of course she's french

Chariot hears music outside of her tower window one night. When she goes to investigate, instead of finding Croix holding up a boombox, she sees one of Croix’s roombas with a speaker and iPod attached to it floating outside

She looks down further and finds Croix smiling and floating a few feet below DJ Broomba.

What song(s) did Croix play to serenade Chariot with?


Marco: Starrrr you don’t actually speak French!!! She just loves Miraculous Ladybug….


Marco: Of Course! I’m latino. I can speak Spanish.

Marco: But I think that I know English better because I don’t use Spanish much because my mom doesn’t know it well.

Marco: Still I want to try to answer questions in spanish!

Star: My name is Marinette. A girl just like any other. But when Destiny calls upon me to fight against the forces of evil, I become Miraculous Ladybug!!!!!

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Hey there, could you explain this whole "vous" and "tu" thing? I don't know french and im really curious what is it all about?

Sure Nonny!

So French has what is called a T-V distinction; it has 2 different second person singular pronouns (tu and vous) and their use when addressing someone is governed by a more or less rigid set of social norms depending on the region you’re in. As a note, vous is also the second person plural pronoun in French, so it’s important to pay attention to the context of its use (ie is the speaker using vous to address a single person or a group of people)

Tu is the informal pronoun, generally used among peers, friends, family, and just generally anyone of a more or less equal or lower place in the social hierarchy compared to you

Vous is the formal pronoun, generally used when talking to people who are higher up in the social hierarchy, such as professors, bosses, elders, people of higher rank in the military, etc

The customs governing the use of the formal vous vary from region to region and evolve in time. For example, it’s my understanding that children in France used to be expected to address their parents using vous, though I think that practice has more or less died out. In Quebec where I live, using “vous” is almost considered archaic (it would be considered weird to use it with your parents); the rules here are much more lax compared to France. The majority of my university profs have always requested that students use tu with them, and my former bosses have also generally requested informal language. I think really the only time I use formal language in my every day life is when addressing elders and strangers who are clearly older than me

So how does this all tie into Voltron/how people address Shiro specifically? 

Well based on how familiar Shiro is with the other paladins in the English dub, especially Keith, I expected everyone to be using informal language with each other. Yes Shiro is a little older, and maybe one or two “ranks” above them in the Garrison’s structure, but he still treats the other paladins as peers and they do the same with him. Which is why it was uncomfortable for a lot of people to hear them use the formal vous with Shiro, as it creates a degree of separation between him and the other paladins and implies he’s above them in standing. The four other paladins all use tu with each other, and Shiro uses tu with them. Yet they were using vous with him in ep1. This formality between them and Shiro was jarring tbh. Luckily I guess the French script writers must’ve realized that having the younger paladins address Shiro formally doesn’t mesh with how they act with each other and after the first episode all 5 paladins are all using tu with each other 

I wouldn’t read too much into the use of formal vs informal language in the French dub tbh, since there are several other examples of characters starting out in the pilot with formal language and then switching to informal from ep2 onward. Zarkon uses formal language with Haggar in ep1, then subsequently he’s using informal. Haggar also uses informal language with Zarkon after ep1. Allura and Lance addressed each other formally when she first fell out of the cryopod, while Coran addressed Lance informally from the start. Shiro addressed Allura formally in the beginning too. Subsequently Allura switches and both she and Coran use informal language with the paladins, and the paladins do the same with the Alteans 

So I don’t think the use of formal vs informal language means anything really, just that the French writers started out one way and then realized it didn’t work and changed it. I think the example with Shiro was just the most jarring, because based on how he and the other paladins act with each other in the English dub there really is no reason for them to be using formal language, they’re all peers!

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Do you have any headcanons for fleurmione or James/Sirius? Pretty please with a snitch on top?

