of course not but maybe



The first time was unplanned. He looked up at me from under that damn tree, his hair sticking up like always. I wanted to be the one making it look like such a fucking mess. I wanted to run my hands through that horrible messy hair of his and to kiss him, and for him to kiss me back.

I don’t know what made me break just then. Maybe it was the way that he bit his lip in slight confusion as I lingered for a moment longer than usual without insulting him. Maybe it was just because I simply could not hold back any longer after all these years. Either way, I broke. As he stood to confront me (probably expecting to be hexed), I took him by the shoulders and pulled him close. Before I could think or her could react, I kissed him. It almost seemed as if he was kissing me back for a moment, that all of my hoping and fantasizing could be brought to reality. Of course, nothing like that could ever happen to me. He quickly shoved me away, his face contorted with confusion and anger.

“What the fuck, Mal-”
His green eyes, his fucking beautiful bright green eyes, went blurry for a moment. He sat back down against the tree. As he refocused, he narrowed his eyes at me.

“What are you looking at, Potter?” I managed to snap at him bitterly, hoping that I didn’t look flustered.

“Sod off, Malfoy.” He spat back, turning back to his book.


The second time happened with intent. After I realized that I could hypothetically continue to snog Potter every time we were alone together, I decided to seize the opportunity before Christmas break ended and everyone got back.

This time, I stopped him in the corridor outside of the Gryffindor common room.

“What do y-”

My lips were already on his, taking all I could out of the moment in the split second before he could push me away again.


I briskly walked around the corner. He would not even remember seeing me this morning.

That night, I lay awake trying to recall every detail of the kiss, of Harry fucking Potter’s lips. I’m nearly positive that it was just my foolish desire screwing with my mind, but it felt almost like he relaxes, even if it was just for one second before I wiped his memory.

But no, that’s not possible.


By the fifth time, it was almost a habit to sweep him away in the corridors.


By the tenth time, it was simply second nature once I neared him.


By the twentieth time, it had become an addiction. In only three days, everybody would be back and it would be nearly impossible to get Harry alone ever again.


I had only one thought in my mind: “I am completely, hopelessly in love with Harry Potter, and I am completely, hopelessly fucked.”


I find myself drawing my mind the moment I see him leave the library. (He’s been spending quite a lot of time in there lately. I wonder what he’s up to.) He looks unusually determined, however. I’ll just walk by this time and pretend to be on my way to- I don’t know, it’s not like I expect him to interrogate me or anything.

“What are you up to, Malfoy?” Potter asks accusingly as if it’s against the rules to stroll the castle.

Or maybe he is planning to interrogate me.

“What’s it to you, Potter?” I reply, continuing to walk. He grabs my shoulder before I pass him.

“Maybe I don’t want to be snogged and obliviated every day.” He said, raising an eyebrow.


This could ruin me.

I don’t even want to think about how many years in Azkaban this will be, obliviating Harry Potter, kissing him, at least 25 times, without his consent.

But why does he look so damn amused? He probably can’t wait to see me behind bars.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Potter.” I growl, glaring at him. His hand is still on my shoulder. I don’t move.

He holds up a book, “Memory Games: Recognizing and Curing Minor Obliviation”.

“I think you do know what I’m talking about, Draco.”

“You can’t tell anyone, Potter. This could ruin me. Please, I’ll- I don’t know, just-”

“I’m not going to tell anyone.”

This takes me completely by surprise. Why wouldn’t he want me arrested, humiliated, ruined? After all, we’ve always been enemies of a sort.


Damn my nervous stutter.

“Well, I said I didn’t want to be snogged and obliviated, but I wouldn’t mind just knocking off the memory-wiping part.”

Is he saying that he wants to kiss me?

“So I wouldn’t mind if you kept it up, minus the obliviating part of course. How does that sound?”

I’m frozen. Harry wants to kiss me. He wants me to kiss him. I want to say something, but I’m just gaping like a bloody fool. His hand drifts down my shoulder and he takes my hand, lightly tugging me just a little bit forward. I’m so close I can feel his breath on my face. He closes the distance between us and suddenly I can move again. This time, it feels so much nicer. I have time to feel his lips on mine, to feel him softly kissing back. It’s not rushed and forceful like all of the other times. It’s slow and soft and filled with emotion. As he pulls apart from me, I gasp quietly. Of course since my emotions are such a fucking mess today, this causes me to blush and I’m sure I look like an idiot.

“It sounds wonderful.” I say, smiling uncontrollably.

“Wonderful.” He replies, leaning back into me.




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Yeah though, I kind of thought this is where we were heading. The witches they’ve been fighting. They’re “corrupted” magical girls, aren’t they? Because of course they are. Of course they’re the pain of lost dreams, of girls who maybe want to try and break the cycle. Of course they become the very thing they’re fighting.

Of course they do.

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Could you maybe suggest some kinky otp prompts, or pages that do kinky otp prompts, I'm looking for some but can't find any good ones.

Ah, as a SFW blog we have almost no NSFW prompts, much less kinky ones. However, two blogs that might have what you want might be @otpmusings and @otpwritingpromts? I’ve seen posts you might be looking for on those blogs in the past and I’m sure they shouldn’t be hard to find.


one of the biggest hits of the soviet animation - The [Return to] Treasure Island
made in 1987-1988 and dubbed into english the mid-1990s 

this film in its original variant has many live action songs in it and also dossiers for each member of the crew (i don’t understand why did they cut the latter away in english dub), anyway this version is a very interesting example of how the animated films from behind the iron curtain were treated in the western market

the original soviet version became very popular - like everyone here knows the quotes from it which are originally from R L Stevenson of course, but the actors did something absolutely hilarious out of the text, maybe something of it has been lost in english dub - you can find the original with subs on youtube (but as long as many of us don’t like subs and prefer the dub, here’s the dubbed one)
as for me this cartoon is all-time favourite and its graphical style influenced me as no other
have a pleasant viewing, landlubbers <3

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A Merman AU. Hance or Heith is fine with me. Just as long as both of them are pretty Merman :)

Anyone can tell you it’s awkward to talk with your ex about your current relationship. Right?

