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Regarding Dean

gif is not mine

Title: Regarding Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,035

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by @nervousmemzie! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

“What do you mean Dean lost his memory,” you barked into the phone.  You were still back at the bunker, trying to figure out where Castiel could be.  It was hard to track Kelly, but it was even harder to find Castiel.

“I’m still not sure what happened [Y/N],” Sam spoke.  “If you don’t mind, it would be great if you could come to us and keep an eye on Dean.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” you mumbled.  “Sorry for yelling at you like that Sam.  I just don’t want Dean to forget who we are.”

“I know [Y/N], and don’t worry, we’ll find a way to help Dean,” Sam reassured you.

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“The most important thing isn’t the external packaging or the attractive design, but the music, which can be listened to by anyone, anywhere, where my voice has been recorded: my songs. Through your ears, your eyes, your hands, your lips. To be remembered forever in our hearts, unchanging over the course of time. Songs, though they may be short, that can be written into the pages of our lives. The great melodies and lyrics are everything. Whatever else isn’t important.
—Kwon Jiyong

Boys Will Be Boys

When a storm knocks the power out, Pearl and Lapis head out to restore the lights, leaving the Shorty Squad behind to keep an eye on the temple. But with no TV and no lights, how are they going to pass the time? By telling stories, of course! Ruby tells Steven, Amethyst and Peridot about meeting Sapphire for the very first time… but has a tough time remembering a few important details.

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The main energy of this spell is playful and flirty! And of course, very Latina!

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Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of people get angry at Dumbledore for making the traps protecting the stone so easy that three first years could get past them. But let’s sit back and think about this for a moment…

They were supposedly set to keep out adults. You can’t expect some random witch or wizard to have skills in everything. Only people like Albus, Tom, and even Severus would have the skills necessary to make it past every trap on their own. 

Trap #1 Cerberus. Hagrid. Going by the book. A lot of people wouldn’t know how to fend off one without killing it. A lot wouldn’t be smart enough to check its feet to see a trap door. The three heads business would be enough to terrify the intelligence from most.

Hagrid accidentally gave Harry, Hermione, and Ron a way to get past him. Pure luck for three first years.

Trap #2 Devil’s Snare. Sprout. Going by the book. They drop through the door and land on a tentacle like plant that begins constricting around them and squeezing them to death. Harry and Ron don’t know what it is. Devil’s Snare was taught at the end of the year in Herbology without a physical demonstration and since neither care much enough to check up on it, they didn’t know. Hermione however, did. If she didn’t know what it was and how to stop it, they would have been dead. Simple.

Trap #3 Flying Keys. Hooch and Flitwick. Going by the book. Hermione’s spell didn’t work on the door, so they have to resort to something else. Harry has the natural skill at flying that neither Ron or Hermione have. He is also a Seeker and is able to spot the correct key, among the hundred of others, whereas the other two couldn’t. Hermione didn’t seem to do well on a broom and nothing about Ron’s skill was mentioned. Therefore, it is up to Harry to get the key down. He then has to out-fly enchanted keys bent on doing him harm, the moment he touches the broom.

Trap #4 Chessboard. McGonagall. Going by the book. Ron has been playing chess for years and is rather good at it. Hermione thinks it’s barbaric and useless and Harry is just really bad at it. Someone is needed to play the game so that they may advance. Ron steps up and ensures that Harry checkmates the other king. Ron is sacrificed in essence. 

Trap #5 Mountain Troll. Quirrell. Going by the book. Luckily it had already been dispatched by Quirrellmort, so Hermione and Harry did not have to fight it. Pure luck.

Trap #6 Potion Riddle. Snape. Going by the book. Harry and Hermione are now trapped in a room with 7 vials of ‘potions’. I honestly don’t understand the riddle. To this day, I and my mother are at a loss. Three bottles of poison, two bottles of wine, one to go forward, and one to go behind.(<— I rhymed!) Hermione revealed logic to be in play and admitted that, 'A lot of the greatest witches and wizards haven’t got an ounce of logic, they’d be stuck in here forever.’ She solved it for Harry in under ten minutes.

Trap #7 (<— Magic number!) Mirror of Erised. Dumbledore. Going by the book. Harry was tasked with getting the stone which was in the mirror somehow. Only a person who wanted to find the stone, but not use it, would retrieve it. Add on the threat of Quirellmort - a wizard with much more 'skill’ than him - and Harry is in great danger.