Not exactly headcanons but I was thinking about this Fleurmione AU and I will tell you some things about it okay. Bullet list ficcery ahah

  • Hermione goes to France for the summer with her parents and it just so happens that it’s really close to where Fleur lives only she has no idea
  • They meet in a bakery when Hermione goes to pick up some bread for her parents, and while she’s thinking about whether or not she wants croissants there is a very familiar gasp of “Herm-ionee!” and before she knows she’s being embraced.
  • “Are you here with friends?” Fleur would ask when she pulls back - Hermione feels a blush rise on her cheeks because Fleur looks so gorgeous with her flowery sundress and sun hat and Hermione is wearing a jeans jumpsuit and hasn’t even bothered brushing her hair
  • “No, with family.” And Hermione expects her to be disappointed, to have been wanting to see Harry again, or even Ron, but instead Fleur gives her the brightest smile. “‘Ow wonderful. We need to go out together, non? You tell me your hotel.”
  • Maybe it’s the hot weather, or maybe Fleur’s Veela powers have somehow gained effect on her because she does write out her address and returns home, completely forgotten about the bread. Her dad jokingly asks if she’s met a cute French boy that has her head all dazy and Hermione smiles, “not exactly”
  • The next morning Hermione wakes up early, and she goes outside intending to read before breakfast but when she walks into the garden Fleur is already there, sitting on a swing and reading herself. When Hermione comes closer she can see it’s a very battered copy of the Three Musketeers (in French of course) and Hermione finds herself gaping because she loves that book.
  • “I didn’t think you’d be up this early!” Fleur beams at her and Hermione smiles back involuntarily.
    “I like getting up before it gets too hot outside.” She says, and settles down on the swing next to Fleur. “It’s better for reading.”
    “Many things are better before it gets too hot.” Fleur replies with a small grin and it’s just a casual remark but Hermione blushes nonetheless.
  • They kind of fall in the routine of meeting up early in the morning and reading for a while, then Fleur drags her into town and shows her everything, and all the men are staring at her but Fleur only has eyes for Hermione or the far-too-cheery hat she is trying to get over Hermione’s hair while muttering; “We should find you some oil to get the frizz out of eet, will be much more managéable.”
  • (Fleur ends up taking Hermione to her favourite hairdresser who all but cries when he sees her hair but doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to have it much softer and a lot more bouncy) 
  • Hermione can’t help sticking out her tongue at some of the men when Fleur grabs her hand and pulls her along.
  • Hermione barely remembers to send Ron and Harry owls saying that yes, her holiday is nice but she still misses them, and sends them Harry’s birthday gift. (she and Fleur had picked it out together)
  • They take the train to Paris once, and spend the day lazily walking around, drinking far too expensive espresso in a café close to the Eiffel Tower, before climbing it. The view is breathtaking, of course, but somehow Hermione can’t stop watching Fleur watch the view, the way her eyes crinkle when she laughs, or how the sky-blue onepiece she’s wearing should be awful but instead makes Fleur look even more beautiful and isn’t that confusing?
  • They kiss on top of the Pont des Arts, while some violinist plays an awful rendition of Claire de Lune on the background. It’s kitsch and should feel ridiculous, but Fleur makes these lovely pleased noises when Hermione nips on her bottom lip so she decides she doesn’t really care.
  • They kiss again in front of the Louvre.
  • They kiss on the train back home.
  • They kiss goodbye in front of Hermione’s hotel, and Fleur pulls back with a giggle and a “your parents are watcheeng.” before waving at said parents and disappearing in the night.
  • “So,” Mr. Granger says, when Hermione is back in their hotel room, lips still tingling from the kisses she’d had throughout the day. “It’s not a cute French boy.”
  • This time Hermione gives him such a wide smile she’s sure he’s taken aback. “No. Not quite.”

Widowtracer Racecar AU, in which Amélie is France’s top F1 racecar driver and love all around the world. Lena Oxton is a young, up and coming racer who arrives on the scene and starts winning all of her races and climbing up to the professional ranks.

Lena starts getting attention, more attention than Amélie as the F1 industries’ new darling and it really really annoys the shit out of her. Eventually they end up in the same races and are always fighting for 1st place with each other, sometimes with Amélie radioing Lena in her car and teasing her to try and throw her off her game.

Eventually it comes to the final race of the season, and the winner wins the series, and Lena bets Amélie that if she wins, then Amélie has to go on a date with her. Of course the French woman accepts the bet, believing she will win. HER condition is that if Lena loses, Lena has to give up racing.