Well, Lance is the best ex to ever ex, and them being childhood friends is really helping. That’s why Hunk was whining to him now and not to Pidge about his and Keith’s latest ruined date.

“I’m telling you, man, someone out there doesn’t like us.”

“Don’t tell me you were caught in that storm,” Lance said, disbelievingly.

“Of course we were. I don’t know, maybe this is just not working. Just like…”

Lance frowned. “Just like us? Nah, Hunk, you and me, that was different. As long as you two want to be together, the rest of the world has no say in it.”

“Yeah… you’re right. Thanks bud. I have an idea,” Hunk said, “and I’ll make sure nothing ruins it.”

“That’s my boy,” Lance said with faux pride, tangling their tails momentarily together as a goodbye.

It was another week before Hunk took Keith out of the city, in deeper waters and under beautiful, luminescent cliffs. Keith loved the adventure, discovering new stuff, new depths. They’d discovered that sometimes, depending on the depth, his tail displayed bio-luminescent qualities, and both of them were eager to know more about it.

“No interruptions this time? No whales? No storms? No ancient all-powerful turtles? No annoying friends spying on us?”

“None,” Hunk grinned, sharp teeth shining purplish white in the glow of the cliffs.

It was really beautiful, and for the first time in a while, making out was not an exercise in being aware of their surroundings.

“No really,” Keith asked when they were going back, “how’d you do it?”

“I cashed in on a favour Tangaroa owed me.”

Keith stopped swimming, his gasp making thousands of bubbles in the water. “Tangaroa owes you favours?”

“It was just the one,” Hunk tried to play it cool, although, he was sure the god would need his help again soon. Maybe Tangaroa should get his own engineers, now that would be a nice change of pace.

“Still, amazing.”

“So, do you think the jinx will break now?” Hunk took Keith’s hand and resumed swimming.

“After this? It better!”

“Are you okay?”

No, no, of course not,
Maybe. I don’t know anymore.
I don’t know if I’m healing
Or if I’m dissolving,
I don’t know if I’m on the edge
Of breakdown or breakthrough,
But either way: an edge, and it’s sharp.
What I do know,
Is that last night I could hear 
The ghosts of everyone I’ve ever been
Screaming in my ear
And pounding on my head
Demanding, let us in, let us in.

My heart broke for them, but I did not open the door.

“Talk to me.”

In metaphors? In simile,
In prose or in poetry,
Which format will you hear most clearly?
I can’t tell you, in conventional language,
That I’m gutting myself
And tying my organs one-by-one
To helium balloons
And setting them free into outer space
And hoping that either:

1) Someone will find them, and know where they come from, and will find me and stitch me up, or

2) They will be forgotten forever, and something grander and stronger and altogether better will grow in the empty spaces left behind.

“I miss you.”

I’m sorry.

“I need you.”

I’m drowning.

“Help me.”

Not this time.

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ufo shit has been my favorite song for months... the tappy beat... the chill vocals... the "dwaomp" synth sound... & the melodic guitar... its so soothing, its so nice, i love it so much. thanks for making it. i would say more but i dont want to go on & on. i'd love to hear stuff with a similar vibe but of course all your music is wonderful. would u mind posting the full lyrics for ufo shit sometime? ty... love you... love your sounds :,)

of course!! thank u maybe ill play the guitar again soon


it floats like air / it looks like nothing
a vague distortion / i can see its outline

im scared someone will see what i see
if they look into my eyes
temptation rises
to pull away and die

theres gotta be something
its me who nuked the ocean
i dont want to rot yet
i waited a long time to be among the living

i have no peace / dying
but i cant see myself in nature
i can see myself nowhere
ive been living nowhere

i pray to god and he says not to get too pulled in to this ufo shit
i pray to god and he says just to make some new friends
but i cant meet with those demands yet

I keep finding houses that Joel and I both like.. Except we can’t buy a house because we are going away, and we both need to save a little bit more first.

I also have been looking at buying a new car. I found one that’s 2012, 90,000km for $17,000, and then I realise that $17k is actually a lot of money and why am I treating it like it’s nothing?

And of course, I’m looking at holidays too ;) Maybe I just want to live a poor life because if I keep wanting to buy expensive things then that’s the life I’ll be living ha!

there is a lot 2 be said 4 how the boundaries between Human and non-Human are impermanent and FAKE of course so maybe problematizing that divide would be a useful transition. but also im not really looking for a buddhist critique of MBTI right now and what im trying to do is expand my dichotomized cognitive horizons, from Other Selves to Other Objects and from Inner Objects to Inner Self

i decided to participate in at least one day of the Victuuri Week

(illustration to the fic that was originally based on @beanpots AU)

watch me draw!

Hello, friends!

It was requested more than once so here it is: my YouTube channel!

I’ll be posting a variety of content: speed drawing videos (both digital and traditional), tutorials, art tips, drawing challenges, q&a videos in my pajamas, etc. Maybe even a random vlog here and there. And, of course, suggestions are always welcome!

So please do subscribe if this sounds appealing at all :D

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