However, Harry did not do much. He got the stone, told a measly lie, and defended his parents to Voldemort’s 'face’. It was Lily’s protection that saved Harry and the stone in the end.

So let’s recount…

How many singular first years are going to think to look at a three headed, massive dog’s feet? When it is growling at them and ready to attack?

How many would know to play music to make it sleep?

How many would remember what Devil’s Snare is and know the proper charm required to defeat it?

How many would have the skill necessary to fly on a broom in order to get the proper key, while dodging all other keys?

How many would have the skill to play a live game of chess with themselves as a player, and win?

How many could defeat a Mountain Troll on their own?

How many would have the intelligence and understanding of logic that Hermione had in order to solve the potion riddle? 

How many would be able to ignore the fact that they are looking for a stone that can make them either extremely wealthy or immortal? To be able to put aside such things? To face a Dark Lord feared by most and deny the chance of helping him even when he offers to revive the parents you never had the chance to know(even though it was a lie) in exchange for giving him the stone?

How many would have that sort of chivalry?

Harry, Hermione, and Ron each had an important part to play in retrieving the stone. They each had a particular skill that got them forward and onto the next task. Of course three first years would manage to make it. Traps #1 and #5 were already taken care of. Pure luck. Trap #2 was all Hermione. Trap #3 was all Harry. Trap #4 was all Ron. Trap #6 was all Hermione(again). Trap #7 was all Harry(again). Hermione doesn’t possess the chivalry Harry has in order to face Quirrellmort and Ron would have been too swayed by greed to succeed in retrieving the stone.

It was a joint effort on all their parts. No normal first year would have succeeded on their own and McGonagall had verbally set the three Gryffindors apart from their fellows earlier in the year when she commented on the taking down of the Troll in the lavatory.

So no, Dumbledore did not make it easy for first years to pass through. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were rather exceptional in that regard(with some luck along the way).

Now while I do not agree with him placing the stone in the school at all, I can admit that the 7 traps for the stone were amazing and difficult. And I reiterate, only Albus, Tom, or Severus would be skilled enough to get past everything on their own without expecting it all first.

Just thought I’d put this out there.

                                                      The Mark

Request: “Please do one with kylo x reader where whatever mark you get on your skin, your soulmate gets it too!”

A/N: So this is quite similar to my multi-part fic Soul Mate, but less dramatic and…well, you’d know if you read it. Thanks for the request, anon, here’s some bitch ass Kylo Ren for you! [GIF NOT MINE]

Warning: None.

Word Count: 2.7K+


Yet another long day had passed in Star Killer base, which also meant another restless night. If it wasn’t for the fact that your position under the First Order was ‘important’, you were sure you would have a much easier life. But this was the life you chose ever since you could remember–it wasn’t like you had a choice, actually, you were young and vulnerable and had no one. Anyone was better than no one. Thus, the First Order became your family. Of course, no one in said organization saw each other as family, maybe the troops that went into battle, but other than that…everyone else was just a mere pawn in a game of war. So there you sat alone on your couch, with nothing better to do thanks to your insomnia, knees pulled to your chest as your left index finger traced the mark in your palm.

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My beautiful peopleee I am heree :D Hope you all are having an amazing day! 
And enjoy and have fun reading new part <3 :D

Read previous parts here:
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“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 4

You didn’t want to call Taehyung,but you also did.You wanted to tell Luke the truth but you can’t do that,it’s wrong.
“Why am I doing this to myself?” you asked yourself

You sit up and look trough the window
“Does Tae like me back since he kissed me?” you thought to yourself
“Or he doesn’t?” 
“Ugh what am I talking about” you laughed and scream because you’re under pressure..

Your mom walks in because she heard you scream.
“Are you okay Y/N?” she was worried
“I am fine mom,don’t worry” you smiled
“Okay,you scared me when you screamed” she looked at you
“Just..Saw a spider” you laughed
“Okay honey..” she smiled and closed your bedroom door

You had a feeling inside of you..You just needed to see Taehyung and hug him and be in his arms.
But you also thought how that is wrong,because you have Luke.
Him and you are in relationship,but the friendship you guys have is not even close to Taehyung’s and yours.
It’s different.Yes,Luke helped you few times here and there,but he wasn’t like Taehyung.
Luke wasn’t always there for you when you needed him.Few times already you wanted to break up with him but it would cause you more pain in that you’re already are,because of Taehyung.