It’s the final lap and in their head to head battle for first place, Lena loses control of her car and smashes into the siding. Amélie wins the race, but is devastated. Lena ends up in critical condition in hospital but manages to pull through after weeks of intensive care.

Amélie visits her in hospital, and when she thinks Lena is asleep, tells her what an amazing driver she thinks she is, in fact even better than her. She truly admires her and even has some feelings for her she has been trying to deny because of Lena being her competition.

Turns out Lena wasn’t really asleep and had heard everything and is like “So you’ll go on a date with me then?”. Of course the answer is yes.

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Did you know that by the age of four and s half, Rosie Watson Holmes has the basics of British Sign Language down, and some rudimentary french? Of course she does. Watson was like a sponge, she loved learning things, copying what her Daddies did - hence why she is so cuddly with them, and has called Sherlock 'love' more than once (pronounced 'wuv'). Sherlock noted that there was a hard of hearing little boy in her nursery class, and the day after her first visit he got down to introducing her to

BSL. Not only did she take it up very quickly, but enough to be able to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with sign and a violin accompaniment for a performance for John and Nana Hudson that evening. She also made her first proper friend, Jamie, and they even had a play date at the swings in the park - both Sherlock and John accompanying to witness the special occasion. They both teach her things; John shows her how to make the perfect cuppa and toast to surprise Sherlock with breakfast, as well as how to waltz around the sitting room (though that was a joint effort really), and how to write her name. Her first scrawling attempt is pinned to the fridge. She learns to bake with her Nana, how to plant flowers in the garden with her Grandpa, how to do her sums with Grandma, how to play Operation and Jenga with Uncle My, how to make the blue lights flash on Greg’s car, and how to plait hair and put clips in from Molly-Sherlock’s hair has never looked better, or so says John. She’s a wonder.

asdlfjadsf okay omg okay

  • Rosie calling Sherlock ‘love’ because John does it sladfjsdlifjasdf kill me
  • Nana Hudson *screaming* altho I will also accept Nana Hudders
  • Mycroft playing board games with her i’m dead
Who is In Control

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

Word counting:  1264
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Chapter: 1/??
Chapter name: Prologue - Nice to meet you

Y/N = You name | Y/L/N = Your last name |  Y/H/C = Your Hair Colour |  Y/E/C  = Your Eyes Colour

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Starlight Grounds - Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: The reader is a barista at a coffee shop. There is a beautiful girl who comes in at the same time every day to get the same drink. She asks after the music. A mixtape happens. 

Warnings: None, except for MAJOR TOOTH ROTTING FLUFF. Honestly. 

Words: 2,424

A/N: Day 2 of the Write-A-Thon! Sorry for posting so late, I had a really big day. There are songs that go along with this fic, and I’ll add links in the paragraphs! Just click on the titles. Thank you to @protecting-my-legacy for proofreading this and letting me use your wonderful self as a side character. 

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Starlight Grounds was a little hole in the wall coffee shop, tucked neatly into the corner of West 46th Street in the busy crowd of New York City. It serviced the tired actors and crew who needed a morning pick-me-up before going to a day of rehearsals at the Richard Rodgers, which happened to be just down the street. Every day was a long one, even for such a small coffee shop, but the job was happy and provided good tips. It was perfect for you.

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Batb AU Modern Headcanons

What if Batb characters live in our time.

- Adam is the owner of a luxurious 5 stars hotel in Paris called “Hotel Kingson”, inherited from his father.
He’s a business man, only stuck to the money, arrogant, cynical and unable to love. Everyone calls him “Heart of stone” (or “Beast” , of course).

- Belle is French too, she comes from a little town in central France, but she lived in London because of her father’s job (Maurice is an university professor who teaches History of Art and Architecture). She studied engineering at London and she became a researcher.

- Gaston lives in the same London neighborhood where’s Belle’s home. He works in a gym as personal trainer and he’s a body builder. Near the gym there’s a beauty center managed by the Bimbettes who often go to the gym only to see Gaston. He wants Belle, but she always refuses him.

