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So, here it is again, my first imagine. Not sure if it’s any good, but I hope you enjoy.💙

Imagine you get called into work for an emergency and couldn’t find a sitter for your kids, Juice volunteers to stay with them.

“Okay. Well, thanks anyway. I’ll figure something out. Talk to you later.” You disconnected the call and dropped your phone on the kitchen table you were sitting at. The assistant manager of the bookstore you managed had called because a pipe in the bathroom busted and you were needed. The only problem was now finding someone to watch your two kids on short notice.

“Gemma couldn’t watch them?” Your boyfriend of a six months, Juice, asked from the doorway of the kitchen. You just shook your head and picked up your phone to scroll through the contact list again. “I can do it. Just leave them here with me.”

You quickly turned to look at him. “I don’t want to impose on you, Juice. Two kids is a lot.”

“Do you trust me?” He asked, walking over to you and dropping to his knees so you were eye level.

“Of course I do,” you put your hand on his cheek, “but taking care of a nine month old and a three year old is hard, even for someone who does it everyday.”

He stood up and pulled you against him. “Babe, I got this. Go clean up the store and we’ll be okay until you get back.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck, “Okay, but only if you’re sure.”

“Go, y/n.” He have you a gentle kiss. “We’ll be fine.”

You gathered your things, kissed your daughter and son on the top of the head, Juice on the mouth and went out the door with instructions to call if they needed you.


As you cleaned up the mess at the store, your thoughts drifted to the man at home with your babies and how he differed from the man you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with. Caleb loved you, you never doubted that, but he never really wanted to grow up. When Sarah was born, the reality of being a grown-up slapped him in the face and everything started to go downhill. You were determined to keep your family together until you found out you were pregnant with Toby. Tired of working so hard, you ended the relationship and got the biggest slap in the face when your son was born and legal documents showed up at the hospital instead of your ex, giving up his rights to both kids.

You had moved to Charming shortly after and met Juice. You had been honest with him from the beginning and let him know you weren’t going to be with someone who didn’t accept your children. He pursued you wholeheartedly, not letting you put too much distance between the two of you. When you finally agreed to date him, he embraced your children, making sure they knew they were as important to him as you were. Today, him offering to stay with them showed you he was in for keeps and you couldn’t wait to get home to your little family.

Four hours after you walked out the door of your house, you walked back in and set your purse and keys on the small table by the door. It was uncharacteristically quiet and you started to get worried. You walked through the house, making your way to the bedrooms, peeking first into Toby’s room, then Sarah’s, when you heard faint sounds coming from your room. You stopped outside the door when you heard the sweet sound of your daughter’s voice.

“Why is your name Juice?”

The smile could be heard in his voice when he answered, “Juice is just a nickname. My real name is Juan.”

“Oh.” There was a brief pause before the next question. “Can I still call you Juice?”

“Of course, Sweetie. You can call me whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“Okay.” Another pause and then, “Juice, do you love me and Toby?”

“Yes, Sarah. I do love you and Toby. I was so lucky to have met you.”

“Well, do you love Mommy?”

Your heart started beating hard in your chest and you stepped into the doorway, wanting to hear his answer. Leaning against the headboard, Juice had Toby asleep on his chest, one hand resting protectively on his back. The other was wrapped around Sarah, who was curled up at his side.

His eyes met yours as he answered. “Yes, I do love Mommy. Very much. The three of you are the best things that have ever come into my life.”

You walked over to the bed, climbed in next to Sarah and pressed your lips to Juice’s. “I love you, too.”

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I don’t want to cause you the pain, but it’s said she actually met most if not all of the Doctor’s regenerations. I searched and on her tardis wiki page one can actually read what her reactions towards the Doctors were. It was…what I expected.  It’s seems it’s basically what Moffat thinks of them, just said in Alex’ voice. Apperantly she set Nine off because she mentioned the Time War “and learned very quickly it was a bad idea to discuss it at all.”

fic: future visitation



They’re in a bar on Zuphrox Nine, somewhere he’s taken Rose and Jack to have a nice cool scotch or two after a hard day’s adventuring. Jack drags Rose towards a jukebox to pick out some tunes, and a woman slides onto the stool next to the Doctor’s. His eyes remain fixed on Rose Tyler - just to make sure she’s all right, of course, given that she’s a little tipsy after downing that bright pink concoction Jack had bought her. He picks up the tiny embellished umbrella Rose had playfully thrown at him after scooping it out of her drink, and twirls it around, opening and closing it absently as he watches her laugh and -

“Can I get you a drink?” says the woman from beside him, and he turns to her obligingly, giving her a quick and pleasant grin.

“I’m fine, ta.” He nods towards his untouched glass, and returns his gaze to his friends. Jack’s got her dancing, now, never mind the fact that no one else is on the dancefloor. Still, no one seems to mind, or pay them the slightest bit of attention. The Doctor feels a stab of something low under his ribcage, and realises with a pulse of alarm that he’s a little jealous. It’s only been days since Jack came aboard, since that lovely dance in the console room the Doctor had enjoyed with Rose. His eyes narrow on the way Jack pulls her in close.

“I can intercept, if you like,” someone says, and he jumps as he notices the woman with impressive curly hair is still right there next to him.

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and if my heart should somehow stop - skye & jemma canon based soulmate au

For the first thirteen years of her life, Skye is convinced she’s one of the rare few who do not have a soulmate. The only bruises that ever show up on her skin are her own, and the one time she’d spotted a large bruise on her back and gotten excited, one of the other girls at the orphanage had said softly, sounding sympathetic, ‘Actually, you fell out of bed last night and landed on my shoe.’, so Skye has pretty much given up hope by the time she’s hit puberty.

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