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BTS Reaction | Wanting them to cum on your breasts.

Request; bts reaction to you wanting them to cum on your breasts while sucking them off or just asking them out of the blue 

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon loved doing things like that, so of course, he would end up agreeing. He would find it even more of a turn on that you had asked him rather than him having to ask if he could.

“On your breasts? You know me too well Y/N”

Kim Seokjin

Jin wouldn’t quite expect you to ask him to do something like that but he wouldn’t completely turn down the idea. The more he thought about it the more the more he liked the idea.

“I mean I’m not saying no, let’s just see how I feel when it comes to that”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi would put the idea off at the start, wondering why you would want him to cum on your breasts with the mess it’d make, especially when you had a perfectly good mouth.

“Really? Think of the mess…your mouth is perfectly good…I really do love your tits though”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok hadn’t put much thought into the idea before but when you mentioned it he knew it was something he would at least want to try once, loving to see how wrecked you’d look beneath him, covered in his release.

“I think I’d like that baby, maybe you would let me do it more often”

Park Jimin

Jimin would agree right away, your breasts were one of his favorite things despite you being insecure about your size. He’d position himself so he was aiming straight for your breasts. 

“My princess is going to let me cum all over her breasts?”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would be too lost in the way you were making him feel with your hand wrapped around him. He wouldn’t even think about it twice when you asked, letting his release spill out over your chest.

“F-fuck Y/N, that’s so hot”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be even more turned on when you asked than he was before. He’d still be a little nervous about doing it so when he was about to cum, he would double check that was what you wanted.

“Y-you really want me to come on your tits?”

So like

I am new to the Jonsa fandom and going through the tag it’s clear that so many people have eloquently analyzed and broken down scenes and moments and that relationship in general, I don’t really need to do that, it’s all covered but I just need to say that what’s impacting me as much as their chemistry is the ferocity of their affection. Like when Sansa contradicts him both in public and private, it isn’t for the sake of contradiction obviously and it is of course to do good by their people but it comes from this desire for Jon to be the best possible ruler, the smartest possible ruler, this desire to help him keep himself alive, which stems from this fierce affection for him. Then you have Jon who will put Littlefinger in a chokehold and fiercely defend her, who will trust her completely, respect her unreservedly that he would do a gesture like have their parents’ room prepared for her or do something grand (although logical) like entrust Winterfell to her because he believes in her and carries that fierce affection. Then there’s the fact that the ferocity of their affection is witnessed in their gazes, their unspoken moments, it’s just so palpable.

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The S&M boys' reactions to being in school during a break (they're in the playground or something) and their S/O yells "the floor is lava!"

  • Ayato: He would go along with it and try to get on something quickly, of course he would help you up as well. He didn’t mind to play with you like this, he liked a little childish attitude in an s/o.
  • Reiji: Reiji would just blink at you and give you the, ‘Are you serious?’ face. Reiji isn’t one for such a childish game, he just doesn’t see the purpose in it.
  • Laito: He would yank you down onto the ground with him and say that you two will ‘burn together’. Basically looking for an excuse to be on top of you.
  • Kanato: *looks at the camera like he’s on the office*
  • Subaru: He takes of running, you try to explain that he can’t run from the floor…but he then sits on the ground excepting by now he would of been dead.
  • Shu: He doesn’t even move an inch, it’s Shu. What did you expect?
  • Ruki: Ruki blinks a few times since you yelled, and then scolds you for it and tells you not to startle him like that again.
  • Kou: Kou climbs a tree believe it or not, he actually goes along with it and does it to you lots of times for the next few weeks. Cute things like that he didn’t record.
  • Yuma: Yuma laughs and calls you an idiot because the floor isn’t lava and then ask you if that’s somewhat of a joke about his past. (Yikes-)
  • Azusa: Azusa lays in the floor and then looks at you, “It..doesn’t feel like..it burns at all..you lied to me..” So much disappointment.
Why Pentagon broke up with you.

A/N: This is something i wrote under my opinion of what is possible for them to think, but, of course, breaking up with someone is never something you can predict and is way too complex. 

This post is a bit angsty, if you want to avoid it. 


Hui: The discordance of opinions or tastes is what make you fall apart. Of course he wouldn’t be mad finding that you have differences but eventually, if the differences keep appearing he would feel like that’s not the type of relationship he wants to have because there are too many reasons to be in discomfort. But he goes to talk to you with the objective of keep being friends, and you would probably agree. So is not a very sad ending. 