- LeFou is Gaston’s best friend but he feels something more than friendship for him. He joined the gym only because of him, he’s not intent on lose weight (and even if he wanted to, he couldn’t).

- Among people who go to the gym there’s Stanley too.

- Belle then go to Paris for an important academic meeting and stay overnight in Adam’s hotel. (She’s modest and does not like luxurious things, but the hotel was part of the travel organised by the university which also paid all the expenses).

- And in the hotel there are:

- Cogsworth (the director); he manages all the hotel staff. He’s scrupulous and stickler. He loves his work, he’s very committed (especially because he can’t stand to be always at home with his wife XD)
- Lumiere (the maitre of the hotel’s restaurant); he’s often scolded by Cogsworth because of his exuberant manners while he’s doing his job or because he’s usually distracted by Babette (who is called by him “Plumette” since he saw her once with an headband with pink feathers to keep up her hair while she was dusting in the hotel rooms on a hot summer day). Before becoming maitre, he wanted to be a singer. So, when he can, he likes to sing solo songs or duets with Madame de Garderobe on the hotel stage (even if it’s for free because singing is not his job, but he doesn’t mind it because he loves singing, and singing to all the hotel guests). He’s also very stylish, even when he works. Even if he should wear white or black smoking jackets for his job, he often wears colored or decorated jackets paired with equally ties or papillons.
- Plumette (one of the maids of the hotel); she’s Parisian like Lumiere. She met him for the first time at work. When she started her work as maid, Lumiere was already the maitre of the hotel. For both, it was love at first sight. She’s a diligent worker, when Lumiere is not near her XD
She loves to wear her feathered headband, it’s her favourite accessory.
-  Maestro Cadenza and Madame de Garderobe are the artists of the hotel. He’s a composer and she’s a jazz singer known with the name “Madame Diva”. Together they did several concerts all around the world until they were engaged in the hotel. They live in a suite with their beloved puppy Frou Frou.
- Mr. Potts is the hotel food handler, while Mrs. Potts works as cook. Their son Chip enjoys himself playing with Frou Frou all around the hotel, listening to Madame and Cadenza during their rehearsal or secretly keeping delicious food in the hotel kitchen XD
- Chapeau is the receptionist.

-When Gaston discovers that Belle went to Paris, he leaves too to surprise her: he wants to tell Belle he’ll marry her, giving her the ring he bought few days before she left.

- The evening Belle arrives to the hotel, a strange guest is there, named Agata. She’s a seer and when she meets Adam, she tells him that if he won’t change himself, he’ll be forever alone. He does not consider her and walks away from her. When she’s gone, it starts snowing a lot (and it was spring). The snow never stops and all the staff and the guests (included Belle) are blocked in the hotel.

- Then there’s also a blackout. Everyone is worried but Lumiere provides to lighten up the guests singing to them “Be Our Guest”, holding candles in his hands and waving them while he’s dancing around guests’ tables.

- During this period, Belle and Adam start to know each other and they fall in love, but without declare that.

- When the snow melts, she has to go, but Adam does not have the courage to tell her he loves her and he lets her go. All the staff tell him he was wrong to let her go but that it’s not too late for him to reaches her.

- Outside, Belle meets Gaston who pretends her to be his wife. She refuses saying loudly: “I will never marry you!” and he starts to pull her, grabbing her arm, replying: “YOU’LL MARRY ME!”

- Adam, driving his car to get to Belle, watches her saying to that man: “Let me go! Let me go!”. He goes there to help her but Gaston stops him and he beats up him.

- They start to fight. Gaston is stronger than him, but Adam learned martial art when he was teen and he knocks him down.

- Only few months later, Adam and Belle become husband and wife. He became a good guy and he gives high salaries now to all his staff.

- Gaston learned his lesson and in the end he marries one of the Bimbettes.

And that’s all folks! (cit. XD) Hope you liked it! :D

And sorry for eventual errors (English is not my native language).

Lafayette X Reader - For You

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Blood, minor gore, cross dressing…?

Summary: Reader has disguised as a man in the army to help fight.


