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I recommend anyone who has finished Trespasser to go back and read the Chant of Light as so much of it can be related back to the Evanuris. The biggest example would be how the chantry says that their Maker created the Fade but we all now know it was Fen'harel, who is a part of the elven pantheon regardless if you consider him a god or not.

And of course, this doesn’t mean that an actual “Maker” might not exist as well, just that the chantry’s core beliefs are founded on false pretenses and lies - which is especially ironic and infuriating considering these views have been used for literal ages as cause for oppressing elves and mages as well as convert them.

Andrastians know just as little about their Maker as the Dalish do about their gods, but the Chantry still likes to pretend it is all knowing and factual.

Existentialism, John Silver style

I think part of the reason why I can relate so strongly to Silver’s decision in the finale is that at the core of my convictions, I’ve always seen existentialism as fundamentally true.

The idea of being condemned to freedom (as a lack of superordinate morality and purpose), to an existence that does not have an inherent meaning but gains its meaning only through personal actions - an existence where the inidivdual and their choices are not good or evil but only true or not true to their own inner conviction - is reflected exceptionally well in Silver’s arc in Black Sails. It’s made explicit when Silver himself refuses to attach meaning to the events of his past in 4.09, where he outright denies the existence of a storyteller. Due to that lack (and rejection) of a “higher” purpose, Silver becomes one of two (arguably three) characters in Black Sails to choose his own fate through an act of personal sacrifice. 

I’ve seen a piece of meta very recently that basically said that Silver had no right to act the way he did because he was taking choices away from Madi (and the maroons). That way of thinking is deeply foreign to me, because existentialism is all about individual choices. The characters in Black Sails have always been strongest when they were taking responsibility for their own actions - when they were acting true to their own nature. 

If going along with Madi’s and Flint’ war went against the things Silver truly believed in, should he have done it only for her and Flint’s sake? That might have been more loyal on a surface level, but it would have required of him to act against his own convictions.

Besides, none of the main characters have ever worried all that much about taking choices away from anyone, not, at least, when it came to politics. Flint, Silver, Vane and Billy didn’t show any kind of hesitation to undermine the governor’s position by threatening and intimidating every pirate who had taken the pardon. And Madi was also willing to go to great lengths to make that war happen, even in opposition to Julius, who had valid reasons to oppose it. I think it’s only fair to add that Madi had also selfish reasons to want that war - as a young woman, stepping out of the shadow of her parents, trying to establish herself as a leader to her people, in opposition to the more protectionist rule of her mother. That war was her personal quest, her coming of age.

In any case, all throughout the series, the parties who wanted the war didn’t much care about other people’s opposition. And war is what they got until Jack, Max, and Silver pulled a page from their book and put a stop to it. 

Do we believe for a second that Madi would have left the war behind for Silver? Of course not, and we woulnd’t expect her to, because she was deeply convinced that the war was a righteous cause.

Then why do we expect Silver to go along with the war for her sake, even though he truly believed it was the wrong thing to do? THERE IS NO MORAL HIGH GROUND. Black Sails has shown us both the noble sheen of a war for freedom and the horrible price people have to pay for it. The whole tragedy of the ending is that we have two people who deeply love and respect each other, but whose belief systems don’t work the same way. 

The strongest existentialist struggles are always found where people claim their own freedom, where they make difficult choices not according to what other people believe, but to their own values. Where they take a stand

Of course, this existentialist freedom only exists where people are actually free to decide -, only then can it be acknowledged and claimed, and only in that moment, people actually are free. Free to be bound by nothing but their own conscience - free to fight an inner battle when the outer circumstances allow for that kind of luxury. Mrs Hudson is not free to make a choice based on her inner convistion because she’s bound by her love and responsibility for her children. Likewise, Vane, the character for whom freedom is the first and foremost priority, avoids every kind of attachment to material goods, any commitment that would bind him, knowing they are civilization’s greatest weapon. When Vane chooses his death, that’s an existentialist choice right from the textbook - while the decision to hang him is Eleanor’s, he chooses the terms and the meaning of his execution, and ultimately, he chooses to die because his death will be a catalyst for a revolution. That’s not the same as, say, someone committing suicide to escape neverending horrors. Choosing the lesser of two evils, forced by the circumstances, is not freedom. The truly existentialist choice is the one you make willingly, the one not dicatetd to you by others.

The interesting thing about Silver is that he has that feedom on a very basic level right in the beginning - as a drifter, committed to no one - but then he gives it up, or rather, loses it in a variety of ways. And when he decides to put an end to the war, that’s both reflective of who he truly is - a pragmatist, a survivor, a man who does not understand the idealism that drives Flint and Madi - and what he truly believes. That’s what makes his decision so important. He’s not a hero, he’s not a villain, but maybe for the first time, he is authentic. And his act is more tragic and, in a way, even heroic, because it requires him to betray the two people closest to him and condemn himself to a life that lacks all its glory. 

Comparing Siver’s situation with Max’ decision to prioritize her relationship with Anne over a position of power makes it obvious how much more difficult Silver’s decision is. Max makes a simple choice, one that requires a personal sacrifice - giving up power - but allows her to act in accordance with her truest believes. What she doesn’t do is betray her loved ones on a personal level, quite the opppsite; it’s her way to make up for an earlier betrayal. There is quite an allure in self-sacrifice, if it means you can go on knowing you have the moral high ground. Max does it, and the narrative rewards her for it, telling the audience, quite clearly: “You chose love over power, and it was the right choice.” The narrative favors Max to an almost incredible degree. Max gets to be governor. Max also gets Anne’s forgiveness.

But it’s not Max’ personal sacrifice that makes it happen, it’s Silver’s.

Silver, by acting in accordance with his truest believes, gives up everything he’s won. He doesn’t get the fame. He doesn’t get the captaincy. He doesn’t get the treasure. He has irreparably damaged every meaningful relationship he has ever had, and what is his gain?

