X Reader

Genre: Fluff, Action, Thriller, Angst

Warnings: Violence, Language, Attempted Murder, Attempted sexual assault

Word Count: 8,121

Synopsis: “His brothers had told him that finding your mate was like finding a scent that sends you into a state of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Personally, he had hoped that for him, that scent was of lemongrass and french vanilla.

For @exosmutxoxo

Originally posted by fearless-man

Your heart thudded inside of your chest as Jongdae pulled away. Too stunned to move, let alone respond, you felt a chill course through the nerves along your spine. His eyes remained in direct contact with your own, tenderness evident in his gaze.

“J-…J-” You stuttered, “What… What-”

You flinched as the front door flew open. Jongdae spun around, shielding you behind his back protectively. Both of your gazes met with Luhan’s wide eyes. He was panting, knees trembling as the indicator of an intense run.

“We have a problem-” Luhan swallowed, pausing for breath. “It’s Yoori.”

Jongdae was on his feet in an instant, bristling at attention. Luhan peered behind him, leaning to the side to get a glimpse of you. Jongdae extended his arm to cover you apprehensively.

“Junmyeon wants her there…” Luhan’s eyes hardened just slightly. “She needs to see this.”

Keeping the one arm outstretched, Jongdae used his other to reach behind himself, his hand finding your own and latching onto it.

“Alright, then.” Jongdae straightened himself. “But she’s not leaving my sight. I don’t trust anything that witch is up to.”

Luhan seemed hesitant for several moments. Eventually, he nodded and turned to walk back out the door, expecting the two of you to follow. The sound of cicada swarms hit your ears the minute you walked outside, dusk keeping the temperature cool. The three of you walked across the grassy field for what seemed like an eternity. The spiky green texture of the grass being the only source of concentration you had as you trailed behind Jongdae. After a few more minutes, you looked up to see the treeline approaching. Several bodies stood huddled in a circle, surrounding something you couldn’t see. As you got closer, however, the smell of blood and death intensified, feeling like acid within your nose. You brought up the wrist that Jongdae was not holding to block the brunt of the putrid smell, but it did little to help.

As the three of you finally joined the circle, you stepped on your toes to peer over Jongdae’s shoulder. What you saw almost caused you to stumble backwards.

It was the carcass of a deer.

You bit the inside of your cheek to prevent a gag reflex as you examined it.

The deer’s eyes were gray and glazed over, flies accumulating in small swarms in various places. Most strikingly, however, was the solitary black arrow that protruded from the deer’s rib cage; its cause of death. As your eyes fell upon the arrow, another detail quickly caused you to shudder.

Attached to the arrow was a scarf. Your scarf. The one that had gotten soaked, along with the rest of your clothes, and left back at the apartment.

Someone had been there.

She had been there.

“I trust everyone here now realizes that this is (y/n).” Junmyeon’s voice ripped your focus from the dead animal. His arm was extended in your direction, gesturing to announce your presence.

You looked around at the group of men that encircled the carcass. Including Jongdae, there were eleven present.

All with their eyes on you.

“It’s not just a sign,” Junmyeon knelt down by the carcass, tilting his head up to you after examining it. “It’s a declaration.”

You immediately felt Jongdae tense, his grip on your wrist tightening.

“A declaration saying what?” You spoke quietly.

“Exactly what it looks like.” Jongdae’s low voice was full of repressed anger. “‘You’re next.’”

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The Dinner Party

just a random idea that came to me in a fever dream earlier this week. rated E for explicit smutty smut smut. enjoy!

“You want me to do what?”

Peeta frowned at her foot, wielding the nail polish brush threateningly. “First, I want you to hold still.” Katniss wriggled her toes defiantly but then obliged, hardly daring to breathe when he swiped the coral nail polish onto her big toe in nice, even strokes. It looked perfect, of course. He could always paint better than she could, even nails.

“Seriously, though. You want me to go to a dinner party with you?” she asked. He glanced up at her with a crooked smile before he started painting her next toenail.

“You make it sound like I’ve asked you to strip naked and run around the block or something,” he said, focusing on her toes. She snorted, then clamped her lips shut when he shot her a warning look. Snorting made her foot jiggle, apparently. “It’s just a dinner party. Delly asked everyone to bring a guest–someone, and I quote, ‘interesting.’ So I’m asking you.”

Katniss stared at the top of his head, his blond curls falling across his forehead as he worked. “But I don’t really know her. And what a weird stipulation,” she said with a laugh.

Peeta shrugged. “Delly likes her theme parties,” he muttered, tongue poking out the corner of his mouth as he delicately painted her pinky toe. Satisfied with his work, he shot her a triumphant smile. “And you’re the most interesting person I know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Says the guy who paints nails better than any girl I know.”