The war was so much more brutal than Y/N could ever imagine. Battle after battle, she was worn down and scarred from the horrors she saw. But that didn’t stop her from fighting.

She had always been determined to make a difference ever since she was young, something that she was often laughed at for only because she was a woman. Naturally, that only made her fight harder.

When the war came around and soldiers were needed, Y/N made herself sign up. She changed her appearance and learned to act like a man so she could fight. And not once did she complain, even when rations were low and the cold bit her numb feet. Even when she held her gun and fired other men straight through the chests and watched her friends die beside her. No, she stayed stronger than even the men and fought on.

The man she knew to take orders from was none other than Lafayette, the famed fighting Frenchman with a passion for all things American. He was brilliant in Y/N’s eyes, and he treated the soldiers with kindness.

She recalled a conversation she had had once with him as they were preparing for battle.

“You seem afraid,” a voice had said behind her, heavy with a French accent. She turned.

“Well of course I am, sir. For all I know, I’m marching to my death,” she said with a low and practiced voice.

He raised an eyebrow. “And yet you fight on?”

She smiled. “Of course I do. This is a revolution.”

He grinned back. “You’re a good soldier, and an even better man. I hope to see you after the battle unharmed.”

“The same to you, sir.”

She sighed. Now, here she was, marching in the lines with a rifle in her hands. She heard Lafayette behind her as he gave the orders, and before she knew it, the guns were firing.

She fought harder than she ever had before as adrenaline ran through her veins. Soon, she found herself near Lafayette himself as he fought on his feet, horse dead on the ground. She turned her head to see him clearer when something caught her eye:

The barrel of a rifle aimed at Lafayette’s chest.

Without a moments hesitation, she leaped forward to shield him as she heard the gun fire, seemingly louder than any other around her. The bullet hit her stomach and she fell to the ground before it all went dark.


Before she could open her eyes to see, she heard voices talking around her. Her mind was conscious as she tried to make out what they were saying. She recognized one of the voices a Lafayette himself, and it surprised her. What was he doing in a hospital tent?

“She? What do you mean she? A woman soldier?”

Oh. Right. That might be why…

“Sir, she’s waking up. We can ask her your questions once she’s conscious,” another voice said. This one Y/N didn’t recognize.

Her eyes finally opened and she was greeted with the concerned face of Lafayette. Her cheeks grew warm.

The doctor rushed over to her. “How do you feel, miss?”

“Like a dead man living,” she replied in a strained voice.

Lafayette gave a small smile. “I believe you mean dead woman living, Miss…”

“Y/N,” she answered.

“Miss Y/N. Now tell me Miss Y/N, what is a woman doing on the battlefield?”

“Fighting, of course,” Y/N said as she sat up. “But I had to be a man to get there.”

Lafayette chuckled and tilted his head. “And I’m glad you were. You saved my life.”

Y/N looked down at her lap. “Perhaps.”

The doctor soon shooed Lafayette away to tend to her, but not before he could promise to come back. Y/N smiled at him. “Really?”

“For you?” He grinned. “Of course.”

And come back he did. Nearly everyday and as often in between, he sat by her bedside as they spoke. He would always thank her before he left, for saving his life. Soon, their talks became more personal to each other as they both told of home and family. They laughed together and smiled together. It wasn’t long until Y/N was completely healed. She was to be sent home, of course, because her cover was blown, but wasn’t going with her head hung low. In fact, she was going home with Lafayette’s promise to write her everyday.

As she was getting in the carriage to leave with tears in her eyes, Y/N felt a hand grip her shoulder. She turned back to see Lafayette.

“Miss Y/N,” he said. “I have a request for you, one you may deny. But it is one I would be shameful for not trying.”

She tilted her head. “Yes?”

“When the war is won,” he smiled. “And it will be won, I was wondering if you would accompany me to France?”