You forgived Taehyung,but that doesn’t mean you forgot or got rid of all the pain he caused you and made you go trough.
Sometimes when you guys now meet up and hang out you feel happiness,but deep down you’re acting all of it a little,because you don’t wanna show how you really feel.

Did he cry or thought about when you guys didn’t talk for so long? No,he didn’t.
You do understand he’s famous now,but if only he knew how much he meant to you..Taehyung did know,but not whole story.

“This is so cute” you giggled pulling off the flower petals and throwing them at Taehyung
“So fun” he laughed and throws few petals back at you
“Come” Taehyung added taking your hand in his and you guys walked around the park.

Taehyung sees roses and runs towards them and takes one for you.
“Here” he smiled and gaved you the rose
“Awww you’re such a gentleman” you put the rose on your nose

When you had senior prom..Taehyung was with you before you went with your prom date to the party.
“Y/N come downstairs so your Tae can see you” You mother shouted
“TAEHYUNG!” you shouted being at the stairs
“YEAH?” he shouted back
“Don’t laugh at me when you see me” you smiled biting your lip
“I won’t” Taehyung said and waited for you to come down

You walked downstairs,and Taehyung didn’t say anything because you looked so stunning.
He took your hand in his and spin ou around one time.
“Beautiful” he smiled
“Thank you” you smiled and hugged him
“And Y/N…Why would I laugh?” Taehyung was confused
“I don’t know,you always laugh at me” you said
“You’re being ridiculous Y/N” he looked at you

Then your date camed to your house and camed in..
You two took photo together and talked a little.
Taehyung observed you two…He felt happy for you,but also he wanted to be in that place where is that boy now.
You looked so beautiful and he was just speachlesshe could express how he felt when he saw you,but all he knew he falled more for you.

“Bye now Tae..See you” you smiled and hugged him
“Have fun out there” Taehyung smiled hugging you back not wanting to let go of you
“I will” you smiled looking at him
“And you…*Taehyung points at the boy* Don’t you dare mess up her important night” Taehyung said being serious
“I-I wo-won’t” the boy smiled nervously and you look at Taehyung and shake your head “No” and laugh a little and Taehyung just raises his shoulders smiling at you
“Byeeee” Taehyung waved 

Few days passed,still haven’t heard a word from Taehyung,but on other side you didn’t call or text him too.
Of course you two will be awkward if you talk to each other.You guys kissed.
It was wrong thing to do from your side,but you also felt like it was right thing to do.
Taehyung had been your first boy that you ever loved so much and cared about.
You do have Luke,but you don’t love him like you love Taehyung..Secretly you still do love Taehyung,but not as much as you used to,but after everything that has been happening you think you will get back to old feelings.Loving him so much.

“V what is up with you all day?” Suga jumps on his bed
“Nothing” he sighs
“Don’t lie..We all know something is wrong” Suga looked at him

Jungkook and Jimin also walked in with some ice cream in their hands.
“So..” Jungkook eats his ice cream
“WHat is wrong?” he added
“Y/N and I…Kissed” Taehyung puts his hands on his face
“Aren’t you supposed to be happy about that?” Jimin laughed
“I am but I can’t!” Taehyung looks at him
“Why?” Suga asked
“Because,,we haven’t spoke to each other since then and I can’t it anymore” he explains
“Ohhh” Suga,Jungkook and Jimin said in same voice
“Did she kiss back?” Jimin raised an eyebrow and Taehyung nodded his head
“That is a good thing tho..Don’t worry too much then” Suga said
“She started to hit my chest saying like why would I do that…” Taehyung said thinking back when you guys kissed
“Hmmmm” Jungkook ate his ice cream

Taehyung licks his lips…
“That meant something..It just did..I know it” he said looking at the boys
“Maybe you guys should talk?” Jungkook said and rest of the boys nodded their heads
“She doesn’t want to talk to me” Taehyung stood up looking trough the window
“How do you know about that?” Jimin said

Taehyung sighs and turns around
“Because I kissed her and she cheated on her boyfriend” 
“You’re being funny Taehyung… Suga looked at him
“It’s my fault” Taehyung points at himself
“Stop talking Taehyung!” Jimin said standing up
“Get yourself together and go talk to your best friend” he puts his hands on Taehyung’s shoulders shaking him
“I’ll think about it” he said
“Okay…We will let you think” Jimin nodded his head smiling and walked out with the boys
Taehyung layed on his bed and closed his eye.