I can’t emphasize this enough: it would have been a lot easier for Silver to go along with what Madi and Flint wanted. If Silver had only been interested in his own, short-lived gain and gratification, if he hadn’t felt active disgust at the person he was becoming - the person who killed and tortured and betrayed his friends and orchestrated the death of people under his protection for the greater cause - then he would not have acted against them. What he did was not the action of a person who chose the path of least resistance. It was the action of a man who found the strength and conviction to make a choice. It was the action of a man who no longer wanted to do bad things in the name of a good cause. 

Did he have the right to make that choice? That’s a moot question, because under these existentialist terms, having the power means having that right. Silver was in a position to end the war, and that’s what he did.

What Silver is, in that moment, is the master of his fate, and there’s really no bigger accomplishment in terms of existentialism. 

Robert Louis Stevenson based his character of Long John Silver on William Ernest Henley, who is most famous for his poem “Invictus”, which may be the epitome of the kind of freedom at the core of existentialism : 

It matters not how strait the gate

how charged with punishments the scroll

I am the master of my fate

I am the captain of my soul.

That’s what Silver is doing, in this final episode. Instead of letting others decide for him - instead of blindly following Madi and Flint into a war which, in Silver’s understanding, is the horror - he uses all the means at his disposal to help Max and Jack to put a stop to it, and he does it without further bloodshed. It is only Silver who is in a position to achieve this ending. It is only Silver, with his cunning and his inventiveness, who can be Flint’s end without killing him. 

I have no understanding for people who are trying so very hard to deny the difficulty of Silver’s choice, and what it cost him, and what it means for him in terms of character development, who are completely willing to throw him under the bus and deny that his feelings and respect for Madi were ever real, or that his decision to send Flint to Savannah instead of killing him was not an act of love and mercy on his part. 

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when i was thirteen i wrote a lotr fanfic in which my amazon warrior elven princess oc romanced legolas. i wrote about 200ish journal pages detailing my characters adventures (adventures which resembled the plots of a variety of fantasy books and movies) in the years leading up to lotr. my main regret in life is that i eventually realized the story was potentially embarrassing and threw it away.


IF YOU ARE A TEEN AND YOU ARE READING THIS: DO NOT DELETE YOUR GARBAGE. someday you will stumble upon old files and you will think: no one must ever know. but you are wrong. give it another five years and you will want those. you’ll want them so bad. you have no idea. oh my god. learn from the mistakes of your elders, teens.

Tell Me Everything (Newt x Slytherin!Reader)

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Request:  Just found your blog, and I love it!! Also, just saw that your inbox is empty, so let me help! Would you write a slytherin!reader x Newt where they’re really good friends and he tells her about his trip to america?  - @rayonship07

So I made them a couple in this I’m really sorry if that’s not what you wanted

When Newt got back to England, he was very eager to see you again and tell you of his adventure.  When he told you, Y/N, a witty Slytherin that he was going to America, you made him promise to tell you everything when he returned.  You had never been to America, and wanted to know what it was like.


You and Newt met at Hogwarts in your fourth year.  Some of your fellow Slytherins had cornered him and started beating him up and teasing him about his love for creatures.  Slytherins were always stereotyped as the mean and rude ones, but you weren’t one of them.  You immediately saw what was going on and you told those boys off and threatened them with your wand.

When they left, Newt was hesitant.  He thought you would be just like them.  But you held out a hand to help him up.  He looked at you with worry-filled eyes, but he eventually realized you meant him no harm and took your hand.  You healed his cuts and bruises for him, talking to him the entire time about how those boys were just assholes that need to hurt someone else in order to feel good about themselves.  You were the first Slytherin to ever show Newt kindness.  Heck, he was even willing to admit you were one of his first-ever (human) friends.

Ever since that day, you and Newt were nearly inseparable.  You got a few weird glances from some of your Slytherin friends, but you didn’t care.  Newt loved to tell you about magical creatures, and you loved to listen.

When the Yule Ball came around, Newt sweetly and shyly asked you to be his date.  Of course you gladly accepted.

That night ended in a heated make-out session, and you became an official couple.

Newt was falling behind in potions in fifth year, but you tutored him and pretty quickly he was back up again, for which he was immensely thankful for.

When you both graduated Hogwarts, you two made the bold decision to get a flat together.

**End of Flashback**

You were watering the plants on your balcony when you heard a knock at the door.  Immediately knowing who it was, you stopped what you were doing and set down the watering can and quickly made your way to the door and opened it.

“Newt!” you exclaimed happily and pulled him into a hug.

He laughed and returned the hug.  “Hello, love.  I’ve missed you.”

You pulled away from the hug and kissed him quickly.  You then grabbed Newt’s hand and pulled him into your flat, closing the door behind him.

“Alright, Mr. Scamander, you promised you would tell me everything that happened to you in America,” you said as Newt took off his blue coat and Hufflepuff scarf and hung them on the coat rack.

“Yes, I did.  How about we sit out on the balcony and I’ll tell you all about it?” he replied.

“Sounds good to me!”

You both sat on the small couch you had on your plant-covered balcony.  You had an affinity for gardening, and occasionally Newt would allow his creatures to roam around and play in them.

When you sat down, you turned and slung your legs over Newt’s and placed your chin on your hands.  “Tell me everything.”

Newt suddenly scooped you up and set you on his lap.  He kissed your temple.  “Well.  I got off the boat, and began to make my way to where I was supposed to be going.  But then this odd muggle woman–hey did you know that in America they call muggles no-majs?”

“Really?” you said and knit your eyebrows.

“Yes.  Anyways, this woman by the name of Mary Lou Barebone was having a protest against witches and wizards in front of a bank.  Of course, she didn’t know that they actually existed.  She just blamed weird occurrences on witchcraft.”

“Well she seems like a peach.”