A shocked smile played on her lips. “For you,” she said with a grin, “of course.”

half Ndn Pharah headcanons bc we are lacking in those:

  • occasionally says “Not even” and “ever sick” bc her dad says it a lot
  • she’s got a lil bit of a bannock bum let’s be real
  • has semi-serious arguments with Jesse about Canadian vs American frybread and Bannock and which tastes better
  • likes gettin her hair braided, of course. She does it herself, and she can do french braids pretty good too
  • she’s that type of person who feeds the rez dogs out of sympathy
  • she’s that person who has a hoarded collection of beaded earrings that she bought from one of her plains native friends
  • Also has a ton of Haida Jewellery
  • has convinced Mercy her Indian name is “Dances with Salmon”. Mercy 100% believes her. 
  • She and Jesse were bffs as ndn kids. They messed around with Morrison a lot. He does not know who “Victor” is, but he’s mentioned a lot by them, and it’s something of a meme/inside joke to them now. They jokingly call each other “cousin” 

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Expanding on the carm in boxers headcanon. Imagine Carmilla waking up early, like before Laura early, to make Laura breakfast. And so she just slides out of bed slightly groggy and slips on the shirt but is too lazy to button it. Then she goes into the kitchen puts on a pot of coffee and makes French toast. And she of course also makes hot chocolate. Then she puts the breakfast on a tray with a single flower and brings it to Laura in bed. And then they cuddle.

Ugh this is so freaking cute I can’t stand it (but yes good and now I want to draw this even more)

Something Familiar (Something New Epilouge) - Julie

AN: This is some sort of epilouge which I wrote for my fic Something New. You’ll have to read it first, otherwise this probably won’t make sense.

I thought I was done with this story but some people (2) asked for more set in this universe and I just had a rush of inspiration. This is set three years after Something New and it’s kinda centered around Katya crying?

Come say Hi to me over at my blog @Trixyaas

Thanks for reading! - Julie

(also i included the couch for that one anon)

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Empress Anna I of Russia, niece of Peter the Great, started of in life as a shy and reserved girl. Educated at home, as was the custom, Anna studied writing, Germand and French langauges, and of course dancing and etiquette. However she was not especially bright and never advanced beyond bare essentials of literacy. She grew up into a clumsy, grim and gruff young woman. When she became an Empress, she was renowned for her strange kind of humour. She loved pranks played on other people and at times these pranks were nothing short of cruel.

In looks too Anna was not gifted. Contemporaries noted her rough face, dark complexion, bad manners, deep voice and great height. Indeed, she towered above all the cavaliers of her court. Because of her round face and big cheeks she was unflatteringly nicknamed “Westphalian ham” by some.

Empty Corridors - Ch 15

So writer’s block is a bitch and I hate it, but I managed to write a chapter of this, so that’s something, i guess.  Last time, Gold offered Lacey a job, and made her future pay rise conditional on her taking the SATs and getting a good score.  So she’s determined to do just that.

AO3 link

Lacey woke on Monday morning with cramps, and muttered curse words under her breath as she dragged herself out of bed and into the shower.  She regretted stomping out of Gold’s shop without at least getting a good grope in; it looked as though she was off the menu for a few days.  She felt a little better after she had showered and dressed, and so she took two painkillers, fed the cats, and slipped out of the house.  It was the early shift, and the sun had barely risen.  She yawned as she entered the diner, hoping and praying that this would be the last Monday morning she had to come here to work.  Of course, she and Gold hadn’t discussed start days, but she presumed it would be soon.

He came in for his usual morning coffee at seven-thirty, and she served it to him with a flat look, noting his wry smile and the slim briefcase he was carrying.  He tapped his fingers on the handle, grinning at her, and she presumed her contract was inside.  She decided not to give him the satisfaction of knowing she was curious.

“One black coffee,” she said, setting it in front of him.  “Anything else?”

“Not right now,” he said pleasantly.  “But perhaps later.”

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kmmnetwork  asked:

Can you do the companions and faction leaders reacting to sole randomly speaking Spanish. ( if you need any help with like Spanish stuff you can ask me)

TRIGGER WARNING: Brief mentions of racial discrimination.

((As said in this post, I do not do anything other than the base-game companions. However, I’m more than happy to do your prompt! For story purposes, I’m assuming that Spanish is Sole’s first language. I hope you like it!))

