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Sorry for the long post, but I finally can share these pics from a photoshoot I did as Indian Princess Allura at the beautiful Shri Swaminaryan (Hindu) Temple in New Jersey! I was SO stoked with doing this after dreaming since last year to cosplay her representing more or less my ethnic culture. It was so much fun and hella nerve-wracking ‘cause though you can’t tell here, there were ALOT of people there who, of course, stared the eff outta me as if I came from an alien planet (which yah, makes sense with Allura). Some of them thought I was a statue from the temple! (makes sense too ‘cause I blended in really well). Overall it was a fantastic experience and I owe it to my wonderful photographer friend, Rhea Khan, for these fantastic pics. I think I’ll do more in the future ‘cause you know me and Indian Aus. 

Allura cosplay/makeup: me // Photography: Rhea Khan 

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Ever since I saw @jintard‘s wonderful art of Virgil (that I immediately set as the lockscreen and wallpaper on my phone when I saw they gave permission), I’ve wanted to draw a companion pic of Patton, because Virge and Pat are my absolute faves. Virgil is still my lockscreen because he’s kinda closed off, and Patton’s now my general WP, like he’s inviting you in. (With cookies! Because of course he would ^_^)

This doesn’t do the drawing of Virgil justice, but I hope y’all like it!


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Since you werent on Tumblr when Pokemon SuMo came out, any good memories you have? What was your team?

woof i had to do a LOT of digging back into twitter to find these pics, but this was my team! my beautiful children

and also a drawing of my player character + my wonderful lizard son

and a very good video  https://twitter.com/hellspawnmotel/status/799714833717346307

i had a very good time with the game, i of course fell in love with lillie and she became one of my top favorite pokemon characters ever, her storyline is so wonderful. i loved it so much that i ended up getting the other version and playing through it again. and i hope ultra sumo does its predecessor justice!

Parallel Universe Theory - Just the Facts/Direct Correlations: Cas’ beside manor and Kelly’s pain level

Universe-A = Our Universe;  Universe-B = parallel universe;  Apocalypse-verse= that jacked-up place with the angel blade spikes.

For those of you who cannot currently watch the show, I apologize for posting this without supporting docs. I don’t quite know how to link a video clip, or at least how to do something like that legally. The clip would be from timestamp 17:46 through timestamp 20:39. If you know of a way for me to do it, please let me know and I’ll repost this one.

If you can watch the episode, take a look at the scene staring at timestamp 17:46. Kelly is in her bedroom, worried but calm. She is not in obvious pain or distress. Cas walks over to her, sits down casually on her bed and immediately takes her offered hand. His bedside manner is awesome. He’s calm, supportive, even adds a tiny amount of humor…he’s at ease with her. He explains things clearly. She is at ease with him.

We cut to the Impala racing to get to Cas and Kelly.

We cut back to Cas and Kelly. Kelly is now clearly in tremendous pain. Cas is sitting on her bed, same as before, but this time, Kelly has to reach out and grab Cas’ hand and tug on it to get him to hold her hand. Cas looks completely lost as to what to do. She asks him to recount what he saw and he panic stammers, trying to answer her. His bedside manner is now a trainwreck. There is zero smoothness. He describes what he saw and manages to calm himself and Kelly down, but it’s not at all the same as the version of him we saw in the previous scene. This second scene is OUR Cas (Cas-A) with Kelly-A in Universe-A. The first scene is Cas-B with Kelly-B in Universe-B.

If you watch it twice through, back to back, it’ll be obvious. Misha is fucking amazing. I swear to Chuck, I have no idea how that guy can possibly play that many different people inside a single character and make them all different. The guy is an acting GOD!

Here are two pics to help prove my point. Cas-B at timestamp 17:52:

He is smooth. He offers his hand right away. He looks comfortable with her. Sure, she isn’t screaming in pain in this scene (mainly because Kelly-B never screams in pain. Only Kelly-A does) but it’s more than just the atmosphere. Cas knows how to comfort. His beside manner is awesome. Also, he took an online doula course (Cas-A doesn’t trust computers). He took ONE course. That does not take someone from OUR Cas’ level of social skill to freakin’ Florence Nightingale in one go. This is not OUR Cas.

Cas-A at timestamp 19:36:

This second pic/scene is OUR Cas (Cas-A) - the Cas who doesn’t know when to offer his hand or what to say until prompted. The Cas who read 74 books on child rearing and came away convinced he needed to buy 800 diapers immediately.

These pictures do not do Misha’s acting justice, though. In the first scene, he is seriously Joe Cool. In the second scene he looks and sounds freakin’ traumatized. 

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Day 2 - Competition


“This is unbelievable,” Johnny yelled, throwing his phone on the ground.

“Did you finally figure out that 2+2 does not actually equal fish?” Peter asked dryly, wincing as he poked the needle through the skin in his leg.

“No, fucking Buzzfeed didn’t put me on their best superhero asses list,” Johnny grumbled as Peter glared at him.