He smirked.  “So I’m about to continue on my way, and then I see my Niffler got loose.  I then went on a wild Niffler chase in a bank and met a muggle…

Newt continued to fill you in on everything and made sure to make it clear to you that he only had feelings for you and only you and not either of the Goldstein sisters.  You occasionally had some witty remarks, which Newt was glad to have back in his life.  When Newt got to the end of his story when Jacob got obliviated, he began to tear up.  You brushed away his tears with the pad of your thumb and kissed his cheek.  “Aww honey… I’m really sorry he had to be obliviated.”

“I-It’s f-fine…”

“No, you’re clearly sad about it.  Come on, let’s call it a night.  I miss our cuddles.”

He grinned a bit.  “Me too,” he said, and picked you up bridal style and walked to your bedroom.

Please tell me what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

The Secrets We Hide

Pairing : Mac x Reader

Summary : Imagine being a hacker for the Phoenix Foundation and lying to Mac about your job and he finds out when you join his team.

Mac hated lying to you about his job. An engineer was the best he could come up with at the time. Ten months and it was your anniversary. Each month you celebrated because you knew that when the time came to a annual anniversary, you wouldn’t be able to meet up due to life getting in the way. He looked around the restaurant as he placed a rose on the table. He was trying to be romantic as it had been a tough year for you both and the most time you spent together was when you were asleep.

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would you be so kind as to explain how flintlock weapons work? :)

oh yay back to 101 .w.

a flintlock weapon is an old kind of firearm, part of what we usually call firelocks.

a Mle 1777 Gendarmerie pistol.

Firearms using the flintlock design, appearing around 1600 or so, shot a round lead ball using loose blackpowder as propellant. The powder was poured down the muzzle, followed by a ball on some kind of padding and shit. More powder was put in a small nook called the pan, just in front of the touch-hole - also called a lumière in French - and is used to ‘prime’ the gun.
When the gun’s cock, which is the lever-thing just above the trigger - bet you feel dirty now - is pulled back, the trigger can be squeezed to release it, at which point it’ll just smash flint-first into the frizzen, creating a spark due to the friction which sets the priming powder in the pan off. The fire spreads to the main powder charge through the touch-hole, which - duh - sets it off.
Due to a thing called the laws of physics, the burning of the powder in a small confined place produce a shitload of gases that propels the bullet forward.

The whole point of these things is basically to reliably create some kind of heat to set off a gun. Nowadays most of the mechanism is actually in the cartridge itself, but of course these didn’t exist back then - paper cartridges at first were only convenient packages.
The advantage of the flintlock over its predecessor the matchlock is that it does not require a burning piece of wick that needs to be kept in place on the gun at all firing time. The advantage of the flintlock over its other predecessor the wheellock is arguably nothing, although it is insanely cheaper to manufacture.
The shortcomings of it though are the need for external priming in a semi-exposed pan, which does nothing to keep the powder from getting wet in harsh weather and usually limits these weapons to single-shot designs.
Although monsters have been created.

a few flintlock firearms

”From the Mahakundalini the universe has sprung. In Her Supreme Form She is at rest,coiled round and one (as Chidrupini) with the Siva-bindu. She is then at rest. She next uncoils Herself to manifest. Here the three coils of which the Kundalini Yoga speaks are the three Gunas and the three and a half coil are the Prakriti and its three Gunas, together with the Vikritis. Her 50 coils are the letters of the Alphabet. As she goes on uncoiling, the Tattvas and the Matrikas, the
Mother of the Varnas, issue from Her. She is thus moving, and continues even after creation to move in the Tattvas so created. For, as they are born of movement, they continue to move. The whole world (Jagat), as the Sanskrit term implies, is moving. She thus continues creatively acting until She has evolved Prithvi, the last of the Tattvas. First She creates mind, and then matter. Shakti, and Kundalini Shakti. The difference between the two is
that they are Shaktis in specific differentiated forms in movement; and Kundalini Shakti is undifferentiated, residual Shakti at rest, that is, coiled. She is coiled in the Muladhara, which means ‘fundamental support’, and which is at the same time the seat of the Prithvi or last solid Tattva and of the residual Shakti or Kundalini. The body may, therefore, be compared to a magnet with two poles. Thus, when completely dynamic,that is when Kundalini unites with Siva in the Sahasrara, the polarisation of the body gives way. The
two poles are united in one and there is the state of consciousness called Samadhi. The polarisation,of course, takes place in consciousness. The body actually continues to exist as an object of observation to others. It continues its organic life. But man’s consciousness of his body and all other objects is withdrawn because the mind has ceased so far as his consciousness is concerned, the function having been withdrawn into its ground which is consciousness.”


Pack Pawrents 8 🐕❤

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Plot: They go furniture shopping together ^-^ and he bakes cookies

Parts: Masterlist

We drive to the furniture shop together and sing to songs from the radio. It’s actually nice to be alone with him. He’s not that grumpy. He just pretends to be when he’s around other people. “So about the mate thing… is it like…forever?” I look at him. “Yes… that’s what soulmates are…meant to be together forever… right?” I see him blush a little. “I guess… I never thought soulmates actually exist. I mean of course I always wanted a soulmate but I never thought I would have one.” I smile. “Well now you do.” he concentrates on the road. “Aren’t you happy at all?” I ask disappointed. “Of course I am. It’s just… I lost my family and I don’t want to lose you.” I take his hand. “You won’t. We will make this work.”

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We buy some furniture items and decorations for the loft. Derek doesn’t seem to be to happy but just smiles and say he would do anything for me to feel at home in his loft when I ask him what’s wrong. “Oh such a cute young couple.” an old lady smiles at us when we pass her. “Thank you.” I return her smile.