“It is freezing outside” you said coming inside of his house
He smiled at you,helping you take off your coat
“It’s not that freezing” he said looking at you and you just gave him a serious look
Taehyung laughed
“You’ll be worm in a minute when you come inside living room” he said
“I couldn’t wait to get inside of your house” you take off your gloves and cap

Taehyung and you walked to the living room.It was two days before Christmas..Show was outside,it was cold and only hot chocolate could make you feel better and warm.
“For you…And for meee” Taehyung puts two cups of hot chocolate on the coffee table and sits next to you
“Oh God I love hot chocolateee” you said taking a sip
“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” you said 
Taehyung laughed looking at you
“You look weird when you say that” 
“Thanks” you look at him rolling your eyes

Taehyung and you were talking by the fireplace..Laughing and having fun,drinking hot chocolate.
“Smileeeee” you said taking a selfie with Taehyung
“Smileeee” he repeated and smiled
“Awww this is soooo cute” you smiled looking at the photo
“We look good” Taehyung looks at the photo then at your eyes
“Yes we do” you smiled and looked at his eyes

You two stared at each other for a minute.
“Mind if we take another one?” you smiled
“I don’t” Taehyung said smiling back at you

You guys took few more photos and had a laugh.
“You know I’m leaving to my cousin house and I won’t be here for Christmas..Sooo I wanted to give a present” he explains
“But..I..Why didn’t you tell me?” you said
“Now I didn’t bring you your present” you made a sad face
“Don’t worry Y/N,you will give it to me” Taehyung laughed and kissed your head
“Now..Close your eyes” Taehyung smiled being excited
“Okay” you smiled clapping your hands because you were happy

Taehyung bought you a bracelet..Where on a tiny tile on the bracelet said “Y/N I love you” 
“Don’t you dare to peek” he said
“I won’t” you laughed

Taehyung sat next to you and puts the bracelet in your hands
“Open” he said
You open your eyes and look at the bracelet
“Oh my God,Taehyung” you smiled
“Thank you” you added and wrap your arms around his neck and hug him tightly,his hands were wraped around your waist
“I love you Tae” you smiled
“I love you too” he said 

“Then I’ll meet you tomorrow” Luke said
“Sure..I’ll see you there” you smiled
“Love you” he said kissing you and walking away

You close your front door and go to the living room and turn on the TV.
“I can’t..No” you said looking at your phone

Few minutes passed
“No I need to” you said taking your phone and called Taehyung

The phone was ringing and ringing but nothing.Right away you thought he was mad at you or didn’t want to speak to you anymore.

On other side when you were caling Taehyung he was in the bathroom taking a shower.
When he camed out and put his boxers and pants on and walked to his room.
He took his phone and saw he has one missed call from you.
Right away he puts his T-shirt in and takes his jacket and rushes to your house.To you.

You were nervous and walked back and forth in your living room while Ariana watched you.
“Will you stop doing that?” she laughed
“I can’t!” you said looking at her
“Maybe he wasn’t there at the moment” she said
“But what if he was and then he didn’t want to answer” you look at her
“You’re being funny Y/N…I am sure-”
Then you both hear door bell ringing on your front door.
You peek trugh the window to see who is it and it was Taehyung.
“GET OUT!” you quietly shouted at Ariana pushing her out on the back door
“I can’t talk right now..Gooooooo” you said pushed her out of the house and close the door and rush to the front door.

You take a breath,your heart was racing so fast.You open the door and Taehyung looks up at you.
“You called me” he said
“Maybe this is a mistake that I will do,but I want you to stay” you said looking at him
“I’ll stay” Taehyung camed in and closed the door looking at your eyes
“I’m sorry for everything…” he added 
“Taehyung…Just shut up" you laughed pulling him in a tight hug
“I missed you” you added
“I missed you too” he said to your neck

Taehyung and you looked at each other
“Won’t Luke get mad because I am staying?” he asked
“He will not be mad” you smiled
“I’m sorry Y/N..For kissing you..” Taehyung looked down

Suddenly you started to build up a rish,like you just needed to do something.And you did.
“Don’t be” you said lifting his face up with your hands
“But I kissed you and now you cheated-”
You cut Taehyung off by pressing your lips on his.He kissed back right away putting his arms around your waist.

You know what are you doing is wrong on the Luke side,but it is so right for Taehyung and you.

