of course they would want this

bts reaction: their gf moaning and being at a loss of words during rough sex

request: can i request a shinee + bts reaction to how they’d feel seeing their girlfriend moan out and be at a loss of words when they’re giving her hard/rough sex? >.< thank youuu

author’s response: thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy this haha! have a great day!

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jin: feels even more like the man. he’d tease you incessantly, leaning forward as he increases the force of his thrusts.
“what’s wrong, baby? cat got your tongue?” he’d husk with a smirk, forcibly swinging his hips forward so he can sink deeper inside of you, smiling as you respond with a long moan.

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suga: “i knew i was good at this, but damn,” he’d rasp, noticing you hadn’t emitted a single word. your moans would be enough motivation alone for him to increase his pace and intensify everything. he’d get so riled up, he would most likely add a little spanking and over stimulation, wanting nothing more than to see you fall over the edge, spent and truly lost for words.

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namjoon: would initially think he was hurting you, even though you were obviously moaning with pleasure. “b-babe,” he’d whisper, slowing down as he leaned forward to brush his fingers across your cheek. “i’m not hurting you, am i?” after you managed to inform him that he was definitely not fucking hurting you one bit, he would proceed to tease you, making sure to thrust harder. a little daddy kink would spill out as he exhausted all his effort to make you feel good, to make you moan louder to the point where you lose your voice.

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jimin: gosh, am i really doing that well? he’d think to himself as he noticed that all that was really breaking from your throat were loud, shrill moans of pleasure. he’d definitely up his game, thrusting harder and doing everything in his power to intensify the pleasure for you. when he finally came, it definitely would prevail to be one of his best orgasms. he would definitely be up for a second round.

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jungkook: like namjoon, initially inferred something was wrong, so he slowed down a bit, making sure everything was alright. when he was assured, he would feel like a boss, knowing his skills had been able to rob speech.
“you know you can talk, baby,” he’d rasp, keeping eye contact as he doubled the pace of his thrusts, grounding his hips into yours. “go ahead, say something.” it would honestly make him feel so damn powerful and that would probably turn him on beyond anything else.

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taehyung: it would turn him on so damn much and the sight would probably make him moan with you. he always strives to make you happy and feel good so the fact that he was very much doing that would make a very happy taehyung. he wouldn’t tease you too much, only mentioning it when you two lay next to each other, tired and catching your breaths.
“you know, babe, next time, if you want, you can talk.”

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hoseok: “you okay, babe?” he’d tease, playfully biting your lower lip. “you’re awfully quiet. in terms of speech, i mean, of course; i’m pretty sure the neighbors are getting ready to complain about all this noise you’re making.” honestly, hoseok wouldn’t give a damn if anyone did complain, because he definitely wasn’t. in fact, your moans would only spur him to go faster and make him want to prolong the session for as long as he could. as always with hoseok, you’d be dumb not to expect more than one round, and tonight was definitely no exception.

“A New Mission”

Request: Can you write one where Buckys gf has a 5 yr old daughter who’s very attached to him? She tells her class that her daddy’s an avenger and some of them tease her saying she’s lying. She’s in tears at the end of the day and tells her mom what happened. She tells Bucky so he picks her up the next day and she runs to his arms calling him daddy and he’s so happy to be a dad to this little girl The other kids are awestruck seeing him

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Dad!Bucky

Word Count: 1347

A/N: dad bucky fucks me up. let me know what you think. requests are open and let me know if you want to be on my taglist.

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“Ava! C’mon, we can’t be late. School starts in half an hour! Say bye to Bucky and meet me at the car.” You shouted at your five-year-old. She loved Bucky Barnes, your boyfriend. She even started to call him “dad.”

Today was her first day of kindergarten. She was super excited. She wanted to make friends and she wanted to meet her nice teachers. You watched from the car as Bucky walked her to the front porch. He bent down to her pint-sized height, and gave her a big hug. He couldn’t take her to school because Steve needed him for training in the morning.

Ava made her way carefully down the stairs to your little car. She was big enough to get herself into the car seat. You missed the days where you had to help her. She was just getting so big and you knew today was going to be emotional for you. You wished Bucky could’ve been there with you. There wasn’t going to be anyone to pry you away from the school when Ava gets dropped off. Today was going to be hard for you.

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So I’ve spent the past few weekend doing this script editing course-type thing and I got to meet Kate Oates today! She was super affable and really sweet and I just wanted to post some of the things we talked about:

  • She said that Ryan originally read for Pete Barton and she would have cast him as that because she loved him but he didn’t look anything like Mike Parr alas. 
  • I wanted to know who specifically decided to have Aaron and Robert kiss just so I could be, you know, really mad at them. She said that it was her idea to bring Robert back and the subject of his sexuality was at first only in relation to his dynamic with Lawrence and Chrissie and how Lawrence really fancied him and how Robert used that to his advantage. Aaron and Robert were never supposed to be a big deal but then they kissed and she was like ‘Hmmmt’
  • She kept reiterating that they had no idea that it would become this thing with a life of its own. She mentioned the fandom and the fanfiction and redbubble, etc. But in a nice way! She still seemed quite taken aback by it
  • And then without me even bringing up the ONS, she was like ‘But have you seen what they’ve done lately? The cheating thing?’ and I went ‘I KNOW!’ She seemed genuinely annoyed and confused by it (I know she’s made her fair share of decisions but still.) She was talking about how she ‘went to dinner with her friend Maxine recently’ (me: Maxine? Her? I don’t know her) and how she seemed annoyed that they had decided to do it (also because people keep complaining to her about it on twitter, lol poor thing). And how Danny was kinda annoyed too because he’s really protective over the dynamic. Which is sweet. But also made me sad

@xxtorchxx made this gorgeous manip and it lit a fire of inspiration in me.  She was kind and generous enough to allow me to lend my words to her perfect image.  Just bask in this brilliance for awhile.   As should go without saying, do not repost, re-use or claim this work as your own.  If you like it, use that little reblog button in the bottom right corner of the post.