He gave her a look of mock offense. “Are you questioning my masculinity? You know how I feel about rigid gender roles.” Then he held up his hand, palm flat, fingers spread. “And who’s got a steadier hand than me?” She kicked playfully at his hand, and he made a noise of protest, grabbing her ankle to place her foot down on the coffee table. “Don’t mess up my hard work.”

Katniss slumped down into the couch, chewing on her lip. “You know I don’t like people. How am I supposed to be interesting around a bunch of strangers?”

Screwing the nail polish bottle shut, Peeta sat back on his hands. “Just think of it as a challenge. See how often you can work into the conversation that dry wit and razor-sharp sarcasm of yours without them realizing you’re insulting them.”

“Do you want people to hate me?” she asked wryly, folding her arms over her chest. He grinned.

“Delly said interesting. She didn’t say anything about likable.” He laughed when she flipped him off, then pushed off the floor to stand up. “I should head home. But I swear, if you just be yourself, people will love you.” She didn’t think it was that simple. Peeta never had to worry about getting people to like him; it just came naturally to him. But she didn’t argue the point, letting him pull her up from the couch. With cotton balls stuffed between her toes, she wobbled after him to the front door. Grabbing his jacket from the coat rack, he turned to her. “So you’ll come?”

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Is That My Shirt? (E.D) Part 1

Summary: You’re the twins assistant, and while they were in Jersey visiting their family and friends, you were back in LA handling all the business stuff. What you didn’t know was they were coming home earlier than planned, so maybe dancing around half naked in their apartment wasn’t such a great idea. Or was it?

Word Count: 1,571

Warnings: None.

A/N: This was all @ddolanss idea, I’m just writing it lol. Hopefully I did it justice! Lemme know what you guys think! <3 

There will be a part 2 to this ;) …

* * The twins are 19 in this. * * 

Reader’s POV

I was just a normal girl attending college here in LA at UCLA. Struggling to balance keeping up with my classes, and a shitty full time job as a waitress. It was stressful, but I needed to pay for tuition somehow. I was on Facetime with my parents one day, and they ended up telling me about this pretty cool job that they’ve heard about through one of their friends. Turns out their friend was a cousin of some guy who happens to be a security guard for some twins called The Dolan Twins, and apparently they were pretty big YouTubers. My parents told me their manager was looking for a personal assistant for them, and I guess my parents friend must’ve put in a few good words, because next thing I knew I was contacted by the boys manager. 

Now here I am! 

A year later, and I was finishing up my last year in college. I was no longer a waitress. Instead I was a personal assistant to two of the coolest dudes ever! Not to mention the hottest guys I’ve ever met! Ethan and Grayson Dolan, also known as The Dolan Twins. I remember when I first met them, I had a hard time believing they were only 19. They looked like they were around my age, either 23 or somewhere in their early 20s. They were the hottest and fittest 19 year olds I’ve ever met. Especially Ethan. But I knew that I needed to keep things professional, so I immediately pushed all the dirty, kinky thoughts right out of my head.

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fam(ily) - four | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 2,652
genre: fluff// future angst? ??
warnings: explicit language

one | twothree | four | five

[A/N]: i wrote this in one sitting so i APOLOGIZE for any typos bc i know they’re going to be a lot of them

Originally posted by jiyoongis

“That was their mother’s aunt. Don’t worry about it, (Y/N).” Jimin rubbed the back of his neck out of nervousness. He tried to smile to reassure you that things were going to be fine, but he could hardly get himself to.

You stepped towards him and hugged him. Your wet hair clung against his shirt, soaking through the cloth. His familiar sweet strawberry scent hit his nose, but for some reason, it smelled better on you. He pulled you in closer, to the point where your torsos were touching and your warmth from the shower wrapped him as well.

Jimin has never felt such serenity in his life. Embracing you calmed his waters, like all his worries suddenly vanished. That was what you did. You did that, his solace. 

You pulled away and merely blinked at him. He couldn’t read your expression — possibly a mixture of emotions. Confusion. Compassion. Sympathy. You were searching him, finding any way to understand what had happened. “Bad blood?”

“Something like that.” Jimin shrugged, dropping eye contact and still holding you in his arms. He was afraid to let go, thinking you might never come back to him.

“I won’t push it.” You smiled. That incredible, infamous smile. You didn’t need the explanation, you just simply understood and he loved it. He wouldn’t know how to tell you, maybe when the time was right. “I got your shirt wet..”