Jinho: I feel like it would be a harsh break up for some reason. It started with something you considered a small detail, a stupid action that is easy to fix but somehow the events start tangling and becoming bigger, like a ball of yarn, since you don’t want to apologize and he can’t admit it was a stupid thing to be upset for. Finally he is so pissed he breaks up with you because there is no way to reset the pain you caused to each other and act like nothing happened.

Hongseok: The most probable issue to affect your relationship to the point of breaking it is that an argument reach a point where you complain about a fact of him that piss you off and that was not his intention at all (an example: you complain about him being too careless of your relationship but his intention was not making you feel like he is nagging you). He would feel so bad, not because you get him wrong but because you were able to think he is the type of person that could do that. 

Shinwon:  Even thought he didn’t want to do it, he ends breaking up with you because he was feeling like the idea of you two having something is not what he is having. In other words: He lived with an idealized conception of your life together before you started dating and then it ended not being exactly like that. He would be upset and after trying to change the facts and drive your relationship to a better spot, he would give up on you. 

E'dawn: After spending some time dating you, he would feel like “the flame of love died”. He is tired of having a routine and feels like a trapped bird in a cage because he got to be so comfortable that he ended getting bored. For that reason he took the decission of pussing you away even if he finds it hard, he would think is the best way for you two. He would try to end it being friends tho but he can’t keep going while feeling so constrained. 

Yeo One: In his case, Changgu would be immersed in your relationship from head to toe. If you two are really dating it’s because he deeply feels like it and he loves you a lot. You have to do something really bad to see him break up with you (like, i don’t know, cheating on him). Otherwise he would really try to ease whichever problem you have with him making you tell him and trying to change it. I guess it has to be you the one leaving him if you feel like the relationship doesn’t work OR gathering a lot of unfixable problems that make him give up. 

Yanan: You go to his house one day to break up with him because you are tired of him or because you are not feeling comfortable enough dating and you want him only as friend i can’t think another reason why you can be upset with yanangel. Finally you end crying before him while he pats your back like “don’t cry, it’s okay…”. Even if he has to hold back tears, he preffers comforting you. So you two end being just friends because it works better, and if you end in bad terms it would be too heartbreaking. Either way he spends a week home eating ice cream and watching Titanic. 

Kino: Hyunggu seems to be someone who would be very attached to his S/O so i think, even if you two have a big arguent he would try to fix it. It has to be you the one pointing how imposible is to put all the pieces of your broken relationship together and breaking up. I guess, if you had a long relationship he would be pretty affected and yes, he would cry, definetely but would try to keep up with his life and not make a very big deal in front of others. But he would be very hurt and would be very critical in the case you decide you want to turn back and date him again, because you broke the confidence in the power you have to fix it together. 

Yuto:  When you go to end the things between you two his appeareance would be ice cold but he would be hurt inside. You have been a couple of days without talking because you had a strong fight and you decide you should cut the relation. Like Hongseok, this would be caused by the missunderstanding of intentions and the assumption that he is something that he is not, but instead being sad he would be angry first. You end falling apart in bad terms. 

Wooseok: This honey would try to make things calm, it doesn’t matter if it’s you or him who is trying to take the step, since he loves you or at least loved you someday he cares about not making a very bitter taste in yor memories. It took a lot of thinking for him before he could decide he was going to leave you, because he doesn’t like you anymore and he wants to “flip the page”. 

AG: Against a denizen? Of course that piece of shit isn’t going to do anything.
AG: If I were you, I would have chucked it into the forge.
EB: excuse me, it is called the wrinkle fucker, and it is totally amazing.
AG: It might 8e alright if you com8ined it with something awesome.
AG: Like some cool dice, for instance.
EB: that’s so absurd, like anything like that would ever even happen!!!

I know Vriska probably peaked at the future and saw John’s Fluorite/Zillyhoo hammer, but it’s still funny that she threw out that suggestion seeing it for herself.

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Sombra and Satya feel like the kind of people that would accidentally start a short conversation during sex, and it's not like they'd stop or anything they'd just multitask. What I'm trying to say is that I think somebody should draw this.

Ohhhh but you’re right they would! Just right in the middle of it all.