A million thank-yous @xxtorchxx for your talent and creativity and for your thoughts on this little fic to complement it.  

Thanks to @reginalovesemma for the edits.  As always, you elevate my work.

A note about this little fic.  Mon-El was never Kara’s boyfriend.  In this little world, he was the funny, goofy, sidekick pal we all deserved him to be.  Kara misses him and does have to deal with the loss of a friend, but he did not have the dominating presence in her life he was given in canon.

Please enjoy!

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Imagine a species that doesn’t really touch each other. They’ll do it if necessary, but they don’t high five, don’t shake hands, don’t hug— not even their young.

And then two members of this species adopt a human baby and a doctor explains to them “it’s very important that you touch it a lot. You’ve probably only met human adults before and they don’t touch each other much-” (the Grycen couple shoot each other a glance— all the humans they’ve met seem to be constantly holding hands, leaning against each other or even pressing their mouth parts together— apparently it’s called ‘kissing’ and it seems very unhygienic) “but with human infants you have to touch them a lot, otherwise it’s really bad for them.”

So of course the Grycen want to do everything they can for their new little younglet, so they start spending a few moon cycles (their moon taking about one and a half human hours to go around their planet) each day just stroking their kid— like you would a cat. It feels nice actually, once you get past how weird it is. Humans might call themselves 'naked apes’, but they’re actually covered in a very fine layer of hair, it’s almost invisible when they’re young, that feels wonderfully smooth when you run your paws over their limbs and back. The thicker hair that starts to grow a few months in (the doctor says it’s perfectly normal) feels softer— more like the thick hair that runs over the Grycen’s bodies.

Soon one of the Gryce parents, whose job often means they have to interact with humans, finds that they have to stop themselves from stroking their coworkers as well.

Even when the kid is past the age where touching is vital, her parents will occasionally find themselves stroking her absentmindedly— though now they’re often met with a cry of “ stop it! You’re messing up my hair!” Except when she’s upset or ill, that is. Then, for some reason, she’s fine with it.

Later on, the kid meets more humans and, eventually, falls in love. She and her boyfriend have a baby, a little boy, and the boyfriend is always kind of confused when he catches his girlfriend standing over their son’s crib, stroking him like you would a cat.

Only Angel

I’m not usually one for deep lyric interpretation.  I like to simply experience the music, before I try to make any sense of it.  That said, Only Angel has found me a bit perplexed (though I dearly love the sound of it) but I believe I had an epiphany last night.

Harry expertly (and I think instinctively) molds his voice to fit the mood and feel of a particular song.  Some have said his voice seems too warm for a song that’s about pure lust and surrender to it.  It doesn’t have that hard edge, “I don’t care” feel like Kiwi.  I have a few ideas about the vocal warmth and what the song might mean to Harry.

I believe the song is about the real Harry as opposed to what others expect, or wish him to be.   The angel is his personification of qualities within himself which he is not allowed to express, or show freely.  (Including, but not necessarily limited to, being a gay man in love with his band-mate.)

The song begins and ends with a “heavenly chorus.”  “She’s an angel, my only angel.” is an argument against everyone shaming and telling him no.  Every time something negative is said about “her,” Harry reinforces that “she” is, in fact, an angel - there’s nothing wrong with her as she is.  He is fully committed to it, powerless (as if consumed by lust) to be other than who and what he is.  He fights and claws to be himself - even if only in darkened hallways and secluded rooms.  He always crawls back to himself - away from the image of who he’s supposed to be.  

“Open up your eyes, shut your mouth and see
That I’m still the only one who’s been in love with me.”

He’s no longer questioning who he is, but embracing it.  He wants the listener to open their eyes and see him.  They’ve been in love with a facade, a false image, but not really with him.   “Couldn’t take you home to mother….”  I don’t for one second believe he’s singing about Anne here.  “Mother” refers to every authority telling him he’s not good enough - he must project a false front.  He’s done with being shamed.  It doesn’t matter what “she” told her brother, the facade is not an accurate image.  He can’t help being who and what he is - you may call it evil or ugly, but again Harry insists “she” is an angel.  “She” is good and worthy as her true self.  Not only is she an angel, but, “My only angel.”  The song is raucous and proud, unapologetic.  And isn’t that what Harry has become?  Raucously, proudly, unapologetically himself.  (All the while, still having to hide a very important piece of it.)

So, there you have it.  I believe the song is about fame, false images and self acceptance.  The burning lust to be one’s self even under fame’s hot light.  Being true to himself and truly himself, of course, does not mean he wants to expose all his secrets in public.  Whether this is Harry’s interpretation, we’ll never know, but he would never say this is wrong.  (He’ll only do that if you say he wrote a song about Swifty!)

9 Years Without You

Summary: After her mom died, Y/N ran away. She was only 6 years old, how could her brother possibly lost her? She was his responsibility, and the guilt remained in his heart all these years. 9 years later, Y/N is 15 years old. Time to start the school, perfect opportunity to get her family back! But school isn’t easy, how can she find her brother in all these teenagers? And there’s this cute and kind boy with blue eyes…

Y/N isn’t the same anymore. Something had changed in her. Will she be accepted anyway?