We pay and drive back to the loft. “I’ll cook something. Can you do that alone?” he looks at all the stuff we bought. “Yes. I’ll call when I need help.” I smile and grab the fairy lights and head to Dereks room. I guess Liam can have mine. It was nice sleeping in Dereks arms. I didn’t have nightmares like I usually do. I put the fairy light around his headboard. Hmm… it could use more pillows. And maybe a stuffed animal. A little wolf or something. I get the pillows from the living room and place them on his bed. They are all really fluffy and bright. I get my clothes from the other room and put them next to the closet. Derek needs to build the new one.

“Food is ready.. oh my g-. What happened to my room?!” I look at him with puppy eyes. Trying to look innocent. “I thought it needed some decoration. And it has to be cozy if I need to sleep in here.” he looks at me. Confusion written all over his face. “You what?” I smile. “Liam can have my room. I’ll just sleep here. If you don’t mind.” he blushes. “Of course not. You can sleep here. That would be great. Only if you want to of course.” he rambles. I giggle and hug him.

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“Mommy! I’m home and starving!” I smile at Derek and go into the living room. “How was school?” I hug him and we go into the kitchen. Derek is setting up the table. “It was good. Isaac is talking to some girl. He will be here soon.” he sits down. Derek puts the food on the table. He made steak. “Oh you can have my room Liam.” I smile at him. “But where will you sleep? I can’t take your room.” he shakes his head. “It’s okay. You take my room. I don’t take no for an answer.” I smile and take a bite of the steak. It is really good. “Okay Mommy…but seriously where will you sleep. Wait. I smell cookies!”

Dereks sets a tray on the kitchen counter. Liam wants to grab one but Derek slaps his hand. “These aren’t for you. They are for Y/N. Don’t touch them. If you do I will break your hand.” he looks at him with his grumpy face.

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I chuckle and Liam looks at me with puppy eyes. “Please mommy. Say something to him.” I shake my head. “You heard him Liam. They are mine. And I won’t share.” I smile when Derek sits down next to me. “So you made me cookies?
“Yeah…” he blushes a little. “You’re cute.” I smile and continue eating. “I bought some things for your room. You should go and decorate it.” Liam nods and heads to his new room. “How about you go to our room and start a movie and I bring you the cookies?” Derek runs his hand over my lower back. “Sure. But hurry.” I smile and go to our room. I sit down on the bed and take the laptop. We definitely need a TV in our room. That sounds really nice. Our room. Derek sits down behind me and gives me the bowl of cookies. He starts massaging my back while we watch Finding Nemo. “Wow these are really good. I didn’t know you could cook and bake so good.” I lean against his chest and he wraps his arms around me. “There is a lot you don’t know about me.”


Hope you like part 8 :))))



that’s why meeting her enemies on the field of battle was such a great joy. 


(perhaps she was simply intoxicated from so much blood.)

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Could we get a scenario of young Joseph and Caesar (separately) on silly dates they'd take their s/o's out to?

i wanna go on a silly date with them wtf 

especially joseph he seems like he knows how to have a fun asf date - mod cassie


  • Knowing Joseph, a silly date with him would probably revolve around something to do with the circus. The thing is, though, the information he has isn’t even that solid. He heard it from a conversation of two people, one of which was informed by a friend that the circus was coming to town. Though he hasn’t heard of it before and there was no physical evidence of it’s existence, he has a time and place so of course you’re going.
  • Let’s say this thing actually exists. The circus is in town and you two actually manage to arrive on time and get to see the performances. Man, Joseph would have a ball in watching the events with an arm around your shoulder, loudly laughing at the comedy sketches (despite being very cheesy) and shouting out praise when they were performing their stunts. 
  • Whenever something intense happens, he’ll over dramatically wipe at his forehead and say, “Whew! That was a close one, don’t you think?”. If it was something that really caught his eye AND it was pulled off expertly, Joseph will jump right up and cheer, then look down at you with eyes of excitement and say, “Did you see that, ___?!”
  • In truth he probably has more fun with the circus than you do, and more of your joy and fun times is you watching him get so hyped and enjoy himself. He’s just so cute and it’s hard not to love him.
  • When it’s all over and the circus is calling in for the night, he’ll stick around for just a bit longer to make sure the both of you don’t miss anything. If there’s any stands around for the event he’ll end up splurging his money by buying lots of food and tons of cotton candy, which was mostly just for you but he stole a lot of. He also would buy you drinks but would end up drinking yours once he finishes his own. If there’s any interactive stands like games he’d play them and try his best to win you whatever stuffed animals your heart desires. 


  • Being the fancy ladies man that he is, having silly dates with his partner isn’t exactly his forte. He does nice restaurants, walks under the moonlight, flashy or soothing things. If there was going to be silliness it would probably be him taking you to dinner and a show, and the show just happened to be something comedic you both can laugh at and enjoy.
  • If you wanted to do something less traditional and more fun, more silly than the things he suggests, it would have to be you who plans it out and brings up the concept. Honestly, with enough of your coaxing I could see Caesar having a lot of fun in building forts.
  • At first he doesn’t see the appeal. You’re just messing up furniture, making a mess of blankets and pillows for something you’ll just tear down later. He really doesn’t see the point, but goes along with it anyways because you’re excited over it and the last thing he wants to do is disappoint you.
  • When he starts building and gradually gets over his previous feelings, he’d realize that it’s actually way more fun than he had originally thought. As the two of you start pulling sheets and pillows together, using chairs and cushions as walls, he really gets into the idea and begins to loosen up a bit, and helps design the fort to be something amazing.
  • When it’s all finished, his need for flashiness kicks up again. He decided this fort needs one more thing, and he has to dig for 10 minutes through decoration boxes to get it. It ends up being christmas streamer lights, which he lines the inside of the fort with and turns on for aesthetic purposes. 
  • After you’ve had your fun together and you suggest taking it down since it’s starting to get a bit late, he finds that he really doesn’t want to. You both worked so hard on it, and it’s sooo pretty and well put together, what’s the harm in just staring in it overnight and dealing with the clean up tomorrow when you’re both more rested?
  • You have no issue what so ever, and you both work to hound up whatever pillows and blankets you have around the house that weren’t used as fort supplies. The two of you settle back into the fort, relaxing, satisfied at your creation and the time spent together. 
Liam at seventeen (Character Analysis p.1)

Prompted here by @scrumptiouslyprofoundenemy​ I thought I could analyze every flashback with human Angel to better understand his personality and how it has changed over time.

