of course the colour version is much better

Happy Birthday TMNT: Out of the Shadows!

Alright, so I know this is late by a bit, and it’s probably gonna be kind of a long post, but I still think it’s worth sharing!

So, exactly one year ago yesterday, TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows came to theatres. And although I wasn’t able to go see it before it left, I counted down the days until I could finally go out and buy it on DVD (and not just a regular disc either, but the special-edition version that came in the turtle-shell case with bandanas in all their colours and everything!) and finally watch it for myself! Although I know not everyone liked this re-boot, I absolutely adore it for so many reasons.

Reason number one?

These guys

I know there were a lot of different opinions on the turtle’s new designs in the movies, and of course I’ve got great memories of the older shows as well, but I’ve honestly got to say that their 2014-16 versions are by far my favourites! I wasn’t sure exactly why at first, but they just felt so much more real to me, like I really knew them and could relate to them better than I ever could before. I loved their bond, their character, expressions and conversations, and all the little things that the actors did to really bring them to life and make them so amazing throughout both movies. They all did a fantastic job playing their parts, and watching the movies even now automatically puts a smile on my face no matter what!

There are honestly so many reasons why the turtles mean so much to me, and there’s been hundreds of times where thinking of them has helped me through some really tough times, especially recently. And judging by the sheer amount of fan, headcanon, imagine and scenario blogs out there for them (many of which I probably follow), I know i’m not alone on that one, so I just couldn’t let this date go by without giving out some well-deserved acknowledgements and letting everyone know just how much I love these movies and these turtles! So to everyone who was involved in making them (Especially Pete Ploszek, Alan Ritchson, Jeremy Howard and Noel Fisher!) You guys are absolutely fantastic, and thank you so, so much for everything!

@msunderestimated podcast has been my monday-drive saviour for a couple months now and I wanted to make something for it that reflected the image I always saw in my head when it popped up rather than the current profile image.

Laura ( @hockeychickchat) and Amanda ( @lazyandg) you guys are amazing! I love you so much! Listening to your podcast is like hanging out with friends every week who are more educated, eloquent and hilarious than I am. I appreciate the way you discuss every sensitive topic or hot button issue with tact and thoughtfulness and I hope loads of others are enjoying you as much as I do.

If you like the Penguins, or if you like hockey I definitely recommend checking them out!

***I tried to make the hockey woman kind of racially ambiguous BUT in using the Penguins’ colours she turned out kind of white ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I had a previous version where she was blue with eyes and better, but alas, you win some you lose some. 


| Irish in a Suit | I know, such an original title. lol I’m not used to drawing doodles, much less on a tablet, but I find it so fun, especially the colouring part! So many people were drawing Jack in a suit, so I thought I would make my own version with a Sam wearing a little bowtie and such, and of course I couldn’t miss drawing a clover in Jack’s pocket. I made the first one on Friday and I just made the second. I don’t know, maybe the first one’s better. Either way, I hope it’s good enough!!
also, why are you so hard to draw, @therealjacksepticeye ??

Hua HIn Night Market finds: Grilled Corn of all different varieties and colours. Of course we got the multicoloured corn, which is a less sweet and deliciously chewy version of it’s relative, sweet corn. I watched the stallholder shucking fresh corn and putting it straight on the grill - no slathering of butter or sugar - and it was a strangely satisfying sight. A real question though: why does grilled corn taste so much better from street stalls than it ever does at home?