Pre-War, racial tensions had been high, starting with the Chinese and eventually moving to all people of color. Those deemed ‘minority’ were either returned to their ‘home’ countries or taken into camps, as repulsive the idea may be. Sole had been one of the lucky few to retain their home and family. But this doesn’t change the fact that they attracted a few strange looks when their emotions got the best of them and their first language came out, since few Spanish-speaking people remained in Irish-dominated Boston.

Cait: “What’re you sayin’? Speak normal, damn it, I can’t understand you when you get like that.” It frustrated her when Sole’s spoke that way. She didn’t like not being in the loop, not understanding what was on her friend’s mind. Cait liked being on top of things and being able to deal with problems head on. She couldn’t do that if she didn’t understand what the problem was. She’s not angry with Sole about it, despite her apparent hostility, just a little frustrated and left out sometimes.

Codsworth: Having served Sole’s family, he was programmed to understand the language, and could speak it if necessary. If robots could blush, though, he certainly would, hearing what came out of Sole’s mouth in fits of anger or frustration. “My word,” the Mr. Handy scoffed, raising a claw to his torso in shock. “I think I’m very glad no one else understands what your meaning, Mx. Sole.”

Curie: The young woman, of course, knew Spanish, thanks to her Pre-War programming. She could recite French, Italian, German, Spanish, even Hebrew without stopping to think, as well as a host of other languages long lost to history. At first, she reveled in this new shared knowledge, she and Sole babbling happily in Spanish whenever they were alone together. But her cheeks tinted when she heard Sole’s first emotional outburst, raising a hand to her lips. “Oh, querido.”

Danse: Danse’s dark hair, eyes, and the healthy tan to his skin meant he might have been considered different by certain Pre-War individuals, might have suffered the same treatment many people received hundreds of years ago. But, thankfully, few in the Commonwealth cared about a person’s race or appearance. Everybody’s equal at the end of a gun, right? Sole’s emotional outbursts caught him off-guard more than once, and he wasn’t shameful when he asked Sole to write a few words down, curious about the old language and requesting he record it for Brotherhood records.

Deacon: “Ah, Spanish. That’s a good language. Not too many people around who speak it any more, though.” He patted his chest modestly. “I happen to speak a little bit. Here, listen.” He took a breath. “Me gusta taco. Burrito por favor, salsa yes?” A beat. “Sorry. Couldn’t resist.” Outside of the jokes, he seemed more amused than anything by Sole’s outbursts, and more often than not he’d shout back whatever Sole said to their opponents. “Yeah! Heyo da puta! What they said!”

Dogmeat: Bark? Bárk.

Hancock: “You speakin’ gibberish or is that something I just don’t know?” He appears unfazed by Sole’s outbursts. “Ah. Dead languages. I gotcha.” He taps the side of his nose. “I’m a purveyor of Latin, myself. Don’t give me that look.  an-Cay I-way ave-hay ome-say ems-chay. There.” He winks. “Did I not mention it was pig latin?”

Nick Valentine: “Hey, that rings a bell.” He tapped his temple, chuckling softly. “ No habla Español, I’m afraid,” he said, enunciating the words a little too much. “Though I knew… Nick, knew, a few guys in the force who spoke it.” His expression darkened. “Until they disappeared, that is. I’m not one for foul language, but… Pre-War wasn’t always pretty dames and dashing detective novels. I think I forget that, sometimes. We had a lot of bastards, back in the day. Especially in power.”

MacCready: “Oh. Yeah. Spanish.” He shrugs. “Lucy’s parents were from down south, close to where the border… used to be, I guess. She grew up in Little Lamplight, same as anyone, but she spoke a few words of it, stuff she remembered from her parents. Cool. Whatever… whatever’s alright with you, boss.” He seemed discomfited at first that Sole and his past wife shared that particular trait in common, but he doesn’t dwell on it. Lucy and Sole are certainly different enough that there’s no need to attach more drama to it than necessary.