One Tall Gif per Episode → 1x01 “Woman in White”

You’re really serious about this, aren’t you? You think you are just going to become some lawyer, marry your girl…”

I didn’t mean to write anything about this when I started capping for this episode, but when skipping through the episode and stopping at this moment on the bridge I was just overwhelmed again just by how immediately you “feel” Dean. It doesn’t take half a season to get grasp on who he is, what makes him tick and what he struggles with. All of it is right there in those first 42 minutes. And this moment here and what follows is one of the most iconic moments of the entire show to me. The scene where Sam talks about that “he wouldn’t even know what their mother would look like if it weren’t for pictures” and that “even if they found the thing that killed her, that she is gone and that she won’t come back”. The scene where you can see so many emotions flash over Dean’s face. It’s those lines Sam says that make Dean shove Sam against the railing of the bridge, make him say “don’t talk about her like that” and with that setting up perfectly - in the first episode ever - just how important Mary is to Dean. And that - her importance for Dean - is a major part of the narrative leading into S12. And well, since the S11 finale called back so much to the Supernatural pilot, it is almost ironic how Sam’s “she will never come back” is turned on its head and paves the way for the much more interesting and highly emotional question that Sam asked Dean in the beginning of the episode: “Do you think mom would have wanted this for us?” Of course we know she didn’t due to later seasons and episodes, but man, I’d be lying if I said that this aspect isn’t the most interesting story element of S12 so far. Especially as Mary almost appears like a “Woman in White” in her nightgown she wore on November 2nd, 1983…

FIRST LOVE PART SEVEN: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/145930295939/first-love-part-six


A few weeks had passed since the talk that you had with Sebastian. You hadn’t really seen much of him besides the times you guys were in the same scene together. He kept his distance and so did you.

You wondered if things would ever feel normal between the two of you. You wondered if you and Sebastian could ever have a normal friendship. You didn’t want to lose him. Thinking of a life without him in it was a sad thought.

It was ten in the morning and you had been sitting in hair and makeup nearly finished getting ready for your scene. You were looking over your lines when the door to the trailer opened and Chris walked in. He held two cups of coffee in his hands and handed you one.

“I got your favorite.” He smiled.

You gratefully took the coffee from him, “You are a lifesaver. I’m going to need this today.”

He sat on the empty chair besides you, “You have a long day ahead of you?”

You nodded, “Yeah. I have a scene with Scarlett and one with Anthony, Elizabeth and Paul before I have rehearsals in the afternoon. What about you?”

“I have some scenes with Downey and…. Sebastian today.” Chris glanced at you to gage your reaction. He noticed that you would get this sad facial expression whenever his name was mentioned. Sebastian did the same when he heard your name.

“Oh, are you guys doing the final fight scene?” You asked.

“Not just yet. That’s going to be filmed in the next few days.”

Gina, the girl that was doing your makeup had to go step out for a few minutes. It left you and Chris alone.

“So, you haven’t talked to him in a while huh?” Chris asked referring to Sebastian.

“Uh, no I haven’t. We’ve been sort of avoiding each other.”

“So I guess you haven’t heard about him and Elaine.”

You looked at Chris, “What happened?”

“She broke up with him. It was the day after she had came to visit him. He didn’t tell me specifics just that it was over.”

You instantly felt sad for Sebastian. It must’ve been a lot for him to go through. The conversation the two of you had and then Elaine breaking up with him. It would be stressful to anyone.

“Is he- um, is he okay?” You asked Chris.

Chris shrugged his shoulders, “I think he’s taking it day by day. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it but I’m hoping he’ll come around soon.”

“I’m glad that you guys are talking.”

“I explained to him that I see you as one of my dear friends and he understood. I don’t know why he got so jealous. I wouldn’t ever do that to him.”

“I’m just glad things have sort of gone back to normal.” You commented.

“Not with the two of you. Do you think that you guys will talk anytime soon?”

You shrugged your shoulders this time, “I have no idea. I want to go and talk to him, but I just forget everything that I want to say to him. After what I told him, he probably doesn’t want to talk to me.”

“He is probably thinking the same thing about you.”

“Maybe.” You mumbled.

“You guys probably need some space. It’ll do you guys some good.”

The door to the trailer opened and Elizabeth walked in.

“Morning guys!” She smiled sitting on one of the empty chairs.

“Morning.” You and Chris replied in unison.

The three of you chatted about the day ahead before Elizabeth mentioned plans for that evening. “Since it’s the weekend, some of us wanted to go and get a few drinks. Are you guys up for it?”