Pairing: Sister!Reader x Stiles (only sibling relation), Reader x Liam

Word count: 3059

Requested? : Yes, by @imaginationgotmegood

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I hope you like it, I decided to write this one in the second pov as well, I hope it’s okay that way!

This story takes place in the beginning of season 4! None of the gifs are mine, credit to the owner

It had been a long time since you had seen them. As you remember, you must have been 6 at the time when your mother died. You didn’t understand what was going on, your big brother in tears and your father who wasn’t there. Your brother and you stayed alone for a while in the hospital with Melissa. They thought that from the age of six you wouldn’t understand the meaning of the word “deceased”. You understood the meaning of the word, but you didn’t accept it. Your mother couldn’t have left, it was just a joke. So you ran away, while your big brother was crying in Melissa’s arms, you took advantage of it to leave, you escaped their vigilance.

You weren’t taller than three apples, but you managed to pass in front of many people without being seen. You were persuaded that your mother was fine, that she was waiting outside in the parking lot or even better, at home. You went looking for her without thinking for a moment what your absence would do to your family, especially at Stiles who had the task of watching over you. And you never knew how bad he felt and how bad he still feels today. 9 years later, the guilt of having lost his little sister still lives in his heart.

And you never found your mother, in the end.

Today, 9 years after the event, you made your decision. Find your family. You just turned 15 and it was soon the first day of classes. 9 years had passed, but you knew at least one thing : your brother would be there in high school.

His appearance would have changed and you knew you would have difficulties recognize him, but with the name he had, you knew you would soon find him. It wasn’t a common name.

“Be careful, Y / N.”

“Yes Derek,” you answered briefly to the man who had lodged you during all his years. Derek Hale. The only survivor of the Hale family, or that’s what he thought at the time. Another survivor was real. It was the latter who, on a full moon evening, had changed your life. For good or for bad? Derek was talking about a gift, but you doubted it. All you were hoping for was a chance to meet your family again. Of course, you haven’t told Derek or worse, Peter. The latter didn’t want you to find your family, pretending that they would be afraid of you and would reject you immediately. That you were part of his pack, and that your family no longer mattered. Going to school was therefore the best way to escape your alpha and his restrictions.

Derek put his hand gently on your head to ruffle your hair and you couldn’t hold back the grimace that stretched your lips. Derek was the only one who made you hesitate to leave everything to find your family. You didn’t dare tell him your plan. You knew he wasn’t going to be angry that you wanted to find your family, it was quite the opposite. He encouraged you to make research, to find them, and that despite the opposite opinion of his uncle. But you couldn’t tell him because you were just unable to say goodbye.

“I’m going,” you muttered to his attention before going out of the house and waiting for your bus ahead, heading to Beacon Hills High School.

You didn’t expect that. The number of students in the school, in the corridors, in the classes. It was enormous and you lost little by little hope to find your brother on the first day. And here you were, alone in the middle of a diffuse cloud of teenagers around your age. You felt small and, above all, lost.

“Are you okay?” A voice asked behind you, and when you turned to look, you remained magnetized by the bluest eyes you have ever seen. So beautiful you forgot to answer.

"Hello?” The boy asked you as he sketched the cutest smile in the world and you felt your legs faint.

"I think I’m lost,” you replied clumsily, your tongue not wanting to obey. You were all turned upside down in front of the beauty of the boy.

“Junior, aren’t you?  I am new too,” he confided, smiling again and your heart missed a beat. Then he held out his hand solemnly.

“My name is Liam.”

“Y / N,” you answered, taking his hand. It was warm and gentle in yours, which was moist and quivering. Then you started to panic. You knew why your hand was shaking and why your heart was accelerating more and more. That was one of the reasons why Derek was so reluctant to let you go to school. By being locked up and not being able to experience the outside world, you couldn’t have learnt to control yourself in strong emotions, just like what you were experiencing at that very moment.

You were going to transform if your heart continued to beat that fast and you already felt the symptoms rise in you.

“I have to … go to the bathroom,” you spluttered with difficulty before starting to run in the closest bathroom by jostling many people in your way. You didn’t notice the poor, pale-faced boy, who was tackling many moles that you jostled hard enough and who threw a “what’s your problem?” at you that your supernatural ears couldn’t catch under the deafening throb of your heart.

Once shut up in a cabin, sweat dripping on your forehead, you take out a small disk from your bag and gaze at it with a cold blue look. Blue eyes, like those of Derek and Peter. You hadn’t killed anyone but the guilt in your heart had tainted them with that icy color.

"Alpha, Beta, Omega …” You mumbled in a hoarse voice, stiffening your eyelids trying to calm down.

“Alpha, Beta, Omega …” You repeated slowly, your breathing calmed down and your claws retracted.

“Alpha … Beta … Omega …” You finished and you finally felt your fangs disappear and you knew your eyes had resumed their normal colors. It was close. You would have to improve your control, because you couldn’t let it happen again.

In the end, you arrived late in class, but since it was your first day you weren’t punished. Immediately, you recognized the smell of Liam before seeing him, he was in your class. When your eyes met his and he smiled at you with a wave, your hand held the triskelion that was in your pocket. You smile at him trying to stay as calm as possible while sitting down beside him. He was making you all weak inside.

You spent the whole morning looking for your brother, trying to catch a conversation where his name would be pronounced. But even with your werewolves’ ears you caught nothing that attracted your attention. And to avoid Liam moreover didn’t make the task easier for you. As long as you hadn’t found a way to calm your heart when he was close, you had to keep him away from you. You already heard Derek’s voice telling you that he was right and that you were going to have school at home.

And there was no way you’d do that.