*In the middle of kissing or something*

Sombra, what is that?


In your hair. Ahh…it smells like…a coconut?

Huh? Oh! Yeah, I put some coconut oil in it today. Dyed hair dries easily, ya know?

Oh of course…I like it!

What…This…! 💕

Ah! Hmm, that too!

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For the kidnapping, has someone already brought up the possibility of Stiles being a fae baby? Like he was born during some fae Lord bullshit and his parent exchanges him with John and Claudia's human son. The human baby, thought to be the fae prince is slaughtered but in reality Stiles is safe w his human family. The far come to collect him when he's a teenager in hopes he can lead their people. Or something.

Oooh! Imagine the angst in that! The guilt Stiles would feel for having been the inadvertent cause of his parents’ real baby’s death! The fear that his dad will hate him because of it. 

And of course John will have that moment of horror when he looks at his son and realises that he’s not his son–he’s a thing, and his son is dead–but in the end he’ll know it wasn’t Stiles’s fault, and together they kill the fae who killed the human baby, and Stiles tells the rest of the fae to fuck off, he’s not who they think he is. He’s John Stilinski’s son, and they can all go to hell. 

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I don't really think Anti is gonna come on Halloween. I mean, of course he's trying to make us play the waiting game, but 100 days seems like a too long amount of time. But idk, I already got a timer of when Anti MIGHT come so, I'm prepared-ish.

If there was a drinking game for every time I said “I feel like something big is going to happen soonwe would all be dead.

But… Dammit, I have to keep saying it. Could we really wait another 3 months for whatever is planned? (I mean yes, we have no choice in the matter and Jack/ Robin can do whatever they want however is best for them, and I respect that).

However, with all the HUGE and recent and constant hints/ foreshadowing ever since his appearance in Epidemic (over a MONTH ago- in real time), how can something not happen “soon”.

Realistically, let’s be a little more patient… Let Robin return home from his trip and have time to relax. Let the hints continue. Let the sense of dread build. Let us (possibly?) see Chase and/ or Dr. Schneeple once again before anything… Permanent, happens to them.

Or who knows. Anti could have his biggest performance tomorrow. He’s not very predictable to guess his next move- or when it’ll happen.

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Since Ed is my fave, I did notice something about how the snake treats him. When he won a Grammy last year, she literally did everything she could so the camera would be on her. Even my mom who likes Ed too said "wtf is she really trying to make this about her??" and that was before I became a larrie so she got on my bad side before I even found out about everything she's done to Harry. Like that journalist said, "the only read bad thing about Ed is, well, his friendship with Swift" :)

Oh, anon, I like and agree with your message from the very first to the very last word!! Thank you!

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*flusters* okay hi this has probably already been said. I like to imagine that originally, Viktor was an ordinary businessman, without any gift or mission, and came to the onsen and genuinely fell in love with Yuuri. But of course, Yuuri believed it was too good to be real, and his gift created a whole history and emotional manipulation gift for Viktor, made him a criminal for whom Yuuri was just a job because it's the only way Yuuri can believe Viktor'd be interested. I LOVE YOUR FIC BYE

AHAH, that would something, wouldn’t it? Very Shutter Island-levels of mindfuckery, I approve

I can definitely say that’s (unfortunately??) not the case here, oops! Victor’s always been what he is, and he came to Hasetsu with an agenda. ;)

Thank you so much, though, I love this!!!

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So Peter is mostly a lawyer/prof in fanfictions but what if he was working in a flower shop or was a nurse or perhaps a deputy a town over. What dou you think Peter's job could be?

Lawyer is always such a good fit for Peter because that’s two of the things I can see him loving: money, and winning. That’s the fun with fan fic, of course, we can put him in a job that he’s perfect for on the surface, or we can put him into something that at first seems like an odd fit–like nursing–and see how his canon qualities would translate to that in unexpected ways. 

I think the most non-Peter job I ever put Peter in was co-owner of an organic cheese factory/farm with Derek. Although he was a terrible farmer! I’d actually really like to see him in a traditional caregivers role like nurse, because I think he’d been really good at it. And all the patients would be slightly terrified of Nurse Peter because he bullies them through rehab for their injuries…but over on the childrens ward he’s a total softie.  