He looked down at his white tee and laughed at the water patches. Jimin grabbed the ends of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He was use to walking around the house without a shirt, so it didn’t occur to him how strange it may have been for you. His eyes landed on your bright pink cheeks — a notable signature that you had — and your wide eyes.

“You’re really cute.” He chuckled, and pinched your hot cheek lightly. He walked to his room to grab another shirt, leaving you stunned at him in his living room.

You had moved back into your apartment and Kim was finally back. You weren’t sure how many more days you could last without strangling Ingrid. Your uncle’s vitals were stable and he was recovering quickly. Kim was glad she was back too. 

She was back on her feet after two hours of settling back in, it was extraordinary. You aspired to be someone like her. She was admirable and you were proud to be related to such a strong woman. 

You and Jimin contacted frequently after you moved out, he texted you often and invited you over for dinner almost every night. After leaving the small family, you realized how much you missed them.

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missing, if seen, please report to- [ teen!richie x teen!reader x teen!stan ] .3

summary: it’s the 90′s and richie tozier is still in love with you. in an unexplainable turn of events, the losers are led to believe that pennywise is back. and that you’re missing because of him.

chapter summary: beverly tries to find some clues but her investigation is stopped when richie and stan get into a fight

warnings: mentions of blood(very brief)

a/n: if anyone wants to be tagged lemme kno. this fic is so inspired by twin peaks that i CANT

if you like my stuff and want to support me, don’t forget to treat me to a KO-FI! take part in the 7K followers gift HERE!



Students, if I may have your attention please…” A tired voice speaks from the speakers and the class falls dreadfully still. Beverly’s breath hitches in her throat; outside the window ominous dark clouds gather overhead, dulling the sparkle of her pretty amber hair, “There has been an… The police have informed me that a student of ours, (Name) (Lastname) of Year 3 Class D, has gone missing.” Hushed murmurs spread like wildfire. The teacher, with a fierce frown permanently fixed on her face, shushes them, “Posters with further information have been placed at school and around town. If anyone knows anything, anything at all, I urge you to step up. In the meantime, the police suggest enforcing the curfew again. This is the one and only reminder you will get regarding this matter. All classes are to end till 3pm, extracurricular activities – till 5 pm.” He falls quiet, “Again, if you know anything, please come talk. Help the family and your friend. Thank you.” The line goes dead, but no one dares to say a thing.

Beverly stares into the speaker as if her eyes could pierce right through it and see the various wires and mechanism’s its composed of. Her heart clenches painfully enough to spring tears and she smacks a palm over her lips. Missing. You are officially missing. That flimsy hope she held onto – that perhaps you are fine, and what they had accidentally overheard from the sheriff was simply police incompetence, - is promptly crushed to dust and she feels like a wilting flower seized by the cold Autumn weather.

She glances at Richie. He sits lifeless, staring into space; behind her she hears Jocelyn hiccup.  Beverly hunches over the table. The world spins in strange vertigo and it feels as if she dives into a pool of icy water of memories.

“You like him!” Beverly exclaimed, grinning cheekily and feeling o-so-clever.

Summer of ’89, before IT, before you quit and said goodbye to the Losers forever. You and Beverly had found a perfect spot in your backyard that to her child eyes appeared so vast and green, with flowers and bees buzzing around and tall old trees that seemed to reach the sky. A tire was hung on one of the sturdier branches and Beverly had slid into it and swayed softly in the air, watching your expression. Your hair was short. It had been long yesterday. There was a visible bruise on your cheek – your mother had slapped you in fright you had informed her lazily, - and Beverly couldn’t help but worry. After all, you followed in her example. Wasn’t this her fault? But you wore such a carefree look…Perhaps your glasses were so thick that they masked any inner pain you were afraid to show. Beverly would’ve know, would’ve understood you. She lived with a monster, after all.

You blushed like a rose in the morning sunshine; your fingers went to hook (colour) hair behind the tip of your flaming ear, but the hair promptly fell back. You still weren’t used to the new haircut, that you did yourself might I add. You picked on a few weeds and daisies. Lastly, you shrugged, “That obvious, huh?…” You muttered, glancing up at Bev and fixing your glasses – an action identical to Richie’s (or was Richie’s identical to yours?). Beverly couldn’t help but laugh. You looked so adorable when flustered.

“It was clear from day one to everyone except Richie himself,” Beverly stated cheerily, “for being such a ‘profound love expert’ he sure is dense.” She added. You agreed with a shaky nod. “But…be honest with me, okay?” She leaned in, “What do you see in Richie Tozier?” You blinked, “I mean, not judging, but…It’s Richie. Dorkiest dork of the century and half of his jokes are…-“

“-Not funny?” You finished for her with a raised brow. She nodded. “Yeah, I know. But he’s just so…cute.” A small smile bloomed on your lips, one that could be described only as lovely, “With his fluffy hair…and his big eyes…and he wears glasses, too, so I feel less lame.” You finished dryly; Beverly giggled.