Chris nodded, “Yeah that would be fun. (Y/n), are you going to come?”

“Sure. It would be better than staying in my room. I think I’ve seen everything on Netflix.” You joked. Ever since your conversation with Sebastian, you seemed to turn into a recluse, only leaving your room for work or food.

It wasn’t that you were scared of running into him, it was just that you didn’t know what to say to him. The way you both left things was completely awkward. It felt weird to talk to him during scenes and then go to not talking to him. Your characters spoke to each other more than you guys did.

You truly cared about Sebastian. You knew that the way you felt about him was unlike how you had ever felt about someone else. Sebastian was the one guy that you had always completely trusted.

“We are going to have so much fun!”

You hoped for a normal night out with the rest of the crew.


You had planned to meet the others in the lobby around ten that evening. You were tired from a day of filming but since you had the next two days off, you figured that you could catch up on sleep then.

You had finished curling your hair before grabbing your things and going to meet the others. You weren’t entirely too sure about who was all going but you were looking forward to hanging out with everyone.

Once you made it to the lobby, you saw Scarlett with Anthony. They were the only two. You were surprised that you managed to beat Chris who seemed like he was early for everything all of the time.

“I love that dress!” Scarlett said when you approached the two of them.

“Thank you. Yours is beautiful too. Red is definitely your color.” You smiled. The dress you had on was a black strapless with lace embellishments. It was hot at night so you didn’t want to wear something that would overheat you as soon as you stepped out of the hotel.

“Need a wingman tonight (Y/n)? You are going to have to fight the guys off of you and I would be glad to offer you my assistance.” Mackie joked.

“If I need help, you’ll be the first person I go to.” You laughed. You weren’t looking to meet anyone that night. That was the furthest thing in your mind.

“You’re gonna have to fight them off with a stick!”

“Whose fighting someone off with a stick?” You turned and saw Chris had walked over mid conversation. Sebastian was right beside him. He looked right at you and you quickly looked away. So he was going to be joining everyone.

Elizabeth showed up soon after with Chadwick and the rest of you set out to go. There was a van waiting for you guys parked in front of the hotel.

Chris lend you a hand since you were wearing heels to get on the van. You sat in the middle with Elizabeth on one side and Sebastian on the other. You were surprised that he sat by you since there was an empty seat by Mackie in front of you.

You looked ahead and wouldn’t meet Sebastian’s glances. He was sitting awfully close to you. Your knees bumped into each other’s a few times. There was like this electric current that flowed between the two of you. You couldn’t put it into words.

The van was filled with multiple conversations on the way to the bar. You chatted with Elizabeth the majority of the way about random things. You knew that Sebastian was listening the entire time since he stayed silent.

The bar that you guys arrived at was sort of big. It had a dance floor and a stage for a band. It wasn’t completely packed but it wasn’t empty either. You could tell that people were starting to notice the group by stares and flashing cameras. You hoped that you would all still have a good night.

Chris lead the group to a booth in the back. It had a bit of privacy from onlookers. You were the last to get in the booth right after Mackie. Sebastian was on the other side of him and he hoped to sit by you like he did in the van. He was glad that you didn’t see him almost shove Mackie out of the way earlier so that he could sit with you.

A waitress came and brought you all some shots on the house. You grabbed one of the glasses along with everyone else and did a small cheers.

“Let’s go and dance!” Elizabeth said after a while. Some of you got up to go on the dance floor. Scarlett, Sebastian and Chadwick stayed behind.

You linked arms with Elizabeth and walked with her to the center of the dance floor. They were playing some song that you weren’t too familiar with but it had a good beat. You allowed yourself to feel stress free for an amount of time. It felt nice to be able to throw your hands in the air and let go.

You didn’t think about how you still had feelings for Sebastian or the fact that things were completely awkward between the two of you. All you could think about was how much fun you were having with your friends.


Sebastian watched as you danced with some of the others. He saw that you were having a good time and it put a smile on his face. All he wanted was for you to be happy. He felt like he had put you through a lot since you guys had seen each other again. He hated seeing you upset and knowing that he did that to you made him sad.

He cared about you more than he could put it into words and your happiness was so important to him. Of course he would love to be with you, but he didn’t know if you felt the same.

After the conversation that the two of you had weeks ago, it seemed like it was all up in the air. He wished that things hadn’t been so complicated. It all stemmed from him not being truthful when he first saw you again. He got so swept up in the emotions that he felt because you were around again that he made unwise decisions.