The first glimpe of Liam - first from an age point of view - is in Spin the Bottle (ATS 4x6). Not exactly a flashback, but it applies because even if in a souled vampire body he IS Liam. And this is the most fascinating thing to analyze. In the other flashbacks he is simply a human, instead here he is, by all means, a souled vampire and yet he is weirdly unaware of it, both of being a vampire and of being a vampire with a soul.


Newly turned vampires are like babies, they rise hungry and with a strong need to feed. They also have memory of what’s happened to them, because being turned in a vampire involves participation from the victim, therefore they understand immediately what they are. This isn’t Liam’s case though. From his point of view one moment he is in 1744, the next one he finds himself in another time and another life. Or unlife. He does feel something is different, that there is a physical change in him - his voice, the coldness inside - but without the hunger for blood and without remembering those hundreds of years as a monster, the vampiric nature is apparently silent. At the same time the soul provides him with the consciousness of being human (as explained in this other meta), so he thinks he has changed, but is still alive and human.

However he doesn’t have much time to dwell on this. He is a seventeen inexplicably ripped from his life and thrown in a foreign and frightening world. He finds himself in a strange place, surrounded by strange dressed people who speak in a strange way. Understandably he is confused and scared and he soon concludes that he has ‘come to hell’ and that Lorne is 'the devil’. This is compliant with the time period in which he grew up, a time in which there was a lot of superstition and an ingrained belief in the supernatural. And of course being this the BuffyVerse, this belief is supported by the actual existence of supernatural creatures. As a fact, Liam’s absence of any question when he first hears the word 'vampire’ points out that he already knows about them. However it’s obvious that he has never seen a vampire in person and doesn’t know what they look like, as he wonders if Lorne is one. He also doesn’t know if and what kind of power they have, in fact later he is surprised to find out that he is stonger and faster than humans. He does know that vampires have fangs though, as it’s the discovery of his own fangs that clues him to the truth about his nature. So he clearly just knows the essential facts he must have learned from the occasional vampire killings he has heard of: that vampires kill people and have fangs.

Liam’s first reaction, when he understands that he is the vampire everybody is looking for, is fear. From his POV he is seventeen and defenceless, he doesn’t stand a chance against two proclaimed and armed vampire hunters. So he choses the easiest way and lies. When the truth is revealed, he tells the others that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and he is sincere, he doesn’t… at least in that moment and situation. He isn’t hungry and he’s fearing for his own life, unaware of the fact that he could easily take the other two down. Until he finds out that being a vampire has its advantages…

Thrilled by the sudden realization that he is faster and stronger than humans, Liam goes in a span of a second from 'I don’t want to hurt you’ to 'I’m going to kill you all’. He is angered because they didn’t believe and trust him as he feels he deserves. He things that he is being bullied because he is different and while in a way he may be right, he fails to acknowledge that he has just done the same with Lorne. And he feels entitled to kill them because they wronged him, so they deserve to die. Yet he doesn’t kill them. Why? Because he really doesn’t care to and because now he no longer is the pray, he is the hunter… and has other priorities.

This episode, even more than the other flashbacks, highlights how Liam relates to women. And alas it’s not a good light. The moment he gets rid of the two men, Liam stalks Cordelia with the goal of raping her. He is liking being a vampire but isn’t interested in killing or feeding, and fighting, as he will later say to Connor, isn’t his thing. He just wants to ‘satisfy his sinful urges with the Chase girl’. What’s disconcerting here is that it’s not the demon in him what’s making him do this and it’s not his soul or his conscience what stops him. This is the portrayal of a seventeen year old boy who has no respect for women, no moral compass, and who shows no hesitation in his wicked actions. It’s no wonder than that his father needed to costantly remember him to 'be good’ and 'fear God’. And it’s no wonder that Liam hates him so muchb. But Liam’s relationship with his father will be plenty discussed in the next post… stay tuned :-P

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hey so grim’n’grisly question

At the end of Stranger Things 2 we see Barb’s bereaved parents finally holding a funeral for her, with a casket being buried.  But of course they don’t have Barb’s actual body, because if it still exists it’s in the Upside Down somewhere.  Were they given a sealed, plausibly weighted casket and told “So much time has passed you wouldn’t be able to recognise your daughter’s remains any more" or did whatever artist made the fake, cotton wool-stuffed dead Will to be found in the flooded quarry get another job, creating a convincing year-old, perhaps kept in a government freezer and therefore not seriously decomposed, fake dead Barb?

Were they told “This time don’t stuff it with cotton wool, that was a dead giveaway” so to speak?

chosen--undead-deactivated20170  asked:

i was in bed last night thinking about ghouls, as one does and i thought of your post about ghouls and eating/growing. i dont remember it 100% but like in earlier games ghouls needed to eat and they could grow but in fallout 4 they dont grow (billy) and dont really need to eat. but what if that correlates? what if eating is what makes them grow? like maybe ghouls can live off of radiation alone but they eat sometimes (bc human) and eating gives them the "extra" energy to grow? esp for a child

This response got quite out of hand and quickly turned into some speculation regarding the Glowing Ones and their possible physiological mechanisms. Anyone who wants to see pretty photos of radioactive glowing should totally click the “keep reading” link.

I would have said that this is a valid possibility or at least something to consider if the Ghoul Leader in Fallout 1 didn’t explicitly say that they would die if they didn’t get water. I mean, we could further hypothesize and say that they just don’t know that they don’t need water and food because they didn’t discover this yet but I find that unlikely. Clearly they got the idea that they are going to die from somewhere?