“Yeah, well, when you finally do ask him out – because there is no way in hell he will do it, -  don’t forget your best friend.” She winked at you.

“Of course not, Beverly.” You said, quite seriously at that, “You know that I love you.”

Beverly hardly contained a grin, “…I love you too, (Name).”

She was so happy then, possibly the happiest she had been in a long, long time. The two of you sat outside all day, occasionally going to steal snacks from your kitchen and to inform your mother that the two of you were: alive, hungry and waiting for desert. When evening came you dragged her to your room – such a drastic change of scenery from her small gloomy bedroom- gave her your favourite pyjamas and ordered her to stay over. Which she gladly did. You brought out the girliest magazines you could find and the two of you had read them all night, painted each-others nails, attempted at hair braiding but both of your locks were much too short. When your family was finally in bed and snoring, you had sneaked out to get the Polaroid camera. You put the timer on it, placed it on your nightstand and hugged Beverly just as the flash pierced the dimly lit room.

“To a million more.” You wrote on the picture with a black sharply. That night, you had used up your fathers tape.

But Beverly kept only the one with your chicken-scribble on the back.

She had excused herself to go to the bathroom, shaken and choked by tears she left the classroom without looking at anyone. The hallway was cold and empty. Once she reached the girls’ bathroom, she inhaled a sharp whimpering breath and pushed it open.

The white tiles shine brighter than ever. A scent of cigarette smoke lingers in the air, and Beverly herself feels the sudden need to smoke, too. As she enters the bathroom she sees only one person. Laura, your new best friend and partner in crime, stands in shambles, leaning onto the bathroom wall and starting into the depths of the mirror with the cigarette slowly burning away between her fingers. Beverly always considered Laura to be a bit boring. Kind-hearted and inspiring at times, yes, but for the most part Laura cared only of the latest trends and how her make-up looks. Oddly enough, Laura reminds Beverly of some girl from Twin Peaks – short curled black hair, a striped blouse, long denim skirt and different colour socks.Aren’t those your clothes? Her face is in a state of permanent allure; her brows arch strangely and her eyes are always narrowed as she examines each and every person from head to toe without missing a detail.

Now all of that beauty is melted – her skin is dyed in red spots, the mascara has run down her cheeks and she almost looks like a bad portrayal of a sad clown. Laura notes Beverly stand by the entrance, sniffles a bit before wiping a few stray tears with the back of her palm, “What do you want, Marsh?” She asks through gritted teeth, her voice raspy and numb.

Beverly gulps, “Do you…Do you know where she is?” And it is as if the question physically hurt Laura because she shuts her eyes and shakes her head violently.

Laura takes a long drag from her cigarette before she leans off the wall, “Do you know—“Her watery eyes meet Beverly’s, “-do you fucking know what happens when someone disappears in Derry?” She sways to the sink, pinching the bud, “They are found two weeks later. In a ditch. Dead.” She spits the last part, “He might as well have told us to prepare for a funeral…”

Don’t.” Beverly whispers, “Don’t you dare say that.” Laura looks away, “Please, you have to know something…You’re her best-friend.” Perhaps this is what Laura needed to hear because she glances up with a spark of hope in her sad eyes. Hugging herself, she sniffles again.

“Do you think I’d…be here, in the bathroom, crying if I did?” She asks, “All I know is that…Is that she hasn’t been sleeping well. And she looked tired. And she was having problems with—“And she promptly shuts up. Her eyes grow wide in alarm, “Never mind the last part.”

“What do you mean having troubles?” Beverly pesters, “With whom?”

“Why do you care, Beverly?” Laura questions tired.

Beverly freezes. Why does she care? Well, because one time last summer you were her best friend in the whole world, a sister – something she never had and still doesn’t till this day. She doesn’t know why you stopped talking to the Losers. Stan never alliterated, simply stated that “(Name) won’t come anymore”. It had broken her heart and she would be lying if she said that she didn’t cry herself to sleep the first night when she came to visit your house and you shut the door right in front of her. She was back to living in her small world, a small world you had broadened with your positivity and love, but she was back and now she knew she will never escape again. The boys are her only friends, good friends and she appreciates them a lot, but she want a girl to share her troubles with, she wants you.

And she is still hung up about you leaving, you changing. She still cares about you, too much to put into words but her heart sings when she sees you happy even if you will never return the feeling or even look in her direction.

“…Because she’s a good person.” Beverly says firmly, “And she doesn’t deserve this.”

