of course they won't get the copyright

anonymous asked:

K what the fuck why are you lying to your followers? The people that reported you legit waited till you ignored 3 or 4 anons (while replying to other ones) over the course of 3 days. Also no, you DID NOT have full permission to sell that stuff; you said so yourself when asked if you had asked Isayama. What the fuck? I used to respect this blog. Why can't you accept your error and move on instead of trying to CYA. Whatever, you probably won't even post this.

i didn’t get 3 or 4 anons (nor did i reply to others during the process of “ignoring” them), i got two after i went to sleep. one saying “please post proof of your permission” and the other saying “we’ve reported you for not posting proof”

i’m pretty sure that isn’t fair considering i was given no time to reply, do you not agree?

and i also said that of course i didn’t have permission from isayama. that would be near impossible. but copyright laws only prohibit the use/distribution of much larger prints anyway (ie. an entire page from a manga, not just one panel: that is completely legal)

i also did accept my error in that, even with permission, you are not allowed to use any other artist’s work on redbubble. i removed both of these items from the shop after i re-read the terms and conditions which told me so.

i have complied with every person and everything i have read from the very beginning. don’t you dare try to tell me i am disrespectful. i’m even bothering to reply to this ON CHRISTMAS DAY because you know what? i’m a nice fucking person, ok? i was simply trying to make nice things for people. you need to realise that i was not doing this for money nor for any other selfish desire. i even set up the prize draw where i will buy someone a free gift. i don’t understand why you would lose all respect for me after doing everything i have been asked as quickly and as best i can. 

i hope this answers you, anon. merry christmas.