Besides wouldn’t that mean that, ultimately, only ghoul children need food?

And yeah, I suppose I am treating food and water equally in this response, even though you mentioned only the former in your question - that is mostly because I see no reason to assume that someone would need only one of the two sources?.. If they need water, then their bodies need something more material than just radiation to survive. Hey, feral ghouls even try to bite off their own fingers. I would be surprised if such a primal instinct (and there isn’t much more left when ghouls turn feral) would be left in case they didn’t need to eat at all. Actually, this may be the reason why the feral ones look so sickly and are easily killed? You won’t last long if you use your own body to feed yourself and occasionally attack a wastelander that had the gall to enter your territory. (We also know that they don’t attack each other so feeding off their brethren is out of the question).

Of course, that would mean that feral ghouls are far from immortal and are bound to die of starvation at one point or another, and to be honest, the ghouls of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, don’t look like they have an eternal life ahead of them…

Of course, there is also the matter of the Glowing Ones.

Their existence would actually support the theory that ghouls can survive on radiation alone. Unlike their simple feral brothers they’re much stronger and are far more likely to cause real damage. They also more or less serve as walking nuclear reactors and are even able to use this weird “radioactive wave” to hurt the attacker.

What we know about Glowing Ones:

- they emit radiation

- their injuries are healed by radiation

- in Fallout 4, they are able to bring back to life simple feral ghouls

- there are a lot of intelligent Glowing Ones in California, and Jason Bright from Fallout New Vegas doesn’t seem to be that big of an exception

- the models used for simple feral ghouls and Glowing Ones are identical

This either shows that they a) got turned into glowing beasts after they went feral and stayed in that state for quite some time, until absorbing so much radiation that they went through another change, or b) that they aren’t that invincible and are bound to deteriorate just like the feral ghouls. Since they seem to be somewhat more resilient and tough let’s assume for a moment that the first is the more accurate interpretation. Also, Moira Brown doesn’t turn into a Glowing One even though she survived a literal atomic blast, which almost certainly rules out the possibility that a person can get turned into a Glowing One immediately - it seems like it’s more of a gradual process, where exposure to significant amounts of radiation plays a bigger role than a one-time-exposure to a massive radioactive outburst. I suspect that a ghoul that decides to live in the Glowing Sea, with some luck, might turn into a Glowing One, and consequently become a living nuclear reactor. Which means exactly what?..

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* r e q u e s t e d * r e q u e s t s . a r e . o p e n .*

You shifted nervously on the bed, ready to confront Kylo. You’d barely seen him the majority of this week due to his focus being on training Rey instead. You were absolutely fine with him having to work and not focussing completely on you, of course. But it’d be good to feel like you actually existed in his life.

Kylo finally entered your shared bedroom and noticed your tense state. “…what’s wrong?” He questioned hesitantly. And so you told him. You told him that you’d felt ignored, you told him that you felt as though you didn’t exist. You told him everything, like you usually do.

“I’m sorry.” He apologised with a shake of his head. Making his way over to you, he extended his hands out and you took them. He pulled you to your feel. You watched Kylo, though his eyes were aimed towards the ground. “You should never feel that way. I should never make you feel that way.” He paused for a moment, bringing his eyes up to search your own. “Forgive me?”

-sorry I turned it into an imagine! I wasn’t really getting much inspiration, my bad-

~ Clara

The Charmspeak Theory

In which we discuss Piper McLean, Jason Grace, and the possibility that Piper is charmspeaking Jason–subconsciously or not–just enough to influence him to stay with her yet not enough to change his mannerisms and such.

Contains factual questioning of Jasper and minor-with-a-few-major spoilers for people who haven’t read most of the Heroes of Olympus series. (Also, sorry to mobile users, this is going to be really long.)

As stated before, this obviously contains factual (meaning ‘as non-biased as possible’) questioning of Jasper. If you’re a hardcore Jasper shipper who really doesn’t want to deal with OTP doubts being implanted in your mind, TURN AROUND NOW. If you do, don’t give me flack for the doubts and such. I gave you a very clear-cut warning.

To the ones that stuck around, hello. It’s a pleasure to see you. Be prepared, this is a long thing. It’s almost as long as the Pixar theory; about three hundred words shy in its more professional form, actually. I know I’ve given it a lot of hype on Twitter and I’m proud to say that it’s finally here, albeit a bit late.


First off, let’s review charmspeak, just for those who need and/or want a refresher course. Charmspeak’s basically an easy way of talking someone into doing something, no matter how big the request. However, it will wear off and the charmspoken won’t remember what xe was told to do. Its strength relies on the emotion and tone of the user’s voice, along with the user’s level of skill with it. Most born with it don’t realize they’ve been using it until they get to camp.

Now, the actual thing.  

