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I know we’re all devastated about what happened to Mirio in chapter 152 but I’m already seeing things about how the weapon will turn out to be impermanent and things will continue on as before. But as much as I love Mirio and goddamn wanted him to achieve his dream and save “a million people” I don’t think this problem will be reversed nor should it.

Because one of the things I love most about BNHA is it’s theme of consequences. This isn’t Bleach where Ichigo loses and regains Shinigami powers every 80 chapters or Detective Conan where Ran almost finds out Shinichi’s secret only to go back to the start. Boku no Hero Academia is very much aware of problems that don’t go away at the end of an arc and consequences that affect and develop characters. Izuku’s habit of breaking his bones using One for All is never taken lightly and he’s been outright informed that any more damage can result in permanent paralysis to his arms. All Might let himself get caught up in his emotions and fought All For One until he was literally dying. Even after he survived the encounter, the aftereffects wrecked his body and his continual pushing himself to his limits made him physically frail and unhealthy. Iida still feels the physical and emotional scars from his confrontation with Stain several arcs ago and mentioned, as recently as a few chapters ago, some of the wisdom he gained from that encounter. No action is without a consequence, be they good or bad, and Horikoshi has not shied from showing the good, the bad and the ugly of heroes and hero society.

And Mirio isn’t dead, this isn’t the end for him. While he did, probably permanently, lose the quirk that he worked so hard to perfect and can likely no longer be a traditional hero; there’s still so much that he can do. Eri, for one. He can become her big brother, her mentor and comforter as he helps her to come to grips with her abuse and work towards a better future. He still has Tamaki and Nejire, good friends who I’m sure will continue to care for him and he in turn can support them from the sidelines of their burgeoning hero careers. Izuku has shown us that Quirkless people still have a great many physical and emotional barriers in society. I’d love to see Mirio pave the way in securing more rights for the Quirkless, aided of course by Deku and All Might who get how bad things are. There are a million options for Lemillion, he’s charming and compassionate and one of the hardest, most determined workers out there. I believe this is the end for his career as a Hero, but as the recent chapters have shown, Togata Mirio is already a heroic person. He just needs to find a new outlet for it.

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Hi, could I get some headcanons for Toshi, Mirio and Fatgum with an s/o in their early twenties who's in college?

Toshinori Yagi

ー Since his love is attending college, he may not see them as often because of their studies and Toshinori partaking as a part-time teacher; and as well as part-time hero when necessary. Their studies prevent them from spending time.

ー He occasionally sets up s meeting place where they can relax and casually chat with each other. It’s times like this where he wishes it could last for awhile.

ー Toshinori also gets teased for it because he is literally a skeleton and everybody wonders how the heck did he get into a relationship with that. Also, they wonder if they knew Toshi is All Might. Too many questions.

Togata Mirio

ー Mirio may encounter them several times during the week when interning for Eye Night, walking around the cities for suspicious activities or anything like that.

ー If they need some help on studying or getting advices, they may come to Mirio for some help. Of course he will gladly help them with their homework! At least he gets to spend time that way.

ー He is a actually quite popular among many people and there’s no surprise that he’s involving in a relationship with an early 20 college student. Mirio is quite proud to be considered one of the best boyfriends.


ー Fatgum doesn’t want to bother them while they’re studying in college, he has faith in them and will always do. However, college can be wild and if anyone flirts with his college love, he gets very jealous.

ー Plans a study date at his internship office! He always invites them when they have the opportunity. He gives them many lesson and let them snuggle up against his plump body. He also feeds them snacks so they could focus more.

ー When seen with his college love, majority of the people seem stunned since he’s much taller and plump compared to them. Being Fatgum, he has his ways of charming them.