Diner time arrived very quickly and the cafeteria was crowded. You didn’t know where to eat so you decided to enjoy the good weather and eat out. Coincidentally there was a Lacrosse practice that noon, and intrigued you decided to eat in the stands with other students who were unknown to you.

Throughout the game your attention was focused on listening. You weren’t really paying attention to the training that was almost over, until the painfully whistle and the coach’s squeaking voice echoed in your eardrums. And all your attention was then focused on the game. You even slipped your peanut butter sandwich that Derek had prepared for you this morning.

“Stilinski! Tell me, what do you think you’re doing? My grandmother could do better! Guess what, she’s dead!”

Stilinski. Your last name, your real last name. Your family name you never said, not even to Derek, out of fear that he would know your family. Or out of fear that Peter decided a good day to go and massacre them all to make sure of your obedience.

Your brother was there and you felt your heart beat faster. All your senses awoke and you looked for the player. Number 24. Unfortunately he was wearing a helmet and you couldn’t see his face.

Your eyes didn’t leave him anymore, you were afraid that if you looked elsewhere for a moment, number 24 would disappear. The match ended and all the players went to the locker room to shower. Your eyes still on him, you got up and walked towards the locker room. You were so focused on your target, frozen by the emotion of finally finding your brother that you didn’t notice number 11 standing next to him. You didn’t feel his presence neither his particular smell that should’ve warned you.

And it was only when you lost sight of number 24 that, lost in the crowd of students, you noticed a particular smell. An odor you rarely felt. An oppressive and dominant odor; there was an alpha close. A real alpha, not like Peter who was now a simple beta, but who still had grip on you, no. A real one, with eyes as red as blood and claws as sharp as razors.

Fear came to your throat and it was normal for the situation. You wanted to look for your brother, but at the same time the presence of the alpha terrified you. You didn’t know what to do, there, planted in the middle of the Lacrosse players who continued to advance towards the locker room. Panic rose and your heartbeat too.

“Y / N!” A familiar voice was behind you, and you turned to see Liam, your heart missing a beat at the same time.

"Liam,” you muttered. It wasn’t good timing; you already had all the difficulties in the world to remain calm at the moment. The heat raised more and more as he put a hand on your shoulder, asking you if everything was okay. His forehead was covered with sweat and his jersey suited him too well. And his eyes, so blue and beautiful. You had come to hate this color because it represented the guilt for your eyes, but on him this color immediately became magnificent.

And your heart raged again. You needed a cold shower as quickly as possible, so you apologized before running into the girls’ locker rooms which were fortunately free at that time of day. You didn’t wait any longer, threw your bag on the floor and turned on the cold water taps, putting your head underneath, your breathing not calming down. You lived too many things, your brother found, the Alpha, Liam … it was too much, you weren’t going to make it this time!

“Alpha …” You started by planting your claws in the wall while trying to calm your breathing under the icy water that was running down your head.

“Beta …” You felt your fangs coming out.

“Omega …” You grunted a little louder as you closed your eyes. Derek’s stuff had never worked, you couldn’t control yourself and the fear of turning into a savage and attacking innocent people took possession of your body.

Then, without warning, you felt an incredible strength turned you and pressing you against the shower wall. By the reflex of brutality, you let your fangs out and grunted at anyone who had dared to abuse you in this way. Your blue pupils crossed the red ones of an alpha and you immediately regretted having growled at him, especially when the latter yelled back. You felt all your strength abandoned you and the rage disappear under the submission, while you let yourself slide on the wall.

“Another werewolf?” A voice said, but you dared not raise your head, confused by the sudden submission.

“A beta or an omega that has a lot of trouble getting discreet,” the alpha mumbled. “And who can’t control itself.”

The alpha bent over to you and helped you up as you continued to apologize.

“Everything’s fine,” the alpha told you to try to calm you down. But when you finally dared to look up at their jerseys, you recognized too well the number before you, especially one of them.

Number 24, your brother.

You were going to say his name but you held back. He had just seen everything, he saw you as a monster. He saw you at your lowest. You quietly sniffed the air and noticed that it was human. A sigh of relief escaped your lips.

“My name is Scott, and he’s Stiles,” the alpha said, patting your shoulder. But you weren’t listening. Stiles. Stiles Stilinski. You had every desire to look at him, to tell him the truth, to take him in your arms and apologize. But fear prevented you. You couldn’t move or talk. He was there, and you felt tears started to burn your eyes.

“ Are you okay?” Scott asked, but you didn’t answer. You succeeded after a moment to look up at your brother’s face. He had the same brown honey eyes, the same nose, the same look. It was indeed him. You had to tell him, take away the weight of your disappearance from his shoulders.

"It’s me, Y / N,” you said, taking a step towards him under the confused look of the alpha.

“Y / N?” Stiles answered, raising his eyebrows.

"Your sister …” You mumbled, feeling tears running down your cheeks, but the look he gave you in response broke your heart.

“My sister is dead.” He answered before turning around and you heard his heart beat as fast as yours in your chest. Synchronized. It was true that Peter had simulated your death, Derek had confessed it to you. Y / N Stilinski was dead, and bringing the subject back was probably an awful torture for Stiles

"Mischief …” You mumbled to his attention, and he froze, turning slowly toward you.


“Mischief, that’s how I called you because I couldn’t say your first name, you couldn’t either … we started calling you Stiles for that reason,” you continued. “And then, Mom died and …”

“You …” Stiles began, but didn’t finish his sentence and ran to you to take you in his arms sobbing over and over, hugging you even if you were soaked. You continued to weep for a good moment, under the benevolent gaze of Scott, who couldn’t prevent a tear running down his cheek. He knew for his best friend’s sister, Stiles had confessed to him all his regrets, his remorse and his grief. So to see him with you, he could only be happy for both of you.