  • Ever since the first chapter of TLH, we’ve known that Piper’s a charmspeaker (even if we didn’t know what they were called). What other demigod ability allows the user to talk people into giving them cars?
  • Jasper, Jiper, Pipason, or whatever you call Jason/Piper? Based on a complete and utter lie. Hera put Jason on that bus and manipulated the Mist to make everyone with mortal blood think Jason had been there the entire time. Piper happened to score the girlfriend role. Everything Piper knows about Jason at the pre-TLH, all her memories with him in them—a thousand cleverly-spun lies. This would make Piper extremely insecure. Hell, that would make anyone insecure. And that insecurity is what we’re calling a motive.
  • “Don’t even look at Jason Grace. He may not know it yet, but he’s mine. If you even try to make a move, I will load you into a catapult and shoot you across Long Island Sound.”
  • On top of that, she brings up the fact that Aphrodite said she could sense possibilities a few pages later. “And Piper was determined to make those possibilities real.” Don’t tell me she’s just “clingy.” She’s borderline yandere (Japanese equivalent to Overly-Attached Girlfriend). She’s determined to make Jason hers, and it seems she’s shooting for forever.
  • This could be more of a theory itself, but Piper obviously knows a lot about Greek mythology due to The King of Sparta; she proved she knew about Jason and the Argonauts in the fight with Medea. The original Jason abandoned his datefriend. They’re on a ship named after the original Argo with a hero named after the original Jason. Along with that, Percy’s namesake never broke up, abandoned, or killed his datefriend; Percy would never do any of those to Annabeth. Piper could possibly think history could be repeating itself on the Argo. Another motive: check.
  • Jason never seems to doubt his relationship with Piper when she’s around. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the person with doubts about a relationship tends to doubt it the most when xe’s actually with xir datefriend? Jason being doubtless while with his girlfriend sounds about as normal as ice not melting when dumped on lava to me. Couple this with the fact that charmspeak will wear off and the charmspoken forget what they were told to do. This should be self-explanatory.
  • In MoA (p152), Piper wonders if Aphrodite was influencing Jason because “his apology seemed too good to be true.” If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. So Jason probably is being influenced. But is it really Aphrodite? This doesn’t seem like a thing Aphrodite would do to “spice up” their relationship. I mean, she’s meddled with so many relationships (most notably Percabeth and Paris/Helen); an apology is too small to be Aphrodite’s style. So the only other plausible option is that Piper really doesn’t realize she’s charmspeaking him.
  • Again, in MoA (p316), the book says Piper is constantly second-guessing not just her relationship with Jason, but everything she knows about Jason Grace as well. Then Jason brings up Reyna and badabing, badaboom, Piper’s already unstable security just flies out the window. This all shows she’s very insecure when it comes to Jason.
  • MoA (p348): Piper accidentally charmspeaks Jason while telling him about her plan to keep the Horn of Plenty from Heracles. She doesn’t even realize she’s charmspeaking him until she notices the look on Jason’s face: utterly dazed … or, rather, hypnotized. This proves she’s capable of accidentally charmspeaking anyone and everyone.
  • In HoH, Jason explains to the crew aboard the Argo II that Reyna contacted him via dream message and said she’d expect him to go to a certain place on their way to the House of Hades. Piper leans in and asks him where that place is. Jason—dazed, confused, and barely able to think straight—just says “A … uh, a town called Split.” Piper repeats the town’s name thoughtfully and, with no warning whatsoever, notices that Piper smells like blooming honeysuckles. On the very next page, and I quote, “Jason wondered if Piper was working some kind of Aphrodite magic on him–like maybe every time he mentioned Reyna’s name, she would befuddle him so much he couldn’t think of anything but Piper.”

    No, but really, it’s so obvious, a rock could figure it out. That’s exactly what charmspeak does to the mind; it leaves the charmspoken dazed, confused, and only able to think of the charmspeaker. Jason’s behavior here fits all three symptoms. “Was Jason charmspoken to get his mind off Reyna and back on Piper?” BABY, YOU’RE AS RIGHT AS A NINETY-DEGREE ANGLE.
  • Page 285 of HoH is the start of one of the most surprising plot twists in PJO/HOO history. Yep, it’s the Cupid scene. (You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi was written for Cupid and no one can convince me otherwise.) Cupid mentions something to Jason that probably would’ve had him floored had he not already been on the floor: “You’ve found true love, after all. Or do you still doubt youself?” This statement can be taken a gazillion ways, but let’s say he’s talking about Jason doubting his relationship with Piper. Jason has been doubting their relationship for quite a while now. So why hasn’t he woken up and realized that, hey, these doubts probably mean they weren’t meant to be? Either he’s denser than a briar patch or there’s something keeping him from breaking it off. Let’s see here, what is this theory all about? Piper charmspeaking Jason—subconsciously or not—into keeping the relationship going. Seeing as charmspeak can make someone do anything, from a little thing like apologizing to willingly jumping off a cliff; staying with a datefriend isn’t out of the question.

So yeah. There it is. The charmspeak theory. I hope you got something out of it. I know it isn’t the best theory out there but I put my heart and soul into it.

If you have anything to add or a question to ask, don’t be afraid to ask/tell me! I’d honestly love it. I’ll track #charmspeak theory if you want to make a separate post about it, but please tag so I can make sure I’ll see it if you make a separate post. I want to reblog them OwO

I’ll probably make a separate post later with a compare/contrast thing of Jason’s behavior around Piper to charmspoken beings, including demigods, the Boreads, monsters, and gods. Again, this will be filed under #charmspeak theory.

Thanks to Tara for helping me with all the page numbers when I didn’t have the books and being my back-up hard drive when I forgot something, PJOTwitter for just overall everything—this actually wouldn’t have existed without them, and, of course, Rick Riordan; if he’d dropped PJO at The Last Olympian, it would be another cause of this theory to not exist. Also, thanks to you, reader, who stuck around long enough to get to this sentence.


Plot- You didn’t need to be a genius to know you weren’t the only girl in his life. 7 girls to be exact, one for everyday in his miserable life. But hey, who were you to complain. He was your average popular guy and you were.. you. You didn’t own his heart, that you knew, but you couldn’t shake off the tingly feeling he gave you when he met you every Friday, the lingering scent of someone else’s perfume clinging onto his clothes as he delicately held you like you were his world. In a way, you were, and you cherished it. Even if it was just for 24 hours.

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Everyone hates them, but not as much as you. The first day of the week, most people despising it for the bombarded tests and lectures teachers gave them. Sure, you disliked the day for that too, but there was a bigger reason than that. 

He walked by you, not even sparing you a second glance as he enveloped the girl next to you in a hug, his hands trailing down her body to firmly press them against her butt. Her giggles echoed in your eyes as you curtained your face with your hair, fighting off the tears that were threatening to escape once you heard the smacking of their lips. 

“You okay?” You heard your friend ask, placing a tender hand on your shoulder. You quickly collected your things from your locker, ignoring the concerned look your friend shot towards you. You were used to it of course, this being your daily routine. 