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I just broke up with the love of my life and best friend today. I don't know what to do. I don't want him to go, he was perfect. But he lied to me about being poly as an excuse to sleep around with my consent and that's not okay. I'm genuinely dying right now I feel like I've been hit by a car.

Oh my god. I’m so so so incredibly sorry. I don’t even have any words right now because what he did is so genuinely awful. I know he obviously means a lot to you, but you honestly deserve so much better than that. And of course this won’t change how you feel or how much it hurts because only time can heal that, but I truly do believe that this will be for the best in the long run. I can’t even fathom that he would do something like that to you – it’s not fair at all. I don’t think he’s as perfect as he may have one been because you deserve someone who chooses you and doesn’t lie. I know it hurts though and I’m so sorry. I wish there was something I could do or say to make it better :(( I’m here for you though and sending much love your way. I care about you so much and know you’re worth more than what he did to you.

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Hi, Iris! Congrats on the poetry thing, that sounds- awesome and scary? No rush of course to answer this, just when you find time. What are you working on next? I hope CoT 60, because I feel like the GO fandom needs the type of distraction only you can deliver. But I like your Gotham streak right now, ngl ...

Good evening, anon!  Thank you, re: my post of earlier.  It’s…hmmm, daunting would probably be the word.  I’m a stone’s throw from something at which I never expected to have a real shot, so I’m trying not to be too deer-in-the-headlights.  This is one of the main reasons I empathize with Crowley so deeply; seeming cool and composed takes effort, and not always the good kind.  I’m holding my breath and hiding behind screens.

I know that I originally said I wanted to finish CoT before summer was out, but the combination of Gotham keeping me busy and GO fandom getting restless over the lack of news on the miniseries has me thinking more delay can’t hurt.  I’m learning how to hit timing better when I release things; I pay attention to the mood a fandom’s in with respect to its source at any given moment.  If I can get CoT #60 ready for the halfway point between now and the miniseries coming out, that’d be ideal.  I’m looking at autumn.

At first, I thought I’d be writing two sequels to this (current) stand-alone once I finished those Gotham reader requests, but now I think that the WYFIR ’verse travel story to directly follow Unrelenting is my best bet.  I turned some title options for it over and over in my head today, and one of them stuck very hard.  I also outlined the first scene as a trial run; it’s monopolizing my interest enough to turn the outline into a draft.  There are few things I love to write more than travel, and almost none of my pairings in other fandoms are home-bodies, so to speak, in the way Oswald and Ed are.  They almost never leave their city.  I want to see what happens when I shove them outside its limits.

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H-Hello, can I get some cute random headcanon or a little scenario for Ochako/Momo with their male!s/o having a gravity quirk pleasee I feel like I'm the only guy reading fanfiction, headcanon and all.. I need some love too ;w;

Ohaiyyo. And all you male readers deserve loving too. So I’m glad you requested something about it ^^ I hope the scenarios are enjoyable to read too. - Admin Dabi.

  • They both would have gravity quirks, or similar quirks. So, it may be really fun for the both of them. Male s/o comes with with games regarding so their quirks, like playing a tag game! It’s basically like normal tag games when playing as a kid, but this involves if one of them touch each other and make the other float! But of course, they have to be very careful not to get touched by each other.
  • Ochaco loves sneakily sneaking up to her male s/o and making him float in the air without noticing her. She does it very carefully, tiptoeing behind him and poking him in the back. So, she’s all giggly when she sees male s/o freaking out a little bit in the air and giving her a pouting face.
  • LITTLE SCENARIO: “PFFFFFFFFF- *Ochaco held back her laughter, seeing the familiar male starting to slowly lift into the air. The male s/o didn’t pay attention because he was distracted by something else, hearing all of the “Wow, that guy is floating…” commotion peaked his interested though… until he was that guy.