Sebastian knew that if he had kissed you that day in wardrobe, he would feel guilty about it. Elaine was such a sweet girl and he did enjoy the time that he spent with her. She hadn’t done anything wrong in their relationship and he knew that he couldn’t just break up with her without a reason.

“Why don’t you stop staring and go dance with her.” Scarlett nudged him with her shoulder a little after she noticed he had been staring at you for quite some time.

Sebastian snapped out of his thoughts, “What?”

“You’re going to burn holes in the girl’s head if you keep staring so hard.” She joked.

He looked away from you, “I’m not staring.”

“Whatever you say. Just know that a girl like that isn’t going to stay waiting forever.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you just got out of a relationship but (Y/n) is a catch. She’s beautiful and smart and one of the most down to earth people that I’ve met.”

Sebastian chuckled, “Are you sure that you don’t want to date her?”

“You’re hilarious,” she rolled her eyes, “Just don’t wait too long. Look, some guy is already over there trying to put the moves on her.”

He quickly looked and saw that there was a guy that had approached you. He saw that the guy pulled out his phone to take a picture with you which you did without a problem. Sebastian thought the guy would leave once the picture had been taken but he stayed talking with you.

He noticed the guy was moving closer and closer to you and Sebastian clenched his jaw in frustration. He stood up from the booth and made his way on the dance floor.

The closer he got to you and the guy, the more jealous he had gotten. Once he reached you, he saw that the guy had walked away. You stood there wondering why Sebastian seemed so upset.

“Everything okay?” You asked him. It had been the first words in weeks that you had said to him.

He nodded, “Yeah, I just uh- I didn’t know if that guy was bothering you or not.”

You shook your head, “No, he was just telling me that his girlfriend was a fan and that she wouldn’t have believed that he met me without taking a photo.”

Sebastian felt relieved as soon as you said the guy had a girlfriend. He almost smiled.

“Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He told you. He almost had to shout it over the music.

“Thank you.”

The two of you stood there for a moment as the music turned to a slow song. It seemed like the dance floor was filled with other couples. You noticed that the rest of the group had returned to the booth.

“I’m gonna uh, go get a drink. Do you want one?” You asked him.

He nodded, “Yeah, I’ll go with you.”

Sebastian followed you over to the bar and you both ordered another shot.

“I think that we should talk.” Sebastian said while you both waited for the bartender to bring your drinks.

“I do too but I don’t think right now is a good time.” You told him.

“I agree but we will soon right? I don’t like how it’s been between us.”

“Neither have I. We will talk soon. I promise.”

Sebastian felt relieved. The bartender brought you both your shots and you both drank them before ordering another round for the table.

You lost count how many shots you had after that and the rest of the night turned into one big blur.


When you woke up the next morning to a pounding headache, you knew that you had overdone it the night before at the bar. You couldn’t remember the last time you had drank so much.

It took you a split second to realize that you weren’t alone in bed. You opened your eyes and saw an arm wrapped around your waist. You were cuddling with someone and you weren’t even in your room.

You slowly looked to your left and saw Sebastian sleeping soundly beside you. He had a tight grip on you. He was shirtless from what you could see and you didn’t even have to look to realize that you were completely naked.

Before you could completely start to freak out, Sebastian slowly stirred besides you. He opened his eyes and blinked a few times before focusing on you.

It was like you could read his thoughts as he looked around the room and then back at you. You could tell that he was wondering what happened also.

“What the hell happened last night?” You questioned.

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The Triwizard Tournament has ever been a showy and competitive thing, with the three schools of it - Scandinavian Durmstrang, Southern European Beauxbatons, and the Hogwarts of ever-individualistic Britain - being almost proud of the numerous dangers and deaths into which they have all gleefully sent past students in the goal of glory. In theory the Triwizard Tournament was originally created to allow the schools to show the others just how well they had prepared their students for the difficulties of the world, but it rapidly became a competition to prove the hosting schools superiority to the others, by producing more impossible, dramatic or dangerous challenges, and having more spectacularly fantastical Yule Balls, Arrival Feasts and Leaving Feasts.