“I’m fine, don’t worry about it.” You looked up at her, a forced smile growing onto your cheeks as you pushed past her. She looked at your retreating back in confusion, her eyebrows furrowing together. “Oh (Y/N), it wouldn’t kill you to open up once in a while.”


The second day in the week of hell. Your heart tugging when you saw him leave the broom closet with a busty girl. He adjusted his clothing, the girl giggling annoyingly as she fixed her ruffled skirt. His eyes met your briefly before he turned away, continuing to ignore your existence. 

“Soon.” You mumbled, leaning against your locker when he passed by you. You got a whiff of his cologne, instantly sending shivers down your body. Your friend snickered at you, nudging you with her arm. “God, you poor little sap.” You turned your attention to her, a mock defensive look being shot her way. “How rude, he just.. needs to get used to me.” She scoffed, slamming her locker loudly, everyone’s attention being turned to you both. 

“He’s playing you. You know it, I know it, he knows it. You’re letting him walk all over you and if you think this is right for a second, you need a reality check. I’m not just going to stand here and let my best friend slowly destroy herself for a guy who literally rotates between girls every other day. You’re better than that and you have yet to apply it to yourself. God (Y/N), call me when you have a reality check.”

You stared dumbfounded at her, watching as she angrily took her backpack and walked away from you. Your eyes met his, for a second, you could’ve sworn you saw a flicker of concern in his eyes before he wrapped his arm around the girl, shooting you a smirk before walking away. 


This was the day he had plenty of women at his feet. You dreaded walking to the courtyard, already knowing he would be swarmed by many other beautiful girls who were basically begging for his attention. You pursed your lips, clutching your books to your chest, loneliness seeing through your system as you sat alone, mindlessly reading the book in your lap. 

You felt a smile making it’s way onto your face, knowing you met him on this very day. 

“Hey, watch it.” You hissed, feeling someone knock into your back. You heard an unfamiliar voice, your eyes widening when you met his dark irises.

“Sorry, I was just distracted by your beauty.” 

“How many girls have you told that to?” You mumbled, rolling your eyes at him. He rubbed his neck, a nervous laugh escaping his lips. He shot you a small smile, his pearly whites flashing to you. 

“A couple actually, you’re the first one who didn’t swoon immediately.” 

“Who says I haven’t?” You said jokingly, walking away from him.

“My name’s Jungkook by the way. Jeon Jungkook.”


You missed that day, and the other ones after that. For a month, you were the only one he hung around, the only one he held, the only one he showered with attention. But days passed, more women being added to the mix, confusing you of his feelings towards you. 

“Jungkook? What are you doing?” You hesitantly asked him, watching as he detangled himself from the girl. She glared at you, obviously showing you that you interrupted something. He let out a sigh, running his hands through his dark hair before giving you a blank look. 

“Look, I’m busy right now. I’ll talk to you on Friday.”

“But we had plans-”

“Switch them to Friday.”


You shrugged off the burning feeling of someone staring at you. You knew it was him, sometimes catching the gazes he gave you. You felt goosebumps scatter along your arms. You dared to glance up, meeting his cold gaze as he lip locked with someone else. 

You felt your heart drop, your eyes stinging as you quickly gathered your things. To him, you were nothing but a constantly fling. You were something that gave him comfort on that day, but despite accepting that nothing would progress, you held onto the little sliver of hope that sparked in you when he held you.


You ignored him. You ignored everyone. You did your routines, going in and out of your classes, not bothering to give him a second glance. He brushed past you, his warm skin sending shivers down your spine as he looked at you over his shoulder. You clutched your locker door tightly in your hands, your knuckles turning white to the point they were getting numb. 

He took notice of how you didn’t look up at him, not even able to see your face from the hair covering your face. You bit your bottom lip harshly, slamming your locker and walking to your next class. He wanted to follow, but the girl gripped his hand tightly, complaining about how she wanted him. He shot her a smirk, taking once last glance at you before dragging her to the closet, already feeling the girl’s cold hands begin to unbuckle his belt. 


He looked around for you. Finally getting the chance to be with you. Everyone knew today was your designated day with him, no one interrupting him as he walked the halls, his eyes scanning for you. He saw you sitting alone, right at the bench you sat yesterday. 

He smirked, taking a seat next to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “How’s my favorite girl?” He whispered in your ear, trailing small kisses down from the nape of your ear to the base of your neck. Normally, you would’ve melted into his arms, exploding in a fit of blush and giggles, but instead you flinched away from him. 

He looked at you in confusion, tilting his finger under your chin so you would look at him. He was taken aback, seeing your tired and bagged eyes, He caressed your cheek softly, rubbing the pad of his thumb against the soft skin on your cheek. You gently pushed his hand away, your voice cracking. 


“What’s wrong? Is something happening?”


He looked at her in confusion, his eyebrows furrowing together. “I-I’m confused?”

“What am I to you?” 

The question took him aback. He didn’t know what to say, or how to say it. You looked at him sternly, your gaze not breaking until he looked away, leaning forward and laying his arms on his knees.

“I-I don’t know.” 

“I figured.” 

“Can’t we just, enjoy this day?” 

“Of course, since this is the only day you actually notice my existence.” 


“How was your day Jungkook? Was it well?” You interrupted him, taking his hand in yours. The skinship sent shocks through your bones, the feeling making a smile grow onto your face as you looked at the trees around the courtyard. 

“It was okay, and yours?” He asked, still confused at your sudden change in behavior. 

“Great, I love Fridays.” He felt a small smile grow on his face as you laid your head on his shoulder, not realizing the distressed look that grew on your face when he turned his head to admire a woman walking by. You felt a tear leak out of your eye, landing on the back of your hand as you shut your eyes, inhaling the sweet scent that was his, ignoring the hints of another woman. 

Just enjoy this like it’s your last, it most likely will be anyways.