After a moment, Stiles drew back and your eyes remained hanging from one to the other.

“You … You, how …”

“How did I become a werewolf?” You finished in his place. If Stiles was friend with an alpha, he had to know for the supernatural creatures and had to wonder who had transformed you.

“It’s … A Hale, Peter Hale, but it’s not an alpha anymore …” You answered and felt the two boys tensed. You felt the dominant aura of the alpha increased along with its frustration.

“Peter …” He muttered between his teeth.

“He didn’t want me to go, he told me that … you were going to reject me because I was a werewolf and I was afraid … I live with his nephew, he took care of me after I got bit…” you said, putting your forehead against Stiles’. ” You know them? “

"All too well,” Stiles answered, closing his eyes.

“But then, you aren’t …”

“My best friend is an alpha and I just found my sister supposedly dead for years, so I think her night creature status will not disrupt my conscience,” he confided to you with a sincere smile. “Dad will be so happy to see you again,” he added, pressing you against him and you felt hesitant. You didn’t dare tell them Peter kept you against your will and you didn’t know how Derek would react.

Scott put his hand on your shoulder and immediately you felt relaxed.

“He’s not your alpha. And you have your family now. So, we go see Derek, then your father and you will return to a normal life. And we’ll teach you how to control yourself. ”

“I trained Scott myself; I can do the same thing with my little sister!” Stiles added with a smile and you felt your heart suddenly much lighter. Everything was going to be fine. You had found your family and you might even have found a pack.

Several days passed. Derek knew Scott and Stiles very well and the situation settled fairly quickly, but it still wasn’t easy. You had spent many years with him, and the farewells were heavy. However, you promised Derek to come and visit him again. For his part, Peter was nowhere to be found so you didn’t have to confront him.

The reunion with your father was just as strong in emotion and ended with a big collective hug where everyone was crying their hearts out. You spent the rest of the day in the sheriff’s bed with them, you in the middle, exactly like when you were young. You took advantage of it to tell them about your life and they told you what you had missed.

You no longer felt the need to avoid Liam. Coincidences had meant that Scott had to bite him to save his life and he became a werewolf, just like you. He had some difficulty in joining Scott’s pack, but with you already in it, it was less difficult than expected. Together, you trained to keep control and became each other anchor.

Everything was going too well. But nothing can remain indefinitely in the positive, isn’t it?

And the pair of bright blue eyes that spied on you in the shadows meant only one thing.

Peter wasn’t done with you.

Auston Matthews #6

Soooo this wasn’t requested but I got some inspiration from @mystupidlovesongs‘s PT series, so huge shoutout to her cause she PT series for the pens is seriously one of my favourite imagines out there!! Check out her stuff!! But yeah, hope y’all liked this and I’m trying my hardest to get to all my requests right now thank for being patient :))

Word Count: 2,254

Originally posted by at-hannabunton

“Go leafs go!” The arena was back at it again, cheering loud and hard for their team as the third period began. Down by one and full of adrenaline, you watched as Willy was quick to jump over the board and had Auston on his heels as Martin got back to the bench. Once they had possession of the puck, they were off. 

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#272: You And Your Child Visit Him At Work | CEO!AU


Heeey in case you haven’t noticed I currently have a fanfiction going on which is pretty cool and CEO!Luke. It’s called When We Collide and is a classical one with Y/N being his assistant but with a huge twist! Go check it out if you’d like :3 

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“Look who’s here!” Luke barely got the chance to turn around on his chair when the sound of your voice echoed in his office. Neither did you get the chance to open the door fully before your son had sprinted into the office without hesitation. He was searching for one thing and that was his dad. “But you weren’t supposed to be here before I was off.” Luke asked a bit confused and stood up from his chair, feeling William collide right into his knees. “I know.” You grinned and walked forward to give him a kiss, “But I don’t know who was most impatient, him or me. So we decided to show up a little bit before. Just so he could see you working.” “Well what a nice visit.” Luke smiled and lifted William up so he could place him in his chair. He was definitely too small for the large space, he looked smaller than he already was but it couldn’t compare to the large smile on his face. “Here.” Luke grinned as you took a seat on the couch and watched them. He loosened the tie around his neck and wrapped it around William instead. Too long for him to use but it was all worth it because of his reaction. “Look who’s the CEO now.” Luke grinned widely and walked around the desk to take a seat in front of him. “Give him your best impression, honey.” You suggested and folded your hands together, the scene was so adorable. William looked unsure for a second deep in thought but then it happened. “Daddy, you’re fired!” Both your eyes widened in surprise by the stern words coming from your son, but the apple didn’t seem to fall that far from the tree. “I am?” Luke asked a bit surprised but he was laughing. It was the funniest thing he had heard in a long time, especially when it came from his son. “Maybe you’re saying that too much.” You mumbled but he shook his head in disagreement. “It doesn’t matter.” He grinned over and ran his hair through William’s blond hair. “I’m proud.”


