of course there was a guy sitting right in front of it

The guy in the shades was so happy to bring his boys on a little trip. Yes his boys he owned each and everyone of them but you would just assume it’s just another group of normal guys. He found them all over the place some he captured like the one on the right end. The other one at the other end was at a park. The other two from stores. Under those normal street clothes each of the subs or slaves have harness cages on those cocks ( and to boot there were massive cocks they had too) and plugs in there holes. But what the bigger thing he did to them was turn them into his house slaves his mindless sex drones. Of course he keeps his strong grip on them by nightly hypnosis spiral sessions. Where he straps them down in front on the spiral screen either in a sitting position or he has them be on there hands and knees. Then a big dildo is placed in each of there holes and a milker pump on each cock. Finally a dildo is placed in each mouth too and strap in. And they r left alone to become absorbed in mindless. While maybe they slave brother is busy serving master.

I was super unimpressed with the trailer for the new Ghostbusters. Like, disappointed in a way that I didn’t think was possible, for someone who did not give a single solitary fuck about the original. I was excited for all the women, and of course I was going to go see it, but I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to it. 

Holy shit, guys.

It’s so fucking good. I spent most of the movie laughing and/or marveling at the fact that I was watching it. And also falling in love with Holtzman. I want to see it again. 

Literally my only complaint was the huge family behind us with the three fucking Ghostbusters experts who had to have ten-minute conversations every time an original cast member showed up. And you know what? I would sit in front of them again just to re-watch this movie. 

Go see Ghostbusters. Even if you were disappointed in the trailer. Even if you feel weird because you liked the original version. Fucking go see Ghostbusters. It is so good. I’ll be in my bunk.

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