Of course the most well known incident in the history of the Triwizard Tournament was the 1792 Tournament, which resulted in the Tournaments cancellation, after a Cockatrice went on the rampage, injuring the three School Headteachers. After this however is the one some three years prior, in 1789, which ended with no injuries, but many explosions, and encouraged the earlier resumption of the tradition than the standard five years. The lack of injuries encouraged the officials involved in the Tournament to believe they had correctly mastered the application of safety for the participants, leaving them quite ill prepared when the Cockatrice escaped.

Of course this is not to deny the truly spectacular events of some Tournaments. In 1534 the First Challenge was for each Champion to stun a - then exotic - Nundu cub, imported from Africa. The Nundu cubs were killed after the Tournament, their hides tanned and preserved in the Trophy Rooms of each school, as a mark of the valour of their champions, to have faced down such dangerous plague-breathing beasts, regardless of the actual youth of the Leopard sized Nundu cubs. The second challenge was a spectacular race around the grounds of the school, with each Champion informed the day before, and given the remainder of the day to select and find their mount. This resulted in the Beauxbatons Champion - half-giant Bercilak Hautdesert - wrestling a young specimen of the then-common Gargouille Dragons into his service, setting the broom of the Durmstrang Champion alight, and frightening the Granian of the Hogwarts Champion so much the mare bucked her champion off.

Not to be forgotten, of course, the events of the 1659 Tournament, which was forced to end during the Yule Ball, after not one, not two, but all of the captured creatures for the final challenge (intended to be rather like the Ancient Roman Beast-Fights) escaped onto the school grounds, attacking students, staff and house-elves alike. The Beauxbatons Champion elected to charge into the Quidditch Pitch astride her horse, charging a rampaging Occamy, but ultimately general consensus was the points prior to then were allowed to stand, which meant Durmstrang won.


It is, of course, often the case that the muggle world impacts the magical as happened many times. Most notable was the 1419 the competition - which was to be held at Beauxbatons - was very nearly not held, after the Battle of Agincourt some four years prior. While the Durmstrang attendees were well treated at the school, given their pick of the available rooms, and free access to the house elves, the treatment of the Hogwarts attendees, coupled with the flagrant favouritism by the French officials of the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons Champions, led to an all out battle between the Hogwarts students and the entire school of Beauxbatons. Indeed, several Yeomen Muggle-borns from Hogwarts had brought their longbows, resulting in an inter-school battle lasting three weeks, and resulting in 116 casualties, after Daffyd Smith, deciding the insults were not to be bourne, called them to defend their pride.


Further, in 1729, the Hogwarts Champion, one Septimus Malfoy, later known for his management of the British Ministry of Magic through Unctuous Osbert, insulted the Beauxbatons Champion, the renowned beauty, and half-Veela, Adonis LaFee. Unable to take the insult lying down, a challenge was given by LaFee, and answered by Malfoy. After agreeing the duel was to be with swords and wands, and at dawn, they settled on the Durmstrang Champion, Hans Andersen, to be their judge. The duel started well, and was attended by all students and present staff, but rapidly fell to chaos, with Andersen permitting the numerous cheats used by LaFee, after each insult offered by Malfoy. Eventually Malfoy was disarmed after being suddenly stabbed by an unexpectedly curving rapier, and sent stumbling off into a Hinkypunk infested marsh, while the attendant schools argued violently about the veracity of LaFee’s win. According to rumours Malfoy had accused LaFee of stabbing him with a dagger hidden up his sleeve, when the rapier struck, in addition to taking his wand, which Andersen denied, an argument brought up by students and staff alike in the Great Debate of the Duel. While that argument, and the matter of the win, was never resolved (all of the heads and officials were hit with various Confunding Charms, and spells to prevent them from speaking) it is noted in the various histories of the Tournaments that LaFee and Andersen did attend that years Yule Ball together.

All in all it is generally agreed by those schools not involved in the Tournament that it is a matter of pride for the relevant schools, rather than one of sense. The cowardly and underhanded tricks used by various heads and officials to aid the win of their favoured champion, the interventions of various audiences, and the tricks and debates of each champion, and the questionable courage of one entering a competition for money and fame, have lead to a general vague amusement by most other magical schools, great or small, who seem rather glad to go unincluded in the Tournaments chaos.

 – Selected Excerpts from Competitions and Competitiveness: The Courage and Cowardice of the Triwizard Schools by Olympias Salvitas, published by the now defunct Verge Publishers.

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(Past Triwizard Tournaments was suggested by addicttobliss. Thanks to tobermoriansass for the author’s surname, as well as the suggestion of Hans Andersen for the name of the Durmstrang Champion)

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