Piper: “ … What did you just say?” Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. She’d never encountered someone who spoke a different language than her, or at least not one as old as Spanish. At once she demanded, nicely, that Sole teach her how to speak it. Even if it served absolutely no practical purpose, she want to learned it, because Piper loved language, written or otherwise. Learning another language sounded fascinating.

Preston: “Uh, okay.” As someone who’d never left the Commonwealth, nor had much interest in seeing what lived beyond it, he wasn’t familiar with accents or foreign languages. The Bobrov brothers, sure, were a common example, but they were a rare and special case. And they definitely didn’t speak Russian. As far as he knew. He expressed interest in Sole’s past, however, always curious to know about history, and felt especially sensitive to issues regarding race or mistreatment of the people.

Strong: “WHAT?”

X6-88:  “Los programas del Instituto todos sus sintetizadores con numerosos idiomas, en el caso de que nos encontramos a alguien que no habla Inglés, y es necesario para comunicarse con ellos. Me alegro de ver esta habilidad ha resultar muy útil. Tal vez el uso de este método compartido de la comunicación, podemos hablar con seguridad en el campo, o en compañía peligroso.”

anonymous asked:

I've seen a lot of au fics where Rose is an artist or an art student of some sort, and I've been wondering: where did that come from? What inspired it??? Is there like, a piece of canon out there I'm missing or is it just something the fandom collectively decided suited her??

Hi there! Okay, I just did some quick googling because I know there is a source for this, but I can’t find it. I think this comes up in one of the novels–Rose mentions to the Doctor that she was planning to sit her A levels in art, French, and English literature. 

Of course, then she met Jimmy Stone and left school after getting her GCSEs. But since there’s a canonical reference to what she would have studied if she hadn’t left school, it makes sense for it to be something she’s actually interested in. And art in particular would be something she’d been working on for years beforehand, actually drawing or painting or maybe in photography and digital art. 

Can anyone remember the source for this off the top of your head? I know it’s out there, because I’ve linked other people to it, but my google fu failed today.

French Kiss (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 5

Synopsis : Life is a show and Nissen was Christoffer’s stage. He owned the place, people cheered for him, he brought life to the parties and good looks to his group of friends. But after high school he wasn’t so much of a star boy anymore and he found himself being terribly alone. Who really knew the real him? Only the people who got a backstage pass to his life could claim to do. But amidst all the turmoil of his young years, a strange girl is going to stumbled in his life - neither of them will be prepared for this.

Word Count: 3.3k

Part 4 <<< >>> Part 6


A/N: Longest chapter so far (and believe me it could have been longer had I not restained myself) I try to incorporate a bit more French now, but I won’t put any translation. Either the meaning is explained in the text, not relevant enough to need a translation in order to understand what’s going on, or obvious enough for you to guess. Enjoy (and leave a reveiw, pretty please :3)

Rule number five: Fake it ‘til you make it.

“So, who are things going with your little Frenchie?” Andreas asked before his ass even touched the couch.

That was what he always did when he arrived at Chris’ place, he kicked off his shoes and jumped on the couch. His lanky figure took all the place and that left only the chair for Chris to sit on. This time the cat was on the couch though, and it wasn’t too happy to be disturbed. A loud mewl was heard from behind the cushions and suddenly an angry ball of fur jumped out and ran out of the living room.

“Shit, your cat scared me!” Andre cursed and replaced the cushions. “Now tell me, I want to know everything and Astrid too! You know she really had a hard time finding you a girl, I hope you didn’t blow her off for nothing!”

“Stop playing match-maker, I don’t want or need one, besides you suck at it. It’s going fine, peachy,” Chris blatantly lied to his friend’s face.

He hadn’t seen Helen in over ten days and when he tried to text her she always sounded busy. A blow to his ego. But as long as he pretended that everything was alright then it would be.

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Felt like doing a racially-accurate Marinette fancast (I’m so afraid she’d get whitewashed if they ever did a live-action adaptation, and I think it’s so important that we as a fandom keep her ethnicity in mind), so here’s a quick one:

Jessica Henwick as Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

  • Me: I'm a heartless asshole who doesn't have feelings and hates everyone
  • Also me: *giggles with glee when thinking about the levels of formality of french phrases and how they can be shortened*