    He knew exactly who was the culprit behind this. “W-w-wah… OCHACO IM GOING TO GET YOU FOR THIS WHEN I GET BACK DOWN THERE!” He exclaimed loudly while flailing around, his whole figure advancing each heights. “PFFT- AHAHA~!”
  • Yaoyorozu sometimes throws a party in her massive house for her classmates. She creates all the decorations by herself and sets it on display in every room. There is times where she can’t reach the walls and probably have to create something for her to get up there, but instead she uses her male s/o to float his way up to certain heights and set them there. Also, male s/o may just make the decorations float in the air, it’s cool when they’re just floating.
  • Male s/o accidentally floats into the air while he sleeps, once in awhile. One time, Momo had to create a rope and had to get it around him somehow to bring him down. Or vice versa, he accidentally brushes his hands on her arm and made her float into the air only to wake up, panicking. So she ALWAYS wraps a rope around herself whenever she sleeps beside male s/o. Or creates a blanket-like creation she made to prevent quirks.
  • LITTLE SCENARIO: “Ugh… not again…” Momo shook her head in disappointment while his figure unknowingly disappeared, into the air. She woke up to see him floating, and it’s only accidentally he does this.

    “I guess I’ll have to make a rope and a blanket for you…” She pulled out a red rope, slinging it around his waist and the other end collapsing on the ground, knotting it with her end. Eventually he was in bed once again, and Momo attached the rope to the bed post to prevent him from floating. “Now stay put. I’ll make some blanket for us.” She smiled softly, gazing his slumbering face before pulling materials together.

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Could you write something about what it would be like making out with G and then E kinda like a preference or something bc THIS GIRL HAS NO LANE AND SHE IS NOT SORRY

Of course my dear!


Grayson had just finished editing his share of this week’s video. He walked out of the editing room to find me bouncing on the trampoline, humming to the music I had playing on my phone. He jumped on the trampoline with me and grabbed my hands, so that we were jumping in sync. I suddenly got the idea to push him, so that I could popcorn him. I push Gray over but instead of just him falling he managed to hook his arm around me and take me with him.

“Gotcha.” He smirked at me, I pout and he kissed my nose, hold me so I was snuggling into his body. I kiss him quickly but he seems to have other ideas, he flips us over so that he is on top of me, his face so close to mine that his nose was touching mine.

“I love you Y/N.” He kissed me gently, placing his hands above my head to hold him up. I brought my hands to his cheeks and deepened the kiss. Soon our tongue were playing together, soft moan escaped our mouths. Then you heard someone’s throat clear and we both pulled away to see Ethan, looking unimpressed.

“Can you not makeout on the trampoline? Thanks.”


I wake up to light kisses being placed on my neck, groaning, I roll over and throw the blanket over my head. I hear Ethan chuckle and pull me closer to me, my skin was against his, we were both naked due to a night full of love. He traced my hip with his finger and it sent goosebumps to attack my skin.

“Baby look at me, I want to see your gorgeous face.” I rolled back over, finally opening my eyes to look into his hazel ones. His beautiful smile causes me to show my own. He kissed me quickly but with passion. I returned his kiss with another one, and from there it got heated, his hands roamed to my sides and mine to his neck. He’s tongue gained entry and I moaned into the kiss as he circled his thumb on my hip. My hands went to his hair but just as it was about to get good, Ethan’s phone rang. He tried to continue what we had started but I made him answer the phone, Lisa was on the other line, wanting to talk to her beautiful son.


I have different feelings when it comes to voice actors doing the voices of other races because that has more to do with matching the feel of the character than anything else. If you played Batman Arkham Asylum/City or Injustice, Batgirl was voiced by Kimberly Brooks, a black woman, when Batgirl is a white woman. Boondocks had Sam Jack and Charlie Murphy playing white dudes, hell Korra’s voice actress was a white woman and Korra is like Inuit or something. Point being, when it comes to voice acting I feel like its more important to just match the voice to the character rather than the race. 

I mean of course it would be nice to have minorities play themselves in media but look at it this way, that would be a sure fire why to limit voice actors of different races to just one role. Imagine if they wanted to make a new Iron Man game not based on the movie and a black voice actor goes in and nails it but because Stark is white the role goes to someone else who isn’t as good but is the same race. Again im not saying have an animated show about black people and have the voice cast be all white or anything, just saying that voice acting is a different monster than just regular acting and it has its own caveats.

hello dears. i’m putting poetry on hold for a moment while i work on school and a new desire to publish personal essays. i have a collection of vignettes (around 15 pages) i’d like to publish soon, and i’m wondering what you all would prefer: an inexpensive ebook you can download for $1-$2, or a paper copy that would cost a bit more but, of course, would be something you could hold in your hands? there won’t be any illustrations, so hopefully i could find somewhere to sell it for $10-15 and still make some profit. 

i could also do both, but only if i know there’s some interest in a hard copy