“I’m so sorry.” You were quick to say once you rushed into the office with an apologizing face. You weren’t supposed to be out for that long but deciding to be the one to pick out lunch at the same time as everyone else you couldn’t avoid the long queues. Calum had said it would be okay to look after Willow until you came back it was after all only a small visit for lunch you had decided to do. With his busy schedule it was hard to find days to do something together so you had to do things the way it was at his office. “I hope it didn’t ruin anything that I was gone for that long.” “Actually,” Calum spoke and looked down at Willow with a secret smile on his face. “She just starred in her first ever office meeting. It wasn’t something I could cancel that urgent so it had to be done with her on my lap.” She was having the most excited smile on her face but still kept quiet because she still felt like she had to. She was also this secret, there was something between them that you couldn’t get into. “And that went well. Did you control everything?” You asked excited and met your daughter’s eyes. She nodded her head proudly in agreement, it was funny to see how much she enjoyed being here. “She was the one saying hello to everyone. They were pretty surprised to see a child on my lap.” Calum explained and rolled the chair out to place Willow on the floor and let her run towards you instead. “They said they didn’t believe I could have a sweet side.” You laughed quietly by his words and leaned down to pick up Willow and embrace her in your arms. “Well I understand that.” You said and removed some hair away from her face. “You go from being the big boss to a sudden sweetheart. You shouldn’t be showing your weak side like that.” “No, they’ve finally figured out my weakness.” Calum said and nodded his head in agreement, deciding to give a kiss on each of your cheeks happily.


“Your majesty.” Michael politely said and grabbed the crown of his head to bow down. The excited smile on Celeste’s face was worth everything and her small ponytails were flying back and forth by her movements. The pink skirt she was wearing completely presented who she was, his little princess. His office looked nothing like the same. It wasn’t supposed to end out like this but Michael was secretly a playful father and when he got the chance he turned a game into something else. The whole floor was covered in toys and whatever you had brought with you for a visit at work. She wasn’t supposed to disturb his work like this but with Michael’s lack of concentration when you were there it was okay. “This way dad.” She pointed happily and started to twirl around. Michael nodded his head in agreement and placed the crown back on his head after bending down. They started to run around the desk you had been placed at, watching them fool around and giggle loudly. You knew Michael had some work to do and it was probably the best idea that he focused on it but the small moment in front of you was too adorable to disturb. Your thoughts seemed to come true though when the door suddenly opened. Michael and Celeste froze in track by the sound and looked over to see two males stand with confused gazes wondering what was going on. “Mr. Maverick, “Mr. Johnson. I will be ready for our meeting within two minutes.” Michael’s face had turned pale and the room had become completely silent but you had to do everything in your power not to laugh. “Give us a second.” Michael explained and quickly took the crown off his head to be a little more professional. But the second the two colleagues in dress shirts left the office he put it right back on his head. “Two minutes more girls.” He said daringly and within seconds the office had turned into a play ground again, giggles filling the air all at once in excitement. 


“Oh my god! Would you look at you!” Ashton barely got the chance to stand up from his chair before Daniel was sprinting towards him, almost knocking down something during the process. The sleeves of his dress shirt was far too long but nicely folded just for the occasion. It wasn’t often he was brought with you for work but today was something different and he wanted to stand out. Everything he was going to wear needed to be something Ashton also owned, they had to be identical twins. “Your assistant also thought he looked handsome.” You smiled and watched Ashton lean down to take Daniel up and let him sit on his lap. They looked exactly alike, it all was there. The nice dress shirt, the tie and the curly locks that they both shared. “He is handsome.” Ashton said completely impressed by the effort. He loved every single moment with his son and to see this meant the world to him. “You think I am? It’s too big for me.” He sounded a little bit worried but Ashton had no idea. He knew when he saw a star and that was everything about his son. “Of course I do. You will grow out of it eventually, one day you will fit it perfectly. But why didn’t you want me to just buy a personalized one that would match your body size?” He asked with a bit of wonder and Daniel stood up on his lap. He was baffling his hands in the air to express himself and Ashton decided to take his hands to not make him fall. “Because I wanted to look exactly like you dad.” He explained and Ashton had a bit of wonder on his face. “We took the clothes from your closet. I hope you don’t mind.” You said the last bit a little bit quieter, knowing that he did in fact not mind. “Of course not. It’s worth everything.” Ashton said in honesty, helping out Daniel just to make sure that his tie was sitting more correctly. The proud smile on his face was everything.

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Fifteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Odin stared at the bed in front of him and the small being that inhabited it. He had gone to the mines, he had seen the terribly under cared for of the realm, but he had seen nothing like the creature in front of him. He went to Alfheim when it was revealed there was a terrible famine on the outskirts of the land, an island whose only method to the mainland was by sea travel, but a winter of storms meant none could travel, by the end of it, most everyone had perished from lack of food. The King of Alfheim had called on him to go with him to the island, the starved were deceased with more flesh than the small woman in front of him, somehow clasping to life in the bed. “Her family have all perished?”

“Immediate only, her aunt and uncle are the reason she is as she is now apparently,” Frigga answered from beside him, looking at the girl also.

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remyratio  asked:

Just want to share my stupid HC that Lena loves coffee and she had a shiny fancy espresso machine in her apartment. One day it broke but instead of buying a new one, Lena BUILT one from scratch using machines and leftover parts from Lcorp lab (and she's so proud of it)

Of course she would! And naturally the one she built makes an even better espresso than the old one. Our girl is such a genius! Headcanon accepted!


Fair warning - this is kinda long? At least for me? ^^
If you’d like some background music - I’ve been listening to this while writing this… thing ^^

The Great Lake is calm today. There’s only a gentle breeze. It caresses Draco’s face softly as he watches the clouds on the horizon. They’re dipped in pink and gold from the evening sun, which has already vanished behind the mountains. Draco can already feel the melancholy rise from the pit of his stomach. He clutches his knees tighter to his chest as his eyes search the sky. When he finds what he’s looking for, he just stares.

The evening star.

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Issues- Part Seventeen


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Death, violence, and of course swearing! 

