of course pics do no justice

me: *sees a pic of henry skinnier than usual*

me: he’s fine. it’s probably for superman’s return in jl. i mean a couple of months in a coffin, dead, can do that. of course he will be weak and skinnier. nothing to worry about. everything is ok.

also me: *books a flight to london to make sure he’s sleeping at least 8 hours a day, eating, hydrating enough.”


Oh my gosh, Justine is so GORGEOUS!!!
Photos do not do her justice here. I love the soft expression on her face and her beautiful skin color! Still not sold on her outfit, but I can live lol.

Also, threw in Duchess for the photoshoot for a little friendly competition. I know Justine’s diary mentions Duchess in her entries, but I like to think that Duchess recognizes Justine’s talents as a dancer but still thinks of her as second fiddle to her own talents. Justine, of course, isn’t phased by it at all.

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