“Yeah because you’re under 18 and it’d be weird, and also Sue would kick all their asses,” Peter replied laughing as Johnny carefully picked up his phone, before sighing in relief at the un-shattered screen.

“Yeah but so are you,” Johnny grumbled jumping onto the couch next to Peter.

“But, I have a secre- Wait, did I make the list?” Peter asked surprised.

“Of course you did Pete, just look at that thang,” Johnny said in a nasally voice as Peter tied off the stitches and cut the extra thread with scissors, before reaching for the large non-adhesive bandage and gauze.

“What’s it out of?”

“Uh 8…”

“Permission to be proud?”

“Not granted, #8 is Hulk.”

“I mean yeah he has 2 butts to choose from that makes sense.”

“#7 is Iron Man.”

“Same thing there.”

“#6 is Black Widow.”

“You think she’d be higher.”

“Yeah but a chick made the list so I mean-“

“Yeah I guess you’re right.”

“#5 is Thor.”

“I’d tap that.”

“Saaameee… #4 is Wolverine.”


“Yeah I know. #3 is Hawkeye.”

“And that’s just pure hard work and dedication.”

“Yeah no super powers or anything. #2 is Captain America.”

“Wait you can’t be serious.”

“Yup, #1 is Spider-Man, and ironically, they used one of your photos,” Johnny grumbled showing Peter the phone.

“I don’t know whether to feel proud, weirded out, or concerned that I’m gonna get my ass kicked by the Avengers for ranking higher than all of them,” Peter mumbled as he pinned the gauze on his leg.

“They’re gonna have to fight me for it,” Johnny said as he slapped Peter’s side, “That ass is mine.”

“Don’t worry bud, the second you turn 18 I’ll take a bunch of sexy pics and send em straight to Buzzfeed,” Peter said, patting Johnny’s shoulder as he got off the couch to grab his clean sweatpants.

“You better, or you’re not allowed to use me as your space heater anymore,” Johnny grumbled as Peter gasped dramatically.

“You wouldn’t,” Peter whined as he struggled to get his good leg into the sweats while balancing on the injured one.

“I would… Those pics don’t do your butt justice,” Johnny said staring admirably. Peter blushed almost immediately, and in the rush to pull up his pants he fell over, hitting his side on the kitchen counter. “Shit you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine, probably a light bruise…” Peter mumbled from behind the cabinets.

“I was talking to your butt.”

“Of course you were.”

new-recipe  asked:

If Young Justice had blogs what would they blog about? What are their urls? Who would have the most followers? Who spends the most time on it? Do they follow each other?

Well for the original team, 

  • M’gann would probably post links to recipes, and gifs from ‘Hello Megan.’ 
  • Conner would hardly ever update but like a lot of anti-monkey posts and of course like M’gann’s selfies when she posts them
  • Kaldur’s blog would just consist of a lot of ocean pics and environmentalist stuff
  •  Artemis would blog about archery and sports and occasionally rant about a certain annoying red-headed speedster
  • Dick would reblog any interesting posts or psychology facts and Batman would probably have him reblog any posts about how good of a company Wayne Tech is
  • Zatanna would reblog a lot of new age, crystal healing, magic themed posts
  • Let’s be real, Wally would be the one to reblog posts about pepe or cat pics, and just food porn

I imagine their urls would be some variation of either their real name or their superhero names. Robin’s blog url would literally just be “dick-grayson,” which resulted in a lot of nsfw blogs following him and flooding his inbox. For the most part they’d all follow each other, but Artemis would purposely ‘forget’ to follow Wally back, but would still stalk his blog frequently. 

For the new team: 

  • Cassie’s blog would be entirely fandom related with all the ships she fangirls over
  • Jaime would reblog skate boarding tricks, or anything interesting on his dashboard. A number of his posts would also be in spanish.
  • Bart would be on the dark side of tumblr and blog the absolute randomest crap and tag Jaime in literally EVERY post
  • Jaime would then post about how annoying Bart is
  • La’gaan’s blog would be pretty much exactly like Kaldur’s, with some body-positive posts
  • Gar’s would be a lot of cute posts, mainly about animals
  • Karen probably wouldn’t update her blog often (since she barely had any time for Mal)  but when online she’d reblog science related posts

and omg the Reach Ambassador would totally have a tumblr blog promoting the Reach drinks, but his only followers would be bots.

me: *sees a pic of henry skinnier than usual*

me: he’s fine. it’s probably for superman’s return in jl. i mean a couple of months in a coffin, dead, can do that. of course he will be weak and skinnier. nothing to worry about. everything is ok.

also me: *books a flight to london to make sure he’s sleeping at least 8 hours a day, eating, hydrating enough.”


Oh my gosh, Justine is so GORGEOUS!!!
Photos do not do her justice here. I love the soft expression on her face and her beautiful skin color! Still not sold on her outfit, but I can live lol.

Also, threw in Duchess for the photoshoot for a little friendly competition. I know Justine’s diary mentions Duchess in her entries, but I like to think that Duchess recognizes Justine’s talents as a dancer but still thinks of her as second fiddle to her own talents. Justine, of course, isn’t phased by it at all.

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