Word count-2,308

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Seventeen

Before I could open the door my body froze which caused Negan to almost knock into me from behind. Not that I would be complaining about that if he did.

Turning around to face him I opened my mouth but quickly shut it again. 

Unable to form the words spinning in my mind. How can I explain that I don’t want him to gloat at what was about to happen. Just because I wasn’t fighting him on it didn’t mean that I agreed with it, that I wanted him to to do it. 

Truth be told I don’t think he really wanted to do it either. I think he just did it because he had to, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be in charge for long and he wouldn’t be protected, he wouldn’t be able to protect all of the people who he does. Including me.

“What is it doll?” His face softened while I was stuck in thought “Just spit it out y/n” he always knows.

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Our Family- Sidney Crosby

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

A/N: Hey guys! So I know not all mothers breastfeed but I decided to for the sake of the imagine, I hope you enjoy!

Request: Anon:  Sidney Crosby 1st night hone with the new baby fluff . Please and thanks

Up Next: Tuukka Rask

You knew that the first few nights home with your newborn baby were going to be difficult, it was going to be a lot of ups for you considering your baby needed to eat every two-three hours, and seeing as how you had only made a few bottles earlier in the day, you would most likely be up to get the baby, but you were more than ready to bring your little boy home for the first time.

Despite the nerves and the pre-exhaustion you were excited that the two of you could finally bring your son, Morgan, home. It had been a difficult birth and they had wanted to keep him a few extra days to make sure his breathing was stable before you and Sidney were able to bring him home. Of course during your stay plenty of Sidney’s teammates had stopped in to check on you guys, both of your parents had taken turns staying with you and you appreciated it.

But now it was just you, Sidney, and Morgan as you pulled into the driveway of your home late in the evening. You took a deep breath as you smiled at Sidney, opening your door and carefully getting your son’s baby car seat out of the back, following Sidney inside the house.

You guys had set up the nursery months ago and during your pregnancy you spent some time in there, adding finishing touches, dusting, making sure everything was perfect and as your brought your son home you couldn’t be prouder of everything you and Sidney had done in the last nine months. You set the carrier down inside the door and carefully got your tiny son out, bringing him into your arms as Sidney put the bags away.

“Hey baby, welcome to your home.” You said with a smile as you carried him through the house, much to the amusement of your husband, pointing to the various rooms and aspects of your home.

“He’s hardly a week old  Y/N, I doubt he cares about where the bathroom is.” Sidney chuckled and you stuck your tongue out at him playfully.

“Hush, your daddy is ruining all of mama’s fun.” You told your baby with a smile as you continued to move around the house.

Finally it was time for Morgan to go to bed, so you settled into the glider that you had put in his room, gently nursing him until he was sound asleep. Once you were sure he wouldn’t be disturbed you carefully laid him in the bare crib and gently left the room, making your way down the hallway and into your own bedroom where Sidney was already waiting for you.

“Ready for the first long night of many?” He teases as you change, bringing you to lay on his chest, you only nodded in response as you drifted to sleep.

 After the fifth wake up that night you wanted to cry, the first one had been a feeding, the second and third and had been for no reason and back to back, the four was a diaper, and now was time for another feeding.

You stumbled out of the bed haphazardly, tugging on the robe that you laid next to it, knowing that the house cooled off at night. You moved down the hallway to your child’s bedroom, opening the door and cringing at the sound of his loud wails.

“Shh, shh. Mommy’s here.” You moved across the room to pick him up, yawning loudly as you shake your head to wake yourself up.

Your body was sluggish, your breast ached already, and you really just wanted to lay down and sleep for a while. But you knew that being a parent wasn’t going to be easy, you needed to get used to the constant waking up sooner rather than later if you wanted to make this easier for you and Sidney.

You tried to shush your son, not wanting him to wake up Sidney, you had taken nearly every shift tonight knowing that your husband was exhausted from both hockey and your son already. You were trying to calm him down a bit before you fed him, but it wasn’t working and you just barely heard the door open over the sound of his cries.

“Y/N… Hey, why don’t you let me take this one?” You heard Sidney approach you and you shook your head.

“No, it’s all good. I got it, go back to bed baby.” You tried to smile at him but he simply took your son out of your hands, putting a bottle into the crockpot in the room.

“You look like you’re about to collapse, go sleep.” He ordered and you had no energy to argue, so you simply kissed his cheek and moved into your room, knocking out as soon as your head hit the pillow.

When you woke up about an hour later you found that Sidney’s side of the bed was still empty and you looked around the room confused. You made your way down the hall to your son’s room, opening the door a crack and peaking in as you heard Sidney’s soft voice.

The sight in front of you almost made getting up all those times worth it so see Sidney cradling your son to his chest, the younger one fast asleep as Sidney spoke softly to him.

“You’ve got to tone down the crying little man, mama’s going to have grey hairs in a week if you don’t. I know you miss her but we’re tough, we got this.” You smiled as you leaned in the door, listening to him talk.

“I love you little man.” He kissed your son’s forehead before he moved to put him in the crib, you crept back down the hallway quickly, climbing in bed and pretending to be asleep, you felt Sidney wrap his arms around you as he climbed back into bed smiling to yourself, your perfect little family was now home.

such great heights — part four

She knew Max wasn’t perfect — hell, nobody was — but she still didn’t understand why Harry couldn’t just respect her and her relationship. “And he has a lot of redeeming qualities, might I add. He makes me laugh, he knows when I’m upset and just what makes me feel better, he is loyal and honest, he doesn’t—”

“Respect you?” Harry cut in, raising a brow.