Laura takes a step closer, now more composed, “Just…please don’t tell anyone. Especially not Jocelyn and the rest…” She murmurs before taking in a deep breath, “She was having troubles with…Everyone, really.” She squeezes out a sad smile, “Before she…she…” Laura gulps, “disappeared, she only really talked with that…Uris boy. Stanley? Your friend, I think. The last I saw her I was finishing my shift at Tea House…She stayed to clean up and I…left.” She finishes hollowly, “I can’t help but think that…that if I would’ve stayed, maybe she wouldn’t—“

“Do you have any idea who could’ve done it?” Beverly interrupts before Laura can spiral into grief, again. She shakes her head.

“I told you. I wouldn’t be here if I did.”


“He knows something…” Beverly murmurs to Richie, watching Stan Uris in the hallway. The said boy stands further away by the message board – your poster is right next to the cheerleading try-out sheet, - staring at it intently as if he could read something no one else could. The hallway stews with students, loud chatter and sombre whispers echo and bounce off the walls. The hottest topic of the day, possibly the year even, is your disappearance and everyone has to put their two cents into it. It makes Beverly angry. She hears people talking about you as if they had known you, the real you. She shouldn’t feel the way she does, she knows she shouldn’t, but she can’t help it. Their fake sympathies and theories are nothing compared to the pain she feels, what Richie or Stan feel, what your family and other friends feel.

Richie frowns softly, “You think?”

Beverly shakes her head, “I know.” Her eyes trail from Stan to the boy beside her, “Laura told me. She said that he has been the only one (Name) was talking to before she disappeared…”

“I knew it. I fucking knew he knows something. And he didn’t even bother telling us. That prick…” There is a note of fiery anger in his voice and his eyes glaze over with hatred. Stan Uris slowly pinches the poster off the board, gives it one more good look - his face twists with grief before he can control it –turns on his heel and starts walking to the exit, poster still in hand.

Before Beverly knew it Richie had fallen into motion, swiftly following after Stan and was out the door before she could catch up. When she pushes the entrance open a cold shower of rain hits her along with Richie’s “Stan!”. Stanley turns and grunts when Richie grasps him by the collar. The yard full of exiting students stills and everyone pokes their heads in to see what’s happening. Beverly gulps. Her quick strides lead her down the stone steps and she tries to make way through the thickening crowd of people, “Anyone told you you’re not only a coward but also a fucking liar?”

“Get off me, Richie.” Stan warns.

“What’s going on here?” Beverly hears Bill’s voice somewhere behind her.

“Excuse me…Let me through!”

“You fucking know what happened to her.” Richie insists.

“I told you all I know.”

Just as Beverly finally struggles her way through, she sees Stan push Richie harshly with a fierce frown on his face. Raindrops dot the surface of her hot skin and lashes. Your poster had slipped from Stan’s grasp and sadly floated to the ground, into a dirty puddle, dissolving within minutes into a mushy inked mess. Beverly springs into action; she grasps Richie’s upper arm and drags him back, “Richie, stop it.” She hisses.

“We know you’re lying, asshole.” Richie spits, “I bet it’s your fault she’s missing, too.”

The unthinkable happens. Beverly shrieks. The crowd cheers and gasps and their faces twists with smiles and winces of pain. Stan had punched Richie square in the nose and he had stumbled back. Bill grabbed a hold of Stan, whilst Beverly still kept her grip on Richie, her lips open in shock. Stan struggles against Bill’s grip as Richie slowly brings his hand to his bleeding nose, “Don’t you dare blame this shit on me, Tozier. Because unlike some of you,” Stan’s fiery gaze goes from him to Beverly as he tries to break free again with another harsh tug, “I actually fucking care about her. Not the person she was six years ago.” And his voice cracks. He falls quiet. His lower lip trembles trying to contain a snarl, “I’m the only one of you who even knew her.”

“Then tell us!” Beverly cries, “Then tell us what you know, we want to help!” Tears start picking at the corners of her pretty crystal eyes and she shuts them along with her lips to hold in a painful sob. Stan regards her with an unreadable look.

He shakes his head, “You don’t fucking deserve it.” Bill’s grip on his loosens and he finally jams himself free; Stan stalks to the crowd and fearfully they let him through.

Shit…” Bill mutters, “You okay, Richie?”

The rain hits harsher. Blood mixes with icy drops and dyes Richie’s cupid’s bow in its sultry color. The boy nods shakily. Beverly hides her face in her palms.

What a mess, what a fucking utter mess she had created and they are no step closer in finding you. This is all her fault. Now Stan definitely won’t say anything. This is all her fault.


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