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OH MY FUCKIN GOD THANK YOU i was literally so goddamn confused when tony was mad at sam like??? sweaty what the FUCK did you think was gonna happen?? you told vision to shoot at sam and he ducked like a normal fuckin person who wants to live and it hit rhodey...... aka fuckin implying that sam would have died like bish where do you get off??? like if you're blaming your 'enemy' for friendly fire then you have some serious things to work through. i wanted to enter the mcu and kick him in the face


said: literally tho, what did t*ny want sam to do? like what in his mind would have been the appropriate course of action? y was he mad at sam for ducking a deadly bolt, and then risking getting captured by going to help rhodey, but not mad at vision for using lethal force???

Anonymous said: Ok, I’m sorry bc you didn’t ask for this but I’ve been thinking about it so here it is: My favourite thing about t*onys (t*onies??? fuck if I know how they spell it) defense on the Sam/t*ny/v*sion/rhodey scene is that tiny ordered visor to shoot a non-lethal blast like?????? If rhodey- who was wearing a full-armour suit that’s literally designed for situations worse than this -can be hurt that badly then what was “non-lethal” going to do to Sam???? The idiocracy and hypocrisy truly does amaze me

honestly like how can you look at sam who really only has the wings as his defence, and then look at rhodey who is in full iron man/war machine body armour, totally protected, but still got that badly injured and be like “Fuck you for moving” like….Sam would have died you absolute melt. And like, it’s reminiscent of how he lost Riley. And he flew down immediately to help??? Like Sam fucking apologised for not being killed by the blast, literally was saying he was sorry and Mr Anger Management Issues With Violent Tendencies over here, blasts him in the fucking chest. My man Sam didn’t deserve to be done that way.
And Indeed There Will Be Time - emilyenrose - The Course Of Honour - Avoliot [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: The Course Of Honour - Avoliot
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jainan nav Adessari/Kiem Tegnar

Additional Tags: Second Time, Past Abusive Relationship, Fluff and Smut, We Just Got Rescued From Being Stranded In The Mountains, And Now We’re Going To Have Sex For Three Days Straight


‘When Jainan hit the mattress, he knew as a certainty that he would also be asleep as soon as he closed his eyes. This was an utter waste of having Kiem in the same bed. Even so, Jainan’s last, startled thought was that there would be time. They had all the time they could want.’

Or: a little of what happened in those three days after they were rescued from the mountains.

Sins of the Father: Kindle the Flame

Pairing: Finn Bálor x Reader

Warnings: Language, oral sex (female receiving), implied smut, horror elements, blasphemy/sacrilege.

Word Count: 1019

A/N: Hello hello! I feel like this is where I start apologizing to you all for what’s about to happen. This will probably keep happening until it’s over. And if that’s not a warning, I don’t know what is. 

Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. :)

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor@motleymoose@georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd@racheo91 @daddy-slug@blondekel77@ambrosegirlforever @liam-is-sexy10 @fucking-bandsx@boundtomyfate @hotspurmadridista @florenceivy@geekoftv@behindthesesilvereyes @vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter @justhavingfun123469 @wwesmutandstuff @devitt-club           

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Because context - even of the sacrilegious kind - is everything, first read Sins of the Father, its Prelude, the Communion, the Baptism Interlude,  Let It Rain, Floodgates of Heaven, and the Garden Interlude before you proceed.

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I can't breathe with courferre?

Oh grim the humble angst request that plagues the sweet Courferre shipper </3

The song was soft and sweet and romantic, and exactly the kind of music you’d expect to play at Marius and Cosette’s wedding.

This was where Courfeyrac usually lived, all these people, all of his friends, the happy energy, the dancing.

But the reasons that Courfeyrac would usually thrive were also the exact reasons the he was currently standing, frozen to the spot, the champagne glass in his hand held so tightly that it was a wonder it hadn’t cracked.

He was here, and of course he looked so beautiful. Of course he was graceful and wonderful. And of course- he was dancing with somebody else.

He should have known better than to plan things out in his head. They rarely played out the way he wanted them too. 

He had imagined it a million times- the soft and romantic lighting, the fairy lights twinkling above them as the first song played. Extending a hand to him, jokingly at first, but once they came together, entwined in a slow dance, he would finally see Courfeyrac the way he always saw him.

He couldn’t bare it anymore. His fantasy scene was playing out perfectly, but it had left him behind as a spectator, not the star. Courfeyrac stumbled past a group of giggling guests, his feet carrying him away.

“Where are you going.” Somebody called out to him.

“I just need some air.” Is what Courfeyrac said. I can’t breathe is what he thought.

Combeferre had came to the wedding, dashing and lovely. He’d danced with somebody close and fallen in love to the sway of a romantic song- but he hadn’t done any of it with Courfeyrac.

A Dream Come True 5/?

Finn Balor x Reader

(Y/N) is a single thirty-year-old woman who wants more than anything to be a mother. After finding out she is pregnant by the sperm donor she chose, she begins emailing her donor. Was it all fate all along?

AN: This is a Finnervention! This chapter is all about sex and it is a very long one. There are a lot of cameos from other WWE superstars and Finn’s secret gets out. I want to thank @wwesmutdonedirtcheap for the 3 hour Skype call discussing this and the podcast. The next chapter is the first time they meet and she finds out who he is.

Tag List (Hopefully it works because its been a pain in the ass):  @ladywitheclecticheart , @angelicvipbeauty, @vebner37, @lavitabella87, @flightofthefantasies , @ambrosegirlforever , @lakama15 , @sugurunicorn , @dandelionw1shes , @valeonmars, @theactingpickle,

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